This page is an archive cataloging all former special user rights holders on Nukapedia, including those under the former name of The Vault, as well as those predating the move to Wikia in 2007, while we were hosted by Duck and Cover! The lists are organized by type of user rights and are in order by date, with the most recent at the bottom. This list will be updated as users depart to ensure the accuracy and completion of the archive.


Former Bureaucrats

Former Administrators

Former Moderators

Position removed as of July 2019.

Former Chat Moderators

Former Content Moderators

Former Discussion Moderators

Former Patrollers

Former Rollbackers


  1. Re-elected bureaucrat in June 2015, held bureaucrat rights until resignation in September 2018
  2. Resigned bureaucrat rights, held administrator rights until resignation in March 2019
  3. Resigned bureaucrat rights, held admin rights and wiki representative position until resignation in May 2021
  4. Renamed account to Ug-Qualtoth, held patroller rights until resignation in April 2014
  5. Resigned administrator rights and subsequently re-granted patroller rights, though inactive
  6. Re-elected as chat moderator in June 2015, currently holds moderator rights, though inactive
  7. Re-elected as discussion moderator in June 2017, currently holds discussion moderator rights
  8. Re-elected as discussion moderator in January 2019, currently holds discussion moderator rights
  9. Resigned patroller rights in December 2013, elected as a chat moderator in May 2014, discharged as chat moderator in January 2015 (see Former Chat Moderators)
  10. Resigned rights in July 2013 and disabled account, returned as The-Gunslinger, held moderator rights until resignation in June 2014
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