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This page lists all vehicles in Fallout Tactics.

General information[]

The first Fallout game to feature drivable vehicles, Fallout Tactics features four vehicles that can be utilized throughout the single-player campaign, one for the last mission only, and one only available by pre-order.[1] Vehicles can be acquired during several selected missions. They provide significant protection from threats, but can suffer damage and are expensive to repair.[1]


The player character can initiate combat from inside a vehicle only during missions in which the vehicle makes its first appearance. If traveling to the location of a mission by vehicle, the player character can only return to it once the mission is complete. Soldiers inside of the vehicle will utilize their personal weapons and while traveling together, and the player character can elect to use any weapon carried by passengers. Random encounters can be fought from a moving vehicle.


Any loot acquired during missions can be carried in the vehicle, and after completing a mission, the player character can drive into the mission location once more to collect any items they were not able to carry initially. While driving a vehicle, the player character will have access to their own inventory space as well as that of the vehicle's. The inventory tab will open both the player character's inventory in the left pane and the vehicle's inventory on the right.


Vehicles have Hit Points that can be reduced by taking damage. Once a vehicle has incurred substantial damage, it will no longer move. The player character can repair vehicles by using their Repair skill, or by utilizing tool kits and super tool kits. Vehicles can be repaired from the inside, one does not need to exit the vehicle to make repairs. Clicking on the vehicle while equipping a tool kit will complete the repairs. There are also wastelanders that are mechanically inclined and can assist with repairs, such as Casey Barrett.[1]


Vehicles can roll when unattended, potentially injuring squad members.[1]

Drivable vehicles[]

  • Armored personnel carrier, second quest (St. Louis/ Gamma Bunker)
  • Buggy, via pre-order only
  • Hummer, first mission (Macomb/Beta Bunker)
  • Nuke carrier, last mission, can only be used once before being destroyed
  • Scouter, third vehicle acquired (Jefferson/Gamma Bunker)
  • Tank, last acquired (Newton/Delta Bunker)

Other vehicles[]

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