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1 AugustEdit

The Vipers are one of the three groups of raiders that originated from Vault 15, other being the Khans and the Jackals. The Vipers are mysterious followers of an ancient religion (or so they claim). They usually only come out at night to hunt for food or to conduct raids. They are very ruthless when it comes to combat. They prefer stealth to strength. They usually carry bone knives dipped in pit viper venom. This poison, when in the blood stream, paralyzes the victim. Most victims captured in this way are taken back to their hideout.

2 AugustEdit

Megaton inside
Megaton is a town in the vicinity of Washington, DC built around the crater of a crashed plane which still contains an undetonated nuclear bomb. The town is one of the larger settlements in the Capital Wasteland and was constructed out of parts of the crashed plane as well as others found at a nearby airfield. While most inhabitants would like to be rid of the nuclear danger in their midst, a part of the populace worships it as a holy device sent by their god, the Atom.

3 AugustEdit

Mothership Zeta
Mothership Zeta is the fifth add-on for Fallout 3, released on August 3, 2009 for Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live. In this add-on, the Lone Wanderer is beamed aboard an alien mothership orbiting Earth miles above the Capital Wasteland, left with only one alternative – to find a way to the bridge of the ship, join with other abducted earthlings, secure escape and find out more about the alien threat to humanity.

4 AugustEdit

Vault 69
Vault 69 was one of the Vaults created by Vault-Tec, and part of the Vault Experiment. Of the one thousand people who entered, there was only one man. It could also be discussed about and/or speculated upon that if the number of the vault is a reference to the sexual position of the same name, adding to the sexual nature of the vault's purpose.

5 AugustEdit

Burham Springs (or Burning Springs, as it is called nowadays) is a place somewhere in the American southwest. It's a fiery hellhole, thanks to the ever-burning coal in the mines. Agricola mining robots can be found there, as well as horribly mutated creatures called the molechs and gehennas.

6 AugustEdit

Tactics spasm gun
The Spasm gun is a nasty little weapon that over-stimulates the synapses of the target, causing sensory overload and jerking motions. Some memory loss, brain damage, hemorrhaging and motor-control deterioration accompanies the light stunning effect. It appears only in Fallout Tactics.

7 AugustEdit

The Nursery is a miracle of pre-war engineering, a self-contained balanced ecological system set within a deep canyon where seeds and other genetic information, preserved from the world before The Great War, have been stored. The valley floor of the canyon is rife with the flora and fauna of times past. In the early days before the bomb, scientists around the country were pondering how to save mankind from the ravages of war. Eventually their musings gave birth to a company named Vault-Tec, and the vaults. The Environmental Protection Agency viewed the vaults as only half the solution. Their concern was not only the salvation of mankind, but nature as well. With this in mind, they proposed yet another type of vault, but on a much grander scale. This vault would be used by Mother Nature herself, where she would patiently await the re-emergence of man. When the survivors of the war came forth to reclaim the earth, the Garden of Eden would await them. Thus the Nursery was conceived.

8 AugustEdit

Tony Postma is the man responsible for much of Fallout's incredible concept art. He currently works at South Park Studios as a storyboard artist.

9 AugustEdit

Fo1 Khans Townmap
The Khans are a band of brutally vicious and semi-organized raiders with a high survivalist-lifestyle thinking and have adopted a "the strongest rights over the weak" philosophy. They are probably the most dangerous of the three raider groups that originated from Vault 15, the other ones being the Vipers and the Jackals. The Khans live the lifestyles of Mongol warriors, raiding towns, burning what they cannot take and capturing the survivors for use as slaves. They usually travel in small scouting bands, but sometimes they roam as full war parties. The Khans above all else respect strength. They are eager in combat to prove their worthiness to the clan by engaging in hand to hand combat with fists or clubs. They prefer melee weapons over ranged weapons, although higher-ups carry a few small arms.

10 AugustEdit

PA Vault 77
Vault 77 was one of the Vaults created by Vault-Tec, and part of the Vault Experiment. Only one man entered this Vault, which also contained a crate of puppets. Its location is unknown. Vault 77 appears only in the official Fallout 3 Penny Arcade Comic.

11 AugustEdit

FO02 NPC Richardson B
Dick Richardson is the President of the United States from 2220 to 2242, at the time of Fallout 2.

Richardson was initially a Congressman of the Enclave, rising to power (a process beginning in 2215) with help from his father, Richardson Senior, who served as the President of the United States in the term that preceded his son's own succession to the office. This process ended up with Dick Richardson being elected by the Enclave in 2220 for his own first term as the President of the United States.

By 2242 Richardson is serving his sixth term in that office, leading the Enclave towards a new era of American prosperity and mutation-free humanity. However, he does so at the cost of his own health, as he has become a thin, nervous man as tired and frayed as the suit he is wearing.

12 AugustEdit

Wanamingos are strange mutant animals which are often called "aliens" due to their similarity to the xenomorph from the Alien movies. Nonetheless, they are of terran origin. Word is they were designed as FEV-tailored weapons for waging war on other countries... and they got loose. They do live a long time, but they are dying out at the time of Fallout 2. They hatch from eggs laid by the queen, which is larger than the other wanamingos and grey in color. The only known queen lives in the Wanamingo Mine in Redding, owned by Ascorti. All wanamingos living in that mine are killed by the Chosen One in 2242. Some others can be found in the desert, and in the San Francisco tanker.

13 AugustEdit

Some people in Shady Sands say that they are the followers of Dharma. In Indian religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, Dharma (sanskrit, roughly law or way) is the way of the higher Truths. Beings that live in harmony with Dharma proceed quicker towards moksha, or personal liberation. For practicing Buddhists, references to "dharma" or dhamma in the singular, particularly as "the" Dharma, is used to mean the teachings of the Buddha, and is sometimes referred to as the Buddha-Dharma. (see the Wikipedia article on Dharma for more). Aradesh says that Dharma was a great, religious man. It is unknown whether he means Buddha or some other, pre-war or post-war religious leader of some new dharmic religion. Characters who reference Dharma in the game are Aradesh, Agatha, Seth and Katrina, although other people of Shady Sands (and outside of it) might also be dharmists.

14 AugustEdit

FOT Barnaky
General Simon Barnaky is a Brotherhood of Steel paladin and one of the rebellious young paladins who disagreed with the Brotherhood's ways, instead wanting to bring BOS technology to the outside world. By 2198 he is the leader of the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel, until he is taken prisoner by Gammorin's (Paladin Latham's) super mutant forces in St. Louis. Then he is abducted by the Calculator's robots and taken to Vault 0, where his brain is extracted and put into a humanoid brain bot. He is succeeeded by General Dekker.

15 AugustEdit

Fo3MZ Elliot Tercorien
Private Elliott Tercorien, serial number 3477809, is a non-player character in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta. Tercorien was a medical doctor working in Washington, who gave up his job and joined the army, counting for a good administrative job in the capital. However, much to his dismay, he was shipped to Anchorage, Alaska, after receiving training in cryoscience. Attached to the 108th Infantry Battalion, he and his team were responsible for patching up soldiers wounded in combat with the Chinese.

16 AugustEdit

Fallout is a series of computer role-playing games originally produced and published by Interplay. Although set in and after the 22nd century, its story and artwork are heavily influenced by the post-World War II nuclear paranoia of the 1950s. The series is sometimes considered to be an unofficial sequel to Wasteland, but it could not use that title as Electronic Arts held the rights to it, and, except for minor references, the games are set in separate universes. There were two role-playing titles in the series (Fallout and Fallout 2), one squad-based tactical combat spinoff (Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel) and one action dungeon-crawler spin-off for PlayStation 2 and Xbox (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel). A sequel, Fallout 3, is currently being developed by Bethesda Softworks. Bethesda now owns the rights to the entire Fallout franchise.

17 AugustEdit

Mardin fbos
Mardin is an underground cave labyrinth northwest of St. Louis, within which the lair of the Beastlords was located. The Beastlords possessed an inherent telepathic suggestion which allowed them to control animals. It was acquired through prolonged exposure to an unknown radiation present within Mardin's underground caves. According to the Brotherhood scribes, that this unique mutation only manifests in humans that have been exposed for at least twenty years. Around 2197, a Brotherhood of Steel squad was sent to Mardin and eliminated the Beastlords.

18 AugustEdit

James during GUF
James, the father of the player character in Fallout 3 will appear prominently throughout the game. Both the Lone Wanderer and his father are inhabitants of Vault 101. Catherine, the mother of the Player Character died at childbirth. The Vault has been sealed for the last 200 years and no one has ever left it - until it turned out that the PC's father has disappeared from it without any explanation. The young Vault Dweller leaves the safe shelter to look for his father in the ruins of Washington, DC.

19 AugustEdit

Fallout 3 PA
The Fallout 3 intro starts in a wreck of a bus, with a Radiation King radio playing the song I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire sung by The Ink Spots. Inside the bus, various familiar items from Fallout and Fallout 2 can be seen, including a rot gut bottle, a super tool kit and Nuka-Cola bottles.

20 AugustEdit

Radroaches or simply giant cockroaches are obviously giant versions of the regular cockroaches mutated by radiation - there was never any doubt that they would survive a nuclear war. Found mainly in underground areas and sewers, these creatures can usually be found in fairly large groups. They feed on the dead, but will go after living creatures if isolated. Their numbers are usually their greatest advantage. Radroaches live mostly in the areas east of California.

21 AugustEdit

Steal is a skill in Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. In Fallout 3, it has been merged into the Sneak skill. Stealing is a tricky business which can, when done wrong, end in combat inevitably followed by one parties death. A good thief will work to avoid this outcome. To do so he must know how to maximize his odds based on the type of theft.

22 AugustEdit

Kansas city FoT map
Kansas City was a major nuclear launch site before the Great War. When the city was hit by the bombs, the silo staff survived the attack. Turning into ghouls, they founded a town called "Gravestone" in the ruins of the city. The ghouls have since established a cult worshipping the only nuclear bomb left intact in the silo, which they call "Plutonius". "The Bishop" (Defcon the Second, son of T-Minus) is in charge of both religious and civil affairs. Around 2198, Gammorin's Army establishes a base in southern area of Kansas City, and tries to assault Gravestone in order to get the atomic bomb worshipped by the ghouls.

23 AugustEdit

VB DD16 npc Victor Presper 2
Victor Presper was the main antagonist in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios. He was born and raised in the area formally known as Shady Sands, now known as NCR. He spent many of his years as a scientific adviser to President Tandi before his disillusionment settled in – a disillusionment fueled by the Caravan houses that ate away at NCR. He and the others effectively grew frustrated with Tandi, the BoS, the caravans, and everyone else. They just wanted to start over by wiping the slate clean.

24 AugustEdit

FO01 NPC Harold G
Harold is a special and important character in the Fallout story, who originated from Vault 29, which he left in 2090, and lived in the Hub's Old Town around 2161 and in Gecko around 2241, and thus met both the Vault Dweller and the Chosen One. He is horribly mutated and looks more or less like a regular ghoul (if you could say there's anything regular about them). Regardless, there's more to this old mutant than meets the eye.

25 AugustEdit

VB Van Graffs
A powerful caravan family operating out of Redding, the Van Graffs are one of the primary reasons why NCR has difficulty expanding north. While the Wright family of New Reno trades in drugs and prostitution (the spoils of their successful bid for power in the wake of the Chosen One’s passing), the van Graffs trade gold and weapons. Much like the Wrights, the Van Graffs are a huge family. The mother, Tiaret Van Graff, has ten children, all from different fathers. All of her children are intensely loyal to both her and each other. The caravan's symbol is a lion’s head.

26 AugustEdit

D20 final
Fallout Pen and Paper d20 was a canceled pen and paper role-playing game based on the Fallout computer games developed by Glutton Creeper Games. Because Bethesda threatened Glutton Creeper with legal action, they were forced to change the game into a generic post-apocalyptic RPG called Exodus.

27 AugustEdit

VB DD12 loc Hoover Dam
The town of Hoover Dam is a town built along the top and sides of the dam. At the bottom of the dam there's a slummy area, and the dam's rim is home to all the rich folk and military. The Dam became part of the New California Republic some time after 2242. The town has lost contact with the central government of the NCR in Shady Sands, and Governor Joseph Dodge, the leader of Hoover Dam assumed that the republic was destroyed by the remains of the Enclave. He is determined to hold the NCR together and has declared himself the president of NCR (or what is left of it). Unfortunately, Dodge is a weak leader, and he fights an ongoing war with the Brotherhood of Steel.

28 AugustEdit

A tech demo of Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios, was created during the game's development. Several screenshots and one video of the tech demo have been released at No Mutants Allowed on April 30, 2007, followed by the tech demo itself on May 2. The plot of the tech demo is not connected to the main storyline and was going to be included in the finished game as a tutorial. It takes place in the United States during the Great War, somewhere in the Great Midwest Commonwealth. The player character in the demo is referred to only as Citizen (even though he uses the Prisoner's model). His parents were reduced to ash, as they didn't believe the government's bombing raid sirens. He made his way to the relocation center and is escorted to a Vault by Corporal Armstrong of the 4th or 13th Armored Infantry Division. To reach the Vault, they must fight Communist insurgents. After he enters the Vault, the citizen must help turn on the life support system.

29 AugustEdit

Fo2 Gecko Good Ending
Gecko is a ghoul town northeast of Vault City. Its economy is based on the operation of an old, half-functional Poseidon Energy nuclear power plant. Harold is the de facto mayor of Gecko, while he is assisted by Lenny, who also serves as Gecko's doctor. The power plant is administered by Festus. Gecko's citizens are divided between the renewal cultists and the more ordinary ghouls, who resent the cult. The renewal cultists seek to "renew," i.e. become human again. They are headed by a giant, sentient mole rat who lives in an underground cave adjacent to the reactor, known as the Brain, who seeks to take over the world.

30 AugustEdit

The floating eye bot is a hovering security bot equipped with a taser. Resembling an eyeball, it's upper portion houses the CPU, motivator and the sensors. The extending arm below is equipped with a low power energy prod. The robot is quick, but fragile and was mostly used as a sentry or for patrolling important areas in vital facilities, such as the Sierra Army Depot.

31 AugustEdit

FO01 NPC Laura N
Laura is a spy working for the Followers of the Apocalypse inside the Cathedral of the Children around 2161. If she recieves the password 'Red Rider' from the Vault Dweller, as provided by Nicole, she will reveal her true purpose of residing at the Cathedral, in turn providing valuable information about it's inner workings. She will also unlock the door to the Sanctum leading to the Los Angeles Vault where the Master is found.