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The Fallout 3 NPC overhaul project is a project which aims to improve the quality and layout of articles about Fallout 3 non-player characters.


All articles in:


Adapt all pages to the standard layout and check character image, infobox and categories.


Section headline required? Content
Yes Infobox and games template.
Yes Short summary that usually looks something like this:

"{{PAGENAME}} is one of the inhabitants of Megaton in 2277."

In general, it should contain:

  • Name of the character (and alternative names) in bold.
  • short description of the character (inhabitant of town XY, member of organization YZ etc.)
  • Time when the character lived/is encountered in one of the Fallout games, (i.e. the starting date of the character's respective game). For characters in FO3 this is 2277.
Background Yes Background story/history for the character; "who the character is".
Relationships No Relations to other characters (family, friends, partners, enemies etc.) if any.
Daily schedule No Daily schedule of the character, i.e. what they/it usually does and where they can be found during the course of the 24-hour day.
Interactions with the player character(s) No Please see project discussion page for current and complete guidelines on Interactions.
  • Items in possession of the character. Please use {{Inventory}}. If a character does not have an item of a certain type, simply place a dash (-).
  • For articles which list multiple (usually non-unique) characters on one page, this section should be called "Variants" and contain a table listing the characters with their most important stats and technical data.
Notes No For interesting things about the character which do not fit into the other categories. Try to keep this section to a minimum.
Notable quotes No Selection of quotes unique to the character. Remove all quotes that are common to several NPCs. 5 quotes is an upper limit.
Appearances Yes Which games/add-ons does this character appear in.
Behind the scenes No For out-of-game references and similar stuff.
Bugs No For bugs unique to the character. Quest bugs should be moved to the appropriate quest article page. General bugs, such as those found on the Fallout 3 bugs page should be removed from the NPC article. Also, reword and consolidate existing valid bug entries for brevity and clarity.
Gallery No Cluttering the article with too many images should be avoided. Instead, place them in a gallery at the end if applicable.
References No If a <ref> tag has been used in the article, {{references}} needs to be inserted here. This section is ONLY for this purpose.
Navboxes No Navboxes go at the end of the article.


  • All images should be ratio 1.4:1 (width to height).
  • Images should be of good quality and should show the character. The character should be centered horizontally.
  • Images should show no parts of the UI, i.e. no crosshair or HUD.

A standardized look is easiest to achieve if the images are taken when in dialogue with the NPC (HUD disabled via the tm console command). Then you can simply cut the image to the required aspect ratio with the character at the center.


All character infoboxes should at least contain the following fields:

{{Infobox character
|game        =FO3
|name        ={{PAGENAME}}
|image       =
|race        =
|affiliation =
|role        =
|location    =
|quests      =
|appearances =''[[Fallout 3]]''
|alignment   =
|baseid      =
|refid       =
  • For optional fields which may be applicable in certain cases, please see the {{Infobox character}} template documentation.
  • For base and ref IDs refer to User:Mirar/Chars or Form ID.
    • For generic characters (characters which are not unique, e.g. Enclave Soldier), the refid field should be left empty.
  • Affiliation: Of the following points, mention the first point that is applicable for a given character:
    • Name of an organization the character belongs to.
    • Name of a shop/company the character owns/works for.
    • Name of the character's boss.
    • Town a character lives in.
    • none.
  • Quests: Set to "none" if no related quests.
  • Alignment: Very good/good/neutral/evil/very evil. Refers to the equivalent value for the character in the GECK, not your subjective view of the character. The value can be found on the "Traits" tab of the "Edit NPC" window.


A character page should be in the following categories:


To participate, simply add your name below using {{userlink|your user name}}. Place every participant on a new line. The list is alphabetised (with the exception of the project leader) - please add your username to the list appropriately.


Group of articles complete
Base Fallout 3: A to F Yes
Base Fallout 3: G to L Yes
Base Fallout 3: M to R Yes
Base Fallout 3: S to Z Yes
Broken Steel Yes
Mothership Zeta Yes
Operation: Anchorage Yes
Point Lookout Yes
The Pitt Yes
  • Add your name to the tasks you are currently working on (simply insert {{repeat}} ~~~, this adds your signature without date)
  • Mark tasks you have completed with {{yes}} ~~~
  • Once all other tasks have been completed, someone else should review the result. This is done to ensure nothing has been overlooked. If that has been done, add {{yes}} ~~~ to the "peer review" and "complete" columns.

General checklist

  • Opening: Keep the opening of the article short. Move excess info into Background or Interactions sections.
  • Layout: Proper section ordering, titling and capitalization as per the layout table above.
  • Notes: Move notes as appropriate into other sections, usually Background or Interactions. Remove or consolidate spurious notes. Reword notes for brevity and clarity.
  • Bugs: Remove bugs which are not unique to the NPC. Move relevant bugs to quest or location articles. Reword bug entries for brevity and clarity.
  • Trivia: Reduce to obvious references. Provide an informative link and keep valid entries to a sentence or two.
  • Navboxes: Check for missing navboxes and add them where applicable. This mostly concerns characters who live in a town (these should have the town-specific navbox added, e.g. {{Navbox Megaton}}) and characters from add-ons (these should have the add-on navbox added, e.g. {{Navbox Operation: Anchorage}}).

Base Fallout 3: A to F

Base Fallout 3: G to L

Base Fallout 3: M to R