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This is a guide for chat moderators at Nukapedia. A chat moderator is a user rights role for staff that moderate the official Nukapedia Discord. The role can be requested by any user who meets the requirements and passes a community vote. The following will outline the new tools and responsibilities of chat moderators.

Chat moderator 101

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Chat moderators, or "c-mods," are staff members of the Nukapedia Discord. Their role is to moderate the server's channels, engage with the community, and answer basic questions about the wiki. Chat mods are granted role control and kicking/banning ability on the discord server to facilitate moderation, and are expected to use these privileges responsibly.


It is important to remember that when a user attains a new user rights role, they still retain any previous roles and are expected to continue performing the duties associated with them, both to help out on the wiki and to be a good example for other users with those roles.

For example, a patroller who advances to the position of chat mod is still expected to carry out their duties as a patroller. Alternatively, a chat mod who attains the position of discussions mod is expected to continue performing the duties of a chat mod in addition to their new duties as a discussions mod.

Should this prove too much to handle, one can choose to relinquish any role that they currently hold, though note that this will result in the loss of any staff abilities that do not overlap with another currently-held role. For example, if a user who is both a patroller and a chat mod decides to relinquish their patroller role to focus on their chat mod duties, they will lose the ability to mark edits as patrolled.

For details on the duties of various other moderation-level roles, see the patroller guide, discussion moderator guide, or content moderator guide.

Kicks and Bans

The "kick" option in Discord allows a chat mod to remove a user from the server; the "kicked" user is able to return to the server at any time. This feature should primarily be used on bot accounts, such as when removing obsolete chat bots, or bot accounts that joined as part of a server raid. "Joke kicking" - the act of kicking a user for no reason, maliciously or otherwise - is not permitted.

The "ban" option is used in instances of user misconduct. First-time mistakes, such as posting political content in the general channel, should be handled with just a warning. Once 3 warnings have been reached, a ban should be issued. Broader instances of violations, such as consistent harassment of other users or posting explicit content, will result in a ban with a length that reflects the severity of the behavior. Discussion with fellow chat moderators and admins is encouraged when unsure of what level of warning or ban to use.

Typically, ban lengths are based on the number of prior offenses, the exception being cases of severe misconduct in which a longer ban length is deemed necessary. Typically, the first ban issued lasts for 24 hours; the second lasts for 3 days, the third for 1 week, the fourth for 1 month, the fifth for one year, and on the sixth offense, a permaban from the server will be issued. Discord-side bans and wiki-side bans do not always overlap, as chat moderators do not handle any bans wiki-side and chat conduct does not always reflect on wiki-side conduct. If a chat mod has concerns that a wiki-side ban should be issued to an offending user as well, they should reach out to an admin, who will consider the case.

After a kick or ban is made, it should be logged here and in the server's (#kicks-and-bans) channel, with a clear explanation of the reasoning behind the ban.

Hall of Debate

The (#hall-of-debate channel) is used for discussion of potentially contentious topics such as politics, religion, and major news events. Access to the channel is reserved for those with the "Hall of Debate Pass" server role, which can be granted by chat moderators and above. Once a user has been granted this role, the usernames of the staff member who granted the role and the user who received it must be logged in the (#sponsorship) channel.

Any user can request access to (#hall-of-debate), but chat moderators should consider the behavior and post history of the user before granting it to avoid conflict within the channel. Hate speech of any kind, advocating for violence, or deliberately inciting heated arguments/"trolling" are not to be tolerated within the channel and appropriate action should be taken if a user engages in any of these.

Wiki-Side Questions

Chat moderators should have a basic knowledge of editing on the Fallout wiki and are one of the parties responsible for answering questions brought to Discord, such as requirements for a vote, leaving a talk page message, or setting the source editor as a default. If unable to answer a question, the moderator should direct the asker to the (#editorial-ballpit) or (#lore-and-gameplay-library). If reasonable, a group ping can be sent out to see if different members of staff may be able to answer the question.

User Engagement

Chat mods should ideally be active (though impartial) participants in the discord community and discussions that occur on the server, so that they are readily available to those who need questions answered and are able to respond promptly to rule-breaking behavior. Chat moderator or admin presence in active voice channels and trivia games is preferred when possible, so that any disruptive or rule-breaking behavior can be addressed directly.


If you have any issues or need assistance, the rest of the staff members are here to support you. Feel free to ping us on the Nukapedia Discord server or write us messages on our talk pages at any time. You will receive access to the (#security-desk) Discord channel, and if not, let one of us know so we can set it up. In addition to the general channel (#the-editorial-ballpit), this channel can be used to discuss issues or questions with other rights users only and can be used if something requires swift action, such as an issue with hate speech.

Remember to communicate and always assume good faith, or in other words, always assume that someone is not intentionally trying to. We were all new at one point or another. You can review the policies anytime, including the resources below. The time and effort each staff member dedicates to Nukapedia are appreciated and valued, and we thankful and excited to have you on the team. Welcome!