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The Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas character creation project is a project which aims to provide a visual aid for readers during player creation.


This project entails the creation of a new page, "Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas character presets" that I will make and mark with a project template. This new page seeks to visualize all aspects of the cosmetic part of each game's character creation. It is, most simply put, a visual version of the Gene projector article. Hopefully, after seeing this page, no one will ever again complain about a lack of customization in these games.


Participants are designated to take screenshots of different character models using the following method. All pictures are to be taken with male characters for uniformity with these exceptions: the picture for the female sex option, the pictures for the eye-liner sliders, and all female-only hairstyles. Cosmetic options that are multiple choice (i.e. sex, race, hairdo, etc.) are to have one picture for each option. Cosmetic options that use sliders are to have three images, one for the leftmost point on the slider, one on the rightmost, and one for the centermost point with the exception of the hair color sliders which this project does not cover. All changes to facial features or hair are to be made from the first facial preset (hair and all) of the appropriate sex, in the race caucasian (with the exception of the three images who's primary focus are the other races) for uniformity's sake. Pictures focused on individual facial features (i.e. nose, mouth, eyes, etc.) should be zoomed in as close as possible to maintain clarity. Shots focused on hair and the face structure should be zoomed out in order to show the most possible defining features of that option (i.e. if a hairstyles most prominent features are a cowlick in the front and a curl in the back, the image should show both). Use the best and most logical camera angles and zooms possible (i.e. if I'm looking at nose-tip length, I want a picture from the side not the front). All typical image standards should be followed (i.e. brightness, quality, etc.). The image for the progress table labeled "sample" MUST be uploaded first, what it looks like does not concern me, its existence is only so Jspoel can create a category for all our images to go in, and they all WILL go there. Whoever completes this task, please mark the table appropriately and alert Jspoel! After all progress tables are filled and have been peer reviewed for image quality, Chad will organize all these pictures into article format. The project is then complete and inactive and the article becomes subject to routine wiki maintenance. If you have any questions, comments, or believe I have missed something or made an error, please post on the forum, "Character Presets" under the Wiki discussion tab.


To participate, simply add your name below using {{userlink|your user name}}. Place every participant on a new line.



There are 114 different customizable features including the haircuts, hairdos, face, and general aspects. Please mark your progress in the table with the green check (Yes) only once all pictures permitted by the guidelines are uploaded and fill in the progress bar to a rough estimate if you would like by adding |xx (replace xx with the appropriate variable) after "Progress".

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