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Mini-FOT2 Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics 2 and is not canon.

Fallout Tactics 2 is the canceled sequel to Micro Forté and 14° East's Fallout Tactics. It was in development by Micro Forté and 14° East and would have been published by Interplay Entertainment.


Pre-production started shortly before the release of the first game, but it was canceled around December 2001. When the first game did not meet critical and financial expectations, the sequel was canceled by Interplay Entertainment. It never proceeded past the conceptual phase.


The game would have focused on an irradiated G.E.C.K. that was creating mutant plants and fungi. The mutant garden begins to spread fairly rapidly, preying upon animal life for fertilizer.[1] The player character is tasked with discovering the source and a way to put an end to it. Concept art by Tariq Raheem included mutant crocodiles.


  • Gareth Davies: "I'm also pretty disappointed that Tactics 2 never saw the light of day, since it's a title that would have benefited from the experience and criticisms of the first game. Plus we were very conscious of heeding Fallout canon as best we could, and providing more interesting tactical missions rather than the run and gun focus of the first game."
    (NMA interview)
  • Gareth Davies: "One of the biggest resources I drew upon when working in a more significant role on the ill fated FOT2 was varied treatises and comments from Fallout fans on what they felt constituted the Fallout universe. I was also lucky enough to have the original docs for Fallout on hand, and so between the original vision and a collective perception of that vision once realized it painted a pretty clear picture. Likewise, criticisms of the Tactics game world were taken on board and mentally collated."
    (NMA interview)
  • Gareth Davies: "FOT2's major enemy would have made you its bitch."
    (RPG Codex forums)
  • Tony Oakden: "IF we did Tactics 2 then I think we would want to make some major changes and we would have to think seriously about moving away from pre-rendered tiles and sprites."
    (Freelancer interview)
  • Gareth Davies: "My biggest regret about Fallout Tactics 2 getting canned was the fact that we didn't get to unleash the Dialogue Tree secret encounter upon the world. 'You see the dialogue tree. It's brown, shriveled form obviously hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, but with love and care it would certainly live to bear sweet fruit once more.'"
    (RPG Codex forums)



  1. Gareth Davies: "The basic premise was that a GECK had been irradiated, and so the 'Garden of Eden' it created was full of mutant plants and fungi. Day of the Triffids, Doctor Who and the Seeds of Doom (probably my favorite episode) and the good ol' sci-fi standard of radiation = giant monsters were the big influences.
    My favorite aspect of the theme was the idea that you essentially have nature doing its thing and rapidly rejuvenating the desert wastes, but those wacky humans feel the need to oppose it because they don't like the idea of becoming fertilizer. There was a lot of moral ambiguity to explore, so all in all, I think it was a pretty strong setting/narrative behind the game, especially compared to the first with its robots."

    (RPG Codex forum)