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The Fallout 4 articles project is a project that aims to make a general cleanup of the Fallout 4 articles, according to the Fallout Wiki's policies.


Cleaning up most Fallout 4 articles, namely the character, quest, location, item, perk and world object articles. Removing words "you" or "your" by using "Sole Survivor", substituting "player" with "player character", arrange the articles per Manual of Style, removing extra coding, moving sentences to proper sections.


  • Replacing "you" with "Sole Survivor" or "player character" or "one".
  • Removing or replacing "your" with word "the".
  • Moving notes (mostly from background and notes section to interactions with the player character).
  • Placing certain sections under more appropriate ones (Companion reactions on quest pages go under Notes section).
  • Rarely there is a usage of HTML code - which must be substituted with the Wiki code (e.g. <i>A</i>, which is a text in italics, should be written as ''A''.
  • Behind the scenes section usually has to have {{Behind the scenes}} template after the start of the section (unless the references are already confirmed by developers).
  • Decapping words, which are not meant to be capped ("Brahmin" to "brahmin")
  • Removing excess links, so the article is linked once per article. Exceptions are quest pages, where the link has to be in the table in the quick walkthrough as well.


To participate, simply add your name below using {{userlink|your user name}}. Place every participant on a new line.