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Fallout Tactics is the first Fallout game to feature a multiplayer mode. In this mode, each player controls a squad of characters and faces off against opposing players. During game setup, players are granted a number of points with which to purchase squad members and gear.

There are three ways to play a multiplayer game: LAN, Direct TCP/IP, or using the GameSpy network. To start a LAN game, start Fallout Tactics normally, and click on multiplayer from the main menu. Online play through Direct TCP/IP and GameSpy is no longer possible due to their servers shutting down in 2014, however, online multiplayer can instead be played through GameRanger with minor modification.

Hosting a game

Enter your server name (it defaults to your player name). Optionally, enter a password. Players must enter this password before they will be allowed to join. You can set the game options. These cannot be changed once the game starts.

Game options

  • Turn Based: CTB (Continuous turn based), Individual or Squad.
  • Bandwidth: Low, Medium, or High.
  • Line of Sight: Squad (you can only see what your squad can see), Team (you can see what your allies can see) or Off (you can see everything all the time).
  • Max Squad Members: Sets the maximum number of characters per squad.
  • Time of Day: Default, Pre-Dawn, Day, Evening, or Night.
  • Friendly Fire: The likelyhood that you will hit your own squaddies if they are between you and your target. Defaults to 25%, can be set from 0% to 100%.
  • AP Regeneration Rate: How fast Action Points regenerate in CTB mode. Defaults to 100%, can be set from 25% to 200%.
  • Turn Time Limit: How many seconds players have to act on their turn in Individual or Squad Turn-Based modes. 0 seconds means no limit.
  • Game Time Limit: How long the game will last, in minutes. 0 means the game will not end until all enemy squads are defeated.
  • Points: This determines the maximum number of points players can spend on their squad.

Multiplayer game types

There are four game types in Multiplayer: Assault, CTF, Skirmish and Scavenger Hunt.

  • In Assault, one side plays the defenders and the other side is the attackers. The attackers must throw a switch in the defender's base to win. The defenders must stop the attackers from accomplishing their mission.
  • In CTF (Capture-the-flag), players must capture an object and deliver it to their base.
  • In Skirmish, players must simply defeat each other's squads.
  • In Scavenger Hunt players are collecting items placed on the map. To win the player must collect more items than opponents.


Micro Forté created a number of maps for every game mode. These official maps are listed below. Maps can also be created by fans using Fallout Tactics Tools.


Capture the Flag


Scavenger Hunt

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