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All random encounter nodes in Appalachia

While traveling throughout Appalachia, the player may experience random encounters at select locations. Random encounters take between 10–30 minutes to respawn.

Assault encounters

Assault encounters map
Mappalachia Assault encounters.jpg
Assault-type encounters
FO76 RE Anglers vs Scorched.png
Anglers vs. Scorched
All regions
Anglers vs. Super Mutants
All regions
Ants v Settlers
All regions
If successfully aided, any surviving settlers Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_AssaultZW06 members will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
Assaultron vs Raiders
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
BoS vs Blood Eagles
Savage Divide, The Mire
BoS vs Cultist
The Mire
BoS vs Scorched
Savage Divide, Cranberry Bog
BoS vs Super Mutant
Savage Divide, The Mire
Deathclaw v Raiders
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
If successfully aided, any surviving raiders members will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
Deathclaw vs Ants
All regions
Deathclaw vs. Super Mutants
All regions
Feral ghouls vs. Super Mutants
All regions
Floaters vs Blood Eagles
Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
Floaters vs Cultists
Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
Floaters vs Scorched
Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
Fog Crawlers vs. Scorched
All regions
Ghouls v Raiders
All regions
If successfully aided, any surviving raiders members will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
Ghouls vs. Liberators
All regions
Ghouls vs. Scorched
All regions
Greaser Scorched vs Radroaches Cut content
All regions
Gulpers vs. Mirelurks
All regions
Gulpers vs. Scorched
All regions
Gulpers vs. Super Mutants
All regions
Liberators vs. Scorched
All regions
Mirelurks v Settlers
Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
If successfully aided, any surviving settlers Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_AssaultZW07 members will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
Mirelurks vs. Scorched
All regions
Mirelurks vs. Super Mutants
All regions
Mole Miners vs. Raiders
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
If successfully aided, any surviving raiders members will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
Mole Miners v Settlers
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
If successfully aided, any surviving settlers Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_AssaultZW08 members will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
Mole Miners vs. Scorched
All regions
Mole Miners vs. Super Mutants
All regions
Mothman vs Glowing One Cut content
All regions
Old Man vs. Critters
All regions
Involves finding a Settler Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_AssaultBB02 attacking a pack of possums. If one kills the possums, the Settler will remark that the possums had been bugging them for weeks, and the player will receive a small amount of Settler reputation.
Protectrons v Settlers
All regions
If successfully aided, any surviving settlers Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_AssaultZW04 members will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
FO76 RE Radscorpion v Raiders.png
Radscorpion v Raiders
Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
If successfully aided, any surviving raiders members will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
Radscorpions vs. Super Mutants
All regions
FO76WL RE Raiders vs Settlers.png
Raiders attacking Settlers Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_AssaultAF01
All regions
If successfully aided, any member of the surviving faction will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
Scorched Baseball vs Yao Guai
All regions
Scorched MegaSloth vs. Super Mutants
All regions
Scorched v Raiders
All regions
If successfully aided, any surviving raiders members will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
Scorched vs. Robots
All regions
Sentry Bot vs. Super Mutants
All regions
Sheepsquatch vs. Mole Miners
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
Sheepsquatch vs. Scorched
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
FO76 RE Sheepsquatch vs Super Mutants.png
Sheepsquatch vs. Super Mutants
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
Super Mutants vs. Deathclaw Cut content
All regions
Super Mutants v Raiders
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
If successfully aided, any surviving raiders members will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
Super Mutants vs. Robots
All regions
Super Mutants vs. Scorched
Cranberry Bog
Super Mutants vs. Scorched Cut content
All regions
Ticks v Settlers
All regions
If successfully aided, any surviving settlers Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_AssaultZW03 members will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
Wendigo Colossus Assault
All regions but only after a nuke
FO76 RE Wolves v Settlers.png
Wolves v Settlers
All regions
If successfully aided, any surviving settlers Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_AssaultZW05 members will award the player with a small amount of reputation.
Wolves vs. Megasloth
All regions
Yao Guai vs. Honey Beasts
All regions
Yao Guai vs. Super Mutants
All regions
FO76IB RE Zetans vs Appalachia.jpg
Zetans vs. Appalachia
All regions
Zetans fighting various enemies.

Camp encounters

Camp encounters map
Mappalachia camp encounters.jpg
Camp-type encounters
Aspiring Scribe
Ash Heap
BoS Mother and Son Cut content
Amelia and her son, Michael, argue near a malfunctioning Brotherhood recruiter Protectron.
Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_Camp_JP17_Campers
Commanding Officer and Lackey
Two former Army soldiers Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_Camp_JP15_TwoSoldiers who previously resided in a Vault.
FO76WL RE Date Night.png
Couple on a Date
Two former Vault dwellers, Dino and Carla, are celebrating their 50th anniversary.
FO76WL Wandering Storyteller.png
Cryptid Stories:
• Flatwoods Monster
• Sheepsquatch
• Snallygaster

A wandering storyteller with two dogs offers tales concerning encounters with various cryptids.
Doctor Helping Raiders/Settlers
Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_CampAF02
FO76WL RE Former Bullies.png
Former Bullies
Bully's note is found among the corpses of two bullies.
Hostile Camp: Assaultrons
FO76WL RE Dead Cultists fancy glass.png
Hostile Camp: Blood Eagles
This random encounter has several variants, all of which feature hostile Blood Eagles. One variant features the Blood Eagles Blood Eagles/Dialogue#W05_RE_Camp_JP07_BloodEagleCamp by themselves, or near deceased settlers or super mutants. There are also two variants featuring deceased Mothman cultists in the Blood Eagle camp, during which the Cultist's final pleas notes and/or the unique fancy glass junk items may be acquired.
Hostile Camp: Blood Eagles
Hostile Camp: Blood Eagles
Hostile Camp: Blood Eagles
Hostile Camp: Blood Eagles
Hostile Camp: Blood Eagles
Hostile Camp: Cultists
Involves finding three Cultist's scrawlings.
FO76 RE camp hostilefloaters.png
Hostile Camp: Floaters
Ash Heap, Cranberry Bog, The Mire, Savage Divide, Toxic Valley
A group of floaters guard the bodies of super mutants.
Hostile Camp: Ghouls
Hostile Camp: Hounds
Hostile Camp: Mole Miners
Hostile Camp: Scorched
Hostile Camp: Super Mutants, Hounds & Floaters
FO76 RE camp hostilewolves.png
Hostile Camp: Wolves
Any region
A pack of wolves scavenge the campsite of several slain settlers.
Hostile Camp: Yao Guai
Returning Camper
Involves finding four Camper's notes.
FO76WL RE Camp Soldier And Scientist.jpg
Soldier with Techy
A scientist and an Army soldier remark about their partnership.
Super Mutants Admire Floater
Two super mutants discussing the nature of their newfound floater ally. Super mutant (Fallout 76)/Dialogue#Super Mutants Admire Floater
Two Scientists
Two scientists Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_Camp_JP13_TwoScientists studying mutations in the local wildlife and measuring environmental damage in the soil.
Undecided Newcomers
Help scavengers Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_CampAF03 decide between the Foundation or the Crater.
FO76WL RE Scavenger Trader (Merchant Chems).png
 · Armor
 · Chem Dealer Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_CampAF01
 · Clinic
 · Clothing
 · Food
 · Miscellaneous
 · Weapons

A scavenger trader, trader or traveling merchant offers to do business.
Note: If an ally is active, vendors may appear at a CAMP.
FO76IB RE Zetan Ambushed Camp.png
Zetan Ambushed Camp
All regions
A camp that has been ambushed by Zetan aliens. The scrawled note can be found nearby.

Object encounters

Object encounters map
Mappalachia Object encounters.jpg
Object-type encounters
Archaeologist Cut content
The Forest
Excavation mound
Backwoodsman: Get Off My Lawn
All regions
FO76 RE Blood Eagle Execution.png
Blood Eagle Settler Execution and Ambush
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
Two Settlers Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_Object_JP01 will be found tied to a refrigerator, surrounded by a group of Blood Eagles Blood Eagles/Dialogue#W05_RE_Object_JP01. One of the Blood Eagles has a missile launcher, which they will use to blow up the captured Settlers.
FO76 Brahmin needles attack.jpg
Brahmin Quill Attack
All regions
A dead brahmin with spoiled meat, three mysterious quills, and brahmin hide that can be looted.
FO76 Brotherhood Scribe (Brotherhood requisition order).jpg
Brotherhood Caravan Fallout 76 removed content
Cranberry Bog
Brotherhood of Steel corpses scattered around a deceased caravan brahmin. They may be looted for apparel and a Brotherhood requisition order.
FO76 RE Crashed Vertibird.png
Crashed Vertibird
All regions but only after a nuke
A crashed vertibird, with a variety of junk, healables and weapons.
Verti with ghouls.png
Crashed Vertibird with Feral Ghoul Crew
All regions
A crashed vertibird, with a variety weapons, junk and aid items, surrounded by feral ghouls.
FO76 Ford.png
Dead and Dismembered
The Mire
Find Ford, holding a holotape, with a duffel bag nearby.
FO76 Hornwright Miner.jpg
Dead Miner Fallout 76 removed content
All regions
Find a dead Hornwright miner. He has a safe key on him.
Deathclaw Nest vs. Scorched Cut content
All regions
Deathclaw Nest vs. Super Mutants
All regions
Deathclaw Vs Merchant Caravan.png
Deathclaw vs. Merchant Caravan
All regions
A Deathclaw that is walking around a Deathclaw nest with a dead pack brahmin and dead merchants.
Survivor camp.png
Destroyed Survivor Camp Fallout 76 removed content
All regions
The player will come across a tent with two turrets and a dead survivor. After a while, a yao guai will start to attack the camp. There is no notable loot.
FO76 Private Miller 79.png
Fake Gold Bars
All regions
A shopping cart holding three fake gold bars, found between the corpse of Private Miller and Tom's now-destroyed robot. The robot holds the note meetup, and Miller holds the note requisition form.
Floater Ambush
Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
FO76 Kora.jpg
Free States Loner
The Mire
Kora's deceased body, with the note The government's plan on it. Close by, a duffle bag with Kora's journal entry, a weapon and ammo.
Fresh Grave Fallout 76 removed content
All regions
The player will come across a fresh grave with a headstone guarded by feral ghouls. The grave will contain random junk or apparel items.
FO76 Fujiniya Intelligence Base Scientist Corpse.jpg
Fujiniya Intelligence Base Scientist Corpse
All regions
Find a PRC scientist, holding the We have failed holotape. The player will come across a skeleton in a lab coat with a 10mm pistol and a doctor's bag lying near it. Searching the bag produces a security ID card for the Fujiniya Intelligence Base, and a holotape, revealing the skeleton to be the remains of a scientist from that facility and working for the People's Republic of China. The holotape reveals the scientist's final moments regarding being sent out to integrate with the survivors of the Great War after losing contact with their superiors in the People's Liberation Army and Communist Party of China. Satisfied that the United States of America met the same fate with being nuked, and apologizing to his comrades, the scientist declares his undying loyalty to the PRC and Communism before committing suicide.
Glowing Radroaches
All regions but only after a nuke
FO76 RE Lemonade stand.png
Lemonade Stand
All regions
A small wooden lemonade stand, marked with blue and yellow balloons. The sign reads "LƎMONADE $50," with a flower drawn around the "o." Mr. Squeeze, a yellow Mister Handy, sits behind the counter selling lemonade. One may also purchase the lemonade recipe, and hard lemonade recipe, among other items.
FO76 LocRev Hawke's Refuge.jpg
Hawke's Refuge Revealed
The Mire
Location is revealed after finding the Note from Brianna Hawke and Plan: Skiing outfit on a raider corpse.
FO76 Civil War reenactor.jpg
Philippi's Cemetery Battlefield Revealed
Toxic Valley
Location is revealed after finding the holotape Appalachia landmarks - Philippi's Cemetery Battlefield on a Civil War reenactor.
FO76 Civil War reenactor.jpg
Prickett's Fort Revealed
Toxic Valley
Location is revealed after finding the holotape Appalachia landmarks - Prickett's Fort on a Civil War reenactor.
Fo76 Trick-or-Treater (Witch costume).jpg
Pumpkin House Revealed
Savage Divide
Location is revealed after finding the holotape Appalachia landmarks - Pumpkin House on a trick-or-treater.
FO76 Greaser Corpse.jpg
The Rusty Pick Revealed
Ash Heap
Location is revealed after finding the note Honky tonk flyer on a Greaser corpse.
RE Lone Traveler.jpg
Lone Traveler
All regions
A dead lone traveler with a random rifle and a duffle bag with food/water aid items, in addition to a weapon and binoculars.
FO76 Lucy rando enc 202211.png
Lucy's Memorial
All regions
A child can be found a few feet away from a grave with a toy alien that can be picked up. A picture of a cat can also be seen at the tombstone that cannot be picked up. The child will mourn the loss of her cat Lucy, who was killed by a mole rat. Should the player pick up the toy alien, she will engage them about the theft. One has an option to give it back or keep it. Deciding to keep it will cause her to cry and call the player a monster. Deciding to give it back, the child will be pleased and give the player a toy rocketship.
FO76 RE Merchant Killed by Ghouls.png
Merchant Killed by Ghouls
The Forest
A deceased Responder volunteer can possibly be found next to a dead brahmin, tent and/or duffle bag. The note Volunteers needed! may be on their body or in the duffle bag. A group of nearby feral ghouls are responsible for the carnage.
Fo76 Merchant killed by Scorched.png
Merchant Killed by Scorched Fallout 76 removed content
All regions
The corpse of a Responder volunteer can be found near a group of Scorched, responsible for the volunteer's death. The note Volunteers needed! will be on the volunteer's body. A dead brahmin and/or first aid box will be nearby, as well.
FO76 Camden Park (Young woman).jpg
Mistress of Mystery Corpse
Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide
Finding the remains of a young woman begins the quest Into the Mystery if not already started.
Cultists and mothman.png
Mothman Cultist Totem Worship
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
Cultists are gathered around an effigy. Occasionally, the Mothman may bless them with its presence.
Seismic Activity
Ash Heap
Raider Power Armor Day.png
Personal Meltdown
Savage Divide
A full set of raider power armor is found in the wilderness. Upon entering it, the voice of a raider can be heard, with three different randomized warnings. However, the raider is long dead, and the player character is free to take the power armor. Personal Meltdown/Dialogue
Pitcher Plant Patch Fallout 76 removed content
Cranberry Bog
A cluster of pitcher plants, ripe for the picking.
Raider. Trap Fallout 76 removed content
Savage Divide
There appears to be a safe, wooden crate, or ammo box in the wilderness. In actuality, it is a trap set by a raider rigged to blow from either a frag mine, plasma mine, or pulse mine.
FO76WA Raider's Last Laugh (Object encounters place).png
Raider's Last Laugh
Savage Divide
Power armor surrounded by traps and mines. A raider corpse has the Dead raider's note on him.
Protectron Repair.png
Rusted Protectron
All regions
A scavenger Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_ObjectAF01 is working on a Protectron. The Protectron has a prompt that states, "The Protectron seems to be partially running. It is unable to move". If the scavenger is talked to, the Vault Dweller can pass an INT 8+ check letting them work on the robot. The Dweller can either leave, fix the Protectron, or sabotage the Protectron.
Satellite Crash
All regions
FO76 Crashed Satellite.jpg
Satellite Crash with Robots Fallout 76 removed content
Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
A couple of Protectrons patrol the site of a crashed satellite, which contains robotic junk items such as copper tubes and military-grade circuit boards.
FO76 RE Scorchbeast leavings.png
Scorchbeast Leavings
All regions
This object encounter involves finding several scorchbeast guano piles surrounded by bloatflies. Two skeletons are buried in the ground nearby.
FO76 RE Sheepsquatch Empty Nest.png
Sheepsquatch Empty Nest
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
FO76WA Sleeping Sheepsquatch.jpg
Sleeping Sheepsquatch
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
A sheepsquatch sleeping in its nest. When approached, it will leap up and attack the player.
FO76WL READ CAREFULLY location.png
Sniper Game
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
Involves finding the note READ CAREFULLY. The note itself will be laying on a small table. Behind it there will be a blackboard with the words "read note!" written on it. The note will ask one to put an item worth at least 20 caps into the box. If one ignores the instructions on the note, a Blood Eagle will spawn with a dog and attack the player. Even if one places the required item, they may still be attacked.
FO76 Random encounters (Suitcase Mystery).jpg
Suitcase Mystery
All regions
A suitcase is alone with only a skeleton nearby. The suitcase has one of six unnamed notes inside that can lead the player to loot at a random location.
FO76 Injured Super Mutant.png
Super Mutant Massacre
All regions
Five dead super mutants carrying mysterious quills are accompanied by one alive, and injured, super mutant who is non-hostile, mourning his dead comrades from a sheepsquatch attack.
Survivor Camp vs Supermutants.jpg
Survivor Camp vs Super Mutants Fallout 76 removed content
All regions
One encounters a dead civilian near a tent, surrounded by a couple of super mutants. The corpse of the civilian carries the Volunteers needed! note and several food items.
Fo76 Survivor Camp vs. Scorched (RE ObjectMP04).png
Survivor Camp vs. Scorched Fallout 76 removed content
All regions
RE Undetonated Ordnance.jpg
Undetonated Ordnance
All regions
The player may come across an undetonated bomb sitting in a pile of debris. Interacting with the bomb will give them the option of cutting a red wire, blue wire, or green wire to defuse it. Cutting the wrong wire will cause the bomb to subsequently begin beeping and explode, similar to an exploding vehicle in size. Cutting the right wire will defuse the bomb and allow the player to collect scrap from the device. If the bomb is successfully defused it will beep only once. The bomb can then be looted of crystal shards, fiber optics bundles, nuclear waste, copper, and steel scrap. The appropriate wire to cut changes for each encounter.
Unusual Pipe.png
Unusual Pipe
All regions
A pipe labeled "unusual pipe" spewing gas with a corpse carrying the Pipe... note nearby. Inhaling the gas grants the "Unusual Pipe" effect, causing mild hallucinogenic visuals for 25 seconds and regenerating Hit Points for 30 seconds at a rate of four per second.
FO76 Wendigo w Dead Caravan.jpg
Wendigo with Dead Caravan
All regions
1-3 wendigos patrol the perimeter of dead merchants and pack brahmin, in addition to minor loot.
FO76 Wrecked tank with robots.jpg
Wrecked Tank with Robots
Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
The abandoned wreck of a tank. There are the skeletons of two soldiers by it and three ammo boxes. It is guarded by two Mister Gutsies and an assaultron. They are hostile at first glance due to their red health bars, but they won't attack players immediately. They will warn the players to move on and not linger around the tank. If the players obey and move away, the robots will hold their fire, but if the players attack or linger too long, they will open fire, forcing players to kill them if they want to collect the loot in the ammo boxes.
FO76 RE Wrecked Vertibot to Loot.png
Wrecked Vertibot to Loot
Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
FO76IB RE Zetans inspecting brahmin corpse.png
Zetans Inspecting Corpse
All regions
Zetans inspecting a brahmin corpse.

Scene encounters

Scene encounters map
Mappalachia Scene encounters.jpg
Scene-type encounters
FO76 2 Mr. Handys talking back and forth in endless loop.png
2 Mr. Handy's Talking Back and Forth in an Endless Loop
All regions
Ms. Nanny Mia and Mr. Handy Vlad are encountered by the player, asking each other random questions and answering with random responses.[1]
FO76 Autominers digging.jpg
Autominers Digging

Ash Heap
Three Auto-Miner Protectrons dig into the ground with their drills, ignoring the player and focusing on mineral extraction.
FO76 Mr. Bandit.jpg
Bandit Bot
All regions
A seemingly innocent Mister Handy will ask the player for help, and then accost the player, informing them to drop an item of value or the robot will attack. Dropping an item of meager value, such as junk, will pacify the robot. The robot will then inform the player to leave. Refusing to either drop junk or leave will make the now named Mr. Bandit to turn hostile and attack. Destroying the mister handy will allow the player to loot the junk given to the robot just beforehand.
Berkeley Springs Eyebot
Near Berkeley Springs
Encounter with Eyebot Eyebot (Fallout 76)/Dialogue#RE_SceneBB06
Blood Eagles Moving to Closest Blood Eagles Location
All regions
A group of Blood Eagles will head towards their closest base.
FO76 Brahmin wrangler.png
Brahmin Wrangler
Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
Involves meeting with a Mister Handy, Mr Herder, and three brahmin: Mindy, Mertle and Matilda. Grants 50 XP. Sometimes, Mr. Herder and his Brahmin will be ambushed by a Sheepsquatch, forcing the player to try and protect the Brahmin from the Sheepsquatch at the request of Mr. Herder.
Car Fail Cut content
All regions
This scene encounter would have involved finding a mechanic attempting to repair a car. Claiming that he has been working on the car for over five years, he would declare that it is finally fixed before the car explodes, killing him. This encounter is not enabled in-game.
Caravan Ambushed by Super Mutants
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
A Settler Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_Scene_JP02 will be trying to run away from something with his two pack brahmin. Interacting with him causes him to reveal that what he's fleeing from has caught up to him and a battle ensues. After all the enemies are killed, if both pack brahmin were killed upon interacting with the Settler again, he's upset at having lost his livestock and his means of living. Through the right conversation choices, a player can help him out by offering some caps in return for some of the brahmin meat and milk that can be salvaged from the carcasses. This earns a little bit of reputation with the Settlers as thanks for helping him. If at least one or both of the brahmin were saved, the Settler will be grateful for saving his merchandise, and choosing the option in conversation that the super mutants are a threat to everyone earns some reputation with the Settlers as thanks for helping him.
FO76 RE Conflicted Robot.png
Conflicted Robot
Ash Heap
This encounter is exclusive to the Ash Heap. It involves meeting the roaming Beckley Protectron, a modified construction Protectron. It shouts slogans relating to anti-automation causes, ironic given its nature as a robot.
Crashed Plane Fallout 76 removed content
Savage Divide
Location found by listening to holotape Scope out the crash, held by a Scorched believer.
FO76 Rachel.png
Critter Tracking
All regions
Encounter with Miss Nanny Rachel. She will ask the player if they have a recon scope on a given firearm. Equipping the recon scoped weapon will enable the encounter to continue. Rachel will then ask the player to "mark" one type of randomized critters (such as chickens or opossums) with the recon scope's aiming feature. Once all the critters have been marked, Rachel will thank the player and reward them with a random weapon mod.
Cultists Moving to Cultist Location
All regions
A group of Mothman cultists will head towards their closest base.
FO76 Dead Brahmin Herd.jpg
Dead Brahmin Herd Fallout 76 removed content
All regions
A circle of five slain brahmin.
FO76 Dead Cultists.png
Dead Cultists
All regions
Associated with the notes Cultist's invitation and Cultist's reply.
FO76 Dead Responder.jpg
Dead Responder
The Forest
The player will come across the corpse of a dead Responder, possibly beside a duffle bag containing materials. The Responder's assignment note will be either on their person or in the duffle bag.
All regions
A thirsty Settler Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_SceneAF02 begs for water. One can give them either dirty or purified water in exchange for variable amounts of Settler reputation, or one can refuse to help them.
Disabled Protectron Fallout 76 removed content
All regions
Associated with the Responder Protectron config tape. Grants 250 XP.
Distant Sheepsquatch Howl
All regions
Two dead brahmin corpses surround a sheepsquatch "nest" while a sheepsquatch howl can be heard in proximity to the encounter.
FO76 Escaped Inmate.png
Escaped Inmate
All regions
The corpse of a man wearing a straight jacket. His inventory contains crazed ramblings, a radbear, and a table spoon.
First Date Cut content
All regions
Random encounter involving Assaultrons Assaultron (Fallout 76)/Dialogue#RE_SceneDRE05GQ_CUT
FO76 Observant radstag stump.png
Follow the Trail
All regions
A non-hostile observant radstag will appear. Following them leads one to buried treasure inside a hollow stump.
FO76 General's Steak House Protectron.png
Free Samples - General's Steakhouse
Near General's Steakhouse
One meets the General's Steak House Protectron, advertising for The General's Steakhouse.
Free Samples - Wavy Willards
Near Wavy Willard's Water Park
One meets the Wavy Willard bot randomly in Appalachia, advertising for the Wavy Willard's Water Park.
Glowing Deathclaw vs. Sentry Bot
All regions but only after a nuke
FO76WL Insult bot in gold.png
Insult Bot
All regions
The Insult Bot Protectron chases down the player, informing the player to wait, then insulting them in a variety of ways. Upon the verbal insult being delivered, a note appears in the player's inventory, and the Protectron thanks the player for participating.
Lewisburg Ad Eyebot
Near Lewisburg
Encounter with Eyebot Eyebot (Fallout 76)/Dialogue#RE_SceneJM02
Liberator Attack Cut content
All regions
Mama Bear Cut content
All regions
FO76 Mama's Rage.jpg
Mama's Rage
The Mire
A mother mega sloth fights yao guai to avenge her baby.
FO76 The Emissary.png
Man in Black
All regions
Involves encounter with the Emissary. Kill him and loot the key from the body to unlock TNT dome #8.
FO76 Mannequin Friends.jpg
Mannequin Friends
All regions
The player will come across four mannequins with flower vases underneath them and a green chest containing various items. One of five paper notes (randomly selected between All gone, Memorials, Not sorry, Remember them and Survive) will be in the chest.
Mechanical Blues Cut content
All regions
FO76 Military Recruitment.jpg
Military Recruitment
Near Camp McClintock
A Recruiter Gutsy offers to join the United States Armed Forces and go to Camp McClintock.
FO76 re respondereyebot nephariius.png
Morse Code Eyebot
All regions
A Responder Eyebot hovers along while transmitting a message encrypted in Morse code. It repeats the same two messages back to back as it continues onward, sometimes doubling back on its path back and forth. Sometimes, a non-hostile scorchbeast will be flying overhead. For the transcript, see Morse code.
FO76 Note to dungeon.jpg
Note to dungeon
All regions
Find five corpses with the scavenger's note on them.
Nuclear Scientists
All regions but only after a nuke
Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_SceneAF03
Nuked: Behemoth
All regions but only after a nuke
Nuked: Deathclaw
All regions but only after a nuke
Nuked: Fog Crawler
All regions but only after a nuke
Nuked: Frenzied Robots Cut content
All regions but only after a nuke
Nuked: Hermit Crab
All regions but only after a nuke
Nuked: Megasloth
All regions but only after a nuke
Nuked: Protectron Ghoul Defense
All regions but only after a nuke
Nuked: Wendigo
All regions but only after a nuke
Out of Ammo
All regions
A raider will give the player an ammo type of their choosing.
FO76 Paranoid robot about to explode.jpg
Paranoid Robot about to Explode
All regions
A Mister Handy cries piteously for help. If it is interacted with, it will explain that it is on the verge of a malfunction that could cause it to explode. Mister Handy pleads with the player to repair it, and collapses into a heap on the ground. Fixing the robot requires two pieces of steel, one piece of copper and one military-grade circuit board; the reward is a weapon mod.
Prizewinner Mr. Handy.jpg
All regions
The player will occasionally be approached by a Mister Handy called Mr Prize-bot, that claims the player has won a prize from the Great Appalachian Sweepstakes and will give them random items or the G.A.S. prize certificate.
FO76WL RE Radstag Hunter.png
Radstag Hunter
All regions
The player will encounter a hunter Hunter (Wastelanders)/Dialogue#W05_RE_SceneAF01 looking for radstag in the wilderness. After talking to him, a radstag will appear and attack. If the radstag is killed, the hunter will celebrate, and declare his intention to cook it into stew.
Raiders Going to The Crater
Near The Crater
FO76 Random air drop.jpg
Random Air Drop
All regions
A random encounter of a supply drop as if requested from a relay tower. Contains random aid items and a weapon.
FO76 Revenge For a Settler.jpg
Revenge For a Settler
All regions
Associated with the note last words. Grants 250 XP.
Sad Mole Miner Cut content
All regions
Save the Animals.jpg
Save the Animals
Near Wixon homestead
A Mr. Handy called Mr Veterinarian will be leading two to three stray cats while calling for help. He requests that whoever is in earshot help him get the cats to the Wixon homestead. The Scorched at Wixon homestead are hostile to Mr. Veterinarian and will attempt to kill him on arrival.
Scorchbeast Attack
Cranberry Bog
ScorchBeast Flyover
Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
ScorchBeast Flyover - unaggressive
The Forest
FO76 Scorched Statues.jpg
Scorched Statues Cut content
All regions
Settler Captive (Bait) Cut content
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
Settler Captive (Rescue) Cut content
All regions
Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_Scene_JP04_A
Settlers Going to Foundation
All regions
Settlers Going to The Wayward
Near The Wayward
Sheepsquatch vs. Albino Radstags
Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
FO76 Stay and Listen to Miss Nanny's Story.png
Story Time with Miss Nanny
All regions
The player may occasionally find a Miss Nanny in the wilderness that will randomly tell one of six children's stories about Cinderella, Goldilocks, and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs or Hansel and Gretel. Waiting and listening to her entire story will reward random aid items.
Super Mutant Defectors
All regions
Tameable animal

All regions
The player may occasionally find a non-hostile creature wandering the wastes. These non-aggressive animals can be tamed with Animal Friend. Once tamed, they will head to the C.A.M.P. and act as a guard. They take up 10% of the camp budget.
  • List of possible animals
  • Mr. Messenger damaged.png
    The Messenger Fallout 76 removed content
    All regions
    Mr. Messenger is running behind schedule and must deliver an urgent message! Repair and protect him along his route during Event: The Messenger.
    Traveler - Pick a Faction
    All regions
    Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_Scene_JP01
    FO76 Treasure Hunter.jpg
    Treasure Hunter
    All regions
    A dead treasure hunter is found carrying a random treasure map, two boiled water and a machete.
    FO76 Tyler County Fair Traveling Barker.jpg
    Tyler County Fair Traveling Barker
    Near Tyler County Fairgrounds
    This encounter involves meeting a Mister Handy known as Mr. Barker. He advertises the Tyler County Fairgrounds, which is marked on the player's map if it has not yet been discovered. Mr. Barker is accompanied by an eyebot that endlessly broadcasts carnival music.
    FO76 Willie.jpg
    Uncanny Caverns Free Pass Winner
    Near Uncanny Caverns
    Find Willie with a box of Blamco Brand Mac and Cheese and The Golden Holotape. Reference towards Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory. This encounter can only be found in the Savage Divide region.
    Valley Galleria Eyebot
    Near Valley Galleria
    Encounter with Eyebot Eyebot (Fallout 76)/Dialogue#RE_SceneBB05
    Vertibird sweep
    Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    Watoga Patrols
    Cranberry Bog
    Watoga Eyebot and Protectron advertise Watoga as they return to the city.
    Wendigo returning to cave
    Near Wendigo cave
    FO76 Wise Mothman (random).jpg
    Wise Mothman! Fallout 76 removed content
    All regions
    A non-hostile mothman with purple eyes roams the area and is non-essential.
    FO76 RE Wolves and Dead Brahmin.png
    Wolves and Dead Brahmin
    All regions

    Travel encounters

    Travel encounters map
    Mappalachia Travel encounters.jpg
    Travel-type encounters
    Anglers vs. Fog Crawler
    The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    All regions
    Autominers vs. Mole Miners
    Ash Heap
    Blood Eagles vs. Cultists
    Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    Bloodbugs w Dead Settler Cut content
    All regions
    BoS vs Cultists
    The Mire
    BoS vs Ghouls
    Savage Divide, The Mire
    BoS vs MoleMiners
    Ash Heap
    BoS vs Protectrons
    Ash Heap, Savage Divide
    FO76 RE BoS vs Scorched.png
    BoS vs Scorched
    Cranberry Bog
    BoS vs Super Mutants
    Ash Heap, Savage Divide
    Brotherhood of Zeal.png
    Brotherhood Bandits
     · Barnaby
     · Barry
     · Buck

    Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    The player is accosted by the dreaded Brotherhood of Steel. The leader of the group changes based on the encounter.
    Bug Swarm!
    All regions
    FO76WL RE Chased by Chickens.png
    Chased by Chickens
    All regions
    A terrified scavenger Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_TravelBB02 is seen making hysterical comments as they run from a chicken close in pursuit. If one kills the chicken, the wastelander will be thankful and offer the beast's meat.
    Chasing Dinner
    All regions
    A rival hunter Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_TravelBB03 contests your critter spoils.
    Damaged Autominer Cut content
    Ash Heap
    Dog Fight!
    All regions
    FO76 RE Pied Piper.png
    Eye Bot Pied Piper
    All regions
    A non-hostile eyebot followed by five non-hostile radrats, playing "The British Grenadiers" on a flute recording.
    Eyebot - Whitesprings
    Near The Whitespring Resort
    Preacher Levenson.png
    Eyebot Evangelist
    The Mire
    Preacher Levenson, a wandering Eyebot, urges all to go to Haven Church to repent.
    FO76IB RE Flatwoods Monster Patrol.png
    Flatwoods Monster Patrol
    All regions
    Flatwoods monster accompanied by an alien boss, alien and alien drone.
    Floater Flotilla
    Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    Floater Flotilla vs. Sentry Bot Cut content
    Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    Floater Flotilla with Behemoth
    The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    A scene encounter in which the player encounters a super mutant behemoth being followed by 3 floaters.
    Floater Flotilla with Super Mutants
    Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    Free States Gutsy.png
    Free Roaming Gutsy
    The Mire
    The Free States Gutsy will give the player the note The Free States.
    Ghouls vs. Grafton Cut content
    All regions
    Ghouls vs. Robots Cut content
    All regions
    Handy Walker
    All regions
    While traveling the roads, the player will encounter a Mister Handy walking four mongrels. The mongrels will be hostile to the player. Mister Handy has no reaction to the mongrels being killed.
    Liberators vs. Mr Gutsy
    Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    FO76WL RE Memento - take my picture.png
    Memento - Take my Picture
    All regions
    The player meets a scavenger Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_TravelAF01 who asks them to take his photograph so that he has a memento for his daughter. Using a ProSnap Deluxe camera to take the picture, one can then comment on the quality of the photo in conversation with him. The scavenger's request can also be denied, at which he will express disappointment.
    Mirelurks vs. Gulpers
    The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    Mistaken Identity
    Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    Mole Miners vs. Strikebreaker bots
    Ash Heap
    Molerats vs. Ghouls Cut content
    All regions
    FO76 Morse Code Eyebot.jpg
    Morse Code Eyebot
    All regions
    A Responder eyebot is seen hovering along transmitting a message in Morse code. The message reads "Reconnaissance of designated location recommended. Stand by to receive coordinates. Tactical assessment. Possible situation developing." If followed, it will simply repeat the same message as it continues onward, sometimes doubling back on its path and repeat its patrol until the area is left.
    All regions
    A Mothman may either stalk and/or attack the player. A regular Mothman may disappear if approached by the player, leaving with a flash of light. A stalking Mothman may attack and escape shortly after. A vengeful Mothman will attack the player without retreating afterward, and chase after them if the player attempts to escape.
    Not The Bees!
    All regions
    Nuclear Wanderer Cut content
    All regions but only after a nuke
    A scavenger flees a nuclear blast to take shelter at Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center.
    Police Chase Cut content
    All regions
    Responder Protectron
    The Forest
    Fo76 Responders Eyebot (RE).jpg
    Responders Eyebot
    The Forest
    A Responders eyebot Eyebot (Fallout 76)/Dialogue#RE_TravelMD01 patrols the area, on forest watch patrol. Interaction results in two outcomes upon being scanned by the eyebot. If the player is not wearing a Responder outfit, the eyebot will decline access to the forest watch program and further comment. However, if the player is wearing a Responder outfit, the eyebot will comment on the forest watch program and any possible threats within the area. Usually with the eyebot ending dialogue with no threats found and wishing the player well.
    Robots vs. Scorched Cut content
    All regions
    ScorchBeast Flyover
    Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    ScorchBeast vs. Super Mutants
    Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    Scorched Beast vs. Super Mutants Cut content
    Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    Scorched Patrol Fallout 76 removed content
    All regions
    The player can come across a group of Scorched roaming the Forest. One of them will be carrying a Responder's note in their inventory.
    Scorched vs. Super Mutants
    All regions
    FO76 re sentrybot TorchMLXVI 01.jpg
    Sentry Bot Patrol
    All regions
    An abandoned sentry bot is encountered during its patrol. Upon interaction, it will mistake the player for a high-ranking military officer and become a temporary follower. However, after some time, or if the player strays too far ahead, the sentry bot will realize its error and will turn hostile.
    FO76WL RE Settlers vs Raiders.png
    Settlers vs Raiders
    Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    Sheepsquatch Hunt
    Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog
    Mysterious guano pile
    Soundtrack Eyebot Cut content
    All regions
    A traveling settler Settlers (Wastelanders)/Random encounter dialogue#W05_RE_TravelBB01 and his Eyebot.
    Super Mutant Boss vs. Scorched Cut content
    All regions
    Super Mutant Patrol
    All regions
    Five super mutants patrol the area, marching in a single file line.
    Super Mutants vs. Feral Ghouls
    All regions
    FO76 RVBRE and company.png
    Wandering Responder Protectron Merchant
    Savage Divide, The Mire, Cranberry Bog[verification needed]
    The player may occasionally find a wandering Vendor bot Responder traveling through a region of the Forest, partied up alongside a pair of eyebots and a pack brahmin. They can potentially sell a variety of outfits and plans that cannot be found anywhere else.
    Wandering Deathclaw Boss
    All regions
    Wandering Ghouls
    All regions
    Wandering Grafton Boss
    All regions
    Wandering Scorched Boss Cut content
    All regions
    Wandering Scorpion Boss
    Savage Divide
    Wendigo by Night
    All regions
    As dusk approaches in-game, the player may suddenly be attacked by a wendigo.
    Yao Guai
    All regions
    Yao Guai vs. Deathclaw Cut content
    All regions

    Mining encounters

    Mining encounters map
    Mappalachia mining encounters.jpg
    Mining-type encounters
    Blood Eagles Guarding a Collector vs. Crater Raider
    All regions
    Blood Eagles Guarding a Collector vs. Mole Miners
    All regions
    Blood Eagles Guarding a Collector vs. Scorched
    All regions
    Blood Eagles Guarding a Collector vs. Settlers
    All regions

    Other encounters

    Point of Interest encounters
    FO76 060921 Locations 77.png
    Raider Punk

    All regions
    Spawns the Raider punk. Note: cannot be recruited until the player gains access to the Crater Core, and can also be found in the downstairs area of the Core.
    Settler Forager

    All regions
    Spawns the Settler forager. Note: can also be found in the downstairs area of Foundation.
    Settler Wanderer

    All regions
    Spawns the Settler wanderer.
    Distrustful Raider

    All regions
    A Raider attempts to intimidate the player character, calling them "just another thug lookin' for an easy way out." One can threaten him in return with Charisma 8+ or a Crater reputation check, then a further Strength 12+ or another Crater reputation check. In response, he will back down and offer some random loot as appeasement.
    Friendly Raider

    All regions
    A Raider offers a casual greeting. Replying rudely negatively affects Raider reputation, while telling him the player character mistook him for a settler from Foundation positively affects Raider reputation.
    Injured Raider

    All regions
    An injured Raider can be found laying on the ground clutching his side. When approached, he'll say he was caught by surprise and attacked by some Settlers. Talking with the Raider will cause him to ask the player for some spare ammo. If the player chooses to do so, they will be awarded positive reputation for the Raiders.
    The Naturalist

    All regions
    This encounter would have involved meeting the Naturalist, a unique character offering insight into some of Appalachia's wildlife. This encounter is not enabled in-game.
    Raider Chef

    All regions
    A Raider met at a campsite offers a random recipe to the player character.
    Raider Lockpick Request

    All regions
    A Raider scavver trying to pick a lock requests bobby pins from the player character. He can be given one bobby pin or twenty bobby pins and will hand over a variable amount of random minor loot in return.
    Scavenger Admires Weather

    All regions
    A scavenger comments on their enjoyment of the clear weather, to which one can reply positively, neutrally, or negatively. Interestingly, this can occur even when it is raining or storming.
    Scavenger Chef

    All regions
    Similarly to the raider chef, a scavenger met at a campsite praises the merits of good cooking and offers the player character a random "gourmet" recipe.
    FO76WL Woodcutter Scav.jpg
    Scavenger Cutting Wood

    All regions
    A scavenger is met chopping wood. He will mention that he has cut too much wood and offer some to the player character.
    Scavenger Drunkard

    All regions
    A drunken scavenger asks for more alcohol. He will take beer, whiskey, and rum. He may mention the Wayward in dialogue. If given more than three beverages, he will expire, allowing one to loot whatever little he has on him.
    FO76WL Gold panner.jpg
    Scavenger Gold Panner

    Along the Ohio River
    A scavenger is found at a riverbank panning for gold and may tell one to get away from their "claim." They may also have a dialogue option where they offer to give the player character some ammo. If one accepts, they will receive some random ammunition.
    Scavenger Treasure Hunter

    All regions
    A scavenger offers the player character a random treasure map, saying that they cannot understand it.
    Settler Offers Aid

    All regions
    A Settler comments that the player character is "looking a bit rough" and offers an aid item. One can request a single stimpak, RadAway, or Rad-X.
    Settler Surveyor

    All regions
    A Settler is met at a vantage point, including lookouts such as the Dolly Sods lookout, and talks about their exploration efforts.

    Ad hoc


    1. Dialogue files Vlad/Dialogue and Mia/Dialogue