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Nukapedia the Fallout Wiki is an encyclopedia maintained by a community of volunteer collaborators that work to provide accurate and comprehensive documentation of the Fallout series as well as its media and production.


Nukapedia is led by bureaucrats Jspoelstra and Kdarrow. The Fandom representative is Mr Pie 5. For the full list of Nukapedia's staff, see here.


Users without a wiki account are welcome in Discord chat, but editing-related access is limited to those with verified accounts. Verification is completed via wiki-bot, and instructions are provided upon entering the server. Below are all official and affiliate servers. Current moderation actions are maintained here.

Social networks

A list of the Fallout Wiki's social networks and staff members responsible for each are listed below.

Social Media
Email Nukapedia@gmail.com Kdarrow
Twitter @Nukapedia Kdarrow


In 2005, a Fallout Wiki named "the Vault" was set up by Ausir and DarkUnderlord, hosted on the Duck and Cover fansite vault.duckandcover.cx and later falloutvault.com. Others involved in the wiki's early development were users Fez, Dan, Spazmo, Thinkpad, Mr. Teatime, Ekarderif, Mimir, Octotron and Senornacho. In 2006, the Vault moved to the Wikia/Fandom platform.

In 2011, Ausir led a split away from Wikia/Fandom, creating a competing Fallout Wiki on Curse's Gamepedia platform, retaining "the Vault" name. The move divided the wiki community, and those who remained at Wikia reorganized into "Nukapedia" under the leadership of Agent c, Kingclyde, and Jspoelstra.

In 2018, Wikia/Fandom announced that it had acquired Curse's media assets, including gaming community websites such as Gamepedia/the Vault. In August 2019, the merging of the Vault and Nukapedia was proposed and the conversation opened via blog post. As a result of a forum discussion and vote of 34 yes, 9 no, and 5 abstaining, the merge began on November 1, 2019.