Having retired Fandom's built-in chat feature, Nukapedia the Fallout Wiki has moved on to Discord to host the community's chat-based needs. Below you will find a list of all official and sister servers sanctioned by Nukapedia.

Official servers[edit source]

  1. Nukapedia Fallout Wiki
    • Description - Server dedicated towards the editorial and administrative aspects of the wiki's community, as well as general discussion.
    • Link - https://discord.gg/ursWmWe
  2. The Strategic Nuclear Moose
    • Description - Server that specifically caters to the community aspects of the wiki, including games and trivia topics.
    • Link - https://discord.gg/nSDxdPG

Sister servers[edit source]

  1. Fallout 76 Datamining
    • Description - Server dedicated to datamining and examining the game files of Fallout 76, providing information, art assets, and tutoring for those interested. Added as an affiliate in September 2020.
    • Link - https://discord.gg/qxQ7tSY
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