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The Fallout 3 merchant overhaul project is a project which aims to improve the quality of information about all Fallout 3 merchants, shops and stores.


Affected pages would be all named stores/shops pages (e.g. Flak 'N Shrapnel's), any related NPC pages and the main merchant overview page (Fallout 3 merchants).


Under discussion, see project talk page

Merchant pages already exist for most (if not all) shops. They would need to be modified to include merchant-significant information. A general layout would need to be agreed upon, but would likely loosely consist of the following:

  • General description: A general description of the shop including info such as the shop owner(s), general type of store and type(s) of stock(s).
  • Location: This may get put tagged on to the end of the general description. Perhaps an added on light descrip. for local map location. Exception: Caravan Merchants
  • Stock: A complete table list of all the info of any item they may have at a restock point (there's a fixed list of the items and at each restock point they randomly have a certain selection from the list), the maximum/minimum caps they can have at a restock point. This information would all be put in here in table form.
  • Repair: Their repair skill and associated max repair condition.
  • Related quests: E.g. Lock and Load's unnamed quest, Economics of Violence


The table of stock items would have the following columns/labels:

  • Name: The item Name
  • Type: The item type, i.e. where it would show up in your inventory or the shop screen, which tab.
  • Condition: The condition of the variant of the item entry at purchase. The conditions aren't random, they may be able to have multiple forms of the same item of differing conditions but these different condition variants are limited (differing condition variants would get a separate entry) - (%)
  • Value: same as condition, but with the value of the purchasable item. - (#)
  • Maximum supply: The maximum number of the variant of the item that can appear stocked at any given restock point.

This table, of course, would likely go on the Merchant/Shop page.


Any NPCs related to shops would have most info redacted, and rather a slight mention, most likely an excerpt from the general description of the shop they're involved in with an accompanying link at the bottom of said excerpt, which would take viewers to the related merchant version of their page.

Unnamed stores

Shop and NPC pages should be kept separate for a certain fluency of the merchant parts of the site. In which case some merchant pages may be missing and would need to be made. This is mainly in the rare condition of the few shops without a known store-name (e.g. Friday's raider shop from The Pitt). Perhaps a general agreed upon standard would be to make their related merchant pages merely be "(store owner name)'s supply".


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Guidelines still being discussed