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To de-capitalize all improper nouns and such.


  • General species names such as 'raiders', 'super mutant', and 'nightkin' are not to be capitalized.
  • All perks, skills, SPECIAL stats, and derived statistics are to be capitalized.
    • If for example, a character is called intelligent, rather than having a high Intelligence, intelligent would not be capitalized as it isn't a SPECIAL skill.
  • Specific brand named products such as Stealth Boys are to be capitalized.
  • Non unique or generic weapons, armors, consumables, chems, crafting, miscellaneous items are not to be capitalized, such as the Assault rifle, the Power armor, or the Stimpak. Since Wikia will not allow the first letter in an articles title be lowercase if the second word is a generic noun then it should be lowercase like the examples given. Names like the Fat Man, General Chase's overcoat, Sugar Bombs, and Nuka-Cola Quantum (Fallout 3) are capitalized. In the case where the item is unique, the proper nouns in the name should be capitalized, but words like armor, rifle, launcher, helmet, hat, etc. should not be capitalized.
  • Karma is capitalized. (There are so many things wrongs with this one, don't make a whole edit out of it, rather just fix it when it comes up on a page you are editing)
  • Use your grammar know how! Know what an improper noun is, and that it shouldn't be capitalized.



There is no charted progress of this project as the capitalization errors are spread out. It will be known when they are no longer.