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Seasons or 76 seasons refers to a game mechanic implemented in the The Legendary Run update for Fallout 76, which provides themed rewards in return for completing daily challenges.


Seasons is a mechanic intended to provide players with repeatable daily activities that allow them to unlock a total of 100 rewards. Replacing Atom daily challenges, completion of in-game activities accumulates S.C.O.R.E. points, which help advance through the positions and gain ranks on a scoreboard, unlocking rewards at each rank.

These activities are listed as Daily and Weekly challenges and range from gaining a level and killing specific types of creatures to purchasing and selling items to other players and completing events.

Every time a new Rank is reached, a new claimable reward is unlocked, like a unique outfit, an item for the player character's C.A.M.P., a weapon skin or power armor paint, consumables, perk card packs, Atoms, and in-game currencies, like legendary scrip, caps, or gold bullion. Each reward is redeemed by clicking on the board spaces. Most rewards are account-wide: Every character will receive outfits, weapon skins, CAMP items, etc.; currencies and consumables are the exception and are added to the currently selected character's inventory (last played character by default).

Rewards vary in quality. Certain milestones, like ranks 25, 50, and 76, have special rewards. At rank 100, there is always an "End of Season" bundle, featuring a large collection of season-related rewards.


Behind the scenesEdit

The main menu scoreboard entry for Armor Ace was formerly referred to with the placeholder designation "The March Of Freedom" until the August 21, 2020 Public Test Server update, where it was changed to "Armor Ace." In a later update, the main menu entry was changed to "Scoreboard."


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