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Fallout Free Style RPG Quest was an 8-bit Japanese RPG based on Fallout 3.


It was created to promote Fallout: New Vegas in Japan and released via BethBlog on January 3, 2011, as a mini-flash game.[1]


Following the removal of the game from Bethesda's website, the game and content is no longer accessible.[2]

Japanese English
"Bethesda introduces Fallout's appeal in 8-bit J-RPG style"
Freestyle RPGと呼ばれる8ビットRPGプロジェクトが、Fallout:NewVegasの公式ウェブサイトでリリースされました。
"An 8-bit RPG project called Free Style RPG has been released on the official website of "Fallout: New Vegas."
"Situations and choices are presented to the player, but you don't have to follow orders."
"You can aim or attack in any way that fits your play style."
"The choices you make will change the events that take place in the world."



  1. BethBlog (archived): "What would Fallout look like if it had been made in 1987 by a Japanese development studio? Our scientists have answered that question, taking over the Japanese Fallout website with an 8-bit version of the Capital Wasteland. Just like that import copy of Final Fantasy 5 you nabbed in the 90s, this game is Japanese language only. Fortunately, it’s still amusing to gaze at the pixelated approximations of super mutants and the like. Here’s a direct link right to the game; no cartridge-cleaning required."
  2. Zenimax.com (archived)