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This page lists all vehicles in Fallout 76.
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Commonly used before the Great War, a large number of these vehicles can now be found scattered around the wastelands.


Some vehicles may explode if fired upon, doing considerable damage to anyone nearby. Vehicles may also catch fire after taking damage, starting a process by which they will then detonate shortly thereafter. Vehicles that explode leave an irradiated area for a brief period of time afterward.



Vehicle Image Description
Atomic V-8 FO76 Vehicle list 6.png A rugged, dependable sedan that was one of the most popular models in the Corvega line.
Bicycle FO76 Bicycle.png A conventional manually operated vehicle, used for personal transport.
Bumper car FO76 21020 Bumper car 1.png A small, carlike vehicle with an encircling rubber bumper that one maneuvers around an enclosed arena, the goal being to purposely bump into other vehicles
Bus Fo76 School bus 23 .png A large motor vehicle carrying passengers by road, commonly serving the public on a fixed route.
Cherry Bomb FO76 Vehicle list 22.png A single-seat, commercial-grade vehicle whose design is dictated by the goal of breaking the sound barrier.
Corvega Atomic V-8 FO76 2 Chrsy Corv 1.png.png The flagship brand of Chryslus Motors and one of the dominant forces on the automotive market after the resource crisis.
Corvega Blitz FO76 Vehicle list 19.png A family-friendly variant of the Corvega line designed to combine good performance with low maintenance requirements, excellent fuel efficiency, and four seats.
Dirt bike Wavywillardsdirtbike.png A small recreational vehicle. Includes blue and red variants.
Flying car Fo76 Sugarmaple flying car.png The flying car utilized a transportation technology allowing it to fly above the surface of the ground. It has a unique design, featuring a lack of wheels and a seating arrangement for two, one behind the other, as opposed to seating side by side.
Fusion Flea Supreme FO76 Loc Fusion Flea 7.png Structurally, the entrance to the driver's seat was achieved through a lift-off roof/windshield.
Limousine FO76 Limousine (Sugarmaple).jpg A luxury vehicle designed to move elite members of pre-War society, the limousine has an extended body and four doors that would house several VIPs.
Motorcycle FO76 26920 Vehicle 13.png Includes variants such as Lone Wanderer style and dirt bikes.
Off-road vehicle FO76 21020 jeep.png An off-road vehicle is large and boxy with room for four. A spare tire is also mounted on the back on the right side of the vehicle.
Pick-R-Up FO76 Vehicle list 9.png It is a small truck with a flatbed compartment in the rear and low suspension, with a single seat in the cabin.
Cop car FO76 Vehicle list 18.png Used by police in West Virginia before the Great War, with two doors featuring a faded star logo.
Shuttle bus FO76 Vehicle list 29.png A front-engine, rear-wheel-drive bus of which there are three variants.
Station Wagon FO76 Station Wagon 32.png Designed to offer seats for up to six or seven people, a canopy roof, and a streamlined rear with two trunks, one on each side of the fusion reactor.
Van Fo76 Vehicle new 9 .png Used for goods transport, with prominent users being Vault-Tec and Grafton Steel, as well as used by medical facilities as ambulances.
Zip FO76 Zip nif 1.png A small, single-seated vehicle with three wheels.

Utility and heavy equipment

Vehicle Image Description
Armored personnel carrier FO76 Vehicle list 31.png Also known as an infantry fighting vehicle, the armored personnel carrier transported troops and supplies before the war.
Combine drone Fallout 76 unused content FO76 Combine drone 2.png Unused in-game.
Dragline FO76 Rollins camp 7.png A pre-War utility machine used in surface mining and excavating. The strip-mining operations in the Ash Heap utilized a towering excavator to remove and reposition the overburden above targeted valuable minerals.
Dump truck FO76 Dump truck front.png A type of semi-trailer truck designed to transport materials, with an open-box bed and hinged door.
Fire truck FO76 Lewisburg (Fire truck).png Utility vehicle for fighting fire and responding to emergencies, featuring a sloped front grille, larger cab with front and back seats, as well as a large, streamlined water tank.
Forklift Fo76 Vehicle new 6 .png A small utility vehicle on a small chassis with two small wheels at the front, and a Mecanum wheel at the rear in the middle. The forklift contains one seat, with a steering wheel and hydraulic controls, under an open roll cage. The forks are able to be raised and lowered as well as tilted forward and back.
Golf cart Golfcartwillardcorporatehousing.png Golf carts were pre-War vehicles used at courses such as the Whitespring golf club to transport patrons from one hole to another. They have three wheels and are found in a variety of colors with a protruding steering wheel. The carts have roofs and feature golf bag racks on the back.
Haul truck FO76 Mining dump truck 2.png A large, industrial dump truck found several locations throughout Appalachia, including the Ash Heap region. The cab is the same one as used by the bucket loader. They are utilized to transport mined ores and minerals, such as those excavated by the giant Rockhound bucket-wheel excavator, and for heavy-duty construction projects.
Main battle tank FO76 21020 tank 2.png Used in military operations before the war. The main battle tank is equipped with a single turret mounted on the top.
Megaloader Fo76 Vehicle new 11.png Heavy machinery used for lifting cargo or materials, fitted with a bucket, to move loose material around, or fitted with forks and used as a heavy lift forklift. Designed to be the ultimate construction vehicle, the low tracked vehicle takes a variety of arm attachments for different work scenarios.
Rockhound Ls mountaintopexcavator2.jpg Created by Hornwright Industrial, the EXC-97 "Rockhound" bucket-wheel motorized excavator was advertised as an integral part of the tantalizingly lucrative world of strip mining. Before the war, the machine could move over 11,000 cubic meters of earth per hour, but now sits abandoned atop Mt. Blair.
Semi-trailer truck Fo76 Morgantown trainyard (1).jpg Designed to transport cargo, with a cab-over-engine arrangement with two large headlights, a fuel-cell-powered engine, and three axles. It was produced as a standardized cutaway chassis. The truck is often found with an accompanying trailer.
Skid loader Fo76 Vehicle new 4.png A small, rigid-frame, engine-powered machine with lift arms that can attach to a wide variety of labor-saving tools or attachments. The lift arms in these machines run alongside the driver's side with the pivot points behind the driver's shoulders.
Street cleaner FO76 Vehicle list 23.png Similar in appearance to a vacuum cleaner, the vehicle was used before the Great War to clear refuse from the streets of cities. Following the war, street cleaners are left abandoned throughout the wastelands, showing wear and tear from the elements.
Tractor Fo76 Industrial yellow tractor 25.png An engineering vehicle specifically designed to deliver a high tractive effort or torque at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery such as that used in agriculture or construction.
Train loader FO76 Bucket loader 2.png Heavy equipment machines used in construction to move aside or load materials such as asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, raw minerals, recycled material, or rock into or onto another type of machinery.

Rail transports

Vehicle Image Description
Appalachian monorail FO76 Monorail elevator 12.png Monorail line connecting RobCo Research Center, Watoga, Spruce Knob and Garrahan Mining Headquarters.
Morgantown monorail FO76 Morgantown monorail 24.png Monorail line connecting stations within Morgantown including the airport and Vault-Tec University.
Personnel carrier Rail service car.png Used to maintain rail lines, operating on four wheels, with two seats, and a flat open body for moving supplies
Train FO76 Grafton (Locomotive).jpg Used for transporting freight in the pre-War United States.


Vehicle Image Description
Airplane FO76 Horizon's Rest.png A passenger vehicle used to transport both people and cargo before the war.
Biplane Fo76 Biplane red.png A small PT-00D aircraft utilizing a radial piston engine, and 73 octane aviation fuel.
Cargobot FO76 Cargobot.jpg An automated, airborne cargo-delivery drone that transports government aid drops.
Stingray Deluxe FO76 Stingray del 1.png A small military fighter jet that flew before the war.
Vertibot FO76 21020 Cargoboy 1.png Automated aircraft used to defend cargobots, as well as to survey local regions.


Vehicle Image Description
Canoe FO76 Vehicle list 1.png Designed to ferry a small number of people across waterways by way of padding oars. They are open on top and are pointed on either end. Paddlers face in the direction of travel.
Fishing boat Red trawler ohio river adventures.png Boats that are designed for fishing with large nets.

Jetski Fo76 Vehicle new 20 .png A small watercraft meant for singular person use.
Jetboat Fo76 Vehicle new 1.png Fitted with inboard engines to propel the vessel over the top of the water, jetboats were used for recreational purposes before the war.
Metal row boat FO76 New vehicles 9.png A small boat that is designed and equipped primarily for fishing, usually in freshwater such as lakes, rivers, and streams.
Raft Fo76 Vehicle new 2.png Lightweight boats that are designed to float while inflated.
Row boat FO76 21020 rowboat 2.png A small boat used before the Great War, rowed by oars.
Sailboat FO76 21020 Sailboat 4.png A large cruising vessel, utilized for recreation.
Tugboat FO4 Spectacle Island (Destroyed boat).jpg A vessel that maneuvers other vessels by pulling them with a tow line.
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