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The Fallout 2 Areas and Environments Project is a project which aims to further expand the images within the pages for Fallout 2 environments and document articles met only with drawings or concept art with in depth in-game footage and photographs of the areas in order to depict accuracy of the game world to the viewer of the article and allow them to better understand the game.

Scope and Guidelines

  • Those willing to contribute to the project should only contribute to the Fallout 2 world and edit only the Fallout 2 pages that lack in-game images or quality in-game images in order to improve the viewing of the game without error. To see possible articles, consult Fallout 2 locations.
  • It is important to notice that subareas within one single location are also within the scope of this project.


Progress Table

Yes The project is officially complete. --Crimson Frankie -ArroyoTalk 08:43, April 20, 2012 (UTC)


In the "Already contains image(s)" column, as you check articles, please mark one of the following:

  • Article OK: If the page already has existing image(s) of good quality following the project guidelines;
  • Image(s) needed: If the page does not have existing image(s), or you deem the existing image(s) of poor quality;

and sign your name (only three ~'s).

In the "Image(s) added" column, once you add good quality image(s) following the project guidelines, please mark {{yes}}, and sign your name (only three ~'s).

In the "Peer review" column, once good quality image(s) have been added, please mark one of the following:

  • Review needed: Mark this to signify that the content is complete and the page is ready for peer review;
  • {{yes}}: Once the added content is reviewed for good quality, adherence to the project guidelines and is properly formatted. Peer review must be completed by an editor other than editors who added new content;

and sign your name (only three ~'s).

In the "Complete" column, once the peer review is complete, please mark {{yes}}, and sign your name (only three ~'s).

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