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This page lists all robots and computers in Fallout 76.
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  • For robots and computers in other Fallout games, please see "Robots and computers".
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General information

Robots and computers are artificial constructs encountered in Appalachia. Prior to Wastelanders, robots had a large role in delivering the story of a quest and filled in for other traditional functions of human NPCs from previous Fallout games.[1] Although Wastelanders reintroduced humans to the main story, many robot questgivers also received new dialogue.

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Automated turret
Machinegun turret Missile turret Blood Eagle turret Wastelanders
Assaultron strikebreaker Whitespring Assaultron Whitespring desk clerk
Interrogatron Cut content Arktos Pharma Assaultron Wild Appalachia Imposter Sheepsquatch Wild Appalachia
Comrade eyebot Responder eyebot Eyebot guard
Arktos Pharma eyebot Wild Appalachia Eyebomb Wild Appalachia
Grafton mayor
Gun emplacement
Liberator Mark 0 Liberator Mark I Liberator Mark II
Liberator Mark III
Miss Nanny
Whitespring concierge Whitespring Ms Nanny Whitespring Ms Maid
Ms Waitress
Mister Gutsy
Lieutenant Gutsy Major Gutsy Colonel Gutsy
Whitespring Mr Gutsy Mr. Gutsy strikebreaker Free States Gutsy
Arktos Pharma Gutsy Wild Appalachia
Mister Handy
Communist trooper Confederate soldier Cut content Union soldier Cut content
Mr. Farmhand Mr. Messenger Mr Prize-bot
Mr Waiter Mr. Barker Mr Herder
Mr Veterinarian DMV bot Mr. Bandit Wild Appalachia
Whitespring Mr Gardener Whitespring Mr Janitor Whitespring greeter
Whitespring Mr Handy
MODUS armory terminal MODUS medical terminal MODUS production terminal
MODUS science terminal
Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VI
Collectron Bellhop Camden Park security
Operations director Protectron watcher Responder Protectron
Communist sympathizer Confederate soldier Cut content Union soldier Cut content
General's Steak House Protectron Penitentiary guard Police Protectron
Red Rocket Protectron Protectron Watoga government worker Protectron butler
Protectron chef Whitespring bellman Whitespring butler
Whitespring chef Whitespring construction Protectron Whitespring docent
Whitespring doorman Whitespring fire service Protectron Whitespring medical Protectron
Whitespring Protectron Whitespring security chief Whitespring security Protectron
Protectron Watoga government worker Protectron strikebreaker Insult Bot Wild Appalachia
Eta Psi Protectron Wild Appalachia Arktos Pharma Protectron Wild Appalachia Vendor bot Bob
Vendor bot Chad Vendor bot Greg Vendor bot Mack
Vendor bot Phoenix Vendor bot Raider Vendor bot Resin
Vendor bot Responder Vendor bot Wallace Watoga vendor bot
Robobrain sentry Robobrain tactician Robobrain war mind
Robobrain devastator
Sentry bot
Hornwright security bot Whitespring sentry bot Sentry bot strikebreaker
Sentry bot siegebreaker Annihilator sentry bot Annihilator sentry bot Mk.II
Arktos Pharma sentry bot Wild Appalachia
SODUS Steel Dawn