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Similar to the requirements for qualifying for additional tools on Nukapedia, staff members must maintain those activities after tools are granted. Users who are inactive do not necessitate tools to serve the wiki or its chat functionality by the very nature of inactivity. Updating these routinely ensures our internal controls are secure and consistent.


If a staff member does not edit, contribute to their applicable section of the community such as chat or discussions, or use moderation tools for four months, they will receive a talk page message utilizing the {{rights holder activity notice}} template. The template should be used once again at the five month mark. At six months, the {{rights removal notice}} template should be added to the user in question's talk page, the rights will be removed, and all applicable updates made on both Nukapedia and its Discord. In the case of bureaucrat inactivity, the wiki representative will assist in updating rights.

4 months 5 months 6 months
Talk page message Notice removal may occur at 6 months Eligible for rights removal

In addition, at the four month mark, the user's profile tag should be updated to "inactive" on MediaWiki:ProfileTags, and username moved from {{NukaStaff}} to {{NukaStaff/inactive}}. If rights are removed at the six month mark, the user's profile tag should be removed from MediaWiki:ProfileTags, username removed from {{NukaStaff/inactive}} and applicable details updated on former rights holder archive.

Extended leave

In the event that a staff member wishes to enter into a protracted absence from the wiki, a message must be relayed to an administrator or bureaucrat to that effect. Those who provide this notice should clearly state an expected date for return to activity and utilize the {{Leave of absence}} template on their user profile. Failing to return to activity by the specified date without further explanation will result in the timeline process above.

Bureaucrat activity

In addition, in order to maintain rights, bureaucrats are required to meet a regular level of productivity. In any six month timespan, bureaucrats must make at least 200 edits or discussion posts as well as utilize their administrative tools at least once. Bureaucrats may elect to receive administrator rights in lieu of meeting the productivity requirements, thereafter subject to timeframe requirements only.


Should a user return to the wiki after a period of inactivity and wish to regain their access to tools, they may do so without acquiring or running for prerequisite roles by demonstrating one month of activity in their corresponding section of the wiki and holding a forum vote per normal application process. Does not cover rights removed due to resignation or as a result of conduct policy proceedings.


Policy vote forum overview
PolicyRights holder activity policy
Proposal discussionRights holder activity
Proposal voteVote: Rights holder activity
Date and result7 November 2021 · 14-3-2
Templates{{Rights removal notice}} · {{Rights holder activity notice}} · {{Leave of absence}}
Amendment 1Usage of templates · Vote · 16 November 21 · 11-0-0
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