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This is the home page of a Nukapedia + The Vault project. A project is a collaboration of editors improving articles and other content related to a particular subject. For more information, see Fallout Wiki:Projects.

The Fallout 76 creatures project is a project that aims to fully complete every creature page in Fallout 76.

With the merge between Nukapedia and The Vault, data can be pulled from the Vault's creature pages.

Scope[edit source]

The completion of every Fallout 76 creature page. Specifically:

  • Complete infoboxes for all creatures.
  • Images, descriptions, and statistics for every creature variant.
  • A complete set of characteristics for each creature, including biology and gameplay attributes.
  • A thourough list of spawn locations, so creatures can be easier to track down.

Guidelines[edit source]

  • Complete the infobox. Ensure all the necessary data is there.
  • Add images to articles. Primary first, then variant images.
  • Ensure that the characteristics are complete. A detailed biology and gameplay attribute description are essential.
  • Complete the variant boxes. Add stats, and a informative yet concise description for each.
  • Create a complete list of potential spawn locations.

Participants[edit source]

To participate, simply add your name below using {{userlink|your user name}}. Place every participant on a new line.

Progress[edit source]

  • Mark tasks that have been completed with {{yes}}
  • Once all other tasks have been completed, someone else should review the result. This is done to ensure nothing has been overlooked. If that has been done, add {{yes}} ~~~ to the "peer review" and "all done" columns.
Full review and update complete by kdarrow Dec 10, 2020
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