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General information[]

Creatures attacking the vault[]

Creatures will randomly attack the vault in the form of incidents. This can also happen after failing a rush. Mole rats and radroaches multiply into adjacent rooms if there are no targets in the infested room(s), or if none enter the room within a short time after they spawn. Mole rats' and radroaches' strength depends on the level of the room in which they spawn. An average dweller level inside that room may also be a factor.

Allowing the intruders to multiply will likely result in the vault's destruction. Radscorpions also appear in incidents. Unlike mole rats and radroaches, radscorpions don't multiply. Instead, they transverse to a random room if they are not killed quickly enough in the previous room. They repeat the process until killed or leave after an extended period of time.

Creature encounter while exploring[]

Creatures can also be encountered by vault dwellers while out exploring, but will not physically be seen in the game. Killing these creatures gives the exploring dweller experience. If the dweller is too weak for killing the creature and must escape, they still gain ten percent of the score. The further the dweller(s) go into the wasteland, the more dangerous the creatures become.

Creature encounter during quests[]

Creatures encountered in quests can be seen, unlike creatures encountered while exploring the wasteland. Dwellers are able to inflict critical damage against creatures found during quests. When a creature is of a higher level than normal, a skull (High level character) will appear next to their health bar.


Creature encounters while exploring:

Name Type Experience points
Feral ghoul Ghoul 360
Feral ghoul roamer Ghoul 1155
Feral ghoul reaver Ghoul 2060
Super mutant Super mutant 2920
Super mutant master Super mutant 3280
Super mutant overlord Super mutant 3685
Super mutant behemoth Super mutant 4000
Centaur Centaur 1835
Wild dog Dog 200
Scavenger's dog Dog 455
Guard dog Dog 815
Vicious dog Dog 1635
Mole rat Mole rat 255
Yao guai Yao guai 320


Creature encounters while exploring:

Name Type Experience points
Deathclaw Deathclaw 2315
Enclave deathclaw Deathclaw 2600


Creature encounters while exploring:

Name Type Experience points
Bloatfly Bloatfly 255
Radroach Radroach 285
Giant ant Giant ant 405
Giant worker ant Giant ant 510
Giant soldier ant Giant ant 645
Radscorpion Radscorpion 575
Giant radscorpion Radscorpion 1295
Fire ant soldier Fire ant 725
Fire ant warrior Fire ant 915
Mirelurk Mirelurk 1030
Mirelurk hunter Mirelurk 1455