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Pulowski Preservation Shelter
Pulowski Preservation shelters are coin-operated, one-person fallout shelters found on street corners throughout the more urban areas of the Capital Wasteland. People would ostensibly use them as a last-minute resort in the event of a nuclear attack; however, they have no food or water supplies and may not even have had recyclable air, so the customer would have to bring with them anything they thought they would need for survival (and due to the last-minute nature of the booth, most people did not bring very much with them to begin with). The instructions on the inside tell the occupant to "Wait for the radiation levels to drop. Enjoy your stay." before leaving. The booths were obviously not very effective at all - almost every one found within the game contains a charred skeleton and a few items that the person brought in with them. One even contains a protectron robot that decided to claim it for itself before being fried in the blast.


Nukalurks are a rare species of mirelurk with glowing blue features. It is assumed that this coloration is due to the isotope used to color Nuka-Cola Quantum. This seems to be proven by the effects of their delicious nukalurk meat which boosts health as well as Action Points! Found in large numbers only in the Nuka-Cola plant, this ancient pre-War bottling factory may serve as both their home, and the birthplace of their species. The majority of these creatures dwell in the lower production level of the factory, which has been flooded with spilled Nuka-Cola Quantum.


Allistair Tenpenny
Allistair Tenpenny is the owner of Tenpenny Tower and the employer of a certain Mister Burke. If the player talks to Allistair they will find out that he commented to Mister Burke about how Megaton is an eyesore and this brings on Mister Burke's "quest" to find someone to blow up the atomic bomb at the town's center. He also is a bigot and won't consider ghouls to live with in the tower unless you convince the others with in the tower. He carries a sniper rifle which he uses to randomly shoot at things in the wastes from his balcony in what he calls "Wasteland Safari" not caring what he hits or kills.


FO3 yao guai concept art
The yao guai are a species of mutant bears and are some of the strongest, fastest, deadliest creatures you can expect. In Chinese, yao guai (妖怪) simply means "monster". In mythology, they are physical incarnations of the spirits of mistreated animals, or fallen divine animals. There is evidence that there were Chinese soldiers who actually made it to the American mainland during the Great War (for example, the different Chinese weapons available in the game, the remains of Chinese soldiers, the Chinese remnant in Mama Dolce's and the Chengs living in Tenpenny Tower), so it is possible that its Chinese name comes from this influence.


Deathclaws are an enormously large, agile, and strong species of genetically engineered reptiles. They are substantially larger than a human, and have large and dangerous claws. It is claimed that they were originally derived from mixed animal stock DNA (mostly Jackson's Chameleons) before the Great War to replace humans during close-combat search-and-destroy missions and later refined by the Master, using genetic manipulation, but the accounts of their origins vary. Although they do not have vocal chords, the deathclaws seem to be able mimic human speech much the same as a parrot does, although normal deathclaws aren't intelligent enough to be capable of real speech.


FO3 Vertibird
Vertibirds are Enclave helicopter vehicles used as scouts and troop transports. In 2241 one of them crashed near the trapper town of Klamath, and was the first sign of the Enclave encountered by the Chosen One. In 2277, they are still used by the Enclave in the Capital Wasteland area. The Vertibird is a lateral twin-rotor (non-synchronized) helicopter design. An actual experimental prototype for this type of aircraft was the Platt-LePage XR-1/XR-1A tested by the US Army in the 1940's. Others included the German Fa 223 and the McDonnell XHJD-1 "Whirlaway".


Elder Owyn Lyons is the idealistic leader of the Brotherhood of Steel's branch in the Capital Wasteland. His daughter, Sarah Lyons, is the division's Head Paladin. Some time after the destruction of the Enclave, the Brotherhood's ruling council decided to send a contingent of soldiers led by Lyons all the way to the East Coast to scour the ruins of Washington, D.C., once the nation’s capital, and recover any and all advanced technology. But Elder Owyn Lyons had another priority, one he considered more important than his original directive or any orders received since – the protection of the innocent people of the Capital Wasteland. And so, Lyons sent word to his superiors that he would continue his search for technology when he was damned good and ready, and would not sacrifice the people who had come to rely on the bravery and strength of the Brotherhood of Steel. The Capital Wasteland division of the Brotherhood of Steel, headquartered in the Citadel, became its own entity: still affiliated with the Brotherhood of Steel on the West Coast, and bound by its laws and customs, but otherwise completely independent.


Megaton inside
Megaton is a town in the vincinity of Washington, DC built around the crater, where an undetonated nuclear bomb, which a part of the town worships as a miraculous sign from God. People took this unexploded bomb as a sign from God that He intended them to survive. This encouraged them to build their town around this bomb, using salvaged parts including a downed airline carrier.


James during GUF
James, the father of the player character in Fallout 3 will appear prominently throughout the game. Both the Lone Wanderer and his father are inhabitants of Vault 101. Catherine, the mother of the Player Character died at childbirth. The Vault has been sealed for the last 200 years and no one has ever left it - until it turned out that the PC's father has disappeared from it without any explanation. The young Vault Dweller leaves the safe shelter to look for his father in the ruins of Washington, DC.


Radroaches or simply giant cockroaches are obviously giant versions of the regular cockroaches mutated by radiation - there was never any doubt that they would survive a nuclear war. Found mainly in underground areas and sewers, these creatures can usually be found in fairly large groups. They feed on the dead, but will go after living creatures if isolated. Their numbers are usually their greatest advantage. Radroaches live mostly in the areas east of California.


Erik J. Caponi is a designer at Bethesda Softworks and one of the developers of Fallout 3. Responsible for writing dialog, designing locations, crafting characters, implementing scenes and scenarios, and creating background lore for games set in the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series or role-playing games. Secondary duties include systems and content design.


FO3 Exploding mutant
The Type 93 Chinese assault rifles are quite possibly a leftover from the United States' war with China, an event that triggered the Great War. This rifle is chambered in 5.56mm. It bears some visual likeness to the Russian-designed AEK-971 assault rifle, as well the AK47, but also have some distinctive differences. This rifle can be seen in use by the super mutants in the Washington, D.C. area around 2277.


Wes Johnson
Wes Johnson (born 6 June 1961) is a North American actor and voice actor who voices Mister Burke in Fallout 3. He has appeared in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as well as such films as John Waters' A Dirty Shame, Head of State, and the Nicole Kidman thriller The Invasion. He also appeared in For Richer or Poorer, Hearts in Atlantis, and the indy short Ted's 12.


FO3 Stealth Boy in use
The RobCo Stealth Boy 3001 is a personal stealth device worn on one's wrist. It generates a modulating field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to the other, making a person much harder to notice (but not completely invisible). It was used by the nightkin elite super mutant units of the Master's army.


The AEP7 laser pistol is a military issue sidearm, as opposed to the civilian Wattz 1000 laser pistol commonly found on the West Coast. It is a relatively powerful energy weapon, at least compared to conventional firearms like the N99 10mm pistol or the Chinese pistol. With a generous battery size and fairly decent damage output, it's a very good choice for a sidearm and indeed it's used extensively in this role by the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave in the Capital Wasteland.


Butch FI
Butch DeLoria is the Vault 101 bully who harrasses the Lone Wanderer in his or her youth. He is the leader of the Tunnel Snakes gang, though when fellow member Wally Mack sometimes argues that HE is in fact the leader, Butch will not challenge this. Mr. Brotch informed Butch that his G.O.A.T. exam answers determined him to be a hairdresser, something that amused the long-suffering teacher and outraged Butch, alter proclaiming angrily "I'm a barber, not a hairdresser".


FO3 Sputnik concept
The eyebot is a hovering robot similar to the floating eye bot, but with whip-like radio antennas resembling long "whiskers" pointing to its back, like in the Sputnik Soviet satellite, and loudspeakers in the front. Eyebots are used by the Enclave on the East Coast for broadcasting propaganda, presidential speeches and patriotic marching music to the people of the Capital Wasteland.


Memorial m
The Jefferson Memorial is a presidential memorial in Washington, D.C. that is dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, an American Founding Father and the third president of the United States. After the Great War, the Memorial was turned into something that resembles a water filtering facility with low-tech construction all around it and many pipes going in and out. It is not known if the original statue of Jefferson stands or not.


Enclave power armor
The advanced power armor Mk II, also called Enclave power armor, is a model of the power armor used exclusively by the Enclave military forces, developed after the Great War. Like its older brother, the standard advanced power armor it's matte black with a menacing appearance, but with a few significant differences, most prominently an added bulky chestplate (for added protection) and external communication antennae in horns on the helmet. Also, unlike its predecessor, it appears to be composed entirely of lightweight ceramic composites rather than the usual combination of metal and ceramic plates.


Ron Perlman
Ron Perlman (born 13 April 1950) has worked on all but one of the Fallout releases to date. He is a screen actor as well as voice actor, with much work in both disciplines. Perlman narrated Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3 and Fallout Tactics. He also did the voice for Butch Harris in Fallout.


Mysterious Stranger
Mysterious Stranger is a Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout 3 Perk. In Fallout and Fallout 2, when you select this perk, during each random encounter there is a chance that your character will gain a temporary ally. In Fallout 3, the Mysterious Stranger will appear occasionally in V.A.T.S. mode to lend a hand, with deadly efficiency.


FO3 feral ghoul
Feral ghouls are those ghouls (humans mutated by radiation) that lost their minds and became aggressive animals. Their minds are almost completely gone and they react mostly on instinct. Some of the glowing ones also become feral (or some of the feral ghouls start to glow due to exposure to radiation). They are known to use radiation-based attacks on humans.


Great War FoT
The Great War (not to be confused with World War I or World War III), started (and ended) in 2077 on October 23rd. It is not known who dropped the first bomb, but that hardly matters. It lasted a very brief amount of time, but was unbelievably destructive. More energy was released in the early moments of that war than all previous conflicts combined. The situation leading to the war included China invading Alaska, and the United States annexing Canada. The European Commonwealth dissolved and a world wide conflict followed when each country tried to gather what natural resources it could. This period was known as the Resource Wars.


PA Vault 77
Vault 77 was one of the Vaults created by Vault-Tec, and part of the Vault Experiment. Only one man entered this Vault, which also contained a crate of puppets. Its location is unknown. Vault 77 appears only in the One Man, and a Crate of Puppets comic by Penny Arcade.


Fallout 3 PA
The Fallout 3 intro starts in a wreck of a bus, with a Radiation King radio playing the song I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire sung by The Ink Spots. Inside the bus, various familiar items from Fallout and Fallout 2 can be seen, including a rot gut bottle, a super tool kit and Nuka-Cola bottles.


Moira Brown
Moira Brown is an eccentric inhabitant of Megaton, a town in Fallout 3, and the owner of the Craterside Supply store, also in Megaton. She wants the Lone Wanderer to help her research a guide to the wastelands that she is writing, as well as scout a nearby Super-Duper Mart for food and medicine. Moira's personality is extremely cheerful at all times, often excessively so; she takes as much delight in talking about what she's doing as possible. She remains inappropriately cheerful in even the most serious of circumstances.


Winterized power armor
Operation: Anchorage is the first add-on for Fallout 3, and was released on January 27, 2009 for the Xbox 360 and Windows versions. The DLC costs 800 Microsoft points. In this add-on pack, the Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts are trying to acquire advanced military tools, and the only way to enter the vault containing these relics is by completing a military simulation only the player can enter. In the simulation the player fights in one of the greatest battles of the Fallout universe: the Battle of Anchorage, Alaska from invading Red Chinese troops. The simulation is set between June 2076, when the T-51b power armor was first introduced, and January 2077, when Chinese forces were completely driven out of Alaska.


This plasma rifle, superior to the pre-War P94 plasma rifle, was developed by the Enclave after the Great War. By 2277, it was widely used by Enclave soldiers in the Capital Wasteland. It fires bright self-illuminated green bolts of plasma, utilizes microfusion cells for ammunition, and reduces targets to piles of glowing green goo when the killing shot is a Critical Hit.


Chinese Remnant Sergeant
Two hundred years after the Great War, a Chinese remnant still resides in Mama Dolce's Processing Plant in the ruins of Washington, D.C. Composed of ghoulified pre-War soldiers loyal to the People's Republic of China, the Remnant is oblivious to the fact that its original mission of espionage has become rather pointless in the aftermath of the Great War. As a result, the soldiers have occupied the food processing plant since 2077 and fiercely defend it against all intruders.


T45d Power Armor
The T-45d model of power armor was the first version of power armor to be successfully deployed in battle. These suits were lacking the mobility of later versions (such as the T-51b power armor), limiting the wearer's Agility. The first version to hit the frontlines ran on small energy cells, burning through them at an alarming rate. In response, later versions were manufactured with built-in MicroFusion Packs. The T-4x power armor was originally built by the the United States Military and has become used by many factions including the Brotherhood of Steel and the Outcasts and they each have their own design to their power armors.


While there always was some evidence of the existence of alien life forms, it was very scarce. Until the events of the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta, there was no record of direct contact between humanity and the creatures. Despite this, it is apparent that, with evidence found on Zeta, the alien's have quite possibly been watching Earth and humanity evolve for nearly a thousand years.

The Brotherhood of Steel and Shi have encountered the bodies of alien life forms or their spaceships, as did the pre-War United States government, which kept its alien specimens mostly in Area 51. By extension, the Enclave and Brotherhood Outcasts also have access to alien technology.

Finally being encountered in Mothership Zeta, they are small, greenish humanoids that are presented as malevolent creatures that seem to view humanity with contempt and will gladly vivisect their test subjects or keep them in cryogenic storage after torturing them for their scientific pursuits. The aliens' language cannot be understood by the player.