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This page describes major updates for Fallout 76. With the online nature of the game, what were previously known as add-ons now function as a series of updates spanning a certain period of time featuring new content. All of this content is free and is incorporated into the game. Bethesda released a roadmap of Fallout 76 updates for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2019 on February 21, 2019.[1] The 2020 roadmap was released on May 14, 2020.[2]

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Wild Appalachia
Wild Appalachia is the first major update for Fallout 76.

A mythical beast, a lost generation of scouts, and the strongest brew this side of the wasteland. Welcome to Wild Appalachia – a series of new quests, features, events, crafting systems and more starting on March 12 and appearing over several weeks.

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Nuclear Winter
Nuclear Winter is the second major update for Fallout 76.

Summer will bring another series of major updates to Fallout 76, including Nuclear Winter - an entirely new way to play that changes the rules of the wasteland.

FO76 LargeHero Nuclear Winter.png
Wastelanders is the third major update for Fallout 76.

Embark on a tale with true choice and consequences in Wastelanders – our biggest and most ambitious update for 76. Wastelanders will include a new main questline, new factions, new events, new features and even more surprises.

Fo76 LargeHero Wastelanders.png
Introducing Seasons
Introducing Seasons is the fourth major update for Fallout 76.

From the makers of Unstoppables Shindig, Blast Radius, and Catch the Commie comes The Legendary Run - a new way to experience irradiated West Virginia. Each season brings a new progression of challenges to complete, plus exclusive rewards like Atom Bundles, Perk Card packs, and unique cosmetics.

FO76 Updated 2020 Roadmap - Introducing Seasons.png
One Wasteland For All
One Wasteland For All is the fifth major update for Fallout 76.

Experience all that the Appalachian Wasteland has to offer no matter your level. Rebalanced combat and rewards scale to your level so players at different levels can easily team up to experience the entire world together---from the Toxic Valley to the Cranberry Bog.

FO76 Updated 2020 Roadmap - One Wasteland.png
Steel Dawn
Steel Dawn is the sixth major update for Fallout 76.

Later this year, the Brotherhood of Steel returns to Appalachia in search of new technology. The start of a new story arc, Steel Dawn will introduce new NPCs, quests, and companions to the West Virginia Wasteland.

Steel Dawn promo art.jpg
Locked & Loaded
Locked & Loaded is the seventh major update for Fallout 76.[3]

Perk Loadouts • C.A.M.P. Loadouts • Daily Ops: Decryption • Melee improvements

FO76 LargeHero Locked and Loaded.png
Steel Reign
July 2021 (planned)
Mbox upcoming.png
Steel Reign is the eighth major update for Fallout 76.

The next chapter in the story of the Brotherhood of Steel, picking up where Steel Dawn left off.

FO76 2021 Roadmap Steel Reign.png
Worlds Are Changing
Fall 2021
Mbox upcoming.png
Worlds Are Changing is the ninth major update for Fallout 76.

The evolution of private worlds and expansion of Daily Operations.

FO76 2021 Roadmap Worlds Are Changing.png
Tales From the Stars
Winter 2021
Mbox upcoming.png
Tales From the Stars is the tenth major update for Fallout 76.

Addition of 4-star legendary gear, Ritual seasonal event, and Invaders from Beyond as part of an all-new public challenge system.

FO76 2021 Roadmap Tales From the Stars.png

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