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Fallout: New Vegas locations project
This article is within the scope of the Fallout: New Vegas locations project. This project is dedicated to standardizing Fallout: New Vegas location articles. For participation, please check the project page.
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This is the home page of a Nukapedia project. A project is a collaboration of editors improving articles and other content related to a particular subject. For more information, see Fallout Wiki:Projects.

The Fallout: New Vegas locations project is a project which aims to improve the vast quantity of location articles, both marked and unmarked, for Fallout: New Vegas.


All marked and unmarked locations in the Mojave Wasteland, Sierra Madre, Zion Canyon, Big Mountain, and the Divide need to be archived.


Go through all location articles and make sure each one has a picture and sufficient information.

Standard layoutEdit

This is the standard layout for all location articles except settlement and district ones. Make sure the sections are in the order given (omitting ones which are not needed in the specific article).

Settlement/district layoutEdit

This is the layout for settlements and districts. Make sure the sections are in the order given (omitting ones which are not needed in the specific article).



  • All scenery images (i.e. the top image in the infobox) should be ratio 4:3 (width to height).
  • All Map marker images should be ratio 7:4.


  • Other images should show no parts of the UI.
  1. Press the "~" key on your keyboard to bring up the console.
  2. Type "tm" (without the quotation marks).
  3. Press the "Enter" key.
  4. Press the "~" key on your keyboard to close the console.
  5. User Interface is now disabled.
  6. Take the screenshot(s) you desire by pressing the "Print Screen" key.
  7. After you are done, press the "~" key to bring up the console, type "tm" (without the quotation marks).
  8. Press the "Enter" key.
  9. Press the "~" key on your keyboard to close the console and enable User Interface.


Which fields a location infobox needs to have filled out to qualify as complete depends on the type of location. For explanations what the different fields should contain, please refer to the {{Infobox location}} template documentation.

All location infoboxes should have the following fields:

{{Infobox location
|games     =
|type      =
|image     =
|cell name =
|refid     =

Settlements should also have:

|local map  =
|map marker =
|sections   =
|buildings  =
|leaders    =
|doctors    =
|merchants  =

Metro and other tunnels should also have:

|connects to    =
|worldmap exits =
|other exits    =

Districts should also have:

|local map   =
|map marker  =
|part of     =
|buildings   =
|metro exits =
|other exits =

Buildings inside towns/districts should also have:

|part of   =
|owners    =

General checklistEdit

This is a list of things people should look out for when improving the location articles:

  • Headlines: The location articles should follow the layout described above. This includes naming (including capitalization) and order of the headlines/sections.
  • Notable loot: These sections need to be reduced to actually notable, i.e. rare and important loot.
  • Notes: The notes sections should be kept to a minimum. They should be merged with other sections where applicable. It should also be checked whether there's a more suitable article for a given note - for example, notes relating to characters or quests should be in the character/quest article, not in the location one.
  • Infoboxes: should be checked for completeness. A lot of articles are missing the faction field, for example. Cell and Ref IDs: Some are still missing and need to be added.
  • Creatures and robots have been added as parameters to the location infobox. Locations should be checked for them and added.
  • Local maps: Need to be added where they are missing.
  • Navboxes: Check for missing navboxes and add them where applicable. This mostly concerns buildings which are part of towns, these should have the town-specific navbox.
  • Bugs: Reduce to bugs which are specific to that location. No general F:NV bugs which may happen anywhere, no bugs which relate to quests or characters in that location.
  • Behind-the-scene: Reduce to obvious references.



If a section of the progress table doesn't apply to a specific location, then a check will be added regardless in order to complete the row. ~ Toci ~ Go ahead, make my day. 08:07, August 2, 2012 (UTC)

Hi! I've decided to throw in my two cents, and made a survey of infoboxes. It's fully automatic and will keep track of your hard work, on a regular basis. :) --Theodorico (talk) 02:04, September 20, 2012 (UTC)


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