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Move pets around to the dwellers that most need their bonuses— Vault Dweller's Survival Guide
FOS pets

Fallout Shelter pets are domestic animals added to Fallout Shelter with the 1.4 update.

FoS pet carrier

Pet carrier

Pets are domesticated small animals, specifically cats, dogs and parrots, that confer a bonus effect on the dweller to which they are assigned. Assigned pets can be used either inside the vault or outside in the wasteland. One pet may be assigned to each single unpaired room, with two pets the maximum for double rooms and three for triple paired rooms.

Pets can be found in common form with generic breed names, rare form with generic names or a uniquely-named legendary form. The rarer the pet, the greater the bonus it confers but even pets of the same rarity may give bonuses with slightly different strengths. Pets can be found in pet carriers and are assigned to dwellers in a similar fashion to weapons and clothing.

Pets contribute a very small amount of additional damage in battle.

Pets are indestructible. If a pet's owner dies on a quest or while exploring, the pet will return home alone along with the owner's inventory, including equipped items. This makes pets especially useful in survival mode where resurrecting dwellers is not possible and quests are more difficult.

Pet overview[]


Image Breed Breed description Legendary name(s) Legendary description Bonus Common Bonus Rare Bonus Legendary Bonus
Abyssinian Abyssinian The epitome of the sleek, slim, feline form. Zula Intelligence, elegance... excellence. Damage resistance +20-24% +36-40% +46-50%
American Shorthair American Shorthair Cats? Extinct? Just try getting rid of these babies. Sterling A shining example of American breeding. Wasteland caps +6-15% +21-30% +46-50%
Bombay Bombay That bad luck myth is ssooooIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar blown out of proportion. Shadow Who stole your sweet roll? One guess. Health +25-33% +58-66% +91-100%
British Shorthair British Shorthair All knowing, all seeing. Just ask Alice. Ashes The Florence Nightingale of cats. Healing speed x2 x3 x4
FoS Burmilla Burmilla This pretty kitty cheers up even the gloomiest Vault Dweller. Cloudy He scratches you because he loves you. Honest. Crafting cost N/A -6-10% -16-20%
Diamond Little miss purr-fect. -36-45%
FoS Havana Havana Brown Get used to saying "How did you get up there?" Merlin Curls up on your lap and casts a sleeping spell on you. Crafting time N/A -6-10% -36-45%
FoS LaPerm LaPerm Loves keeping humans as pets. Luna A fancy coat, and the attitude to match. Wasteland junk N/A N/A +58-66%
Pouncer Thinks mice were created for his own personal amusement. +91-100%
Static Looks like he's fresh out of the dryer. +25-33%
FoS Lykoi Lykoi Those ears can hear you serving cat food from a mile away. Calypso Strikes silently... at least where your toes are concerned. Damage +2 +4 +6
Maine Coon Maine Coon Only looks like a wild child. He's as calm and cuddly as they come. Bangor He misses the great outdoors. But not much. Training time +6-10% +16-20% +26-30% Uninterrupted Training
FoS Manx Manx Your best friend, as long as you have tuna. Genius Runs in circles endlessly. Chasing what? Exactly. Twins chance N/A N/A +25%
Shakespeare To nap, or not to nap: that is the question. +75%
Stubbs Don't mention his tail, don't mention his tail... +50%
Ocicat Ocicat The closest you'll get to an ocelot. Revolver not included. Speckle He's got more spots than sense, but you'll love him all the same. Wasteland weapons & outfits +6-10% +16-20% +26-30%
FoS Manul Pallas's Cat Rumor has it there's a cat somewhere under all that fur. Cinder Frequently mistaken for a feather duster. Wasteland junk +25-33% +58-66% +91-100%
Persian Persian Long hair, round face, maximum cuddle factor. Mr. Pebbles The first cat to enter space. The last to leave your heart. Happiness +25-33% N/A +91-100%
Pugsley Uninterrupted Training +26-30%
Scottish Fold Scottish Fold Look, sometimes my ears fold back. Let's not make it a thing. Ginger A happy-go-lucky little gal, but a tad sensitive about her ears. XP +6-15% +21-30% +36-45%
Siamese Siamese Not stuck up... just better than you. Goblet The prettiest, most patient princess on the planet. Rad healing speed x2 x3 x4
FoS Somali Somali Wants to be outside when in, and come inside when out. Saffron Your own little four-legged starlet. Crafting time N/A -6-15% -36-45%
Sphynx Sphynx Because who wouldn't want a hairless cat?! Right?! Bastet Thinks she's a goddess. May not be wrong. Wasteland return speed x1.25 x2 x4
FoS Toyger Toyger A lot safer than the full-sized version. Kato Not nearly as fierce as he looks. Stranger chance x2.5 x5 x7.5
FoS Turkish van Turkish Van Thinks every day is Caturday. Duchess A true aristocrat. Child SPECIALs N/A +1 +3
Pumpkin Struggling with a catnip addiction, but still adorable. +2


Image Breed Breed description Legendary name(s) Legendary description Bonus Common Bonus Rare Bonus Legendary Bonus Found at
FoS Akita Akita Loves children. Other dogs, not so much. Kabosu Such dwelling. Very Vault. Wow. Stranger chance N/A x2.5 x5
Kuma Likes to think he's in charge. You'll need to teach him otherwise. x7.5
FoS Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd There isn't a ball he can't catch. Bandit Gets restless without exercise. "Restless" meaning he'll eat your shoes. Child SPECIALs N/A +1 +3
Black Lab Black Lab Splashing on a beach or curled up at your feet... the quintessential pet pooch. Muttface Raised by children, loved by all. Used to living underground. Training time +6-10% +16-20% +26-30% Uninterrupted training
FoS Bloodhound Bloodhound The best tracker in the Commonwealth. Duke Smell that? No? He can! Wasteland junk N/A N/A +91-100%
Moose The scourge of mole rats and radstags everywhere. +58-66%
Valentine Someone missing? He's on the case! +25-33%
Boxer Boxer Playful, good with kids, capable of ripping a Raider's arm off. Yeah. Scavver He can survive in the Wasteland, but is only truly alive by your side. XP +6-15% +21-30% +36-45%
FoS Brittany Brittany Fast and rugged, he ain't nothin' but a bird dog. Gaston Quiet yet commanding, with a legendary ability to inspire. Crafting time & cost -6-10% -16-20% -26-30%
Cattle Dog Cattle Dog Children. Brahmin. Deathclaws. She can herd them all. Four Score Loves to pal around with Abe Lincoln. Or what's left of him. Wasteland caps +6-15% +21-30% +36-45%
FoS Collie Collie Trapped in a well? She'll get help! Pal A coat so soft, you'll want to pet her forever. Crafting cost -6-10% -16-20% -26-30% A Wasteland Tail (quest)
CX404 N/A CX404 A highly trained ex-Enclave operative specializing in snoofs and borks. XP N/A N/A +42% XP Power Struggle (quest)
FoS Dalmatian Dalmatian Rumors of huge litters are greatly exaggerated. Lucky If your Vault catches on fire - and it will - he's your charm. Twins chance N/A +25% +50%
Pongo He may not be able to put out a fire, but he can offer moral support. +75%
Doberman Doberman Aggressive? Sure. Loyal and loving? You'd better believe it. Apolda Daring and dangerous, but oh so adorable. Healing speed x2 x3 x4 Dog Gone (quest)
FoS English Mastiff English Mastiff Don't let his size fool you - he's a softie at heart. Goliath We're gonna need a bigger dog bed... Crafting cost N/A -6-10% -26-30%
German Pointer German Pointer The classic hunting dog. Now adjusting nicely to subterranean life. Mr. Peepers His hunting days are over, but this dog never ducks his duties. Rad healing speed x2 x3 x4
Cocoa Bean Has a nose for chocolate treats, but don't let him eat any. Wasteland return speed x4 Saving Daylight (quest)
German Shepherd German Shepherd The word "classic" barely does him justice. Dogmeat From the Den to Diamond City, the true legend of the Wastes. Objective completion N/A x2 x3
Golden retriever Golden Retriever Happy. Bouncy. Yellow. Cindy Has been known to play fetch... with five balls at once. Wasteland weapons & outfits +6-10% +16-20% +26-30% Little Miss Wasteland (quest)
FoS Greyhound Greyhound Fastest canine in the Wastes. Little Helper Don't bet against him in a race. Crafting time -6-15% -21-30% -36-45%
Husky Husky She's equally adept at pulling a sled... and your heartstrings. Trench He served our troops in Anchorage. Now he proudly serves the Vault. Wasteland return speed x1.25 x2 x4
FoS Pit Bull Terrier Pit Bull Terrier Your stop for effective canine security. Hulk Don't let the bad rap fool you - he's as loyal as can be. Damage N/A N/A +6
Ranger Underneath all those muscles, there's a big heart. +2
Titan Your Vault couldn't ask for a better guard dog. +4
Poodle Poodle Don't misjudge this fancy pants - he's smart, sweet and strong. Lord Puffington Wanted a mohawk. Got... this. He's a hero on the inside. Happiness +25-33% +58-66% +91-100% Beware of Over-dog! (quest)
Rottweiler Rottweiler Big and bad, but devoted and obedient. He's a friend for life. Maizie Rai Benign soul in a brawny bod. She's love and loyalty exemplified. Health +25-33% +58-66% +91-100%
FoS St. Bernard St. Bernard If you're ever lost in the Alpine, expect him to come running. Barry Cask of Nuka-Cola not included. Wasteland junk +25-33% +58-66% +91-100%


Image Breed Breed description Legendary name(s) Legendary description Bonus Common Bonus Rare Bonus Legendary Bonus
FoS pirate parrot Pirate parrot Avast, matey! He'll keep you company while you're swabbing the poop deck. Wanderer He'll happily sit on your shoulder. Angel, devil... or both. Damage resistance +20-24% +36-40% +46-50%
FoS trained parrot Trained parrot Can sing America the Beautiful... or swear at the Overseer. Butch Knows 200 words, but will only say "Tunnel Snakes Rule!" Damage N/A +2 +4
Polly Loyal but hungry. Wants a cracker, but Sugar Bombs will do in a pinch. +6
FoS Vault-Tec parrot Vault-Tec parrot Genetically engineered by Vault-Tec to fulfill your pirate fantasies. Pip When it comes to birds made in a lab, he's the best of the nest! Objective completion N/A N/A x3
Vinnie This big house bird doesn't eat crackers - he IS Crackers. x2


Image Breed Breed description Legendary name(s) Legendary description Bonus Common Bonus Rare Bonus Legendary Bonus
Fos Alien drone Alien Drone Moving a few wires around has made you a friend for life! Damage +4





Alien drone[]