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1005 WalkingArsenal.png

Almost every weapon in Fallout 76 is able to be modified by attaching various modifications. Each modification will impact how the weapon performs, and some provide a visual change. The most desirable of these mods are legendary effects. These mods cannot be crafted onto or removed from a weapon, but grant significant bonuses.

All weapons in Fallout 76 have a randomly generated condition bar, which visualizes the maximum durability of the weapon. Weapons of the same type may have a different amount of current condition and a different condition bar length. Weapon modifications may influence the length of the condition bar. Player characters with higher Intelligence can craft weapons with larger durability bars. Players with higher Luck can influence the current condition of found weapons.

Additionally, a weapon's level determines the base damage output and maximum condition bar of the weapon. An example would be the combat rifle having a base damage increase by increments of 4 between level 20 and 50 leaving an unmodified level 50 combat rifle to have an additional 12 base damage over the level 20 counterpart and having a slightly longer condition bar. Higher level weapons also have higher craft and repair costs.

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Pistol/Rifle: Weapons that can be configured as either pistols or rifles, depending on the grip/stock modification.

FO76 Pipe gun.png

Pipe gun
FO76 Pipe bolt-action.png

Pipe bolt-action
FO76 Pipe revolver.png

Pipe revolver
FO76 Laser gun.png

Laser gun
Fo76nw Acceptable Overkill.png

Acceptable Overkill Limited-time
FO76 Ultracite laser gun.png

Ultracite laser gun
FO76 Plasma gun.png

Plasma gun
Mind Over Matter.png

Mind Over Matter Quest

Slug Buster Quest
FO76 Enclave plasma gun.png

Enclave plasma gun

Pistols: Damage dealt is increased by the Gunslinger or Guerrilla perks.

FO76 10mmPistol.png

10mm pistol
FO76 Anti-Scorched Training Pistol.png

Anti-Scorched training pistol Quest
FO76 Chimera Pistol Standard.png

Crusader pistol QuestDaily Ops
FO76 Single action revolver.png

Single action revolver
FO76WL Fancy single action revolver.png

Fancy single action revolver
44 pistol.png

.44 pistol
Fo76 Medical Malpractice.png

Medical Malpractice Limited-time

Somerset Special Quest
Voice of Set.png

Voice of Set Quest
FO76 The Fact Finder.png

The Fact Finder Quest

Western revolver

Black powder blunderbuss
Black Powder Gun.png

Black powder pistol
FO76 Flare gun.png

Flare gun
F76WL Gauss pistol.png

Gauss pistol Gold Bullion
FO76 Gamma gun.png

Gamma gun
Alien blaster pistol.png

Alien blaster
The VATS Unknown.png

The V.A.T.S. Unknown Quest
FO76 Salvaged assaultron head.png

Salvaged Assaultron head
FO76 Atomic Shop - Imposter assaultron head.png

Imposter Assaultron head Atom
FO76 Salvaged assaultron head.png

Polly's Assaultron head Quest

Rifles: Damage dealt is increased by the Rifleman or Commando perks.

FO76 10mmSMG.png

10mm submachine gun
Perfect Storm.png

Old Guard's 10mm SMG Quest
Perfect Storm.png

Perfect Storm Quest
FO76 Assault rifle.png

Assault rifle
Fo76nw Whistle in the Dark.png

Whistle in the Dark Limited-time
FO76 Whistle In The Dark Ops.png

Whistle in the Dark Daily Ops
F76 Sten.png

The Black Knight Cut content

Black powder rifle
Fo76 The Dragon.png

The Dragon
FO76 Combat rifle.png

Combat rifle
FO76WA The Fixer.png

The Fixer Quest Public Event
FO76 Gauss rifle.png

Gauss rifle
FO76 Presidential Gauss Rifle.png

Presidential Gauss rifle Cut content
FO4NW Handmade rifle.png

Handmade rifle
FO76 Hunting rifle.png

Hunting rifle
Fo76 weapons Brotherhood recon rifle.png

Brotherhood recon rifle Quest
FO4FH Lever action rifle.png

Lever action rifle
FO76 Sole Survivor.png

Sole Survivor Limited-time
FO76 Radium rifle.png

Radium rifle
FO76 Railway rifle.png

Railway rifle
FO76 Submachine gun.png

Submachine gun
FO76 Tesla rifle.png

Tesla rifle
FO76WA Night Light.png

Night Light Limited-time

Shotguns: Damage dealt is increased by the Shotgunner perks. All shotguns fire 8 projectiles, and each pellet deals 1/8th of the damage listed in the Pipboy.

FO76 combat shotgun.png

Combat shotgun
FO76 Double-barrel shotgun.png

Double-barrel shotgun
FO76 Double-barrel shotgun.png

Salt of the Earth Limited-time
F76WL Gauss shotgun.png

Gauss shotgun Gold Bullion
FO76 Pump-action shotgun.png

Pump action shotgun
Civil Unrest.png

Civil Unrest Quest
FO76WL Fancy pump action shotgun.png

Fancy pump action shotgun

Bows: Damage dealt is increased by the Archer perks.

FO76 Bow.png

Compound Bow.png

Compound bow
FO76 Crossbow.png


Heavy guns: Damage dealt is increased by the Heavy Gunner perks.

Heavy guns
50Cal Machine Gun.png

50 cal
machine gun
FO76 50 cal machine gun heavy barrel.png

Final Word Quest
FO76 50 cal machine gun heavy barrel.png

The Action Hero Limited-time
Cryolator (Fallout 4).png

FO76 Flamer.png

Fo76 Pyrolyzer.png

Pyrolyzer Quest
Fo76 Gatling gun.png

Gatling gun
FO76 Resolute Veteran.png

Resolute Veteran Limited-time
Gatling laser (Fallout 4).png

Gatling laser
F76 Plasma gatling left.png

Gatling plasma
F76WL Gauss minigun.png

Gauss minigun Gold Bullion
FO76 Harpoon gun.png

Harpoon gun
FO76 Harpoon gun.png

Kingfisher Limited-time

machine gun
Fallout4 Minigun.png

F76WL Plasma Caster left.png

Plasma caster Gold Bullion
FO76 Ultracite Gatling Laser.png

Ultracite Gatling laser

Explosive heavy guns: Damage dealt is increased by the Demolition Expert perk.

Explosive heavy guns

Auto grenade launcher
Fo76 M79 grenade launcher.png

M79 grenade launcher
Fo76 M79 grenade launcher.png

Crushing Blow Limited-time
FO76 Fat Man.png

Fat Man
FO76 Fat Man.png

Daisycutter Quest
FO76 Fat Man.png

The Guarantee Limited-time
FO76 BOS Launcher Alt.png

Hellstorm missile launcher Daily Ops
FO76 Missile launcher.png

Missile launcher
FO76 Bunker Buster.png

Bunker Buster Quest
FO76 Broadsider.png


Syringers: Damage dealt is only increased by the Bloody Mess perk.

FO76 Syringer.png


Rose's syringer Quest

Vox syringer Quest


One-handed: Damage dealt is increased by +5% Physical damage per Strength and by the Gladiator perks.

Automatron assaultron blade.png

Assaultron blade
Automatron assaultron blade.png

The Gutter Limited-time
FO76 The Gutter Ops.png

The Gutter Daily Ops
FO76 Bone club.png

Bone club
Fallout4 Security Baton.png

FO76NW Disorderly Conduct.png

Disorderly Conduct Limited-time
Fo76 Bowie knife.png

Bowie knife
F76WL cattleprod.png

Cattleprod Gold Bullion
Chinese officer sword (FO4).png

Chinese officer sword
Chinese officer sword (FO4).png

Ancient blade Cut content
Chinese officer sword (FO4).png

Blade of Bastet Quest
Chinese officer sword (FO4).png

Grant's saber Quest
FO76 Meteoritic Sword.webp

Meteoritic sword Event
Fallout4 Combat knife.png

Combat knife
Atx skin weapon alienprobe l.png

The Invader
Commie Whacker.png

Commie Whacker
Commie Whacker.png

Camden Whacker
FO76 Cultist blade.png

Cultist blade
FO76 Cultist blade.png

Nailer Public Event

Cultist dagger
Fo76 Drill.png

Guitar Sword F76.png

Guitar sword
FO76 Hatcho hatchet 2.png

Fo4 lead pipe.png

Lead pipe
FO76 Machete.png

Fo76 paddle ball.png

Paddle ball
Fallout4 Pipe wrench.png

Pipe wrench
Fo76nw Mechanic's Best Friend.png

Mechanic's Best Friend Limited-time
FO76 Plasma Sword.png

Plasma cutter Daily Ops
Revolutionary sword.png

Revolutionary sword
Revolutionary sword.png

Commander's Charge Limited-time
Ripper (Fallout 4).png

Fallout4 Rolling pin.png

Rolling pin
F76WA Sheepsquatch club.png

Sheepsquatch club Public Event
Shishkebab (Fallout 4).png


Ski sword.png

Ski sword
Ski sword.png

Black Diamond Quest
FO76 Switchblade.webp

FO76WA The Quick Fix.png

The Quick Fix Limited-time
FO76 Tire iron.webp

Tire iron
Walking cane.png

Walking cane

Two-handed: Damage dealt is increased by +5% Physical damage per Strength and by the Slugger perks.

F76WL Autoaxe.png

Auto axe Cut content Gold Bullion
FO76 Baseball bat.png

Baseball bat
FO76 Board.png

FO76 Bone hammer.png

Bone hammer
Fire axe.png

Fire axe
FO76 Golf club.png

Golf club
Grognaks axe.png

Grognak's axe
Mr. Handy buzz blade.png

Mr. Handy buzz blade
F76 Multipurpose Axe.png

Multi-purpose axe

FO76 Pitchfork.png

Pole hook.png

Pole hook
Fallout4 Pool cue.png

Pool cue
Fallout 76 Protest Sign 3 Against Automation.png

Protest sign (All Variants)
F76WA Sheepsquatch staff.png

Sheepsquatch staff Public Event
FO76WA Shepherd's crook.png

Shepherd's crook Public Event
FO76 Shovel.png

Fo4 sledgehammer.png

FO76 Spear.png

FO76 Super sledge.webp

Super sledge
All Rise.png

All Rise Quest
FO76 Super sledge.webp

The Farmhand Quest
FO76NW Tenderizer.png

The Tenderizer Seasonal content

War drum
FO76OW War Glaive.png

War glaive Daily Ops
FO76OW War Glaive.png

Oathbreaker Quest

Unarmed: Damage dealt is increased by +10% Physical damage per Strength and by the Iron Fist perk.

Fo76wa bear arm.png

Bear Arm Public Event
Fallout4 boxing glove.png

Boxing glove
Death tambo.png

Death tambo
Deathclaw gauntlet (Fallout 4).png

Deathclaw gauntlet
FO76WA Unstoppable Monster.png

Unstoppable Monster Limited-time
FO76WL Gauntlet.png

Gauntlet Gold Bullion
Fallout4 Knuckles.png

FO76 Meat hook.webp

Meat hook
FO76 Mole Miner Gauntlet.png

Mole miner gauntlet
Power fist (Fallout 4).png

Power fist


Grenades: Direct hits deal Physical damage 1 damage, separate from their main explosion damage. Explosion damage is increased by the Demolition Expert perk and diminishes over 2 area-of-effect radii.

VirtyandArtillery Smoke Grenade.png

Artillery smoke grenade
Baseball grenade.png

Baseball grenade
FO76WA Bug grenade.png

Bug grenade Quest
FO76 Cryogenic grenade.png

Cryogenic grenade
FO76 Dross.png

Dross Quest
F76WL Dynamite.png

Dynamite Gold Bullion
F76WL Dynamite bundle.png

Dynamite bundle Gold Bullion
FO76 explosive bait.png

Explosive bait Quest
F76WL flare.png

Flare Gold Bullion
F76WL floater flame grenade.png

Floater flamer grenade Gold Bullion
FO76 Cryogenic grenade.png

Floater freezer grenade Gold Bullion
HalluciGen gas grenade.png

Floater gnasher grenade Gold Bullion
Fragmentation grenade (Fallout 4).png

Fragmentation grenade
FO76 Fragmentation grenade MIRV.png

Fragmentation grenade MIRV
HalluciGen gas grenade.png

HalluciGen gas grenade Quest
FO76 Nuka grenade.png

Lightweight mini nuke Cut content
Fo4 Molotov cocktail.png

Molotov cocktail
FO76 Nuka grenade.png

Nuka grenade
FO76 Nuka quantum grenade.png

Nuka Quantum grenade
FO76 Orbital scan beacon.png

Orbital scan beacon Quest
FO76 Orbital strike beacon.png

Orbital strike beacon Quest
Plasma grenade (Fallout 4).png

Plasma grenade
FO76 Pulse grenade.png

Pulse grenade
Pumpkin grenade.png

Pumpkin grenade Quest
FO76LR trail fireworks.png

Trail fireworks S.C.O.R.E. Atom
F76WL Turbofert.png

Turbo-Fert fertilizer Gold Bullion
Vertibot signal grenade.png

Vertibot signal grenade Event

Mines: Direct hits deal Physical damage 1 damage, separate from their main explosion damage. Explosion damage is increased by the Demolition Expert perk and diminishes over 2 area-of-effect radii.

Fo4 plasma mine.png

Blast mine Quest
Bottlecap mine (Fallout 4).png

Bottlecap mine Cut content
Fallout4 Cryo mine.png

Cryo mine
Fallout4 Fragmentation mine.png

Fragmentation mine
Nuke mine.png

Nuke mine
Fo4 plasma mine.png

Plasma mine
FO76 Pulse mine.png

Pulse mine
FO76 Red firework mine.png

Red fireworks mine Limited-time

Throwing knives: Damage dealt is modified by legendary effects provided by the equipped weapon.

Throwing knives
FO76NW Meat cleaver.png

Meat cleaver Seasonal content
FO76WA Sheepsquatch shard.png

Sheepsquatch shard Public Event
FO76 Throwing knife.png

Throwing knife
FO76 Tomahawk.png


Traps: Direct hits deal Physical damage 1 damage, separate from their main snare damage. Snares will apply a stagger and limb damage.

Fo4FH bear trap.png

Bear trap Cut content
Fo4FH bear trap.png

Bleeding bear trap Cut content

Caltrops Cut content

Multi Caltrops Cut content

Poisoned Caltrops Cut content


Chainsaw: It is bugged and will not scale with any weapon class-specific perks, only benefitting from Bloody Mess.



Binoculars: Utility weapons used for scouting long distances. While they do not deal damage directly, they may still be used to weapon bash, and will not suffer condition degradation.

FO76 Binoculars.png

FO76WA Pearly Peepers.png

Pearly Peepers Quest

Cameras: Utility weapons used to take pictures. While they do not deal damage directly, they may still be used to weapon bash, and will not suffer condition degradation.

Fo76WA ProSnap camera.png

ProSnap Deluxe camera Quest
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