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The following are a list of Nukapedia's Discord and social media accounts.


Having retired Fandom's built-in chat feature, Nukapedia has moved on to Discord to host the community's chat-based needs. Below are all official and sister servers.

Discord Servers
Discord icon 1.png Nukapedia
Official Discord
Server dedicated towards the editorial and administrative aspects of the wiki's community, as well as general discussion.
Discord icon blank.png Strategic Nuclear Moose
Official Discord
Server that specifically caters to the community aspects of the wiki, including games and trivia topics.
Discord icon 2.png Fallout 76 Datamining
Sister Discord
Server dedicated to datamining and examining the game files of Fallout 76, providing information, art assets, and tutoring for those interested. Added as an affiliate in September 2020.

Social networks

Nukapedia's social media accounts are listed below. If you have any queries or need access, please contact the applicable users listed below:

Social Media
Social media icon 5.png Nukapedia email
Curators: Richie9999 · AllYourFavorites
Social media icon 4.png Twitter (@Nukapedia)
Curators: Chris the Saiyan · Richie9999
Social media icon 3.png Facebook (@Nukapedia)
Curators: Chris the Saiyan
Social media icon 6.png YouTube (NukapediaWiki)
Curators: Richie9999 · AllYourFavorites
Social media icon 1.png Spotify playlist
Curators: Richie9999
Social media icon 2.png Steam (@Nukapedia)
Curators: Chris the Saiyan · Old Man Leon
Social media icon 7.png Tumblr
Curators: N/A
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