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This is the home page of a Nukapedia + The Vault project. A project is a collaboration of editors improving articles and other content related to a particular subject. For more information, see Fallout Wiki:Projects.

The Fallout 76 Wiki Merger is a project to coordinate the merger between The Vault and Nukapedia, creating the One Wiki to Rule Them All (wait, that's the wrong script...). The goal here is to create a quick system that allows for rapidly checking off articles that were merged already and which need to be done.

As per JS' suggestion, we begin with the latest game in the series and work our way backwards! Woohoo!


Unite the wikis!

As of 8th September 2019 there are a lot of these pages!


  • Target: Base article name (taken from The Vault). This is translated into The Vault and Target Links automatically (may need to be updated to reflect the decapped nature).
  • Templates: Are the templates synchronized and imported?
  • Data: Is the data merged? That means item data, keywords (for apparel and the like, this can be automatically achieved by importing templates and updating them with the latest data from xEdit), modification tables, and so on and so forth.
  • Lore: Is the lore merged? That means any background and characteristics sections rolled into one understandable heading.
  • Images: Are the images brought over and verified as usable or not needed? This is also useful for annotating extensive image galleries. Note that server space is not an issue - there's no need to convert images to JPGs.
  • Final Check/Attribution: Is the page ready to go. This is also where you can put your name for bragging rights (and get a firm handshake from the bureaucrats).


All the tracking spreadsheets are located on the following subpages. Once a page is done, just add {{yes}} at the end of line.

Under consideration
All done


  • In general, don't be afraid to cut things, but try to merge as a priority. There's a ton of good reference work on The Vault that's worth preserving - and there's a ton of great gameplay coverage on Nukapedia that would be lost if it's just overwritten.
  • Images tell a lot of stories and help illustrate eg. locations. These are worth preserving!
  • If a template needs to be imported, coordinate with Tagaziel, eg. on Discord. He made a lot of these and can help understand their insanity.


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