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Vehicles are world objects in Fallout 76.


Vehicles serve as world objects in Fallout 76. Some variants will catch fire and subsequently explode if struck. Vehicles cannot be operated by the Vault Dwellers. This page lists variants of both static and movable static vehicles found in-game, grouped by general type.

Most vehicles will immediately explode when shooting at them with a shotgun.[verification needed]



Image Name Form IDs
FO76 Atomic V8 render nif.png Atomic V-8 000A9774, 0021DBB1, 0021DBB2
0021DBB3, 0021DBB4, 002485E3
0019B425, 0019B426,0019B427
0019B428, 00194634, 00194634
FO76 School bus render nif.png Bus 0052206F, 0021509B, 002041B8
FO76 Sports car render 2.png Cherry Bomb 001A304B, 001A304C, 001A304D
FO76 Cop Car.png Cop car 0001999C, 00019B12, 002FFF35
FO76 Blitz render nif.png Blitz 001B2DB9, 001B2DBA, 001B2DBB
001B2DBC, 001B2DBD
FO76 Dirt bike render nif.png Dirt bike 002A91EB
F76 flying car.png Flying car 00001415
FO76 Flea render nif.png Fusion Flea 001A6395, 001A6602
FO76 Govmt limo render nif.png Limousine 003C1D42, 003C1D43, 003C1D4E
003C1D4C, 003C1D4D
FO76 Motocicleta render nif.png Motorcycle 00188D4C
FO76 Off road render 1.png Off-road vehicle 002E34FA, 002E34FE, 002E34FC
FO76 Pick R Up post war.png Pick-R-Up 001B8A9B, 001B8A9C, 001B8A9D
001B8A9E, 001B8A9F, 001B8AA0
001B8AA1, 001B8AA2
FO76 Shuttlebus white.png Shuttle bus 00196D46, 00196D48, 00196D44
FO76 Station wagon render 1.png Station wagon 004F56C0, 00249A4B, 0018C307
0018753E, 0018753C
FO76 Van render nif.png Van 00081107, 000821CC, 00204812
FO76 Zip render static.png Zip 00188D20, 00054CB0, 00188D18


Image Name Form IDs
FO76 APC render 4.png Armored personnel carrier 00120921, 00152188, 0019432F
FO76 Dragline msh.png Dragline 00318CE1
FO76 Dumptruck.png Dump truck 00149413
FO76 Firetruck.png Fire truck 0014B47F
Fo76 forklift.png Forklift 001A6DE0
FO76 Haul truck 1.png Haul truck 00004EAE
FO4-tank-render.png Tank 0019D2F7
FO76 Megaloader 1.png Megaloader 0007FA91
Fo76 Morgantown trainyard (1).jpg Truck ????????
Fo76 Vehicle new 4.png Skid loader ????????
Fo76 Industrial yellow tractor 25.png Tractor ????????

Rail transports

Vehicle Image Description
Appalachian monorail FO76 Monorail elevator 12.png Monorail line connecting RobCo Research Center, Watoga, Spruce Knob and Garrahan Mining Headquarters.
Morgantown monorail FO76 Morgantown monorail 24.png Monorail line connecting stations within Morgantown including the airport and Vault-Tec University.
Personnel carrier Rail service car.png Used to maintain rail lines, operating on four wheels, with two seats, and a flat open body for moving supplies
Train FO76 Grafton (Locomotive).jpg Used for transporting freight in the pre-War United States.
Train loader FO76 Bucket loader 2.png Heavy equipment machines used in construction to move aside or load materials such as asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, raw minerals, recycled material, or rock into or onto another type of machinery.


Vehicle Image Description
Airplane FO76 Horizon's Rest.png A passenger vehicle used to transport both people and cargo before the war.
Biplane Fo76 Biplane red.png A small PT-00D aircraft utilizing a radial piston engine, and 73 octane aviation fuel.
Cargobot FO76 Cargobot.jpg An automated, airborne cargo-delivery drone that transports government aid drops.
Stingray Deluxe FO76 Stingray del 1.png
Vertibot FO76 21020 Cargoboy 1.png Automated aircraft used to defend cargobots, as well as to survey local regions.


Vehicle Image Description
Canoe FO76 Vehicle list 1.png Designed to ferry a small number of people across waterways by way of padding oars. They are open on top and are pointed on either end. Paddlers face in the direction of travel.
Fishing boat Red trawler ohio river adventures.png Boats that are designed for fishing with large nets.

Jetski Fo76 Vehicle new 20 .png A small watercraft meant for singular person use.
Jetboat Fo76 Vehicle new 1.png Fitted with inboard engines to propel the vessel over the top of the water, jetboats were used for recreational purposes before the war.
Metal row boat FO76 New vehicles 9.png A small boat that is designed and equipped primarily for fishing, usually in freshwater such as lakes, rivers, and streams.
Raft Fo76 Vehicle new 2.png Lightweight boats that are designed to float while inflated.
Row boat FO76 21020 rowboat 2.png A small boat used before the Great War, rowed by oars.
Sailboat FO76 21020 Sailboat 4.png A large cruising vessel, utilized for recreation.
Tugboat FO76 21020 towboat 2.png A vessel that maneuvers other vessels by pulling them with a tow line.


Vehicle Image Description
Bicycle FO76 Bicycle.png A conventional manually operated vehicle, used for personal transport.
Combine drone Fallout 76 unused content FO76 Combine drone 2.png Unused in-game.
Golf cart Golfcartwillardcorporatehousing.png Golf carts were pre-War vehicles used at courses such as the Whitespring golf club to transport patrons from one hole to another. They have three wheels and are found in a variety of colors with a protruding steering wheel. The carts have roofs and feature golf bag racks on the back.
Street cleaner FO76 Vehicle list 23.png Similar in appearance to a vacuum cleaner, the vehicle was used before the Great War to clear refuse from the streets of cities. Following the war, street cleaners are left abandoned throughout the wastelands, showing wear and tear from the elements.