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FO76 Atomic Shop access point - Charleston station

Atomic Shop access points

Removed content refers to content in Fallout 76 which was previously present or legitimately obtainable in the game world but has since been removed via patching. Removed items were deleted or modified from player inventories and are no longer accessible. Items stored in vendors or displays will be preserved until they are unassigned.


Armor and clothing[]


Legendary effects[]

^ (Note) Explosive energy weapons are currently available in the Public Test Server with the tentative changes to legendary crafting; it is not yet confirmed if this will be implemented in the live game.

Miscellaneous items[]

  • Behemoth slam explosion
  • Behemoth stomp explosion
  • Snallygaster spit attack explosion
  • Vault Raids Reactor catalyst canister
  • Vault Raids Thistle seed canister
  • Vault Raids Crackerberry seed canister
  • Vault Raids Pumpkin seed canister
  • Vault Raids Melon seed canister
  • Vault Raids Dogwood seed canister
  • Vault Raids Carrot seed canister
  • Vault Raids Bloodleaf seed canister
  • Vault Raids Gourd seed canister
  • Vault Raids Ginseng seed canister
  • Vault Raids Creeper vine seed canister
  • Vault Raids Bean seed canister
  • Vault Raids Rhododendron seed canister
  • Vault Raids Wild rose seed canister
  • Vault Raids Blackberry seed canister
  • Vault Raids Pitcher plant seed canister
  • Vault Raids Aster seed canister
  • Vault Raids Wheat seed canister
  • Vault Raids Cattail seed canister
  • Vault Raids Cranberry seed canister
  • Vault Raids Corn seed canister
  • Vault Raids Ammonia canister
  • Vault Raids Arsenic canister
  • Vault Raids Biowaste canister
  • Vault Raids Bromine canister
  • Vault Raids Cadmium canister
  • Vault Raids Organochlorine canister
  • Vault Raids Plutonium canister
  • Vault Raids Radium canister
  • Vault Raids Sodium cyanide canister
  • Vault Raids Uranium canister

Holotapes and notes[]

Keys and passwords[]


World objects


Vault raids

Radio stations[]




Radio songs[]


Hunger and Thirst

Player characters previously needed food and water to properly function. Neglecting either of them would result in negative effects, including:

  • Reduced maximum AP - Being Famished or Parched would reduce the player's max AP by 25% (or 50% for both), while being Starving or Dehydrated would reduce it by 50% (or 100% for both, effectively leaving the player with zero AP)
  • An increased chance to get diseases (up to 100%)
  • Death (if either bar was empty, the player's health would decrease continuously at a moderate to rapid pace)

Players would be warned that they were suffering from Dehydration and/or Starvation when either bar dropped to zero. Additionally, the hunger and thirst icons would turn red if they dropped below 25%.

Hunger and thirst remain in the game, but the Steel Dawn update removed the negative effects caused by neglecting them. The positive effects of being well-fed and hydrated have not only remained, but have been buffed as well.

The table below shows the original ways Hunger and Thirst functioned in the game.

Food and water
Range Name Effect(s) Form ID
76% - 100% Well Fed Max HP +25, Disease Resistance +25%
26% - 75% Fed None
1% - 25% Famished AP reduction -25%, Disease Resistance -25%
0% Starving AP reduction -50%, HP -0.25, Disease Resistance -50%
76% - 100% Well Hydrated AP regeneration +25, Disease Resistance +25%
26% - 75% Hydrated None
1% - 25% Parched AP reduction -25%, Disease Resistance -25%
0% Dehydrated AP reduction -50%, HP -0.25, Disease Resistance -50%


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 Since Update 5, energy weapons can no longer drop with the explosive legendary effect.
  2. Since Update 18, harpoons can no longer drop with the explosive legendary effect.
  3. Removed in patch 22.