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Skill books in Fallout Tactics can be used to increase a character's skill in specific areas of study. After a book is used, it is removed from the inventory. When reading a book, 2-15 skill points are received, starting at 15 and decreasing after one's skill increases past 100.


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NameClosest map markerLocation description
Big Book of ScienceRock FallsOne in a locked chest, another carried by Diesoon
Big Book of SciencePeoriaOne in a locked safe, another in desk
Big Book of ScienceJeffersonIn fridge
Big Book of ScienceKansas CityIn two shelves
Big Book of ScienceJunction CityIn bookshelf
Big Book of ScienceGreat BendIn a chest in Mike's house
Big Book of ScienceCold WaterSold by a civilian
Big Book of ScienceNewtonHeld by Tobias Peste
Big Book of ScienceScott CityOn a bookshelf
Big Book of ScienceSpecial encounter: MerchantTwo books for sale
Big Book of ScienceSpecial encounter: Brothers GrimmCarried by Joe Grimm
Dean's ElectronicsBunker BetaSold by mechanics after Mardin
Dean's ElectronicsBunker GammaSold by mechanics after Osceolla
Dean's ElectronicsSt. LouisOn workbench
Dean's ElectronicsJunction CityIn bookshelf
Dean's ElectronicsVault 0In locker
Dean's ElectronicsSpecial encounter: Brothers GrimmCarried by Joe Grimm
First Aid BookPeoriaMedical bay locker (room east of first turrets)
First Aid BookKansas CityIn shelf
First Aid BookJunction CityCarried by a civilian inside the Town Hall
First Aid BookGreat BendOn two corpses
First Aid BookCold WaterIn footlocker
First Aid BookScott CityIn shelf and on desk
First Aid BookVault 0In locker
Guns and BulletsBunker AlphaSold by Shauri, after Freeport
Guns and BulletsPeoriaIn a desk of a room near the first fusion battery
Guns and BulletsMardinOn ghoul corpse
Guns and BulletsGreat BendOn two corpses
Guns and BulletsCold WaterFor sale
Guns and BulletsScott CityIn metal shelf
Guns and BulletsSpecial encounter: FarmerFor sale
Maddock's Tricks & TrapsRock FallsIn safe in headquarters
Maddock's Tricks & TrapsMacombRewarded by the Phillip Wilson the librarian
Maddock's Tricks & TrapsPreoriaIn trapped shelf
Maddock's Tricks & TrapsBunker DeltaCarried by Initiate Percy
Maddock's Tricks & TrapsGreat BendOn Ripley's corpse
Maddock's Tricks & TrapsScott CityOn floor
Maddock's Tricks & TrapsSpecial encounter: MerchantFor sale
Scout HandbookFreeportIn bookshelf
Scout HandbookPreoriaOn corpse
Scout HandbookMardinOn beastlord
Scout HandbookJeffersonIn chest
Scout HandbookJunction CityInside the Town Hall, sold by Chuck, carried by civilian
Scout HandbookScott CityOn a bookshelf
Scout HandbookSpecial encounter: Canadian InvasionOn tribal
Scout HandbookSpecial encounter: FarmerFor sale
Scout HandbookSpecial encounter: HermitFor sale
Zen & Art of PilotingBunker AlphaSold by the Smith the mechanic after Rock Falls
Zen & Art of PilotingBunker BetaSold by Peck the mechanic after Mardin
Zen & Art of PilotingPeoriaIn a desk
Zen & Art of PilotingSt. LouisIn a workbench
Zen & Art of PilotingGreat Bendon Ripley's corpse
Zen & Art of PilotingSpecial encounter: MerchantFor sale


Skill books in Fallout Tactics