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  • All content should relate to the Fallout series of games or its setting.
  • All content needs to be accurate. Fallout Wiki aims to provide reliable information. In particular, adding speculation and own inventions (fan fiction, fan art etc.) to articles should be avoided.
  • All content needs to be verifiable. Other editors need to be able to check and verify it.
  • All content needs to be informative. Information which is only of interest to the writer or to other editors (as opposed to readers) should not be included in articles.
  • All content needs to be objective. Opinions, gameplay strategy, and "my favorite"-style passages should not be added to articles. Accordingly, guides may only be posted as subpages of one's user page or as a blog.
  • All content needs to relate to the games as delivered by the developers; user modifications are not covered by this wiki.
  • All content needs to abide by copyright regulations. Generally, content from other sites should not be copied unless permission has been granted. For example, do not upload magazine scans or add illegally obtained information, so as to avoid potential legal problems

Criteria for specific content

In the case where the following rules conflict with the general polices, the more specific rule supersedes the general one.

Behind the scenes

"Behind the scenes" information in the form of cultural references is acceptable page content only when there are obvious direct visual or textual correlations, in the event there is no developer confirmation.


The policy describes criteria and rules for reporting, verifying, and editing bugs sections of articles and overviews.

Creation Club

  • Creation Club content have their own articles, which are separate from the Fallout 4 game content. When linking these articles to non-Creation Club articles the following must be applied:
  • Lore: Creation Club content is treated as non-canon and all lore based information must be enclosed within the {{CCC}} template.
  • Quests, notable loot and images: These should be marked with the Creation Club at the end of each item (or caption for images). For example:
    • Horse power armor Creation Club

Notable loot

In order to keep articles about locations succinct, special interest items are listed under the notable loot subheader. In order to be considered notable, they must fit into specific categories.

Pages on real-world countries

  • Pages for countries/nation states can be created where a Fallout game has been based within the boundaries of that entity (in either the normal, or Fallout universe); this includes released and unreleased games regardless of canon status.
  • Pages for countries can also be created where the country has a significant place in the Fallout Lore. This includes Intro videos/cut scenes, supplementary materials, and the Fallout Bibles.
  • Pages can also be created if a character present in a Fallout game claims to be from there, or a character references that location. This page should contain in game content referencing that character.
  • The page should contain information on that country, as it is known to exist in the Fallout universe. It may also contain information of characters from that location, or whom discuss the location without offering any real insight into the place.
  • Using a language or accent common to the place does not merit inclusion on a page in its own right; neither does an ancestral link or name/world etymology justify a page.
  • Items that may trace their origin to that location should only be listed if that object provides insight on the location's representation in the Fallout universe.
  • These rules are subject to the general guideline that all articles need to be "strong" enough to stand on their own, meaning there is enough content to justify their existence.

Similarities to real-world weapons

  • Similarities between in-game weapons and real-world weapons are not to be included in articles, with the following two exceptions:
    • If there is a sourced quote from a game developer stating which real-world weapon the in-game weapon is based on.
    • If the in-game weapon shares the exact name of the real-world weapon.

Resources namespace

The Resources namespace (ID: 116) is used to hold information and tools that are useful to editors. Like other namespaces, it's a distinct part of the wiki which has its own special rules that apply only to this namespace. These are in addtion to the general editing guidelines, and only replace these where incompatible with what is noted below.

The resources namespace details information useful to help develop the wiki. It includes information on tools, editing guides and other selected non official documents. They're included here to make contributing (and learning to contribute) to the wiki easier. These do not have to come from Bethesda, Interplay, or any other authorised source; they often come from the fan community.

If you're using tools and resources that aren't mentioned in the resource namespace that's fine - there isn't a requirement that you must use these tools. However, if you are using something else not listed you should let other editors know so we can consider adding it to the wiki.

If there's any doubt as to whether something should be included bring the resource to the discussion forum; if there's a consensus it should be included it can then be added. If there's a doubt over whether or not there is consensus a vote can be called following the normal policy voting guidelines; should that vote be successful the resource should be specifically noted below.

What resources can be added? Where "such as" is used, the tools noted are examples, other tools of similar use can be also added.

  • Tools and guides used for datamining, such as Mappalachia, xEdit, xTranslate and other datamining resources
  • Tools and guides for viewing/editing Fallout 1/2/3/NV/4 game and data files (Including GECK/CK use)
  • The Vault Academy (including its predecessor, the Nukapedia New User Network) guides explaining how to do basic edits and best practices
  • Guides on how to use the various special user rights tools.
  • Per Jorner's Nearly Ultimate Guide.

Attribution policy

Nukapedia proudly makes its content available under a Creative Commons license. The specific version of this license is known as "CC-BY-SA", this means you can use it, and reuse it for whatever you like, as long as you credit us as the source, and make whatever you make available under the same license.

How to attribute

  • When using content created by us, you should use the following tag, or banner, to indicate the origin of the content.
  • If you're just using some text, use this banner:
  • If you're using another type of file, use this banner:

What doesn't need attribution?

  • Raw game files, and data taken from the game
  • Raw dialogue files
  • Texture or graphics files, as exported
  • Sound exported from a game (Note that commercial music may still be subject to the owner's copyright).
  • Simple lists of information
  • Raw references

If you are unsure if you can use our content, or if you need to attribute it, please ask one of our friendly admin team.

Canon policy

The canon policy is intended to serve as a guideline for authoring wiki articles, resolving conflicts between sources, and how to format references.


The policy describes guidelines for images which are uploaded to the wiki including quality and naming structure.

Plagiarism policy

Spoiler policy

  • In general, the whole wiki is considered a spoiler and specific spoilers should not be marked as such in articles.
  • The only exception to this rule is information relating to upcoming games or add-ons, i.e. games or add-ons which have not been released yet but are to be released in the future. This information should be marked as a spoiler with the {{Upcoming content}} template or the {{upcoming}} icon template.

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