This page lists all miscellaneous items in Fallout Tactics.
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General informationEdit

Miscellaneous items are items which do not fit into any of the other categories listed on Fallout Tactics items.


Image Name Weight Effects
FoT electronic lock pick Electronic lock pick 2 +20% Lockpick on electric locks
FoT electronic lock pickII Electronic lock pick Mk II 1 +40% Lockpick on electric locks
FOT lock picks Lock picks 1 +20% Lockpick on standard locks
Expanded lockpick set Expanded lock pick set 2 +40% Lockpick on standard locks
Super tool kit Tool kit 5 +20% Repair
Super tool kit Super tool kit 10 +40% Repair


Image Name Weight Effects
Doctors bag FOT Doctor's bag 5 +20% Doctor skill
Paramedics Bag Paramedics bag 6 +40% Doctor skill
Firstaidkit First aid kit 2 +20% First Aid skill
FieldmedicFA Field medic first aid kit 2 +40% First Aid skill

Quest itemsEdit

Image Name Weight Related mission
FoTPowerArmor Broken power armor 42 Cold Water
FoT chemistry journals Chemistry journals
FoT fusion battery Fusion battery 0 Peoria
FoT Phillip Wilson glasses Spectacles 0 Macomb
Mechanical Arm Mechanical arm 0 Rock Falls
FoT robot actuator Robot actuator 0 Junction City
FoT robot arm Robot arm 0 Junction City
FoT robot head Robot head 0 Junction City
FoT robot torso Robot torso 0 Junction City
FoT robot part Robot part 0 Junction City
Severed head Severed head 0 Vault 0

Other itemsEdit

Image Name Weight Related mission
FoT back pack Back pack Training missions
Letter Barnaky's letter 0 Osceolla
Vault 0
FoT briefcase detonator Briefcase 0 Osceolla
FoT Cats Paw magazine Cat's Paw 0 none
Clipboard (Fallout Tactics) Clipboard none
Gem Gem 0 Titanic (special encounter)
FoT Generals locket General's locket 0 Scott City
Vault 0
Letter Holodisk 0 Osceolla
FOT House key House key various
Jetbikekey Jet bike key 0 none
FoT komodo pelt Komodo pelt 6 Komodo Man (special encounter)
NakedMooseMag Naked Moose mag 0 none
Papers Papers 0 none
FOT Prison key Prison key various
FoT rubber boots Rubber boots 2 none
Sketch Sketch Titanic special encounter
Tactics wasp sting Wasp stinger 1 none

Cut itemsEdit

Image Name Weight Related mission
FOT Audio amplifier Audio amplifier
Brahmin 5 Brahmin horn
FOT BOS bracelet green Bracelet 1 none
Brocflwr Broc flower
Xander Xander root
Fire-Support Beacon Fire support beacon
FOT Torch Torch
Whoopee Cushion Whoopee Cushion