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The Fallout 3 Expansion Project Part One - Characters is a project that aims to expand both the content and references for all Fallout 3 character articles, with a particular focus on their background sections. This project is a sequel to the original Fallout 3 NPC Overhaul Project and was started on January 13th, 2023.


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Expand pages with all available content and references from dialogue files, the events of the game, the Wasteland Census and the Tour of the Capital Wasteland if applicable. In general, we will look to fully implement Wasteland Census references and expand/rewrite the character backgrounds that are simply copied from the Wasteland Census. If you need any assistance with how exactly to do this, feel free to contact me and I can show you how to make the references and show you the templates we use to make those references.

Not every check is going to apply to every character (example: several characters do not have wasteland census entries). If you look over a page and and find that any of the below categories aren't applicable, simply put N/A in their place and your signature. Be advised that these tables are adapted from the original project and as such not all links will be accurate to the current day. If any of the links below do not lead you to the Fallout 3 (or Fallout 3 DLC) character, feel free to fix it or let me know.


To participate, simply add your name below using {{userlink|your user name}}. Place every participant on a new line.


Group of articles complete
Base Fallout 3: A to F No
Base Fallout 3: G to L No
Base Fallout 3: M to R No
Base Fallout 3: S to Z No
Broken Steel No
Mothership Zeta No
Operation: Anchorage No
Point Lookout No
The Pitt No
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  • Mark tasks you have completed with {{yes}} ~~~
  • Once all other tasks have been completed, someone else should review the result. This is done to ensure nothing has been overlooked. If that has been done, add {{yes}} ~~~ to the "peer review" and "complete" columns.

Full tables forthcoming.

Base Fallout 3: A to F[]

Base Fallout 3: G to L[]

Base Fallout 3: M to R[]

Base Fallout 3: S to Z[]

Broken Steel[]

Mothership Zeta[]

Operation: Anchorage[]

Point Lookout[]

The Pitt[]