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The Nukapedia staff, staff members, or rights holders, are users with access to additional tools intended to aid in serving Nukapedia's community and maintaining its content.


A rights user is a contributor who has been either appointed or elected by the community to serve the wiki in such a capacity, granted access to features utilized in article and community maintenance. User rights are not a reward for contributions nor a promotion to have more authority than others. All staff members have access to and are trained to use basic moderation tools in the Nukapedia Discord server alongside chat moderators in an effort to address situations requiring immediate action. There is no cap on the number of staff members.


  • Interwiki users have the ability to contribute auto-patrolled interwiki links to applicable articles.
  • Patrollers have the ability to utilize rollback functionality and mark edits as patrolled.
  • Chat moderators have the ability to moderate, kick, and ban users from Nukapedia Discord.
  • Discussion/thread moderators have the ability to moderate, change, remove posts from the Discussions Board and block users for violations of discussions guidelines.
  • Content moderators have access to the same tools as a patroller, and in addition, can protect and delete articles/files.
  • Technical moderators have access to the same tools as a content moderator, and in addition can edit sysop-restricted articles.
  • Administrators/system operators have access to the same tools as moderators, and in addition can block users.
  • Bureaucrats have access to the same tools as administrators, and in addition can grant and revoke user rights.

Rights requests

Users who meet the requirements are not automatically granted additional tools, as access is dictated by the user rights request policy. The conduct of users granted additional rights must align with expectations established in the administration policy. A record of all successful forums as well as the user rights application procedure and requirements can be found here.

Current staff

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