Reconstructed E3 village, with known screenshots superimposed on the public demo map.

The Fallout E3 interactive demo, shown at E3 1996 on May 8, was part of Fallout's promotional campaign. In contrast with the publicly-available demo version, it used an early variant of the Junktown map populated with simple characters created specifically for the demo (and using already created assets, as is the case with the Elder). Unnamed in the demo itself, the village was intended to represent Shady Sands, according to the script list.[1]

At this point, Fallout was already known under this name, but retained the GURPS mechanics. The demo was also used to record the early 1997 preview for the game.

The idea of using Junktown to demonstrate the basic gameplay of the game was reused for the aforementioned Fallout demo.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The player, called Leona in the character inventory screen, would have entered the unnamed village and be able to interact with several characters, before ultimately heading off to the radscorpion caves to fight off the carapaced menace. The demo showed the core functionality of the game, including the GURPS character and combat system, dialogue, bartering, character reactions, and questing.

Although many assets were already finished and ready for use, the writing was still unfinished and eg. items had placeholder names: The Desert Eagle .44 was simply named Magnum and the AK-112 assault rifle was named the Colt rifle.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Elder, demonstrating the talking head, questing, and basic reaction mechanics.[2]
  • Barterman, showing off the trading mechanics.
  • Sammy, a character who takes the player to the radscorpion caves.
  • Non-descript peasant-men inhabiting the unnamed village.

Images[edit | edit source]

All images come from the original GURPS website, here

References[edit | edit source]

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