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FO76 R91 rifle skin

R91 skin (handmade rifle)

Unused content refers to properly compiled found in the game files of Fallout 76 which has never been accessible within the game itself (without exploits). Unused content may still retain game functionality and may appear in a future release.

See Fallout 76 cut content for evidenced content which appears unfinished or deliberately eschewed, and Fallout 76 removed content for content which was once accessible in the game and later made inaccessible.




Armor and clothing[]


  • Amusement park uniform medium Atomic Shop
  • Black vest and slacks medium Atom
  • Blue and yellow dress medium Atom
  • Bowling league uniform medium Atom
  • Cage armor
  • Cait's outfit medium Atom
  • Clean blue suit medium Atom
  • Clean grey suit medium Atom
  • Clean tan suit medium Atom
  • Cutthroat outfit medium Atom
  • (Dirty) military intel officer uniform medium Atom
  • (Dirty) military officer uniform medium Atom
  • (Dirty) space suit jumpsuit medium Atom
  • (Dirty) yellow trench coat medium Atom
  • Grafton monsters jacket and jeans
  • Fortune teller outfit medium Atom
  • Grafton Steel jumpsuit medium Atom
  • Green fisherman's overalls medium Atom
  • Helmeted cage armor
  • Helmeted spike armor
  • Human cannonball outfit medium Atom
  • Hunter's pelt outfit
  • Jack Gourdon black outfit medium Atom
  • Jaguar short suit medium Atom
  • Laundered denim dress medium Atom
  • Laundered pink dress medium Atom
  • Lion dancer outfit (green) medium Atom
  • Lion dancer outfit (red) medium Atom
  • Mr. Fuzzy mascot suit
  • Pioneer Scout squirrel skirt
  • Pioneer Scout squirrel shorts
  • Plaid pants suit medium Atom
  • Plaid short suit medium Atom
  • Racecar driver outfit medium Atom
  • Raider scavenger outfit medium Atom
  • RobCo jumpsuit medium Atom
  • Roller derby uniform medium Atom
  • Spike armor
  • Trusty sidekick costume medium Atom
  • Vault 111 jumpsuit medium Atom
  • Vintage football uniform (Tricentennial) medium Atom
  • Vintage football uniform (VTU) medium Atom
  • Vintage football uniform (Yao guai) medium Atom
  • VTU t-shirt and jeans medium Atom
  • Watoga jumpsuit medium Atom
  • Wavy Willard's jumpsuit medium Atom
  • Valentine's trench coat


  • Black bunny ears medium Atom
  • Black jack-o-lantern helmet medium Atom
  • Blood Eagle charmer helmet medium Atom
  • Brotherhood of Steel infantry hood
  • The Captain's hat
  • Communist officer's gas mask medium Atom
  • Cutthroat helmet medium Atom
  • (Dirty) medical face mask medium Atom
  • (Dirty) straw bucket hat medium Atom
  • Fasnacht blue jester mask medium Atom
  • Fasnacht blue man mask medium Atom
  • Fasnacht blue owl mask medium Atom
  • Fasnacht green skull mask medium Atom
  • Fasnacht green toothy man mask medium Atom
  • Fasnacht red giant mask medium Atom
  • Fasnacht red goblin mask medium Atom
  • Fasnacht yellow soldier mask medium Atom
  • Fortune teller hat medium Atom
  • Free Radicals banded helmet medium Atom
  • Free Radicals bladed helmet medium Atom
  • Free Radicals cowl medium Atom
  • Free Radicals head covering medium Atom
  • Free Radicals hood medium Atom
  • Free Radicals spiked helmet medium Atom
  • Green military utility cap medium Atom
  • Grey bunny ears medium Atom
  • Hat, monogrammed B.B. Wolf
  • Human cannonball helmet medium Atom
  • Intel officer dress hat medium Atom
  • Modern bonnet medium Atom
  • Motivational collar
  • Mr. Fuzzy mascot head
  • Pillbox hat medium Atom
  • Pink military beret medium Atom
  • Pioneer Scout hat: Squirrel
  • Raider scavenger hat medium Atom
  • Raider scavenger mask medium Atom
  • Trapper helmet
  • Trusty sidekick mask medium Atom
  • Vault-Girl leper'chaun head medium Atom
  • Vault-Tec security helmet medium Atom
  • Vintage football helmet (Tricentennial) medium Atom
  • Vintage football helmet (VTU) medium Atom
  • Vintage football helmet (Yao guai) medium Atom
  • White bunny ears medium Atom
  • Wrestler mask Fallout 1st
  • Wood helmet



  • Black secret service underarmor medium Atom
  • Bowling league uniform medium Atom
  • Racecar driver outfit medium Atom
  • Roller derby uniform medium Atom
  • Torn shirt & jeans medium Atom
  • Torn shirt & ragged pants medium Atom
  • Trusty sidekick underarmor
  • Vault 63 jumpsuit
  • Vault 111 jumpsuit medium Atom
  • Vault 118 jumpsuit
  • Wrap & ripped jeans medium Atom
  • Wrap & ragged pants medium Atom
  • Wrestler outfit Fallout 1st

Armor and apparel mods[]

Power armor:


Weapon mods[]




Keys and passwords[]


World objects[]


Terminal entries[]