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This is the home page of a Nukapedia project. A project is a collaboration of editors improving articles and other content related to a particular subject. For more information, see Fallout Wiki:Projects.

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Bug Section Overhaul project
This article is within the scope of the Bug Section Overhaul project. This project is The following page falls within the Bug Section Overhaul project which seeks to standardize and clean up existing and future bug sections.. For participation, please check the project page.

The Bug Section Overhaul Project is a Project which aims to clean up and better organize the presentation of bug sections according to newly updated policies. With the growth of this wiki, and the ever increasing number of users reporting bugs, it is important that we both bring new editors into the fold so that they may become more familiar with our policies, not only towards bugs, but towards editing in general. One of the most efficient, and educational, methods by which this can be accomplished is to encourage new users to work through a project, where they might learn from more experienced editors what does and does not fly.


All Game Articles containing bugs (Items, Characters, Quests, Places, Creatures, Robots and computers, etc...)

For a somewhat comprehensive list of articles with bug sections, please consult [[Category:Articles with verified bugs]].


This project will have a primary and two secondary goals.

  • The primary goal of this project will be to reorganize bug sections into a more "standard" layout as outlined in the bug policies.

For bug sections contained within any standard article, entries should be sorted from top to bottom based on the following classifications, where those in category 1 would be at the top, those in category 2 wold fall below category 1, etc.

  1. Those bugs which have the potential to cause extreme data loss, i.e. having to revert to a very old save, or restart the game from scratch.
    1. For example, if the targeting HUD mod is worn or berry mentats eaten, in Virgil's lab at an early point in the game, then the player will discover a significant amount of time later that the main questline is broken, and will be forced to reload a save before the previously mentioned game breaking event, resulting in massive progress loss.
  2. Those bugs which have the potential to cause minor data loss, i.e. having to revert to a previous save. Anything which can potentially cause the game to crash would fall into this category.
  3. Those bugs which can potentially hinder progression of a quest, but can be resolved without having to revert to a previous save. This excludes issues which can only be resolved by the use of console commands. For the sake of non-PC users, those would more likely fit into #1 or #2 above.
  4. Everything else deemed notable for inclusion, roughly sorted in decreasing order of severity.

This will require quite a bit of work, as we have upwards of 2000 bug sections within our articles, and many have at least 2 if not more bugs. Thus it will be necessary for individual editors to comb through these sections and arrange the bugs according to the guidelines above.

  • The secondary goals of this project revolve around the addition of the {{Notable content}} template to bug sections with 8 or more bugs, and the removal of bugs which fall under the new and more specific notability section of the bug policies. It is highly encouraged that new editors, or editors unsure about the removal of bugs consult with a more experienced editor, to avoid removal of a legitimately notable bug.



Until such time as they can be adequately updated, please utilize the bug charts which were put together for the Bug verification project. As these charts do not include Fallout 4 articles, individuals may have to actively look through FO4 articles for bug sections.

Chart format should have the following: Specificity (Quests/Items/Characters/Locations/Factions/Perks/Traits/ Creatures/Robots) articles, Bugs present, Verified, Platform, and Complete across the top. The first column should have the specific type of bug in it, Whether it's Quests, Items, Characters, or Locations. The second column should contain the individual article titles under the specificity. The 3rd - 6th columns should have either {{Yes}} , {{No}} , or N/A depending on the condition of the article.