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Junk items in Fallout Shelter are divided into seven types,[verification overdue] one for each tier of rarity; steel, cloth, leather, adhesive, circuitry, science, and valuables.

Junk items are obtained from lunchboxes, exploring the wasteland, found on quests, looted from the bodies of dead enemies. They can also be acquired by scrapping weapons and outfits, which will return junk items of the types that would be used to craft it in a workshop, but may also yield nothing.

They are used for crafting in the weapon workshop, outfit workshop, and theme workshop, with each weapon and outfit potentially taking up to three types of junk items in quantities of five, and themes taking up to five types of junk items in quantities of six.

There are a total of 21 (according to the Survival Guide as of version 1.13.13) available junk items.


What follows is a list of junk items as of Fallout Shelter update 1.4.[verification overdue]


Image Name value Type In-game description
FoS alarm clock Alarm clock 2 Circuitry Because Dwellers that sleep in are sent to the Wasteland.
FoS baseball glove Baseball glove 2 Leather Catch a baseball, rock or grenade and throw it right back.
FoS duct tape Duct tape 2 Adhesive Keep things in place with every handyman's secret weapon.
FoS yarn Yarn 2 Cloth Keep cats entertained and make fabulous outfits.
FoS magnifying glass Magnifying glass 2 Science This ant immolator might not work as well on Radroaches.
FoS desk fan Desk fan 2 Steel Great at keeping the Wasteland heat away. If it worked.
FoS toy car Toy car 2 Valuables Brings you back to the care-free days of being a kid in the Vault.


Image Name value Type In-game description
FoS camera Camera 50 Circuitry Investigate hidden truths or take Vault family portraits.
FoS brahmin hide Brahmin hide 50 Leather Great for making a full-grain leather jacket. Two heads means two hoods!
FoS wonderglue Wonderglue 50 Adhesive Be careful not to glue your hands together or your eyelids shut.
FoS teddy bear Teddy bear 50 Cloth Wasteland life is no picnic, so he's always ready for a warm hug.
FoS microscope Microscope 50 Science Probably more useful in the Wasteland as a blunt weapon.
FoS shovel Shovel 50 Steel Versatile and reliable. No Dweller should be without one.
FoS globe Globe 50 Valuables Look back at the world that was. Or just spin it when you're bored.


Image Name value Type In-game description
FoS military circuit board Military circuit board 200 Circuitry Top-of-the-line circuitry to make top-of-the-line equipment.
FoS yao guai hide Yao guai hide 200 Leather "Don't mess with me," your hide-made outfits will say.
FoS military duct tape Military duct tape 200 Adhesive You could hold an aircraft carrier together with this stuff. Just ask the residents of Rivet City.
FoS American flag Tri-fold flag 200 Cloth Never forget the good ol' red, white and blue.
FoS chemistry flask Chemistry flask 200 Science Lets everyone know you're serious about doing sciency things.
FoS Giddyup Buttercup Giddyup Buttercup 200 Steel Go ahead, no one's watching. Get on and take a ride.
FoS gold watch Gold watch 200 Valuables For when a weapon or outfit needs just a touch of bling.

Cut content[]

Image Name value In-game description
FoS pre-War money Pre-War money N/A N/A


Common card[]

Rare card[]

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