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The following roadways were once thoroughfares of their respective regions, seen or mentioned throughout Appalachia.


The majority of named roads in Appalachia are state routes and city-specific roadways. Many are named after local businesses. Alongside local roadways, there are also main interstates and highways that transect the region. Several directional street signs notating locations are found on or below overpasses or being repurposed as building materials. Some signs have worn away over time and are no longer legible, and some have been defaced with graffiti.

There are several different varieties of roadways, indicated by pre-War signs. National interstate signs are in the shape of a shield, colored in red and blue. State highways are seen as a similar shield shape but black and white. State routes are square or rectangular in shape in black and white. City and directional signs are rectangular, green with white lettering. All even numbered roadways are marked east to west, whereas odd numbered roadways are marked north to south.

Major roadways


Street Image Layout
Interstate 59

FO76 I 59 nif.png
FO76 Interstate 59 ayf.png Begins branching off of state routes 92 and 94 near Grafton, progressing southbound. Highway 64 merges with I-59 near the Landview Lighthouse, running south through the Forest, crossing the New River Gorge Bridge, swinging past the Giant Teapot and Charleston Station. Between Charleston and the Whitespring Resort, it merges into and continues on as Highway 62.


Street Image Layout
Highway 61 FO76 2 21 Signs 15.png Marked north to south. Begins off of Highway 64 around Grafton Dam, running northbound toward the Pioneer Scout camp and ending near the Clarksburg Shooting Club.
Highway 62 FO76 Location road sign new 19.png Marked east to west. Serves as the border of the Whitespring grounds to the east. Behinds north of the resort and progresses southbound, turning west toward the Miners Monument and ending in Charleston.
Highway 63 FO76 Highway 63 ayf.png Marked north to south. Behinds south of Fort Atlas, traversing southbound past Top of the World before merging with Highway 62 before reaching the Whitespring.
Highway 64 FO76 Hwy64 sign.png Marked east to west. Splits from I-59 near Gorge junkyard and heads east before merging into Highway 61 near Grafton Dam.
Highway 65 FO76 Highway 65 ayf.png Marked north to south. Runs through much of the Cranberry Bog and the Mire. Begins north of Watoga, passing through the abandoned Bog Town and RobCo Research Center. In the Mire, it passes through Valley Galleria, the western end of Harpers Ferry, Crevasse Dam and Dyer Chemical, before ending near Abbie's bunker and merging into Highway 66.
Highway 66 FO76 Highway 66 Appal.png Marked east to west. Runs from Abbie's bunker to Red Rocket Mega Stop, before merging with Highway 63 in the Savage Divide near Fort Atlas.

State routes

Street Image Layout
Route 61A FO76 Unmarked 61A.png Branches off of Highway 61 near Grafton Dam. Runs the border of Morgantown to the east towards Fraternity Row.
Route 63A Also known as Hill Road. Begins on the western side of the Whitespring grounds, heading south through the Springhill Golf Course before intersecting with state route 83A/Golf Road.
Route 81 FO76 Roadway sign 81.png Runs the entire western end of the map, along the Ohio River. In the Ash Heap, it passes through the town of Beckley, heading north into the Forest. There, it winds past Ohio River Adventures and Hillfolk Hotdogs, continues through Point Pleasant southbound, merging with State Route 83 near the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant.
Route 82 Unused Fallout 76 unused content
Route 83 FO76 Road sign 83.png Begins just south of Charleston at Highway 62. Runs through much of the central Ash Heap, passing the Rusty Pick, the Sludge Works before changing course westbound, past the air purifier sites and merging with State Route 81 just south of Camden Park.
Route 83A FO76 Street sign 83A 62.png Two separate segments run both north and south of Highway 62. The northern section serves as the southern border of the Whitespring grounds, also known as Golf Road. The southern loop runs from State Route 93 in the east, past Big Bend Tunnel West and Lake Reynolds, then merging with State Route 83.
Route 84 FO76 Route 84.png Running along the southern reaches of the region, branching off of State Route 83 near Hornwright air purifier site 03 and passing abandoned mine shaft 1 and Hornwright testing site 2 before reconvening with SR 83.
Route 85 FO76 Road sign 85.png A short and winding route through the state capital, State Route 85 begins at Highway 62, running north to south through the capital building ruins, and swinging northwest along the river, passing the Charleston Herald building and Hornwright Industrial Headquarters before merging back into Highway 62.
Route 86 FO76 State Route 86 sign.png A short segment beginning directly north of the New River Gorge Bridge. Branches off State Route 86B just before Flatwoods, heading westward past the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center and Sunshine Meadows industrial farm before merging with State Route 81.
Route 86B FO76 221020 Hwy 86B East sign.png Begins in Flatwoods by the Green Country Lodge. Heads southbound, crossing I-59 and running parallel with the railroad tracks through Sutton before cutting east through Helvetia, merging with State Route 89.
Route 87 FO76 301020 Hwy 87 North sign.png Surrounds the Summersville Lake; one end merges into I-59 near Charleston, the other merges with Highway 62 near Riverside Manor.
Route 87A FO76 191020 87A street sign.png Connects Routes 87 and 91 by running through Summersville.
Route 88 FO76 Street sign state route 88.png Runs from Black Mountain Ordnance Works to The Wayward, through the west-central part of the Forest.
Route 88B FO76 Locations Forest 8.png Splits out of Flatwoods and winds north, past Green Country Lodge, and ending at relay tower EM-B1-27.
Route 89 FO76 Roadway sign 89.png Connects to Routes 86B, 87, 91 and 95; runs along the Gauley River ends at Lakeside Cabins in the south and Morgantown in the north.
Route 90 FO76 Location road sign new 2.png Begins at Vault 76, running northwest through the Forest. Traverses one switchback before ending at State Route 81 in front of Tyler County Fairgrounds and Dirt Track. The stretch has six sets of roadway signs and consists mostly of car accidents. Blood Eagles, and Liberators may be encountered along State Route 90 as well as Raider punk.
Route 91 FO76 191020 State Route 91 street sign.png Splits from Route 89 near Tygart water treatment, heads north past White Powder Winter Sports before merging into Route 95.
Route 92 FO76 191020 State Route 92(1).png
Route 93 FO76 Street sign 93.png Circling several locations from its start at State Route 83A. Passes Hornwright air purifier site 02, Pleasant Hills Cemetery and Big Bend Tunnel West before looping around the Mega Mansions before its terminus at Hornwright testing site 3.
Route 93A FO76 Street sign state route 93A.png A short segment with Uncanny Caverns to the east and Bastion Park to the west. Begins at Highway 62 and subsequently merges into State Route 93.
Route 94 FO76 State Route 94 sign.png
Route 95 FO76 Location road sign new 13.png Formed near Morgantown, heads east through Bolton Greens and Monongah and moves north to the Palace of the Winding Path, where it merges with Route 98.
Route 95A FO76 Road sign 95A.png
Route 95B FO76 081120 95A street sign Morgantown.png
Route 96 FO76 Road sign 96.png Connects several locations in the Toxic Valley, starting at Route 81, passing Hemlock Holes and the Woods Estate, ending in Clarksburg.
Route 97 FO76 191020 State Route 97.png Splits off from Highway 61 northeast of Grafton Steel, leads northeast past Philippi Battlefield Cemetery and ends at Prickett's Fort.
Route 98 FO76 Street sign state route 98.png
Route 101 FO76 State Route 101 Street Sign.png Runs from Foundation and heads south, ending at Dent & Sons Construction.
Route 102 FO76 Road sign 102.png Splits from Route 101 and winds past R&G Processing Services and Mountainside Bed & Breakfast before merging with Route 93A.
Route 103 FO76 State Route 103 Street Sign.png An unpaved road that splits from Route 101 near the R&G Station railroad tracks, heading south to Vault 96.
Route 104 FO76 New signs 2.png
Route 105 FO76 Route 105.png Cuts through the Savage Divide, passing Big Fred's BBQ Shack and Beckwith Farm before ending at the junction with Highway 62
Route 106 Unused Fallout 76 unused content
Route 107 FO76 2 21 Signs 14.png Runs from Thunder Mountain substation TM-01 to the flooded trainyard, partly along the Savage Divide's border with both the Mire and the Cranberry Bog. It passes through Berkeley Springs, Huntersville and Fort Defiance, and merges into Highway 65 on both ends.
Route 108 FO76 Route 108.png Connects Route 107 to Highway 65, allowing travelers to bypass Berkeley Springs by heading south of the Sunday Brothers' cabin.


Berkeley Springs

Street Image Layout
N Washington Street FO76 Street sign N Washington.png

FO76 N Washington Street sign.png
S Washington Street FO76 Street sign S Washington.png

FO76 S Washington Street sign.png
Fairfax Street FO76 Street sign Fairfax St.png

FO76 Fairfax St sign.jpg
W Main Street FO76 Street sign W Main.png

FO76 W Main Street.png
The sign is behind the vendor bot in Berkeley Springs Station.
Market Street FO76 Street sign Market St.png

FO76 Market Street.png
Cacapon Road FO76 Cacapon Rd.png

FO76 Cacapon Road.png


Street Image Layout
St. Johns Street FO76 311020 St John Street.png

FO76 St Johns Street.png
Main Street FO76 311020 Main Street.png

FO76 Main Street.png
Beech Street FO76 311020 Beech Street.png

FO76 Beech Street.jpg


Street Image Layout
Dickinson Street FO76 Charleston bridge.png Crosses the Kanawha River via the South Side Bridge towards the state capitol heading east to west.
Washington Street FO76 Directional sign 915 14.png

FO76 Washington Street sign.png
Sign seen above I-59.
East Street Mentioned Seen via the namesake East Street Bank.
Broad Street Mentioned Location of Victoria Peterson's former home.
Oak Street Mentioned Location of George Matoukas' former home.
Main Street Mentioned Robert Gardiner homicide victims' home.


Street Image Layout
W. Boyd Street FO76 Location 19521 12.png

FO76 W Boyd Street.png
Francis Street FO76 311020 Francis Street.png

FO76 Francis Street.png
W Wilford Street FO76 Wilson St.png

FO76 W Wilford St.png
The home of Otis Pike was located at 316 W. Wilford Street.[1]

Harpers Ferry

Street Image Layout
Church Street FO76 Harpers Church St.png

Potomac Street FO76 Harpers Ferry (Potomac St).jpg

FO76 Potomac Street.png
At the northern edge of town, intersecting Shenandoah Street near a trading post and cluster of buildings.
Shenandoah Street FO76 Harpers Shen Rd.png

FO76 Shenandoah Street.png
Intersects Potomac Street on the northern edge of town.


Street Image Layout
Pickens Road FO76 Pickens Road.png

FO76 Pickens Road signs.png
Running through the town of Helvetia, intersects with Helvetia-Adolph Road.
Helvetia-Adolph Road Helvetia-Adolph Road-Fallout76.jpg

FO76 Helvetia Adolph Road.png
Running through the town of Helvetia, intersects with Pickens Road.


Street Image Layout
Church Street FO76 Lewis Church St.png

Intersects W. Foster Street near an ice cream stand.
Court Street FO76 Street sign Court Street.png

FO76 Court Street.png
Running north to south on the eastern side of town, intersecting with Main Street.
W. Foster Street FO76 Lewis W Foster St.png

FO76 W Foster Street.png
Intersects Church Street near an ice cream stand.


Street Image Layout
Ewart Avenue FO76 Road sign Ewart.png

FO76 Ewart Ave street sign.png
Running diagonally southeast to northwest, intersecting with Old Monongah Road in the center of town.
Old Monongah Road FO76 Road sign Old Mon Rd.png

FO76 Old Monongah Road.png
Main thoroughfare through town, making a U-shape on the perimeter between central Monongah and the residences on the outskirts.
Pike Street FO76 Road sign pike.png

FO76 Pike Street sign.png
Branches off of Old Monongah Road to the north, forming far northern perimeter of the residential area opposite of Pike Street.
Church Street FO76 Road sign Church St.png

FO76 Church Street sign.png
Branches off of Old Monongah Road to the south, forming far southern perimeter of the residential area opposite of Church Street.
Camden Avenue FO76 Road sign Camden.png

FO76 Camden Ave.png
Connecting at the entrance of town, a diagonally running road that intersects both Church and Pike Street towards the center of town.


Street Image Layout
Kelvin Street FO76 Fraternity Row Kelvin Street.png Location of Fraternity Row houses, including the address for Eta Psi House.


Street Image Layout
Main Street FO76 Roadway sign Main St.png

FO76 Main Street.png
Runs on the southwest side of town, heading southbound exiting the main central area.
Broad Street FO76 311020 Broad Street.png

FO76 Broad Street.png
Intersects Main Street on the north side of town.
W. Washington Street FO76 Location road sign new 10.png

FO76 W Washington Street sign.png
Makes a U-shape around the voting tents in the center of town.


Street Image Layout
3rd Street FO76 28920 Sutton 3rd Street sign.png

FO76 3rd Street.png
Runs perpendicular to Main Street, meeting in front of the Red Rocket filling station.
Main Street FO76 Sutton Main St street sign.png

FO76 Main Street.png
Runs perpendicular to 3rd Street, meeting in front of the Red Rocket filling station. Central thoroughfare of the town, ending at State Route 89.


Street Image Layout
AMS East Street FO76 Watoga (AMS E - Destiny Dr intersection).png

FO76 AMS East St sign.png
Starts facing east from the roundabout at AMS corporate headquarters, goes through Watoga Shopping Plaza and Drumlin Diner; intersects Destiny Dr. and Innovation East St.
AMS West Street FO76 Watoga AMS West street sign.png

FO76 AMS West St sign.jpg
Accessed by going straight from the entrance sign; passes by Watoga Emergency Services and the Watoga Transit Hub.
Circuit Road FO76 Watoga (Circuit Rd).png

FO76 Circuit Road.png
A road spanning the north boundary of the city, branching off from AMS West St., passing by the Watoga Civic Center and Watoga Towers, and ends intersecting into Route 65.
Destiny Drive FO76 Watoga (AMS E - Destiny Dr intersection).png

FO76 Destiny Drive.png
A short road between AMS East St. and Innovation East St.; passes by Watoga Underground.
Electron Road FO76 Watoga (Electron Rd).png

FO76 Electron Road.png
Provides access to the Watoga Civic Center, intersects with AMS West St. deeper into the city.
Industry Road FO76 Watoga Industry Road street sign.png

FO76 Industry Road.png
A short road which curves around Watoga Towers, connecting with Circuit Road and Electron Road.
Innovation East Street FO76 Watoga (Innovation East St).png

FO76 Innovation E St.png
Below monorail line; passes by parking lot to Watoga High School, goes to Drumlin Diner and intersects with AMS East St.
Innovation West Street FO76 Innovation W street sign.png

FO76 Innovation W St.png
Goes into the city from Tomorrow Ln., below monorail line; passes by Transit Hub and Watoga Estates. An unnamed road between it and AMS West St. provides access to the Watoga Municipal Center. Ends at RobCo Blvd.
RobCo Boulevard FO76 Watoga (RobCo Blvd).png

FO76 RobCo Blvd.png
Splits from Tomorrow Ln. near Watoga High and continues past the vertibird crash site to Watoga Towers before splitting off into Route 107.
Tomorrow Lane FO76 Watoga (Tomorrow Ln).png

FO76 Tomorrow Lane.png
Accessed by turning right from the entrance sign; runs along the outside border of town before ending going into Watoga High.


Street Image Layout
Elkhorn Street FO76 Road sign Elkhorn St.png

FO76 Elkhorn Street sign.png
Splits from McDowell St. and goes west through a residential area; the road itself is mostly eroded
Kanawha Street FO76 Kanawha sign.png

Fo76 Kanawha Street.png
McDowell Street FO76 Road sign McDowell St.png

FO76 McDowell Street sign.png
Connects to Route 83 and runs through most of the town; past the entrance sign, drug store and post office. Ends at the graveyard.


Street Image Layout
Artisan's Way FO76 Loc new 7.png Begins at Northridge Drive, laid out east to west in front of the Artisan's Row Shoppes. Merges into parking lot before Springhouse Lane.
Garden Drive FO76 Loc new 15.png Begins at Spring Street in front of the fire station, runs southwest, merging into Hill Street near the Springhouse.
Golf Road FO76 Location road sign new 16.png Serves as the southern border of the Whitespring grounds, also known as State Route 83A. Intersects Highway 62 on both the east and west ends.
Hill Street FO76 Loc new 12.png

FO76 Hill Street.png
Begins at the merger of Garden Drive, also known as State Route 63A. Runs north to south, ending at a T-intersection with Golf Road.
High Street FO76 Road sign Spring High.png

FO76 High Street.png
Begins at Spring Street near the main entrance. Runs east to west in front of the cottages, ending at Northridge Drive.
Northridge Drive FO76 Loc new 6.png

FO76 Northridge Drive.png
Enters grounds from the north, beginning at Highway 62 near New Appalachian Central Trainyard. Runs between cottages on the northern edge of the grounds, ending at the intersection of Spring Street and Garden Drive by the fire station.
Paradise Court FO76 Loc new 16.png

FO76 Paradise Court.png
Serves as a frontage path to the cottages near the north entrance of main resort building. Begins at Garden Drive near the Whitespring tablet and ending at Hill Street by the outdoor pool.
Spring Street FO76 Loc new 9.png

FO76 Spring Street.png
Serves as the main entrance roadway, beginning at Highway 62 and ending at Garden Drive in front of the fire station.
Springhouse Lane FO76 Loc new 13.png

FO76 Springhouse Lane.png
Begins at Garden Drive in front of the Whitespring tablet, providing access to the Springhouse before merging into Hill Street.


Street Image Layout
New River Gorge Bridge FO76 New River Gorge Bridge full.png Distinct teal-painted steel arch bridge that spans the New River. Part of Interstate 59, the bridge connects the Appalachian cities of Sutton and Charleston.
Silver Bridge FO76 Loc new 3.png An eyebar suspension bridge spanning the Ohio River, linking Gallipolis, Ohio with Point Pleasant, West Virginia, now collapsed.
South Road Bridge FO76WL Point Pleasant south entrance.png Provides access to Point Pleasant along State Route 81.
South Side Bridge FO76 South Side Bridge 2.png Crossing the Kanawha River on Dickinson Street, now collapsed.

Bus lines

Line Image Layout
Green Line FO76 Green Line.png Bus stops throughout Appalachia.



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