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General information[edit | edit source]

Fallout Tactics features many vehicles that the player can operate. The cars in the game do not appear to use gas as there are no emissions of any kind. The vehicles are used exclusively by the Brotherhood of Steel, who have the technical know-how to get vehicles functioning. However, there are wastelanders that are mechanically inclined and know how to fix vehicles such as Casey Barrett.

If you drive a vehicle to a mission location, it will not appear with you during the mission itself (barring a few exceptions). The idea is that your team dismounted and approached the mission area on foot. If you complete a mission and return to the world map, your first random encounter will start with your squad standing next to the vehicle you took there, and you need to have them enter the vehicle - but all subsequent random encounters will begin with your team already inside of the vehicle, meaning you don't need to waste time speeding way (if you want to avoid wasting time on a minor encounter).

Tool kits and super tool kits can be used to repair damaged vehicle hit points, much as first aid kits are used to restore squad member health. You can use the "Repair" skill on its own, but tool kits give a major boost to this ability. The drawback is that like first aid kits, tool kits are a finite resource and will be depleted over time. A character can repair a vehicle while riding inside of it: they do not need to exit the vehicle and expose themselves to enemy fire. Simply click on the vehicle while the character equipped with a tool kit is inside, as if you were using a first aid kit on yourself. If a vehicle is very badly damaged and almost entirely out of health, it will stop being able to move (if it loses enough health that it would be considered "Almost Dead" in character terms). Such a badly damaged vehicle is still salvageable, however, if you have a sufficiently large amount of tool kits.

Vehicles are a great benefit to your squad due to their extra inventory space: if a character is inside of a vehicle, opening the inventory tab will open both the character's inventory on the left pane and the vehicle's inventory on the right. Your characters can leave many more objects in a vehicle than they could hope to carry on their own, without becoming Encumbered. If multiple characters are within a vehicle, they are naturally considered close enough to reach each other and swap inventory items.

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