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Fallout Tactics: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets is the official Fallout Tactics strategy guide published by Sybex. It was written by Michael Rymaszewski.


The official guide provides comprehensive walkthroughs for all missions, detailed maps, and in-depth statistics and strategies for all weapons, characters, vehicles, and creatures. Below are links to several online updates for the guide, which feature exclusive pictures of nearly all items in the game as well as provide additions and corrections.


Role Name
Author Michael Rymaszewski
Contributing writers Chris Buskirk
Dany Martinez
Albert Perez, Jr.
David Peters
Associate publisher Dan Brodnitz
Contracts and licensing manager Kristine O'Callaghan
Acquisitions and developmental editors Steven Anderson
Dan Brodnitz
Managing editor Roger Burchill
Editor Brett Todd
Production editor Kelly Winquist
Proofreader Andrea Fox
Book design Franz Baumhackl
Book production Franz Baumhackl
Cover design Victor Arre


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