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Plans are items in Fallout 76. Plans are blueprints used to construct weapons, armor, mods and workshop/C.A.M.P. items.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Plans can be found scattered through Appalachia, both in containers and out in the open. Some can also be purchased from vendors or given as quest rewards. Many plans are random, while others respawn at fixed locations.

Plans that appear inside of building interiors have a chance of spawning every time the building is re-entered. Only skin/paint plans can be bought from the Atomic Shop. They are purely cosmetic and do not give any competitive advantages.

Plans by type[edit | edit source]

Content types

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Armor mods

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Power armor

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Power armor mods

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Weapon mods

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Notes[edit | edit source]

As of patch, recipes and plans in vendor inventories are not randomized and can be reliably sourced from those vendors, with the exception of some minor workshop and C.A.M.P. plans.

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