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Day Month Article Template link
1 January Republic of Dave {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/1 January}}
2 January Chief Hanlon {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/2 January}}
3 January Sneak {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/3 January}}
4 January John Maxson {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/4 January}}
5 January Tenpenny Tower {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/5 January}}
6 January Museum of History {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/6 January}}
7 January Hubologists {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/7 January}}
8 January Brotherhood Outcasts {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/8 January}}
9 January Chinese stealth armor (Fallout 3) {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/9 January}}
10 January Caesar {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/10 January}}
11 January Mini nuke {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/11 January}}
12 January Brotherhood of Steel (Midwest) {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/12 January}}
13 January Yes Man {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/13 January}}
14 January Honest Hearts {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/14 January}}
15 January Sacred bog {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/15 January}}
16 January Argyle {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/16 January}}
17 January Madison Li {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/17 January}}
18 January Ghost people {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/18 January}}
19 January Nukalurk {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/19 January}}
20 January Morpheus {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/20 January}}
21 January Schematics {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/21 January}}
22 January Fallout Extreme {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/22 January}}
23 January Death ray {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/23 January}}
24 January Snow globe {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/24 January}}
25 January Aaron Kimball {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/25 January}}
26 January All Roads {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/26 January}}
27 January Vipers {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/27 January}}
28 January Operation: Anchorage {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/28 January}}
29 January L.O.B. Enterprises {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/29 January}}
30 January Crimson Dragoon {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/30 January}}
31 January Chimera {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/31 January}}
1 February Curie III {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/1 February}}
2 February Wernher {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/2 February}}
3 February Constantine Chase {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/3 February}}
4 February Vault 92 {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/4 February}}
5 February Frank Horrigan {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/5 February}}
6 February Liberty Prime {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/6 February}}
7 February Fort Bannister {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/7 February}}
8 February Blades {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/8 February}}
9 February Protector Casdin {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/9 February}}
10 February Seymour {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/10 February}}
11 February Oasis {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/11 February}}
12 February Joanne Lynette {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/12 February}}
13 February Andale {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/13 February}}
14 February Pancor Jackhammer {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/14 February}}
15 February Paladin Hoss {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/15 February}}
16 February Big Guns {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/16 February}}
17 February Lost Hills {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/17 February}}
18 February Psycho {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/18 February}}
19 February Lieutenant {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/19 February}}
20 February Calculator {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/20 February}}
21 February Outcast outpost {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/21 February}}
22 February Raiders {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/22 February}}
23 February CRB-S {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/23 February}}
24 February Deathclaw gauntlet {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/24 February}}
25 February General Jingwei {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/25 February}}
26 February R. Lee Ermey {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/26 February}}
27 February Van Buren SPECIAL {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/27 February}}
28 February Set {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/28 February}}
29 February Skynet {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/29 February}}
1 March Paradise Falls {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/1 March}}
2 March Super mutant behemoth {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/2 March}}
3 March Chryslus Building {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/3 March}}
4 March Vault 13 Overseer {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/4 March}}
5 March Slags {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/5 March}}
6 March Environmental armor {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/6 March}}
7 March Centaur {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/7 March}}
8 March Reilly's Rangers {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/8 March}}
9 March Tibbets Facility {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/9 March}}
10 March Fawkes {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/10 March}}
11 March Shotgun {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/11 March}}
12 March Floater {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/12 March}}
13 March Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/13 March}}
14 March The Nuka-Cola Challenge {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/14 March}}
15 March Cathedral {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/15 March}}
16 March Eulogy Jones {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/16 March}}
17 March EMP {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/17 March}}
18 March Newton {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/18 March}}
19 March Abraham Lincoln {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/19 March}}
20 March Gun Runners {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/20 March}}
21 March Benjamin Montgomery {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/21 March}}
22 March Barter {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/22 March}}
23 March Carry Weight {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/23 March}}
24 March The Pitt {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/24 March}}
25 March Natiq Aghayev {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/25 March}}
26 March Fat Man {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/26 March}}
27 March Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/27 March}}
28 March Auto axe {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/28 March}}
29 March Scoped Gauss rifle {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/29 March}}
30 March The Church of the Children of Atom {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/30 March}}
31 March Nadia {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/31 March}}
1 April Fallout (film) {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/1 April}}
2 April Ishmael Ashur {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/2 April}}
3 April Clancy Brown {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/3 April}}
4 April Vault Dweller's memoirs {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/4 April}}
5 April Action Boy {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/5 April}}
6 April Railway rifle {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/6 April}}
7 April RadAway {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/7 April}}
8 April Oversized and undersized items {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/8 April}}
9 April West Tek Research Facility {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/9 April}}
10 April Temperance Union {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/10 April}}
11 April Vault 87 {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/11 April}}
12 April Vic {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/12 April}}
13 April Ron Perlman {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/13 April}}
14 April Stanislaus Braun {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/14 April}}
15 April Children of the Cathedral {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/15 April}}
16 April Lieutenant {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/16 April}}
17 April Hubologists {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/17 April}}
18 April Rockopolis {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/18 April}}
19 April New Plague {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/19 April}}
20 April Vault Boy {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/20 April}}
21 April Enclave Radio {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/21 April}}
22 April Freeport {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/22 April}}
23 April Victor Presper {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/23 April}}
24 April Vindicator minigun {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/24 April}}
25 April robot {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/25 April}}
26 April Agatha's Station {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/26 April}}
27 April Garl {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/27 April}}
28 April Master {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/28 April}}
29 April New Reno {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/29 April}}
30 April Pip-Boy 2000 {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/30 April}}
1 May Explosives {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/1 May}}
2 May The Hub {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/2 May}}
3 May Charon (Fallout 3) {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/3 May}}
4 May Water chip {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/4 May}}
5 May Broken Steel {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/5 May}}
6 May J.E. Sawyer {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/6 May}}
7 May Followers of the Apocalypse {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/7 May}}
8 May PMV Valdez {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/8 May}}
9 May Enclave Hellfire armor {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/9 May}}
10 May Albino radscorpion {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/10 May}}
11 May Reaver Movement {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/11 May}}
12 May Hakunin {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/12 May}}
13 May Tesla cannon {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/13 May}}
14 May Peoria {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/14 May}}
15 May Thieves' Guild {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/15 May}}
16 May Electronic lock pick {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/16 May}}
17 May Galaxy News Radio (radio) {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/17 May}}
18 May Resource Wars {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/18 May}}
19 May Tesla armor {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/19 May}}
20 May M.A.R.Go.T. {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/20 May}}
21 May New California Rangers {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/21 May}}
22 May Fire ants {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/22 May}}
23 May Miles Reese {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/23 May}}
24 May Mariposa Military Base {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/24 May}}
25 May Vault {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/25 May}}
26 May Mutations and their causes {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/26 May}}
27 May Junktown {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/27 May}}
28 May Super mutant {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/28 May}}
29 May Ghoul {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/29 May}}
30 May Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/30 May}}
31 May Brotherhood of Steel {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/31 May}}
1 June Enclave {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/1 June}}
2 June Vault 13 {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/2 June}}
3 June Boneyard {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/3 June}}
4 June Frank Horrigan {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/4 June}}
5 June Caesar's Legion {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/5 June}}
6 June Marcus {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/6 June}}
7 June Poseidon Energy {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/7 June}}
8 June Rhombus {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/8 June}}
9 June Scott Everts {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/9 June}}
10 June Jet {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/10 June}}
11 June Tandi {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/11 June}}
12 June Wanamingo {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/12 June}}
13 June Dharma {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/13 June}}
14 June Simon Barnaky {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/14 June}}
15 June .223 pistol {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/15 June}}
16 June Childkiller {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/16 June}}
17 June Super stimpak {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/17 June}}
18 June New Reno {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/18 June}}
19 June Shady Sands {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/19 June}}
20 June Gammorin {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/20 June}}
21 June Nuka-Cola {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/21 June}}
22 June Highwayman {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/22 June}}
23 June Point Lookout {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/23 June}}
24 June Bottle caps {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/24 June}}
25 June New Plague {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/25 June}}
26 June Robert House {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/26 June}}
27 June Radio New Vegas {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/27 June}}
28 June Grand Canyon {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/28 June}}
29 June Mister Handy {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/29 June}}
30 June Soviet Union {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/30 June}}
1 July Modoc {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/1 July}}
2 July Redding {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/2 July}}
3 July Killian Darkwater {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/3 July}}
4 July Brahmin Wood {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/4 July}}
5 July Skulz {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/5 July}}
6 July Necropolis {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/6 July}}
7 July Powder Gangers {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/7 July}}
8 July Vault City {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/8 July}}
9 July Tycho {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/9 July}}
10 July Nikola Tesla {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/10 July}}
11 July Brotherhood of Steel (Midwest) {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/11 July}}
12 July radiation {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/12 July}}
13 July The Den {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/13 July}}
14 July Leonard Boyarsky {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/14 July}}
15 July Chris Avellone (Fallout) {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/15 July}}
16 July Toccamatta {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/16 July}}
17 July Fallout world {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/17 July}}
18 July Canada {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/18 July}}
19 July psykers {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/19 July}}
20 July China {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/20 July}}
21 July Angus {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/21 July}}
22 July United States {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/22 July}}
23 July Mexico {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/23 July}}
24 July Red Lucy {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/24 July}}
25 July 10mm pistol {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/25 July}}
26 July Junction City {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/26 July}}
27 July Doc Morbid {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/27 July}}
28 July Harry {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/28 July}}
29 July Patrick the Celt {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/29 July}}
30 July Felix Stiles {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/30 July}}
31 July Abbey {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/31 July}}
1 August Vipers {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/1 August}}
2 August Megaton {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/2 August}}
3 August Mothership Zeta {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/3 August}}
4 August Vault 69 {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/4 August}}
5 August Burham Springs {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/5 August}}
6 August Spasm gun {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/6 August}}
7 August Nursery {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/7 August}}
8 August Tony Postma {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/8 August}}
9 August Khans {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/9 August}}
10 August Vault 77 {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/10 August}}
11 August Dick Richardson {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/11 August}}
12 August Wanamingo {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/12 August}}
13 August Dharma {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/13 August}}
14 August Simon Barnaky {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/14 August}}
15 August Elliott Tercorien {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/15 August}}
16 August Fallout series {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/16 August}}
17 August Mardin {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/17 August}}
18 August Father {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/18 August}}
19 August Fallout 3 intro {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/19 August}}
20 August Radroach {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/20 August}}
21 August Steal {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/21 August}}
22 August Kansas City {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/22 August}}
23 August Victor Presper {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/23 August}}
24 August Harold {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/24 August}}
25 August van Graffs {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/25 August}}
26 August Fallout Pen and Paper d20 {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/26 August}}
27 August Hoover Dam {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/27 August}}
28 August Van Buren tech demo {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/28 August}}
29 August Gecko (town) {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/29 August}}
30 August Floating eye bot {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/30 August}}
31 August Laura {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/31 August}}
1 September Fallout 3 perks {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/1 September}}
2 September Beastlords {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/2 September}}
3 September Hub police {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/3 September}}
4 September Feral ghoul {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/4 September}}
5 September Deathclaws {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/5 September}}
6 September Quincy {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/6 September}}
7 September Combat armor {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/7 September}}
8 September Vertibird {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/8 September}}
9 September Vault 13: A GURPS Post-Nuclear Adventure {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/9 September}}
10 September Tesla armor {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/10 September}}
11 September Owyn Lyons {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/11 September}}
12 September Klamath {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/12 September}}
13 September Peoria {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/13 September}}
14 September Fallout Tactics 2 {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/14 September}}
15 September Willem Clark {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/15 September}}
16 September Traits {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/16 September}}
17 September Fallout: Warfare {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/17 September}}
18 September Glowing one {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/18 September}}
19 September Battle of Anchorage {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/19 September}}
20 September Leather armor {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/20 September}}
21 September Interplay {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/21 September}}
22 September Plastic explosives {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/22 September}}
23 September Level {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/23 September}}
24 September Chinese assault rifle {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/24 September}}
25 September Chris Avellone {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/25 September}}
26 September Advanced power armor {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/26 September}}
27 September Erik J. Caponi {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/27 September}}
28 September Vree {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/28 September}}
29 September Broken Hills {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/29 September}}
30 September Unarmed {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/30 September}}
1 October Chris Taylor {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/1 October}}
2 October Talius {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/2 October}}
3 October Ranger battle armor {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/3 October}}
4 October Mysterious Stranger {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/4 October}}
5 October Ulysses {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/5 October}}
6 October Sulik {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/6 October}}
7 October Feargus Urquhart {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/7 October}}
8 October Project V13 {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/8 October}}
9 October Stealth Boy {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/9 October}}
10 October Fallout Tactics {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/10 October}}
11 October Jefferson (town) {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/11 October}}
12 October Charlie Adler {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/12 October}}
13 October Boulder Dome {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/13 October}}
14 October Eyebot {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/14 October}}
15 October Vault 13 Overseer {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/15 October}}
16 October Charisma {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/16 October}}
17 October Bloomfield Space Center {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/17 October}}
18 October Energy Weapons {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/18 October}}
19 October Jefferson Memorial {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/19 October}}
20 October Galaxy News Network {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/20 October}}
21 October Animal Friend {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/21 October}}
22 October Advanced power armor Mk II {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/22 October}}
23 October Great War {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/23 October}}
24 October Stimpak {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/24 October}}
25 October Todd Howard {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/25 October}}
26 October Fallout Bible {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/26 October}}
27 October Van Buren {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/27 October}}
28 October Fallout 3 {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/28 October}}
29 October Wes Johnson {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/29 October}}
30 October Escape! {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/30 October}}
31 October Pariah dog {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/31 October}}
1 November The Pitt {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/1 November}}
2 November Arroyo {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/2 November}}
3 November Talon Company {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/3 November}}
4 November Vaults {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/4 November}}
5 November Junktown {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/5 November}}
6 November AEP7 laser pistol {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/6 November}}
7 November Moira Brown {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/7 November}}
8 November T-51b power armor {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/8 November}}
9 November Vault 101 Overseer {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/9 November}}
10 November Lockpick {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/10 November}}
11 November Butch DeLoria {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/11 November}}
12 November Vault 0 {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/12 November}}
13 November Mr. Burke {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/13 November}}
14 November Speech {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/14 November}}
15 November N99 10mm pistol {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/15 November}}
16 November Three Dog {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/16 November}}
17 November Richard Dean Anderson {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/17 November}}
18 November Little Lamplight {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/18 November}}
19 November .44 magnum revolver {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/19 November}}
20 November R91 assault rifle {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/20 November}}
21 November New California Republic {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/21 November}}
22 November Mark O'Green {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/22 November}}
23 November Ghoul {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/23 November}}
24 November Citadel {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/24 November}}
25 November Brian Fargo {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/25 November}}
26 November Augustus Autumn {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/26 November}}
27 November RobCo Industries {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/27 November}}
28 November Joshua Graham {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/28 November}}
29 November ZAX {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/29 November}}
30 November Capitol Building {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/30 November}}
1 December Super stimpak {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/1 December}}
2 December Nuka-grenade {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/2 December}}
3 December Vault Boy bobblehead {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/3 December}}
4 December Garden of Eden Creation Kit {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/4 December}}
5 December Yao guai {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/5 December}}
6 December Protectron {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/6 December}}
7 December Nuka-Cola Quantum {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/7 December}}
8 December Navarro {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/8 December}}
9 December Springvale {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/9 December}}
10 December The Washington Monument {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/10 December}}
11 December Great Merchant Wars {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/11 December}}
12 December Maxson bunker {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/12 December}}
13 December Roger Maxson {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/13 December}}
14 December Iguana Bob Frazier {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/14 December}}
15 December Allistair Tenpenny {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/15 December}}
16 December Radscorpions {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/16 December}}
17 December Giant ants {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/17 December}}
18 December Iguana {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/18 December}}
19 December Cyberdog {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/19 December}}
20 December Dogs {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/20 December}}
21 December Dogmeat {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/21 December}}
22 December Tim Cain {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/22 December}}
23 December Pulowski Preservation shelter {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/23 December}}
24 December Extraterrestrials {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/24 December}}
25 December T-45d power armor {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/25 December}}
26 December Necropolis {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/26 December}}
27 December Talking deathclaws {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/27 December}}
28 December Enclave plasma rifle {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/28 December}}
29 December AntAgonizer {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/29 December}}
30 December M72 Gauss rifle {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/30 December}}
31 December Chinese remnants {{Wikiportal:Main/Featured article/31 December}}
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