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The Nukapedia Discord server is dedicated to the Fallout Fandom wiki and its community. Users can contact the server's moderation team via direct message to @Mojave Express, the ModMail bot. Below are all official and affiliate servers.

Official Discord
Server dedicated towards the editorial and administrative aspects of the wiki's community, as well as general discussion.
Fallout 76 Datamining
Sister Discord
Server dedicated to datamining and examining the game files of Fallout 76, providing information, art assets, and tutoring for those interested. Added as an affiliate in September 2020.


The following outlines Nukapedia Discord's various roles and associated permissions.

Permissions Vanity
Name Staff Color
Bureaucrat Yes
Admin Yes
Chat Moderator Yes
Mojave Express ModMail Neutral
Technical Moderator Yes
Content Moderator Yes
Discussions Moderator Yes
Patroller Yes
Wiki Rep Neutral
Chat mod mentee Neutral
Nukapedian Neutral
SAFE test Neutral
Name Staff Color
Dataminer Neutral
Synth Neutral
Bureaucrat emeritus Neutral
Nitro booster Neutral
Rights holder Neutral
Hall of Debate Pass Neutral
Mediation Neutral


There are two levels of verification including SAFE test and Nukapedian. Channel access is dependent on these verifications, and can be completed in #the-vault-door channel, where one will find instructions on how to do so. Fallout Wiki activity is required to maintain the Nukapedian role and users who have been inactive for longer than 30 days are subject to removal. In either case, users may rejoin and/or reverify at any time.


Bots are automated or semi-automated processes managed by administrators for various purposes. Bots are given the "synth" vanity role to assist in identification.

Nickname Bot Utilization
Mojave Express ModMail Messaging system for moderation
Curie Tatsu Ranks and games
John Henry Eden Double Counter User verification and logging
KL-E-O Dyno Auto moderation and logging
MAIA Wiki-Bot Fandom wiki verification
MODUS MODUS Nuke codes and Fallout 76 info
Nick Valentine UB3R-B0T React auto roles and games


Nukapedia's Discord server is divided into six active sections apart from an archived channel category, outlined below.

Channel Description Min access level
Vault Door
#codex Read-only channel that includes the rules and other server information. None
#the-vault-door Landing channel used for greetings and verification process.
#overseer terminal Read-only channel with news, retweets, weekly nuke codes, vote notices, and announcements. SAFE test
#emoji-requests Suggestions and votes on emojis and stickers.
#starcore Read-only starboard for upvoted posts.
#robco-reflectron Autorole reaction channel.
#the-editorial-bullpen Dedicated to Nukapedia and editing conversations only. Nukapedian
#active-projects Discussion and updates regarding active projects.
#vault-academy Channel to facilitate Vault Academy program lessons.
#meeting-hall Channel to facilitate Meeting of the Minds.
Vault Atrium
#wiki-lounge Default channel for discussion. SAFE test1
#the-big-empty Utilized for gifs, memes, images, and videos unrelated to discussion.
#lore-and-gameplay-library For non-editing Fallout-related conversations.
#vault-76 Utilized for 76-specific topics including trading, updates, and builds.
#spoilers Discussion about recently released content.
#fanfiction-and-cosplay Channel for Fallout-related fan art, mod work, and cosplay.
#hall-of-debate Applicable conversations restricted to this channel. Access role requires staff sponsorship.
Mechanist's Lair
#securitron-deconstruction-plant For all non-moderative/wiki bot commands including games and rank functionality. SAFE test
#lucky-38-casino For bot commands including games and rank functionality.
#jukebox-tunes Music videos and voice chat related conversation. Nukapedian
#mysterious broadcast Voice chat channel.
Discussions Proof of Concept
#discord-discussions Policy discussions that pertain to the Discord. Nukapedian
#discussions-threads Channel for Discussion Threads.
#just-policy-discussions Policy discussions both about the wiki and the discord.
#modmail-log Utilized by chat moderators for mod messages and responses. Chat Moderator
Vault-Tec Security
#vault-tec-security Utilized for communication of sensitive data only, access restricted to elected staff members. Discussion Moderator
#discussions-staff Channel for communication between discussions/thread moderators.
#neighborhood-watch Pertaining to moderation of wiki and server. Nukapedian2
#survival-guide Read only channel containing list of bot commands.
Hollow Logs
#kl-e-o-logs Log channel for server moderation actions. Nukapedian
#settings-log Log of updates to server settings and non-moderative activity. Discussion Moderator
#change-log Bot log of all changed and deleted messages and images.
#verification Bot log of verification attempts and results.
1Hall of Debate requires access role granted via staff sponsorship in addition to SAFE test level permissions. More information available below.
2Nukapedians have read-only access. Rights holders have read and write access.

User conduct

Off-topic discussions are allowed and are the norm. Discussion is not limited to the Fallout series, and users should not demand a change in subject matter as this may constitute disrupting chat.

The conduct rules below detail expectations for all interactions, are not exhaustive and are in addition to both Discord Guidelines and Terms of Service. Moderation of the server is the responsibility of active staff members. All moderative actions and their duration are subject to administrator discretion.


Users who are clearly disruptive to the chat or who fail to behave appropriately towards other contributors may have appropriate action taken. The possible reasons for said actions include (but are not limited to):

General conduct
Personal attacks, harassment, sexual harassment insults, bullying, or abusive language towards another user.
Racial bigotry, sexually degrading language.
Violation of personal privacy. This includes revealing personal information about users (e.g. real name, location, age, gender, etc.) and violating confidentiality on particular issues (such as issues asked to be kept confidential by other users or administrators). This includes linking to external sources, such as websites (e.g. Facebook or MySpace) that violate personal privacy, unless prior consent from the user whose privacy might be violated is given.
Trolling or general irritation or disruption of other users. This often includes, but is not limited to: excessive usage of capital letters, punctuation marks, deliberate distortions of the English language (such as "1337" or "Dolan" speak), excessive usage of languages other than English and excessive pinging. Making arrangements to troll or otherwise disrupt another chat room or service is not permitted in our chatroom. This does not prevent you from joining another chatroom, linking another chatroom, or encouraging others to visit if the topic of conversation is likely to be of interest.
Being a dick. As a guideline, don't go out of your way to irritate others. (And especially do not try to test the admin's and/or chat moderator's patience and/or limits.) Vicious abuse is grounds for sanctions.
Whining. Users who ask for something from another chat user and are refused it should not stoop to complaining. It is acceptable to be persistent, but in a mature manner.
Please note the Discord service is treated as being part of the Chatroom of "Nukapedia: The Fallout Wiki" for local rules purposes. However the Fandom TOU does not apply. In addition to the normal local rules, discussion of topics commonly deemed as illegal (including piracy) or may be illegal to provide to a minor (ie Pornography) are also not permitted. These are covered for Discussions by Fandom's own terms of use.
Repeative posts and/or Spamming. Don't say the same thing six times because no one is responding to you. Don't keep yammering on about a subject nobody cares about. Advertising, meaningless and/or random posts may also be considered spam.
When discussing real world events or politics remember that your fellow chatters may hold strong views in these areas that may differ from your own.

Where a particular subject appears to be causing distress, offense, or is otherwise disrupting the ability for others to enjoy chat, a moderator at their discretion may direct that a conversation either be closed or moved into private chat, or may create a new room for the discussion of this topic. Any user can ask a moderator to consider applying this rule, but should not be used as a "shield" for a user who has picked a fight and wishes to escape the consequences.

Moderators should avoid closing discussions outside of a publicly made request when they are involved in the discussion (unless they are the only active mod).

In the event of mods disagreeing to end a discussion, the decision to end takes precedence unless there are more active mods who disagree with the decision than agree.
The usage of capital letters and caps lock is frowned upon. Using capital letters to write a word or a whole entry is typically perceived as yelling. Using excessive capital letters once will often result in a courtesy warning by an administrator or chat moderator, and persistent usage of capital letters may lead to a kick or ban, depending on severity.
Discord specific
People without a wiki account are welcome to share some of our social spaces, but full access is limited to those with verified accounts. Non disclosure of a wiki account is grounds for removal from discord.
Usernames should match wiki name. As part of this you will be asked to make an edit, of a moderators discretion to your user page. Discussions posts/Bio additions will not counted as verification.
Group pings should not be used unless for official business.
User pings should be used sparingly, pinging once to get a users attention is fine, repeated pings will be classed as spam/harassment.
Bots and images: The bots are present for moderation purposes, however they do have social functions that are available to all users. Bots and images should only be used sparingly outside the loyalty and propoganda channel, inline with discussion.
If you are the owner/moderator of another server, keep a firm boundary between moderation of your server and discussion here. Discussion of role changes, bans, warnings, etc relating to your server in our rooms will be treated as a cross wiki issue.
Personal messages can be deleted/edited, so long as important context isn't removed that destabilizes a wider conversation/debate, or places other users in a potentially bad light.
  • (note) Portions of rules 11, 12 and 16 are under consideration for review. Moderators should exercise discretion in the application of these rules.
Voice chat and bots
Allow people to talk. Avoid talking over others, especially in disagreements or debates.
If a rule 9 is called in voice chat, conversation on the subject should stop immediately.
Think before you speak. If it doesn't fly in text chats, it doesn't fly here.
If you wish to participate in the voice channel, related conversation should not take place in the text channels. Flavoring, such as links and images should be placed in the the-big-empty.
Hall of debate
All potentially contentious subject matter is allowed only in the hall-of-debate channel, which requires a staff sponsorship. Reach out to a staff member for this role. Topics restricted to this channel include, but are not limited to, those of religion, politics, and divisive history. All conduct guidelines apply. Staff sponsoring a user must grant the role via bot command to ensure log records are updated correctly.


Moderators have a wide discretion relating to the issuing of warnings and bans which infringe on these rules. The content of messages will greatly impact on the severity of the punishment. In certain particular cases, exceptions may be permitted, although these are infrequent.

Staff members are responsible for updating the moderation log at the time of enforcement and upon expiry, as applicable. All moderative actions should be communicated to users via talk page, outlining both justification and duration. Typically, the following hierarchy will apply to infringements on the above regulations (with the exception of specifically implied consequences).

Offense # Suggested action
First Warning
Second Kick
Third Three day ban
Fourth One week ban
Fifth One month ban
Subsequent Permanent ban

These are just guidelines for usual cases. Blocks and their duration are generally up to the discretion of Nukapedia's administrators and chat moderators. Further offenses will result in an extended ban, at the discretion of the administrator or chat moderator administering the ban.

Administrators and chat moderators use their discretion when applying these rules, and understanding of the rules depends on the moderator's perception of the rules. Particular exceptions may be granted by specific administrator or chat moderator approval. These rules and regulations, however, should be followed strictly by users at all other times.

Moderators are reminded that they have the freedom to deal with situations with a less firm hand if required... If someone intends a bit of good humor, realizes their mistake, and apologizes, there may be no need for a kick or ban if the moderator feels the apology is genuine and the lesson has been learned

The use of kicks and bans for "joke" purposes is not permitted.

When you enter the chat, you are expected to have prior knowledge of all these rules. Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse as they cover common courtesy to others.


Also known as a SaintPain appeal, the policy grants the opportunity for any user who has been permanently blocked or banned from the wiki or its official Discord server to request it lifted after 12 months have passed from their last infraction of the rules, including the use of multiple accounts.

Appointment of emergency/temporary chat moderators

Temporary chat mods should, in general, be appointed only when the following criteria apply.

  • When three or more chatters are engaged in active conversation.
  • When there are no other active users with chatmod rights.
  • When attempts to ping any logged in, but "away" chatmod users have failed.
  • When to not appoint a temporary mod would either leave chat unprotected, or where the sole remaining chatmod cannot dedicate the time to continuously monitor chat.
  • When the last mod has a good faith reason to believe the rights may be required.
  • There do not appear to be any chatmods editing the wiki who can visit chat.

The Delegating admin shall:

  • Only appoint a single temporary chatmod at any time.
  • Report usage of this feature to a bureaucrat (or another bureaucrat) via talk page.
  • Ensure the rights are removed upon their return.
  • Review any corrective measures (kicks and bans) placed by the receiving moderator.

The Receiving moderator shall

  • Refresh their familiarity with the rules, and clarify any best practice in enforcement. They should clarify any questions about enforcement with the admin before they leave.
  • Upon the return of an administrator to chat, inform them of the situation so the rights can be removed.
  • Take a screen capture or log of any bans issued for review later by an appointed mod.

When appointing a temporary mod

  • Consider the person's record - Are they clear from chat bans for a reasonable period? Are they a Patroller? Do they have a long tenure with us? How active have they been recently?
  • Consider their behavior and maturity level. Are they likely to misuse the powers? Do they play fast and loose with the rules?
  • Are they a potential permanent chatmod? A temporary appointment is a sign that maybe a new mod is required. Is this person likely to be interested in the job?

Policy vote forum overview
Amendment 1Temp Chat moderators · Vote · 13 January 2013 · 12-3-3
Amendment 2Kicks and bans · Discussion · Vote · 15 June 2013 · 14-1-1
Amendment 3Discord rules · Vote · 15 April 2018 · 14-2-3
Amendment 4Deleting messages · Discussion · Vote · 20 February 2021 · 7-0-1
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