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Fallout 76[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text "Excavator suit" - Final steps MTR02_Misc_ExcavatorFinalSteps 0038CD6D
Text A job opportunity LC158_LumberMillNote 004FD2E8
Text Abandon house! POI242_ModelHome 003CFB79
Text Abbie's to do FS_Abbie_ToDoList 003D75B3
Text About the noise LC110_MeditationNoiseNote 003A1B07
Text Agatha Aaronholt's diary Cut content LC149_Clara_Webber_Diary 00342E7F
Text Airlock C7 inventory list LC036_AccessCode 002FC47D
Text Airplane crash LC042_HotelNote_01 004ED18A
Text All gone RE_SceneMP03_Note02 0035EC20
Text All the baskets! WatogaMunicipalNote_02 001203BA
Text Allemane's code LC013_BigBend_AllemaneCode 0050F982
Text Almost done LC039_KarringtonNote 003D6153
Text Alpine River Cabins guestbook LC101Guestbook 00033AFD
Text AMS: Corporate Bully CharlestonHerald_AMSArticle 003CE6B3
Text Amy's note Ecological Balance FF05_Balance_TerminalPassword 0033F7D1
Text Angry note Fallout 76 removed content DWDMountainPOI01Note01 0052CAAA
Text Anonymous diary page BoS_Venture_AnonymousNote 0051E231
Text Another spring POI182_AnotherSpringNote
Text Anti-Scorched tactics MTR06_StudyMaterial_FightingScorched 003CE688
Text Armorer's note Cut content SurvivialTrainingCenter_armoryNote 003E858F
Text Asphyxiation and you! MTR06_StudyMaterial_Breathing 003CE67D
Text Attracting the Nightstalker One Violent Night MTNS04_BeerHallNote 0043CD89
Text Back off Sam EN01_BackOffSam 003CE68D
Text Battle plan LC096_BattlePlan 004299C6
Text Barnes' journal Cut content CUT_SF08BarnesBook 000089A0
Text Being followed BMO_BunkerNote06_GuardNote01 00055F2D
Text Belmonte incident BoSTrainingCamp_SecurityReprimandNote 002A14F2
Text Berkley Springs postcard Cut content FSZ01_BerkleySprings 00042E1D
Text Best plan ever LC019_BrandonNote 003D6152
Text Bicycle Charleston_LoreNote_Trainyard01 003D7A0E
Text Bird watching list POI085_DWDMonongahOverlookNote01 003A13BE
Text Birdwatcher's note POI_BirdwatchersNote 003D226F
Text Birthday toast drafts LC095_BirthdayToastNote 003D57C4
Text Blank feedback form NukaColaPlant_FeedbackFormBlank 001F398C
Text Body shop note LC148_Sutton_BodyShop_Note01 003CE6A5
Text Booze run LC174_WatogaHigh_CBLore_Note01 001A1983
Text Bosley's note LookoutTower07Note01 00389CD9
Text Brag's note LC081_MiddleMountainCabins_BragNote 0031BC1B
Text Brianna Hawke's diary LC147_Hawkes_Refuge_Diary 0034736C
Text Brother Moncrief's note FFZ10_Light_ResponderNote 0018C8D4
Text Brotherhood note Cut content Operation: Give That Back! CBZ04_Note 00118546
Text Brotherhood requisition order RE_ObjectJM02_BoSNote 003B7D31
Text Burnt Ends POI080_BigFredsBBQReview 003C946C
Text Business is bad LC095_BarbershopOwnerNote 003D57C5
Text Business permit Cut content TWZ07_Permit
Text Butch's important reminder Cut content CUT_MTR15_ButchsNote 004F7BE7
Text Caleb's note FS_CalebNote 00290FDA
Text Camp Tomahawk postcard TW007_CampPostcard 002C4624
Text Camping Syllabus RSVP03_Book_Syllabus 003E98C8
Text Can't find the keycard Wolf in Sheep's Clothing LC016_ElevatorNote 0002E8E6
Text Carol's note AmmoDump_Note01 003A17BF
Text Carter and Blackwell - Traitors! EN01_ArrestQuinnCarter 00311416
Text Case notes: Duchess Find Duchess's Stash MTR15_DuchessCaseNote 0050FDBF
Text Casualty report: Flatwoods LC044_FlatwoodsCasualtyReportNote01 003EAA29
Text Cedric's list SFM04_Organic_MiscAPBook 00380B04
Text Charleston Herald - Assassin strikes again LC011_BerkeleySprings_AppalachianAssassinNewspaper 003DC3BA
Text Charleston Herald - Bell article FF12_AutomatedBells 0052B584
Text Charleston Herald - Hornwright Wins! MTR_HornwrightWinsArticle 00145890
Text Charleston Herald - Man vs. Machine MTR_ManVsMachineArticle 00145894
Text Charleston is ours Charleston_LoreNote_Summersville02 003D7A08
Text Chauncy's note LC020_PleasantValleySkiResort_ChaunceyNote 0031C177
Text Checklist LC042_FreyjasHausNote01 004EC713
Text Cheryl's journal OrwellOrchards_Note01 003A17C2
Text Child's note LC110_ChildsNote 003A1B1C
Text Chore list FS_RaleighChores 003CFB62
Text Clara Duran's notes LC004_AlleghenyAsylum_CBLore_DuransNotes01
Text Clara Webber diary LC149_Rusty_Pick_Diary 0034CEA8
Text Clara's note to Alexis BMO_BunkerNote03_Lockernote 00094FE8
Text Clara's note to mom BMO_BunkerNote03_MomGoodbyeNoteSutton 00096A06
Text Closet note LC096_ClosetNote 004299C3
Text Come back to us POI205_WixonHomestead_Note 00430479
Text Cominsky's code LC013_BigBend_CominskyCode 0050F983
Text Command center password Defiance Has Fallen BoS01CommandCenterPassword 003D0EF0
Text Committee meeting notes EN01_NuclearCommMinutes 00432F31
Text Concerns RSVP02_Book_LORE_Concerns 003BD55F
Text Confidential safety data Cold Case TW007_IncriminatingSafetyReport 0005F4A5
Text Cooper Lu's note Cut content TWlore_Clarksburg_CooperLu 003A100F
Text Courtney's note Tracking Unknowns SFL02_Track_CourtneyBook 00330B99
Text Crazed ramblings RE_SceneDWD06Note01 00527554
Text Cultist's invitation RE_Scene_MD01_CultistNoteInvitation 0052E46F
Text Cultist's reply RE_Scene_MD01_CultistNoteReply 0052E470
Text Cursed Charleston_LoreNote_Summersville01 003D7A06
Text Dammit, Janet! POI175_LadyJanetSoftServeReview 003A13AA
Text Darius Angler's manifesto, part 1 LC051_Grafton_DariusAngler01 003D3D0E
Text Darius Angler's manifesto, part 5 LC051_RemoteCabin_DariusAngler05 003D5B5E
Text De'Andre's note FS01_MQ_Warn_MiscResponderBook 0038F1B2
Text Dealing with survivor's guilt RSVP00_Book_LORE_SurvivorsGuilt 003C5B85
Text Dear daddy RSVP00_Book_LORE_Colonel_Kid 003A2030
Text Dear Spence LC098_ElliotLetter 003D6154
Text Dear Tucker LC195_LetterToTucker 003CFB76
Text Defeated note DWDMountainPOI01Note02 0052CAAB
Text Defiance mission report BoS01_BreadCrumbNote_GeneralSteakhouse 0032E504
Text Delbert's new password Cut content CUT_RSVP02_Book_QT_Password 003BD55E
Text Department notice LookoutTower05Letter_01
Text Department of Ag projects EN01_DeptAgProjects 003CE690
Text Diary of Otis Pike Cold Case TW007_OtisPikeDiaryEnd 00228385
Text Didn't want to hurt them ENB_MireLab_WhatHaveIDone 003CFB4B
Text Diluted radiation medicines Cut content RS06_Manual_Stims_Formula 000487DF
Text Disgruntled note POI107_DWDMountainNukeCrater01Note01 003A13BD
Text DMV-AT-21C form Recruitment Blues BoS02_ApplicationForm
Text DO NOT TOUCH LC096_MiguelBRBNote 003D64C5
Text Dolly Sods campground postcard Cut content FSZ01_DollySods 00045182
Text DON'T TOUCH RSVP03_Book_LORE_DontTouch 003A2004
Text Draft of Allegheny Asylum article LC178_WatogaPlaza_CBLore_AsylumArticleDraft 003CE6A1
Text Dreamboat angry letter LC150_TOTW_DreamboatYachts_AngryLetter 0031975C
Text Dreamboat marketing note LC150_TOTW_DreamboatYachts_MarketingNote 0031975A
Text Dreamboat owner's note LC150_TOTW_DreamboatYachts_OwnersNote 0031975B
Text Easy pickins LC075_LewisburgRaidersNote 003CF486
Text Edie's note LC182_WendigoCave_EdieNote 00319B8F
Text EMERGENCY ORDER A19 LC058_EvacuationNote
Text Employee notice LC103_NACentralTrainyard_BankNote 0031A35A
Text End of Bog Town LC001_WhereToGoNote 0051E51A
Text End of the world party flier LC148_Sutton_PartyHouse_EndoftheWorldParty01
003CF7A2 Cut content
Text Entry - Judy's gone Bunker Buster EN01_JudysGone 00283ED0
Text Equipment check-out sheet RSVP01_Book_LORE_EquipmentCheckOutSheet 003B32E8
Text Esposito diary - page 12 BoS_GraftonDam_EspositoNote 0051E235
Text Everyone RSVP00_Book_LORE_Everyone 0052ECA8
Text Excavator's map Lucky Strike MTRZ05_LuckyMap003 0042FC99
Text Exploding labs LC001_ExplodingLabsNote 0051E518
Text Fall retreat flyer LC039_MiscHavenBook 00380B07
Text FALLON'S ORDER DETAILS Cut content SF06_PatriciasNote 00354E44
Text Fasnacht robots Helvetia_LoreNote_ChseeseHaus 003D5B4A
Text Filing status MTR05_ResumesInArchives 00331CB7
Text Final orders for Grafton Dam BoS_GraftonDam_FinalOrdersNote 0051E234
Text Final stand BoS01_EndNote 002D658A
Text Fire Breather's prayer POI275_Prayer 003C946E
Text Fire Breathers' first aid guide MTR06_StudyMaterial_FirstAid 003CE682
Text Fire Breathers' guide to not dying Cut content MTR06_StudyMaterials_FirstAid_OLD 003CE686
Text Five-star General LC049_GeneralsSteakhouseReview 003A13A9
Text Flatwoods Gazette RSVP01_Book_LORE_Newsletter 00529DE1
Text Flatwoods kiosks RSVP03_Book_LORE_FlatwoodsKiosks 003A2008
Text Flatwoods supply delivery RSVP03_Book_LORE_FlatwoodsSupplyDelivery 003A1FF6
Text Floyd's note LC193_ConvertedMunitionsFactory_FloydNote 00319B93
Text Fly free LC175_MunicipalCenter_Note 003C7B03
Text For Frank POI208_YellowSandysStill_Note 003C7AFA
Text For Vincent SRMPOI_TrailerNote 002BA293
Text Formal complaint SFS02_Play_MiscHavenBook 00382262
Text Frank's note Cut content NewRiverGorgeBridgeNote0 003EB6A0
Text Fred's uncertain future LC106_NationalIsolatedRadioArrayNote 004FD2EC
Text Freddy's Adventures Cold Case TW007_FreddyNote1
Text Freddy's hasty note TW007_FreddyHomeNote 00485026
Text Freddy's House of Scares postcard Cut content FSZ01_FreddysScares 00044A17
Text Free cooking lessons! LC044_CookingLessonsNote01 003EA83A
Text Free Watoga! CB04_Manifesto 0033CE91
Text G.A.S. prize certificate RE_ScenePS03_RewardCarNote
Text Gate guard primer LC004_AlleghenyAsylum_CBLore_GateGuardPrimer 00501D93
Text Gauley Mine recon GauleyMine_BreadCrumbNote_Flatwoods 004FE1AA
Text Generals CB04_WatogaObjective_Note_GeneralsSteakHouse 0039198A
Text Gerald's note LookoutTower06Note 00387991
Text German books Helvetia_LoreNote_BookStore 003D5B4D
Text Ghoul's note WilliamKellerNote_Grafton01 0051E21D
Text Ghoul's note 1 WilliamKellerNote_IsolatedCabin01 0051E215
Text Ghoul's note 2 WilliamKellerNote_IsolatedCabin02 0051E216
Text Giant Teapot advertisement FFZ13_GiantTeapotAd 0039FC6F
Text Gnarla's list Cut content DarlingSisters_LoreNote01 003D7776
Text Going outside? EN01_OutsideChecklist 003E84BE
Text Goodbye Alpha BoS_Venture_GoodbyeNote 0051E233
Text Gourmands note Key to the Past MTNL01_GourmandsNote 002ECD0E
Text Grafton Dam editorial TW007_OpinionLore 003D8005
Text Grafton Dam sign TW007_ClosedLore 003D8006
Text Graveyard note LC067_Graveyard_Note01
Text Grocery list LC095_ApartmentRenterNote 003D57D1
Text Guard note LC188_WadeAirport_GuardNote 003A0B9F
Text Guest check #022 Cut content LC044_TavernOrderNote04 003E84E4
Text Guest check #023 Cut content LC044_TavernOrderNote01 003E84E1
Text Guest check #024 LC044_TavernOrderNote02 003E84E2
Text Guest check #025 LC044_TavernOrderNote03 003E84E3
Text Guestbook RSVP00_Book_LORE_Guestbook 003A202D
Text Hallsey's note LC091_MonongahPowerPlant_HallseyNote 0031BC1D
Text Happy Fasnacht! Helvetia_LoreNote_Freyja 003D5B46
Text Happy Reclamation Day! Cut content SURV_Tutorial_HolotapeOLD 001091E7
Text Harpers Ferry postcard FSZ01_HarpersFerry 00042E34
Text Harvest LC042_Church_01 004ED4EB
Text Harvesting directive Fertile Soil FF09ReaperDirectiveNote 0000FFEE
Text Harvey's deal Seeker of Mysteries MoM03ClueNote02 004ECF42
Text He agrees CultistCave_LoreNote01 0014E6B1
Text Head Fuzzy? EN01_HeadFuzzy 003E84CA
Text Heading out Cut content LC167_Ceo_Note 003D15CF
Text Help them BMO_BunkerNote06_GuardNote02 00055F02
Text Hemlock Holes flyer TW010Pointer 0037A45B
Text Henrick's note LookoutTower07Note02 0038C032
Text Henry's letter LC145_CampVenture_HenrysLetter 003DC3C8
Text Henry's note LC150_TOTW_IceSculptureArtGallery_HenryNote 003196CA
Text Herald editorial on Allegheny Asylum LC004_AlleghenyAsylum_CBLore_CharlestonHerald_AsylumEditorial 003CE69E
Text Hey man CB04_WatogaObjective_Note_MorgantownHighschool 00391992
Text His birth CultistCave_LoreNote02 0014E67B
Text His blood CultistCave_LoreNote03 0014E652
Text His home CultistCave_LoreNote04 0014E627
Text His Priestess CultistCave_LoreNote06 0014E5FD
Text His springs CultistCave_LoreNote05 0014E602
Text Holstein's code LC013_BigBend_HolsteinCode 0050F984
Text Honky tonk flyer RE_ObjectCMB02_Concert_Flyer 0052EEDE
Text Horace's note LC193_ConvertedMunitionsFactory_HoraceNote 00319B92
Text Horizon's Rest armory POI151_HorizonsRestNote 004FD2E6
Text Hornwright ignition reactor Cut content LC052_IgnitionReactorNote 00433427
Text Hunter's journal HuntersRidgeNote03 00509C73
Text Hunter's warning HuntersRidgeNote02 00509C6A
Text I am a knight BoS_Defiance_IAmKnightNote 0051E238
Text I forgive you, dad RSVP00_Book_LORE_Iforgiveyou_Colonelkid 003A203A
Text I miss you, dad RSVP00_Book_LORE_Imissyoudad_Colonelkid 003A2032
Text I remember you, mom RSVP00_Book_LORE_IrememberYouMom 003A204A
Text I'm watching you LC138_LunchThiefNote 00501B0E
Text I.O.U. beer FS_CharlieIOUBeer 003CFB6E
Text I.O.U. smokes FS_CharlieIOUSmokes 003CFB6C
Text I.O.U. toilet paper FS_CharlieIOUToiletPaper 003CFB70
Text I.O.U. whiskey FS_CharlieIOUWhiskey 003CFB68
Text Important memo Cold Case TW007_IncriminatingHRLetter 002430DD
Text Incense complaint LC110_ComplaintNote 003A080D
Text Initial analysis BMO_BunkerNote02_BunkerNote 00390EB5
Text Injury report Cut content TWlore_GraftonSteel 003A1010
Text Intelligence memo - 8/16/77 Bunker Buster EN01_IntelNote 00283ECC
Text Investigative report SFZ03_Queen_MiscCabinBook 00389CC1
Text It's a dirty job LC169_WavyWillardsWaterParkNote 004FD2EA
Text Jake's letter MoM02ARaiderNote 00357EA2
Text Jake's note Seeker of Mysteries MoM03ClueNote04 004ECF44
Text Jamey's notes NewRiverGorgeResort_Note01
Text Jed's letter LC062_HarpersFerry_JedsLetter 003DC3C4
Text Jeremiah's journal pages FS_JeremiahPart01
Text Jesse White - Honkytonk set list LC149_Jesse_White_Set_List 00529E21
Text Jimmy's diary - May 2nd Patriotism Training EN05_Patriotism_JimmyDiary 0018212E
Text Jimmy's evidence Patriotism Training EN05_Patriotism_JimmyEvidence 00182142
Text Jimmy's terminal password Patriotism Training EN05_Patriotism_JimmyPassword 0018212F
Text John's last words LC005_Aaronholt_John_LastWords_Note 004E8813
Text Join the Responders! Cut content Charleston_Lore_ResponderRecruitingFlyer 003A10BD
Text Judy EN01_Judy 003E84CD
Text Junk mail Recruitment Blues BoS02_JunkMail 0027E2D6
Text Justin's note JustinColeNote 0045140F
Text Karla's plan Cut content DarlingSisters_LoreNote02 003D7779
Text Kerry's orders Initiate of Mysteries MoM01RaiderNote 00345D8D
Text Knowledge exam cheat sheet Into the Fire MTR06_CheatSheet 00073782
Text Kora's journal entry RE_ObjectCT02_KoraNote 003E156B
Text Lakehouse note LC139_Summersville_LakeHouse_Note01 003CF7A0
Text Landon's note LC188_WadeAirport_LandonsNote 003C7AF7
Text Last of the Thunder BoS_Defiance_LastThunderNote 0051E237
Text Last stand Cut content v96_LastStandNote 0033A515
Text Last will and testament of Jeremiah Ward LC044_JeremiahWardNote01DUPLICATE000 003D7EFB
Text Leader's journal LC148_Sutton_CultChurch_LeadersJournal01 003CE6A3
Text Leaving at dawn LC117_LeavingAtDawn_Note 004ED991
Text Leaving town BMO_BunkerNote02_HackerNote 00390EBA
Text Leonard's journal entry LC062_HarpersFerry_LeonardsJournal 003DC3C3
Text Letter from Jennica CB04_LetterFromJennica 004E5BB6
Text Letter from the president LC024_PresidentLetterToGovEvans 003D142C
Text Letter of resignation Charleston_LoreNote_Trainyard02
Text Letter to Jennica CB04_LetterToJennica 004E5BB7
Text Letter to Linda RelayTower_Note 00501993
Text Letter to Mayor CB04_LetterToMayor 0033CE92
Text Letter to Miss Grunwald Cut content SF06_JuliansNote 00354E3F
Text Letter to mom CB04_LetterToMom 0033CE93
Text Letter to my love POI158_BaileyFamilyCabin_Note 003C7AF8
Text Letter to Sandy CB04_LetterToSandy 0033CE95
Text Letter to the media Cold Case TW007_MediaLetter 0023D33A
Text Letter to Tommy BoS01_TrainingCamp_Note 0020C2B1
Text Lewisburg ambush Seeker of Mysteries MoM03ClueNote05 004ECF45
Text List of parts LC148_Sutton_DIYAirplane_RippedNote 003CE6AB
Text Little girl's note POI233_DWDLakeEloiseNote01 003A13BF
Text Locked out? EN01_LockedOut 003E84C4
Text Louis's note LC150_TOTW_IceSculptureArtGallery_LouisNote 003196CB
Text Lounge rules POI162_LoungeRulesNote 003D661C
Text Love note 76CharGenDinerNote 00370672
Text Low on food? EN01_LowOnFood 003E84C2
Text Lowell Aaronholt's last will and testament LC005_Aaronholt_Lowell_Will_Note 004E8812
Text Lt. Thomas' action report POI275_ActionReport 0031C8AA
Text Lucy Harwick's note LC161_ValleyGalleria_LucysNote 003DC3CB
Text Lucy's journal LC161_LucyJournal 003CFB7C
Text Lydia's journal pages FS_LydiaPart01
Text Maintenance request form LC172_MaintenanceRequestNote_CBLore_Note 004EE7A1
Text Margie's goodbye note MTNL01_MargieNote 004E4B3E
Text Martha's letter LC093_MonongahTownship_MarthaNote 0031A4F9
Text Masks KnifeEdge_Note_Salvage 003A9094
Text Matterhorn chophouse memo LC150_TOTW_MatterhornChophouse_StaffMemo 003196C9
Text Maxson's eulogy for De Silva BoS_Venture_DeSilvaEulogyNote 0051E239
Text Memo on candy LC174_WatogaHigh_CBLore_Note02 0037744B
Text Memo: Responders First Contact RSVP00_Book_LORE_Database_Intro 001A1CD0
Text Memorials First Contact RE_SceneMP03_Note03 0035EC21
Text Men's suits LC178_WatogaPlaza_CBLore_Note01 001A1AC2
Text Message to Sammy BoS01_BreadCrumbNote_IsolatedCabin 0032E503
Text Military ID card Recruitment Blues BoS02GovernmentIDCard 002A6DE4
Text Mine signaling quick reference MTR06_StudyMaterial_MineSignals 003CE684
Text Miner's map Lucky Strike MTRZ05_LuckyMap001 003EB31E
Text Mirelurk research POI268_DWDHighlandMarshNote01 003A13C0
Text Missing key Cut content LC203_LabKeyNote 0042FFBC
Text Missing person: Greg Roethe Cut content RSVP00_Book_LORE_Greg 003A203C
Text Mission 099-01 orders Heart of the Enemy BoSz04MissionNote 002C543E
Text Mission to Abigayle BoS01_BreadCrumbNote_Morgantown 0020C2B0
Text Mists of Autumn Acres AutumnAcreCabin_Note_01 003AC529
Text Mutated flora: Flux (cobalt) ENB_NukedFloraGuide_Blue 003CFB3A
Text Mutated flora: Flux (crimson) ENB_NukedFloraGuide_Red 003CFB3C
Text Mutated flora: Flux (fluorescent) ENB_NukedFloraGuide_Orange 003CFB3E
Text Mutated flora: Flux (violet) ENB_NukedFloraGuide_Purple 003CFB3D
Text Mutated flora: Flux (yellowcake) ENB_NukedFloraGuide_Yellow 003CFB3B
Text My dearest Nancy LC028_KeyNote 004FE04B
Text My story LC154_RoofGuy_Note 004F8E09
Text My whiskey LC196_SonsOfDaneBeerNote 00501B11
Text Mycology notes ABT_ShoppingList_Note 0031BA8B
Text NCB02-A6A1 feedback form NukaColaPlant_FeedbackForm02 0027563D
Text NCQ17-JH1A feedback form NukaColaPlant_FeedbackForm01 00256966
Text New crew LC001_NewCrewNote 0051E51B
Text New deliveries Cut content POI287_DeliveryNote 004FE04C
Text Nina Benchley's note LC067_Huntersville_NinaNote 0031BC26
Text No more I.O.U.s FS_StephanieNote 003CFB72
Text No more satellites BoS_Defiance_NoSatellitesNotes 0051E23B
Text No way out BoS_Defiance_NoWayOutNote 0051E23A
Text North Star LC177_LoreNote_Groves 003A0BA3
Text Not sorry RE_SceneMP03_Note05 0035EC23
Text Note RE_ObjectMP11Note01
Text Note from a concerned neighbor LC095_ConcernedNeighborNote01 004E1FCE
Text Note from Bill Cut content LC203_GarrahanNote 0042FFBA
Text Note from Brianna Hawke RE_ObjectCMB05_Note 0052EDD4
Text Note from Dave Cut content LC108_TruckNote 004FE049
Text Note from Miller MothmanNote01 004FCC86
Text Note to Darla POI235_DWDAnchorFarmNote01 003CF44B
Text Note to Hornwright LC100_DWDMountBlairTranyardNote01 003CF44D
Text Note to Lorri LC075_LewisburgVisitorsCenterNote 003CF483
Text Note to Mac AgCenterMacFaddernBook02 0004D8EC
Text Note to Marge AgCenterMacFaddernBook01 0004D8E7
Text Note to Sugarplum POI_TransmissionTowerNote 000617A2
Text Note to trespassers POI203_LookoutTower08Note 0038E4B8
Text NOTHING HELPS! RSVP00_Book_LORE_NothingHelps 003A2036
Text Notice of expulsion LC004_AlleghenyAsylum_CBLore_NoticeOfExpulsion 0051E9C7
Text Notice of termination TW007_TerminationPaperwork 002C4622
Text NOTICE TO PRANKSTER Cut content SF06_GeorgesNote 00354E44
Text November announcements draft LC174_WatogaHigh_CBLore_MorningAnnouncements 00501D85
Text Nuka-Cola marketing memo BMO_BunkerNote03_MarketingMemo 002E9C21
Text O Holy Night LC096_OHolyNightNote 003D7F0E
Text Obscure Book of Doom Cut content TestAlyssa_Quest01_Book 0016F832
Text Official notice LC024_GovProclaimationSamBlackwell 003D1480
Text Old guns Cut content Helvetia_LoreNote_Blackpowder 003D5B4F
Text Old Lady Davis Cut content POI281_DavisNote 0042FFB6
Text On your recent noise levels LC143_SummersvilleMansions_NoiseComplaint 003CF7A5
Text Operation Watoga CB04_WatogaObjective_Note_AlleghenyAsylum 00391990
Text Operations manual Tea Time FFZ13_GiantTeapotManual 004E2B4B
Text Orders from Maria Chavez Vault76_ResponderNote 0050CBBC
Text Orders from Melody LC013_BigBendMiscNote 0050F879
Text Palace admin password Key to the Past MTNL01_AdminPasswordNote 004E4B3D
Text Pamela's note LC030_HavenChurch_PamelasNote 003DC3BD
Text Patient chart: Buzz RSVP01_Book_LORE_PatientChart 00529DE2
Text Penelope Hornwright's resume The Motherlode MTR05_Resume01 00068509
Text Phyllis's note LC020_PleasantValleySkiResort_PhyllisNote 0031C178
Text PIONEERBOOK: Camping PioneerScoutGuidePage04_Camping 00322189
Text PIONEERBOOK: Foreward PioneerScoutGuidePage01_Forward 003133C2
Text PIONEERBOOK: Fundraisers PioneerScoutGuidePage02_Fundraising 003133CA
Text PIONEERBOOK: Meal prep PioneerScoutGuidePage03_Cooking 003202BA
Text Plea for the fallen Cut content BoS_GraveNote 00022276
Text Pleasant Valley intranet memo Seeker of Mysteries MoM03RaiderSysadminNote 00357FFB
Text Pool table rules BoS_Defiance_PoolTableNote 0051E236
Text Portside Pub happy hour menu PortsidePub_LoreNote01 003D5F14
Text Postcard from Adrian LC095_VTUPostcardNote05 003D57D3
Text Postcard from Elizabeth LC095_VTUPostcardNote03 003D57C6
Text Postcard from grandma LC095_VTUPostcardNote08 003D57D9
Text Postcard from home LC095_VTUPostcardNote01 004E33AB
Text Postcard from Maddy LC095_VTUPostcardNote04 003D57C7
Text Postcard from mom & dad LC095_VTUPostcardNote02 004E33AC
Text Postcard from VTU LC095_VTUPostcardNote07 003D57D7
Text Postcard to parents POI143_DWDPostCardMonorailElevatorNote01 003A13BB
Text Potato eating contest winners Cut content Summersville_Lore_PotatoContest1
Text Prayer RSVP00_Book_LORE_Prayer 003A2038
Text Printer note Cut content DotMatrixPrinterNote01 00052D22
Text Propaganda flyer Liberator_PropagandaNote 004875B6
Text Prospector's map Lucky Strike MTRZ05_LuckyMap002 0042FC98
Text PSY101 notebook cover LC095_StudentBookCoverNote01 003D57C8
Text Public notice - Martial Law Cut content Morgantown_Lore_MartialLawNotice 003CF389
Text Pumpkin carving automation notes LC129_Pumpkin_House 00342E80
Text Pumpkin House postcard Cut content FSZ01_PumpkinHouse 000450BF
Text Quartermaster's note Cut content LC145_LoreNote_Quartermaster 003A0BAD
Text Raider note OBMountainPOI07Ext_Note01
Text Raider's note LC182_WendigoCave_RaiderNote 003D7A7D
Text Rally flyer Cut content Morgantown_Lore_RallyFlyer 003CF38E
Text Rally for justice! Cut content Morgantown_Lore_RallyNotice 003CF38A
Text RE: Motherlode spare key Cut content BMO_BunkerNote05_SparekeyNote 00001487
Text Reading list CP_Booklist_Note 0031BA8A
Text Reason to live POI276_TanagraTown 003CFB7B
Text Reaver scout LC042_ReaversNote_01 004ED190
Text Record of divorce: The Blackwells Bunker Buster EN01_RecordofDivorce 000311DF
Text Red Rocket Please Stop LC127_RedRocketMegaStopReview 003A13A8
Text Red Rocket postcard Cut content FSZ01_RedRocket 00044A6D
Text Regarding Speaker Poole Cut content Charleston_Lore_ResponderLetter 003A10BE
Text Regarding the infestation LC143_SummersvilleMansions_PestsNote01 003CF7A3
Text Reggie's note LC007_HopewellCave_ReggiesNote 003DC3B6
Text Remember them RE_SceneMP03_Note01 0035EC25
Text Reminder FS01_MQ_Warn_MiscSundayBrosBook 0038F1AE
Text Research note POI108_DWDMountainNukeCrater02Note01 004ED191
Text Responder outposts LC042_Responders_01 004ED191
Text Responder's assignment RE_SceneTS01_Note1
RE_SceneTS01_Note2Cut content
0052B8E3Cut content
Text Responder's last words LC096_Explanation 00429A7E
Text Responder's note LookoutTower02Note
Text Rest in peace LC081_GraveNote 004FDC5A
Text Restricted access LC052_BlastFurnaceNote 0043348B
Text Rich Taylor's testament BMO_BunkerNote03_CrazyLadyWatoga 00181BF8
Text Ripped note Cut content FF20_RippedNote
Text Roof climber's poem LC095_RoofClimberNote01 004E2101
Text Ropes course note NRGPOI_CourseEndNote 004FA79E
Text Saboteur's work password Mayor for a Day CB04_Password_Note 004E5BBA
Text Safe note LC090_MonongahMineMiscNote 004F852C
Text Safe travels POI004_CrashedPlaneNote 004FD2EE
Text Salty note POI232_DWDSpruceKnobChannelsNote01 003A13BA
Text Salty Sam's pricing POI231_DWDSpruceKnobLakeNote01 003A13B9
Text Sam Blackwell interview notes Uncle Sam EN01_QuinnCarterBlackwellNotes 003E1360
Text Sam Blackwell: "No" on Measure 6 MTR05_BlackwellNoOn6 003CE670
Text Scattered journal pages LC013_BigBendNote1
Text Scavenger's notes RE_SceneKMK01Note01
Text Scenarios: Returning from Raleigh's FS_Abbie_ReturnScenarios 003A1774
Text Schematics test plan Cut content 003A1FF8
Text Scorched observations Cut content FS_Ella_Observations 00501AA4
Text Scott's reminders RSVP00_Book_LORE_ScottStash 0052ECB1
Text Scouting report POI264_ScoutReportNote
Text Scoutmaster's confession Cut content BMO_BunkerNote05_LuggageNote 0012BC0F
Text Search teams LC117_SearchTeams_Note 004ED98D
Text Secure storage policy Defiance Has Fallen BoS01SecureRoomNote 003D0EF2
Text Security protocols MTR10_RobotNote 00432F32
Text Security system manual reset Bunker Buster EN01_PowerSurgeWarning 00002A2A
Text Senate orientation letter Bunker Buster EN01_WelcomeToTheSenate 003113E0
Text Senior executive exam answer key MTR05_CheatSheet 0006926C
Text Sermon: Impending doom LC117_CultLeaderManuscript02 003A1B1E
Text Sermon: Summoning the Mothman LC117_CultLeaderManuscript01 001EB2C3
Text Server maintenance LC024_RuinedServerNote 003D153C
Text Sgt. Elk's journal CampMcClintock_LoreNote01 003CF48D
Text Sharon's angry letter LC062_HarpersFerry_AngryNote 003DC3C2
Text Shawn's journal LC005_Aaronholt_Shawn_Journal_Note 004E8811
Text Shelley's letter LC145_CampVenture_ShelleysLetter 003DC3C9
Text Shopping list LC064_ShoppingListNote01
Text Signal repeater notes Signal Strength MTNS01_RespondersNote01 003AEF9F
Text Silo Alpha access code Cut content EN07_AccessCodeAlpha 003A5612
Text Silo Alpha code piece I Am Become Death
Hide and Seek and Destroy
Text Silo Alpha launch code Cut content EN07_LaunchCodeAlpha01 003A5611
Text Silo Alpha transciever object In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar Cut content TransceiverObjectSugarGrove01 003EB3D6
Text Silo Bravo code piece I Am Become Death
Hide and Seek and Destroy
Text Silo Bravo launch code Cut content EN07_LaunchCodeBeta01 003A5613
Text Silo Bravo silo access code Cut content EN07_AccessCodeBeta 003A5614
Text Silo Charlie code piece I Am Become Death
Hide and Seek and Destroy
Text Silo Charlie launch code Cut content EN07_LaunchCodeGamma01 003A5615
Text Silo Charlie silo access code Cut content EN07_AccessCodeGamma 003A5616
Text Skeleton extraction guide POI282_LoreNote_SkeletonMaking 003C7B20
Text Slocum's Woes POI236_SlocumJoesReview 003C946D
Text Smuggler's stash LC037_CultistCaveNote 004FD2E7
Text Soldier's certificate Back to Basic
Recruitment Blues
BoS02SoldierCertificate 0033C775
Text Sorry RSVP00_Book_LORE_Sorry 003A2034
Text South bridge watch LC117_MorningShift_Note 004ED990
Text Special notice LC024_XmasNotice 003D142D
Text Stolen supplies LC018_AVRMedicalCenterNote 004FD2EB
Text Squire Evelyn's journal - page 16 BoS02_SecurityNote 001E59F1
Text Stained note LC052_BlastFurnaceNote2 0043348A
Text Stanley's note LC020_PleasantValleySkiResort_StanleyNote 0031C179
Text State of Emergency Cut content LC023_CharlestonNoteEmergency 003D1588
Text Stop taking the key! LC046_KeyNote 0033595A
Text Store room report BoS_Venture_StoreRoomNote 0051E232
Text Straight A's LC026_MorgantownHSNote 004FD2E9
Text Student's poem LC174_PoemNote_CBLore_Note 003CD66C
Text Subject 43 AMSHQ_CBLore_Note01 000B104B
Text Subject 67 AMSHQ_CBLore_Note02 000B03D3
Text Sue them AMSHQ_CBLore_SueThem 003D5DC1
Text Sunnytop maintenance memo LC144_SunnytopSkiLanes_MaintenanceMemo 0031A0ED
Text Sunnytop marketing memo LC144_SunnytopSkiLanes_MarketingMemo 0031A0EB
Text Sunnytop staff memo LC144_SunnytopSkiLanes_DirectorMemo 0031A0EC
Text Supply cage code POI286_CodeNote 004FE04E
Text Supply list FS01_MQ_Warn_MiscWatogaBook 0038F1B9
Text Survival planning checklist SurvivalTrainingCenter_Pamphlet01
Text Survive RE_SceneMP03_Note04 0035EC22
Text Suspicious note DWDForestPOI01Note01
Text Swamp butter POI162_DoctorsNote 003D661B
Text Sweet bean RSVP03_Book_LORE_Sweetbean 003A2002
Text Sweetheart RSVP00_Book_LORE_Sweetheart 003A2002
Text Taggerdy's journal: OCT 21 2077 BoS_SpruceKnob_TaggerdyJournal01Note 0051E22F
Text Taggerdy's journal: NOV 04 2077 BoS_SpruceKnob_TaggerdyJournal02Note 0051E230
Text Tasks RSVP03_Book_LORE_Tasks 003A2006
Text Tattoo parlor Charleston_LoreNote_TattooParlor 003D78AF
Text Tear it all down LC095_RoofGangHolotape01
Text Termination notice LC060_WhitespringTerminationNotice 003CDB33
Text Thank you Responders Cut content Charleston_Lore_ResponderThankYouNote 003A10BC
Text The assassins Seeker of Mysteries MoM03ClueNote03 004ECF43
Text The coffee Charleston_LoreNote_Slocums 003D78B6
Text The doctors Charleston_LoreNote_DoctorOffice01 003D78B2
Text The Domestics notes The_Domestics_01
Text The drop Charleston_LoreNote_DoctorOffice02 003D78AB
Text The End Charleston_LoreNote_Church 003D78A5
Text The Evil Men Charleston_LoreNote_Summersville03 003D7A0A
Text The Free States RE_TravelCT01_Note 004E10BF
Text The Herald supports Quinn Carter EN01_WeSupportQuinnCarter 0031141F
Text The house Charleston_LoreNote_BombedHouse02 003D78A9
Text The owner Charleston_LoreNote_RiverfrontHouse 003D78B4
Text The plan SFZ03_Queen_MiscFreddyBook 00389A86
Text The power plant Charleston_LoreNote_Summersville04 003D7A0C
Text The safe Charleston_LoreNote_Safe 003D78AD
Text The Sam Blackwell interview EN01_TheBlackwellInterview 003E84D2
Text The shrink Charleston_LoreNote_TherapyOffice 003D78B8
Text The view Charleston_LoreNote_BombedHouse01 003D78A7
Text Thom and Molly CB04_WatogaObjective_Note_BigBendTunnel 00391988
Text Ticket number A3 BoS02_DMV_Number_02 002A6DDC
Text Ticket number C42 BoS02_DMV_Number_01 0027E55A
Text To Janet LC095_LoveNote01 003E8517
Text To-do list POI207_SafenCleanDisposal_Note 003C7AFB
Text Together soon Cut content Charleston_Lore_KatelynReplyLetter 003A10BF
Text Tomahawk Life: Morse Code and YOU! Cut content BoS01MorseBook 000524A7
Text Tony's orders Seeker of Mysteries MoM03ClueNote01 004ECF41
Text Top secret Cut content NuclearLaunchCode01 0032CE09
Text Topher's diary - June 9th Back to Basic
Patriotism Training
EN05_Patriotism_TophersDiary 0018208C
Text Trade for parts POI182_TradeDealNote 003D6619
Text Transcript: Test launch 11 MTR_AMSTestSite_Transcript 003CFB57
Text Trappers note Key to the Past MTNL01_TrappersNote 002ECCF7
Text Trevor's note BMO_BunkerNote02_CabinNote_01 0038FAA8
Text Trouble with radiation LC095_RoofGangNote01 003D7F05
Text Unfinished postcard LC095_VTUPostcardNote06 003D57D5
Text Uniform disbursement log Back to Basic EN05_UniformVoucherPage01 00341B35
Text Unsent letter HuntersRidgeNote01
Text Untitled ToxicDriedLakebedNote01 0033410D
Text Untitled poem UntitledPoem01
Text V.I.P. booth offer LC171_WatogaCivicCenterNote 004FD2ED
Text Valley Galleria postcard Cut content FSZ01_ValleyGalleria 000450C9
Text Villa available LC001_VillaAvailableNote 0051E519
Text Volunteer certificate RSVP02_Book_LORE_Certificate_Completion 003C614F
Text Volunteers needed! RE_ObjectMP01_Book_RSVP_Start 004FC028
Text Voting flier LC139_Summersville_VotingFlier 003CF79E
Text Wanted: Kobolds Cut content MTR11_WantedKobolds 003D036C
Text War game orders BoS_SpruceKnob_WarGamesNote 0051E22E
Text Warning LC010_DWDBeckleyNote01 003CF44C
Text Waste baskets WatogaMunicipalNote_01 001203E3
Text Waste problem LC191_MessagesNote 003CF556
Text Water safety report RSVP01_Book_LORE_Report_WaterJuly 003C5B82
Text Watoga High School LC015_BootleggersShack_Note 0034785E
Text What's real Cut content POI162_Dreams 003CFB75
Text Where are you? CB04_WatogaObjective_Note_AbbiesBunker 0039198C
Text Where's the damn key?! LC015_BasementNote 003453AF
Text Whitespring guest requests Cut content Room Service ENz09_RequestList 0009ADA1
Text Wilson's Bros. garage LC117_BathroomKeyNote 003BDB6D
Text Women's dresses LC178_WatogaPlaza_CBLore_Note02 001A1B24
Text You're in charge POI286_ForemanNote 004FE04D

Treasure maps[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Image Ash Heap treasure maps TreasureMap04
Image Cranberry Bog treasure maps TreasureMap26, TreasureMap30
TreasureMap33, TreasureMap35
0051B8CD, 0051B8D6
0051B8D9, 0051B8DE
Image Forest treasure maps TreasureMap01, TreasureMap02
TreasureMap03, TreasureMap05
TreasureMap06, TreasureMap08
TreasureMap09, TreasureMap11
TreasureMap12, TreasureMap14
0051B7A2, 0051B8A6
0051B8A7, 0051B8A9
0051B8AA, 0051B8AE
0051B8B0, 0051B8BB
0051B8B6, 001B8B92
Image Mire treasure maps TreasureMap27, TreasureMap28
TreasureMap31, TreasureMap32
0051B8CE, 0051B8D2
0051B8D7, 0051B8D8
Image Savage Divide treasure maps TreasureMap15, TreasureMap17
TreasureMap19, TreasureMap20
TreasureMap21, TreasureMap22
TreasureMap23, TreasureMap24
TreasureMap25, TreasureMap29
0051B8BA, 0051B8C0
0051B8C2, 0051B8C4
0051B8C6, 0051B8C7
0051B8C8, 0051B8CA
0051B8CC, 0051B8D4
Image Toxic Valley treasure maps TreasureMap10, TreasureMap13
TreasureMap16, TreasureMap18
0051B8B1, 0051B8B8
0051B8BC, 0051B8C1

Wild Appalachia[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text 10/01/77 LC095_ToMillsNote01 00424546
Text 10/15/77 LC095_ToStevieNote01 00424547
Text A new day That Sinking Feeling P01B_Mini_Random01_Journal03 003F25F4
Text Animal control report Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_Animal 003EFB4D
Text Attention: Nuka-Cola technician BMO_BunkerNote07_CrashedPlaneNote 003F1BDA
Text Biome lab: Code fragments UD001_DoorCodeNote_A
Text Blacksheep dossier Baa Baa Black Sheep P01B_Mini_Robot01_CalPsychEval 0046DC75
Text Bo-Peep's note on Calvin Baa Baa Black Sheep P01B_Mini_Robot01_BoPeepNote 004036EC
Text Bomb defusal manual Cut content P01T_MarshallTest_BombDefusalManual 003EC2AF
Text Burnt note Cut content Baa Baa Black Sheep ZZZP01B_Mini_Robot01_BurntNote 0046DC7A
Text Burrows warning UD002RightMonitoringNote 00453AAA
Text C.H. Monthly, August The Lowe-Down P01B_Lying_02_CryptidArticle 003F073B
Text C.H. Monthly, January That Sinking Feeling P01B_Mini_Random01_CryptidArticle2 003F25F1
Text C.H. Monthly, October A Perfect Getaway P01B_Mini_Squatch01_CryptidArticle3 00403342
Text Calvin's security code Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_CalvinSecurityPhrase 0046F0BC
Text Catalog of Curios Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Catalog 003F3830
Text Checklist Babylon_Intro_Checklist 0042455E
Text Chelsea's diary page Unsolved: Picnic Panic P01B_Mini_Random04_ChelseaNote 0046005B
Text Cindy's diary A Perfect Getaway P01B_Mini_Squatch01_Diary 00464858
Text Coded message Cut content Baa Baa Black Sheep ZZZP01b_Mini_Robot01_BlacksheepCode 003F269F
Text Confession note Unsolved: Best of Intentions P01B_Mini_Albino01_Confession 0046D625
Text Crime scene notes Baa Baa Black Sheep P01B_Mini_Robot01_CrimeSceneNotes 0046EBCA
Text Customer complaint Cut content Baa Baa Black Sheep ZZZP01B_Mini_Robot01_Complaint 003F26A1
Text Day 1 That Sinking Feeling P01B_Mini_Random01_Journal1 003F25F6
Text Day 82 That Sinking Feeling P01B_Mini_Random01_Journal2 003F25F5
Text Dead raider's note Raider's Last Laugh RE_ObjectCMB07_Note 00454E1C
Text Dear wolf Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_NoteToWolf 0046A397
Text Delivery route map Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Map 0046A5D3
Text Directions to Janelle's camp Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Directions 0040329E
Text Door codes Cut content P01L_McCreary_DoorCode 0041B8D2
Text Dr. Frank's journal Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01b_Mini_Random02_Journal 003EFB64
Text Empty envelope LC095_Envelope01 00424548
Text Ernesto's book Cut content P02T_MarshallFetchQuest_ErnestoBook 003EEA19
Text Ernesto's manuscripts (parts #1, #2 & #3) Cut content P02T_MarshallFetchQuest_Manuscript1
Text Eviction notice UD005_EvictionNoticeNote 0047C954
Text Forensics report Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_Forensics 003EFB4C
Text From mom The Lowe-Down P01B_Lying02_LaundryNote 003F0738
Text From Ray That Sinking Feeling P01b_Mini_Random01_FromRay 004041CE
Text Further instructions The Lowe-Down P01B_Lying_02_BoPeepClue 003F0739
Text Incident evaluation Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_Report 0047F45A
Text Incident report Cut content Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_Memo 0047F459
Text Invoice 188002: Smarty's Traps n' Bait Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Invoice 0046A5D4
Text Jackson's notes Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_Jackson 003EFB4E
Text Knick-knack paddywhack Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_NoteToWolf02 0040326E
Text Letter from Vault-Tec 0042454E
Text Letter to Calvin requested Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Letter 00403273
Text Letter to L That Sinking Feeling P01b_Mini_Random01_LetterToL 003F25F0
Text Mary's diary page Unsolved: Picnic Panic P01B_Mini_Random04_MaryNote 0046005D
Text Maude's journal page UD002CentralShantytownNote 00453AAC
Text Michael's journal Cut content A Perfect Getaway CUT_P01B_Mini_Squatch01_MichaelsJournal 003F21AE
Text Missing: The Priblos (start and generic) Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Start
Text My advice BMO_BunkerNote07_TastingAreaNote 003F1B6B
Text My bucket list Bucket List P01C_Bucket_List 004845B8
Text Noise complaint Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_NoiseComplaint 0046A394
Text Note about Nukashine Cut content CUT_P01A_Nukashine_PartyNote 0047A44A
Text Note for Raymond Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Note 003F3831
Text Note from management (cut and released) Possum Junior Roboticist Tour ZZZM01C_Roboticist_ManagementNote_old
Text Nukashine ingredients (part 1 and part 2) Wasted on Nukashine P01A_Nukashine_IngredientsList1
Text Nukashine label Wasted on Nukashine P01A_Nukashine_Label 0047A44B
Text Pages from Dr. Frank's journal (one page & last page) Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01b_Mini_Random02_Journal01
Text Property deed The Lowe-Down P01B_Lying_02_Deed 003F0737
Text Recall keycard recipe Cut content Wolf in Sheep's Clothing ZZZP01B_Wolf_RecallKey_Recipe 003FBF37
Text Relocation note Unsolved: Best of Intentions P01B_Mini_Albino01_Relocation 0046D624
Text RobCo customer support Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_RobCoCustomerSupport 0046A396
Text Secret door sale! BMO_BunkerNote07_SecretDoorsNote 003F1BE0
Text Simple ways to his HEART! Cut content P01E_Heart_RomanceNotes 0045C4B1
Text Squire Asher's journal Cut content CUT_SFS09_Habitat_LoreJournal 003D5B52
Text Task list Cut content P02L_McCreary_TaskList 00424883
Text The mannequin UD005_Mannequin_Note 0047C957
Text To Pete UD002PointerNote 0045581F
Text Unsolved: Missing girls (board & train station note) Unsolved: Picnic Panic P01B_Mini_Random04_BoardNote
Text Unsolved: Missing hikers (board & train station note) Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_BoardNote
Text Unsolved: Sighting at Thomas farm Unsolved: Best of Intentions P01B_Mini_Albino_StartingNote 0040347F
Text Veterinary diagnosis sheet Unsolved: Best of Intentions P01B_Mini_Albino01_VetNote 0046DBDB
Text Warning! P01A_Nukashine_FlashFermenterNote 0047CFF7
Text We need to talk UD006_NukaRoom_Note 0047F321
Text Where is it? Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_LocationList 0046A395
Text Wolf check-in #64 The Lowe-Down P01B_Lying02_WolfCheckin 003F0736
Text Wolf's letter to Bo-Peep Baa Baa Black Sheep P01b_Mini_Robot01_WolfLetterToPeep 003F2694
Text Cutthroat orders LC024_RaiderCourthouseNote02 0055AEDB
Text Cutthroat warning LC024_RaiderCourthouseNote01 0055A7A6
Text IOU Cut content v96_tempnote 003EE868
Text Pump Alpha shutdown code Vault Mission: Washout V94_3_PumpAlphaShutdownCode 003EBF6C
Text Pump Beta shutdown code Vault Mission: Washout V94_3_PumpBetaShutdownCode 003EBF6F
Text Pump Delta shutdown code Vault Mission: Washout V94_3_PumpDeltaShutdownCode 003EBF6E
Text Pump Gamma shutdown code Vault Mission: Washout V94_3_PumpGammaShutdownCode 003EBF6D
Text Rosalynn's note LC024_RosalynnNote01 0055CBDA
Text Vault 94 pump restart codes Vault Mission: Dead in the Water V94_1_PumpRestartCodePage 0046AAB0
Text Vault 94 reactor reset codes Vault Mission: Dead in the Water V94_1_ReactorEvent_2_KeypadCodePage 00465485
Text Vault 94 requisition holotapes Vault Mission: Meltdown V94_2_Green_RequisitionHolotape01
Text Vault 94 water pressure regulation Vault Mission: Meltdown V94_2_Utility_PumpCodePage 003F8808
Text Vault 96 decontamination procedure Vault Mission: Creature Feature V96_1_Engineering_DecontaminationCodePage 0054791A
Text Vault 96 decryption code Vault Mission: Gone Viral V96_2_AnalysisEvent_4_KeypadCodePage 00424C59
Text Vault 94 requisition holotapes Vault Mission: Meltdown V94_2_Green_RequisitionHolotape01

Nuclear Winter[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text Cutthroat orders LC024_RaiderCourthouseNote02 0055AEDB
Text Cutthroat warning LC024_RaiderCourthouseNote01 0055A7A6
Text Pump Alpha shutdown code Fallout 76 removed content V94_3_PumpAlphaShutdownCode 003EBF6C
Text Pump Beta shutdown code Fallout 76 removed content V94_3_PumpBetaShutdownCode 003EBF6F
Text Pump Delta shutdown code Fallout 76 removed content V94_3_PumpDeltaShutdownCode 003EBF6E
Text Pump Gamma shutdown code Fallout 76 removed content V94_3_PumpGammaShutdownCode 003EBF6D
Text Vault 94 pump restart codes Fallout 76 removed content V94_1_PumpRestartCodePage 0046AAB0
Text Vault 94 reactor reset codes Fallout 76 removed content V94_1_ReactorEvent_2_KeypadCodePage 00465485
Text Vault 94 water pressure regulation Fallout 76 removed content V94_3_PumpAlphaShutdownCode 003F8808
Text Vault 96 decontamination procedure Cut content V96_1_Engineering_DecontaminationCodePage 0054791A
Text Vault 96 decryption code Cut content V96_2_AnalysisEvent_4_KeypadCodePage 00424C59


Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text 999's setback Treasure Unknown W05_Lore_FS_AutomatedSwitch 0056AB83
Text A repository as smart as you W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_AsSmartAsYou 0055D8D7
Text A Whale of a Tale W05_Raider_Munch_WhaleTale 0058E9D9
Text ADD CRATES HERE W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_AddCratesHere 0055FD02
Text ADD FOOD HERE W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_AddFoodstuffsHere 0055FD05
Text ADD LUXURY HERE W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_AddLuxuryGoodHere 0055FD03
Text ADD WEAPONS HERE W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_AddWeaponHere 0055FD04
Text Alex's observations 2 Cut content WU_HolotapePlaceholder02 0040D82B
Text Alex's observations 8 Cut content WU_HolotapePlaceholder01 0040D829
Text Always watching WL060_LoreNote01 0058370D
Text Apologies, Mr. Duncan W05_MQ_003P_Muscle_DuncanLegalNote 00553849
Text Aubrie's note W05_Aubrie_SuicideNote 005A226B
Text Aubrie's notes W05_Aubrie_Journal 0058DEE0
Text Beckon the call Wl058_LoreNote01 00581F22
Text Brahmin noodle soup WL046_Note_BrahminNoodleSoup 0058DD21
Text Bring me Crane! Hunter for Hire W05_MQ_002P_GangerNote 0040F66B
Text Bully's note W05_RE_Camp_BullyNote_01 0058CEB7
Text Camper's note 1 W05_RE_Camp_BackSoonNote_01 0058D3B5
Text Camper's note 2 W05_RE_Camp_BackSoonNote_02 0058D3B7
Text Camper's note 3 W05_RE_Camp_BackSoonNote_03 0058D3B8
Text Camper's note 4 W05_RE_Camp_BackSoonNote_04 0058D3B9
Text Charleston Herald - Tragedy Hits Hornwright Trade Secrets W05_MQS_201P_KeycardClue3_Newspaper 003FBCA9
Text Chase Terrier's journal W05_Vault79_ChaseJournal 005A3607
Text Cole Carver's journal W05_Vault79_CarverJournal 005A3604
Text Crane's map The Elusive Crane W05_MQ_004P_CacheCraneMap 0058F279
Text Cultist's final plea 1 W05_RE_Camp_DeadCultistsNote_01 0058CEAA
Text Cultist's final plea 2 W05_RE_Camp_DeadCultistsNote_02 0058CEAC
Text Cultist's final plea 3 W05_RE_Camp_DeadCultistsNote_03 0058CEAD
Text Cultist's final plea 4 W05_RE_Camp_DeadCultistsNote_04 0058CEAE
Text Cultist's scrawling 1 W05_RE_Camp_CultistsNote_GreatOffering_01 0058CEB1
Text Cultist's scrawling 2 W05_RE_Camp_CultistsNote_GreatOffering_02 0058CEB2
Text Cultist's scrawling 3 W05_RE_Camp_CultistsNote_GreatOffering_03 0058CEB3
Text Cure for line steppers WL054_LoreNote01 00581F24
Text Dishwasher Steve's note WL046_DishwashersNote 005543B3
Text Earl's note to Randy WL035_EarlNote 0042C11A
Text Elsie's story W05_Elsie_Journal 0058DEDE
Text Eviction notice W05_Lore_FS_Eviction 00569B81
Text Filtcher farm report Treasure Unknown W05_Clue4_FenceReport 00569C93
Text Flavia's disappearance W05_Lore_FS_ConcernedFriend 00569B82
Text Floyd's note to Randy WL035_FloydNote 0042C11B
Text Frank's Fine Radstag Redemption WL046_Note_RadstagRedemption 005543AF
Text Future plans W05_Raider_Lev_Plans 0058EAC8
Text Garrison's journal W05_Vault79_GarrisonJournal 005A3603
Text Gauley Mine production log W05_MQ_003P_GauleyMineProdBook 0041A334
Text Georgia's diary page 27 WL057_CottageBunker_GeorgiaNote01 0058B9CA
Text Georgia's diary page 33 WL057_CottageBunker_GeorgiaNote02 0058B9CC
Text Grafton Steel infiltrator's note Fun and Games W05_MQR_202P_VentNote 0041CB5D
Text Hunter's headcheese WL046_Note_HeadhuntersHeadcheese 005543AE
Text Holland Chase Invoice 9021 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue1_Invoice01 005698E7
Text Holland Chase Invoice 9033 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue1_Invoice02 005698E8
Text Hornwright Industrial notice Trade Secrets W05_MQS_201P_KeycardClue4_HornwrightNote 003FBCAA
Text Ideas for new match types W05_MQR_203P_SargentoNote 0055D89D
Text Imagine your memories here! W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_ImagineYourMemoriesHere 0055D8D6
Text Keypass notes WL036_RippedNote 0042C25F
Text Larry's lowcountry mirelurk boil WL046_Note_MirelurkBoil 005543AA
Text Letter WL048_CultistNote02 00558EAB
Text Loris's medical diagnosis Overseer, Overseen W05_MQ_102P_LorisNote 00544D5F
Text Lou's goodbye note Cheating Death W05_MQR_201P_LouGoodbyeNote 0040D486
Text Lou's log: Cave-in WL005_PillarRoomNote01 00559246
Text Lou's log: Chamber WL005_CrusherRoomNote01 0055923F
Text Lou's log: Engine room WL005_EngineRoomNote01 0055923A
Text Lou's log: New plan WL005_EngineRoomNote02 0055923B
Text Lou's log: Turret repair WL005_TurretRepairNote01 0055920C
Text Madison's journal page 7 WL057_CottageBunker_MadisonNote1 0058B9CB
Text Meetup RE_ObjectZW02_TomNote 005640B1
Text Mercedes Stern's journal W05_Vault79_SternJournal 005A3606
Text Note from FS W05_Lore_FS_FlaviaNote 0056AB84
Text Note from Jen Secrets Revealed W05_MQA_206P_JensNote
Text Order yours today! W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_PlaceYourOrder 0055D8D9
Text Participant survey W05_WL024_MazeSurveyNote01 0058CCE7
Text Percy's last note WU_OswaldNote 004026DE
Text Photo of Rosalynn's memorial Strange Bedfellows W05_MQ_101P_A_MemorialPhoto 00546275
Text Prepared transcript W05_MQS_203P_RobobrainTranscript 005A24A1
Text Quickly scrawled note W05_MQS_203P_BrainPrepNote01
Text Read between the lines, James W05_MQ_003P_Muscle_ReadBetweenTheLinesJames 00553848
Text READ CAREFULLY W05_RE_ObjectBB02_Note 0056F1BC
Text Reginald Stone's journal W05_Vault79_StoneJournal 005A3605
Text Requisition form RE_ObjectZW02_SoldierNote 005640B0
Text RobCo stock shares (1000) W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_RobCoStock 0055D8D8
Text Rose's AI program Strange Bedfellows W05_MQ_101P_A_AIProgramBroken
Text RSVP card Trade Secrets W05_MQS_201P_KeycardClue2_RSVP 003F514F
Text Safe room checklist W05_MQS_201P_SaferoomChecklist 005A02BC
Text Scott's letter WL028_ScottLetter 0058E9D3
Text Sermon notes WL048_CultistNote01 00558EA9
Text Shanghai Sally: Berkeley Springs Treasure Unknown W05_Clue5_PoliceReport 00569C96
Text Shanghai Sally: Casino Shootout Treasure Unknown W05_Clue5_Newspaper01 00569C95
Text Shanghai Sally: Chapter Closed Treasure Unknown W05_Clue5_Newspaper02 00569C94
Text Shanghai Sally: Conclusions Treasure Unknown W05_Clue5_Overview 00569C97
Text Supplies to open tomb Cut content WL048_CultistNote03 00558EAD
Text Surge's letter Cut content W05_Raider_Surge_Letter 0058EACB
Text Suspicious death at Harpers Ferry Treasure Unknown W05_Clue3_Death1 005698F8
Text Suspicious death of Alicia Shay Treasure Unknown W05_Clue3_Death2 005698F9
Text Suspicious death of Emmanuel Tillings Treasure Unknown W05_Clue3_Death3 005698FA
Text Suspicious deaths overview Treasure Unknown W05_Clue3_DeathOverview 005698FB
Text Test case results WL036_Notebook01 0053ADBF
Text Test holotape
Text The end of Razorhandle's career W05_LoreNote01 00583708
Text The Great War W05_Raider_Munch_TheGreatWar 0058E9D7
Text The Old Guard, Vol 14: Ch 2 W05_MQS_203P_RadcliffsNotebook 0058E9DA
Text The Nova Orbital station W05_Raider_Munch_NovaOrbitalStation 0058E9D8
Text The problem with super mutants WL052_LoreNote01 0058370C
Text The Rusty Pick Reopens! POITrainStationBerkeleySprings_RustyPick_Note 0059F5FE
Text The solution Cut content W05_Raider_TheSolution 0058EAC6
Text Things to remember Cut content W05_Raider_Creed_Notes 0058EAC7
Text This Wasteland I Call Home Cut content W05_Raider_WastelandICallHome 0058EAC5
Text Treasury bonds (100) W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_TreasuryBonds 0055D8DA
Text Unsent letter Strange Bedfellows W05_MQ_101P_A_DavidLetter 00566AF8
Text Vault 79 keypad code Buried Treasure
From Russia With Lev
Secrets Revealed
Text Vigilant Citizen's note to Blackwell Treasure Unknown W05_Clue1_CoverLetter 005698E2
Text Vigilant Citizen's note to Carter Treasure Unknown W05_Clue2_CoverLetter 005698E3
Text Vigilant Citizen's note to Leah de Silva Treasure Unknown W05_Clue4_CoverLetter 005698F6
Text Vigilant Citizen's note to Sheriff Darcy Treasure Unknown W05_Clue5_CoverLetter 005698F7
Text Vigilant Citizen's note to Van Lowe Treasure Unknown W05_Clue3_CoverLetter 005698F5
Text Ward's journal W05_Ward_Journal 0058DEE2
Text Weigh station logs Treasure Unknown W05_Clue2_WeighStation 005698F4
Text Whats the smell?In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar W05_LoreNote02 0058370A
Text ATLAS decommission reports Fortifying ATLAS BS01_Invention_Documentation01 005C2F41
Text Last details Fortifying ATLAS BS00_Dorsey_Note_08 005D2BAC
Text Notice: New owners Fallout 76 removed content Fortifying ATLAS BS01_MQ03_FieldTesting_PutnamNote_0 005D2A10
Text Prove your worth Breaking Radio Silence BS01_VernonDodge_MiscQuest_Note 005D1EDE
Text Relocation notice LC062_VendorBotWallace_Note 005C54DB

The Legendary Run[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text Dorsey's diary Fortifying ATLAS BS00_Dorsey_Diary 005B77C2
Text Back in a bit Fallout 76 removed content Fortifying ATLAS BS00_Dorsey_Note_07 005C5DD5
Text Earle's journal#1 Something Sentimental E06_PocketWatch_EarlesJournal 005A21D4
Text Earle's journal#2 Something Sentimental E06_PocketWatch_EarlesJournal02 005A21D5
Text Ghosts? Something Sentimental E06_PocketWatch_GhostNote 005A21D3
Text Note to self: Names Fallout 76 removed content Fortifying ATLAS BS00_Dorsey_Note_05 005B79E1
Text Note to self: Parts Fallout 76 removed content Fortifying ATLAS BS00_Dorsey_Note_02 005B79DE
Text Note to self: Railings Fallout 76 removed content Fortifying ATLAS BS00_Dorsey_Note_06 005B79E2
Text One choice Something Sentimental E06_PocketWatch_SuicideNote 005A21D1
Text Raider's note Something Sentimental LC182_WendigoCave_RaiderNote 003D7A7D
Text To-do: Symbol Fallout 76 removed content Fortifying ATLAS BS00_Dorsey_Note_01 005B79DD
Text To-do: Nailgun Fallout 76 removed content Fortifying ATLAS BS00_Dorsey_Note_03 005B79DF
Text To-do: Power armor Fallout 76 removed content Fortifying ATLAS BS00_Dorsey_Note_04 005B79E0

Steel Dawn[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text Brewmaster grocery list BS009_Treehouse_Village_Brewing_Grocery_List 005C4E4B
Text Brotherhood note BS007_BoSNote01 005B4CD8
Text Decontamination note BS01_MQ07_Over_LobbyNote01 005E4817
Text Disgusting creatures BS005_RaiderNote01 005B7369
Text Dyving soot BS01_MQ06_Settlers_DiveSuitNote 005D99B0
Text Feeding chute note BS01_MQ07_Over_ChuteNote01 005E7028
Text Glue sniffers BS01_MQ07_Over_LivingQuartersNote02 005E481C
Text Got that thing you wanted BS01_MQ06_Settlers_TadNote 005ECBD9
Text Lab journal BS01_MQ07_Over_LabJournalNote01 005E4818
Text List of essentials Cut content BS009_Treehouse_Sara_Matthews 005C91CA
Text Lost data BS01_MQ07_Over_LostDataNote01 005E481D
Text Lucky Hits! BS011_LotteryTicket_Note 005C767E
Text Mirelurk den BS006_RaiderNote01 005B7368
Text Mirelurk Medley BS006_RaiderNote02 005B736B
Text Mole miners BS01_MQ07_Over_MoleMinerNote01 005E481A
Text My fault BS01_MQ07_Over_LivingQuartersNote01 005E481B
Text One last trip BS007_WorkersNote02 005B4CBA
Text Passwords SHELS01_ReubenDiary 005C5D7E
Text Scout letter BS01_MQ07_Over_ScoutNote01 005E481E
Text Shelter-building supplies SHELS01_BuildingSupplies 005C5D7F
Text Snallygaster BS01_MQ07_Over_SnallygasterNote01 005E4819
Text Terminals aren't safe BS01_MQ07_Over_LabNote01 005E8B46
Text That smell BS005_RaiderNote02 005B736A
Text The Dagger dilemma BS009_Treehouse_Dagger_Dilemma 005C4E4A
Text Trapped BS011_Trapped_Note 005C767D
Text Unessential BS007_WorkersNote01 005B4CB9
Text Upcoming shipments BS01_MQ06_Settlers_GloriaNote 005ECBD8
Text Urgent request BS01_MQ07_Over_RadioTowerNote 005E8049
Text Valdez's letter of recommendation BS01_MQ02_Invention_RecLetter_Bad

Steel Reign[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text Attention night crew Missing Persons AMS02_Cage_Note01 006060B4
Text Blue Ridge delivers again Missing Persons BS02_MQ02_Missing_BlackburnsLetter 005FACF0
Text Breakthrough A Satisfied Conscience BS02_MQ04_Conscience_BlackburnNotes_Breakthrough 00606242
Text Care to test your metal? Test Your Metal BS024_Care_To_Test_Your_Metal 0060635D
Text Caravan manifest Out of the Blue BS02_MQ03_Blue_Note_Camp_Manifest 005FB4EB
Text Cassie's journal Out of the Blue BS02_MQ03_Blue_Note_Camp_Journal 005FB4EF
Text Corpse disposal A Satisfied Conscience BS02_MQ04_Conscience_BlackburnNotes_CorpseDisposal 0060623E
Text Damn radstorms! Out of the Blue BS02_MQ03_Blue_Note_Camp_Radstorm 005FB4ED
Text Discarded letter Out of the Blue BS02_MQ03_Blue_Note_JoannaOffice 00606218
Text Guard note Out of the Blue HFD_Guard_Notebook01 0060602C
Text Hastily written note Missing Persons BS02_MQ02_Missing_SheenasNote 005FAC46
Text I admit it Out of the Blue BS02_MQ03_Blue_Note_Admission 00606049
Text Internal incident report Out of the Blue HFD_DotMatrixPrinterNote01 0060602D
Text IT work order Out of the Blue BS02_MQ03_Blue_ITSupportTicket 005FB4EA
Text Killbot inventory list Test Your Metal BS024_Killbot_Inventory_List_Note 0060635F
Text Marcia's diary Missing Persons BS02_MQ02_Missing_MarciasDiary 00606C0E
Text Open sesame seed Out of the Blue BS02_MQ03_Blue_Note_Clue_Password 005FB4E8
Text Prohibited items Out of the Blue HFD_GuardNote02 0060602B
Text Reminder about password Out of the Blue BS02_MQ03_Blue_Note_Instructions 005FB4E9
Text Reminder: supplies A Satisfied Conscience BS02_MQ04_Conscience_BlackburnNotes_Reminder 00606240
Text Suspicious noises Out of the Blue HFD_Storage_Note01 006060B3
Text Snallygaster A Satisfied Conscience BS02_MQ04_Conscience_BlackburnNotes_Snallygaster 00606241
Text Vault 96 A Satisfied Conscience BS02_MQ04_Conscience_BlackburnNotes_Vault96 0060623F
Text Wizard's Fortunes ATX_Book_Fortunes01 - ATX_Book_Fortunes55 0060595D - 00605993

Night of the Moth[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text Catechism of Hilary Fallout 76 seasonal content E07A_Mothman_Book_1_Catechism 0062A5F3
Text Exodus Fallout 76 seasonal content E07A_Mothman_Book_3_Exodus 0062E814
Text False Gods of Appalachia Fallout 76 seasonal content E07A_Mothman_Book_6_FalseGods 0062E812
Text Observations, vol. XXVII Fallout 76 seasonal content E07A_Mothman_Book_4_Observations 0062A5F2
Text On the Thesis of Wallace Fallout 76 seasonal content E07A_Mothman_Book_5_Wallace 0062E813
Text Sayings of Alicia Fallout 76 seasonal content E07A_Mothman_Book_2_Sayings 0062A5F1

Invaders from Beyond[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text Scrawled note RE_Camp_Zetan_01_Note 0061DAEF

Test Your Metal[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text Crater observations E08B_Note_Rads_1
Text Kenneth's journal E08B_Note_Kenneth 00647B24
Text Raider's journal entries E08A_Note_Raider01

Expeditions: The Pitt[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text "Mission Critical" is a joke! XPD_Pitt02_ChemistNote2 0065DFBB
Text A farewell to Pittsburgh XPD_Pitt01_AFarewellToPittsburghNote 006697F0
Text Ava's journal XPD_Pitt02_Note_AvasJournal01 0065C0D0
Text Bad omens XPD_Pitt02_Note_BadOmens 0065C0D2
Text Chemist note XPD_Pitt02_ChemistNote1 0065DFB9
Text Chemist's orders XPD_Pitt01_ChemistsOrdersNote 0063E33F
Text Concerned employee XPD_Pitt02_ConcernedEmployeeNote 0066E176
Text Correspondence chess XPD_Pitt01_CorrespondenceChessNote 0063E341
Text Dominance XPD_Pitt02_FanaticNote01 0065450D
Text Don't worry XPD_Pitt01_PreWarNote01 00667EF1
Text Double dealings XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_DoubleDealingsNote 00644A60
Text Fanatic manhunter's note XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_ManhuntersNote 00644A61
Text Fanatic thief's note XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_FanaticThiefNote 00644A5D
Text Few more days XPD_Pitt02_HopefulNote01 00653FE2
Text Forgive me XPD_Pitt01_FanaticNote01 00667EF0
Text Get well soon Margaret XPD_Pitt02_Note_GetWellSoonMargaret 0066835A
Text Getting through XPD_Pitt01_UnionNote02 00667878
Text Good luck 76Chargen_ExitSuppliesNote 0066EFC7
Text Goodbye Cliffy XPD_Pitt02_FanaticNote02 0065450E
Text Hearing things XPD_Pitt02_FanaticNote05 006547F9
Text Hellcat contract XPD_Pitt01_HellcatContractNote 006697EF
Text I'm getting out of this town XPD_Pitt01_GettingOutNote 0063E342
Text It rang XPD_Pitt01_PreWarNote02 006689B1
Text Janitor notes XPD_Pitt02_JanitorNote1 0065DFB8
Text Labor yard openings XPD_Pitt02_Note_LaborYardOpenings 00668359
Text Memo to team XPD_Pitt02_MemoNote01 00653FE0
Text My noose XPD_Pitt02_Note_MyNoose 0065C0CF
Text My sweet baby boy XPD_Pitt01_SweetBabyBoyNote 0063E33E
Text Ness Myers XPD_Pitt02_LaborerNote03 0065378C
Text New shipment: heads up XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_NewShipmentNote 00644A5E
Text Nighttime XPD_Pitt02_LaborerNote02 0065378B
Text No escape XPD_Pitt02_LaborerNote04 0065378D
Text Office pranks memo XPD_Pitt02_Note_MemoRegardingOfficePranks 0066835B
Text Pitt. Union Railroad worker note XPD_Pitt02_RailroadWorkerNote 0065DFBA
Text Priest's letter XPD_Pitt02_PriestLetter01 006547F8
Text Product ID cheat sheet XPD_Pitt02_Note_ProductIdCheatSheet 0066835C
Text Safe haven XPD_Pitt02_Note_SafeHaven 0065C0D1
Text Scavenger's journal XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_ScavengersJournal 00644A5F
Text Scrapbot recovery log XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_ScrapbotRecoveryLog 00644A62
Text Sealed away XPD_Pitt02_LaborerNote01 0065378A
Text Shopping list XPD_Pitt01_ShoppingListNote 0063E33C
Text Sore all over XPD_Pitt01_SurvivorNote01 00667877
Text Stolen supplies Cut content XPD_Pitt01_HiddenCrate_ObjectiveNote 0064C666
Text Test results XPD_Pitt02_FanaticNote03 0065450F
Text The Hellcats' new assignment XPD_Pitt02_Note_HellcatsNewAssignment 006686DC
Text Time enough at last XPD_Pitt01_TimeEnoughAtLast 00668D00
Text Tonight's entertainment XPD_Pitt02_FanaticNote04 00654510
Text Top donors XPD_Pitt02_DonorListNote_01 00653FE1
Text To-do: Cut content XPD_Hub_Debbie_ToDoList 0062FE8F
Text Trogs XPD_Pitt02_Note_Trogs 0065C0D3
Text Union missive XPD_Pitt01_UnionMissiveNote 0063E33D
Text Wall instructions XPD_Pitt02_Notebook01 00653789
Text Warden's note XPD_Pitt01_WardensNote 0063E340
Text Warning shots XPD_Pitt01_UnionNote01 00667876
Text Waste storage memo XPD_Pitt02_Note_WasteStorageInstructions 0066E177
Text Wishlist XPD_Pitt01_UnionNote03 006689B0

Nuka-World on Tour[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text Angry note NWOT_Note_Pat_01 00663BC6
Text Betty's journal NWOT_Journal_Betty_01 0066AFAE
Text Complaint to a mad man E09D_GunthersComplaints02 006669EA
Text Del's journal NWOT_Journal_Del_01 0066AFAD
Text Gunther's journal NWOT_Journal_Gunther_01 0066AFAF
Text Jack's journal NWOT_Journal_Dead_Bloodeagle 006644DF
Text Note to Pete NWOT_Note_Betty_01 00683E50
Text Pat's journal NWOT_Journal_Pat_01 0066AFB0
Text Pete's Bandit Roundup highscores NWOT_Note_Pete_01 00683E4F
Text Pete's journal NWOT_Journal_Pete_Poems 00663BC7
Text Terrible show E09D_GunthersComplaints01 00666863
Text Torn note W09A_PointerNote 0066DE2E
Text Ultracite mining journal W09A_RaiderJournal 0067BC89

Once in a Blue Moon[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text A blessed gift Moon_Ambush_Cultist_Note2 006CACA2
Text A worthy sacrifice Moon_Ambush_Cultist_Note 006AC411
Text Eugenie's letter Costa Business: Eugenie MOON_SQ02_Eugenie_Note 006A9838
Text G. Timmerman, last words Costa Business: Carver MOON_SQ07_Carver_Note_02 006A9962
Text Get RICH quick! S13_JoeyBello_Note01 006CA794
Text Investigation report MOON_Herd_Lore_Note_01 006D7987
Text Letter to Vera MOON_Herd_VeraLetter 0069067C
Text Note from Greg Costa Business: Carver MOON_SQ07_Carver_Note_01 006A9961
Text Pitstop note MOON_Herd_ClydeNote 006BEE38
Text Rudy's shopping list Costa Business: Rudy MOON_SQ04_Rudy_ShoppingList 006ACE99
Text They got me good Protocol Adonais MOON_SQ08_Aries_Lore_RaiderNote 006CAC83
Text Weird note Protocol Adonais MOON_SQ08_Aries_Lore_6Y22YE 006D1C33
Text Welcome to the Wasteland NPE_DonationBox_V76_Note 006EFF1D
Text Writings of Jacque Costa Business: Herschel Moon_SQ05_Page1

Expeditions: Atlantic City[]

Boardwalk Paradise[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text A distraction XPD_AC01_Note_HeistNoteADistraction 0073C3B6
Text A life without Keith NPE_POIRaider_KeithDeath1 00739AEC
Text Advance payment XPD_AC01_Note_DeanCarlsenAdvancePayment 0073C3B9
Text An offer XPD_AC01_Note_AnOffer 0073C3B4
Text Apology note XPD_AC01_ApologyNote 006D00A2
Text Blood case XPD_AC01_Note_HeistNoteBloodCase 0073C3B7
Text Camouflaged bastard XPDAC02_AquariumNote05 006DE688
Text Come back soon AC_MQ_IngramMansionRenovations_Note 006C20BA
Text Comrades in arms NPE_ComradesInArms_Note 0073DBE5
Text Concerta Lombardi XPD_AC01_Note_HeistNoteConcerta 0073C3BD
Text Dean Carlsen XPD_AC01_Note_HeistNoteDeanCarlsen 0073C3B8
Text Do You Want to Feel Alive? XPD_AC02_Note_FeelAlive 00748F49
Text Doomed NPE_POIRaider_KeithDeath2 00739AED
Text Forgive me XPD_AC03_DrunkNote01 006CDC2B
Text Front desk note XPD_AC01_Note_FrontDeskNote 0073C3BC
Text Gene's invoice XPD_AC01_LetterToBilly 006D00A6
Text Geologist's note NPE_OrganCave_Note_GeologistNote 0073E3C7
Text Imposter! AC_MQ02_Stage_Imposter 00729C0E
Text Interrogation report XPD_AC01_Note_Names 0073C3BB
Text Kit Ryder XPD_AC01_Note_HeistNoteKitRyder 0073C3BE
Text Letter to Billy XPD_AC01_LetterToBilly 006D00A6
Text The lone vulture XPD_AC02_Note_LoneVulture 00748F4C
Text Letter to Charlotte XPD_AC01_LetterToCharlotte 006D00A7
Text Missing funds XPD_AC01_Note_MissingFunds 0073A9A6
Text The Mouse and the Bull The Most Sensational Game XPD_AC02_Note_MouseAndBull 00748F4D
Text My babies XPDAC02_RooftopNote01 006E8435
Text Nathan Broadhurst's autobiogrophy NPE_NoteNathanRedSox 0072BC30
Text Necessary repairs XPD_AC01_NecessaryRepairs 006D00A4
Text North wing implosion XPDAC02_AquariumNote04 006DE687
Text Not enough AC_MQ02_Stage_NotEnough 00729C0C
Text Old coot XPDAC02_SniperNote01 006E1C43
Text One last bet XPD_AC02_Note_OneLastBet 00ASTBET
Text Out of order XPD_AC01_OutofOrder 006D00A3
Text Power consumption report XPDAC01_Note_PowerConsumptionReport 0073C3C0
Text Quartermaster's report NPE_QuartermastersReport_Note 0073DBE3
Text Ryder journal page XPD_AC01_Note_RyderJournalPage 0073C3B5
Text Scatterbrained AC_SQ05_BillyNoteToConcerta 006FCFBB
Text Setting up camp NPE_BoSNote 0072B570
Text Showmen approved acts XPDAC01_Note_ApprovedActs 0073C3BF
Text Still trapped XPDAC02_AquariumNote02 006DE685
Text Thank you for your order! XPD_AC01_Note_Haberdashery 0073A9A7
Text Supreme Gourmet XPDAC02_CastVote01 006DE1D9
Text The strategy NPE_TheStrategy_Note 0073DBE4
Text Tim's letter XPD_AC01_TimsLetter 006D00A5
Text To Addie NPE_ToAddie_Note 0073DBE2
Text To Sal XPD_AC01_FromConcertaToSal 006D00A1
Text Trapped XPDAC02_AquariumNote0 006DE686
Text The Ultimate Challenge XPD_AC02_Note_UltimateChallenge 00748F4B
Text Unaccounted blood XPD_AC01_Note_UnaccountedBlood 0073C3BA
Text Vitality jelly XPDAC02_JellyNote01 006DE1D8
Text Worry XPDAC02_AquariumNote03 006DE684
Text Your mission NPE_YourMission_Note 0073DBE6

America's Playground[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text A new world XPD_AC_CityHall_Note_ANewWorld 0076D091
Text Adelaide reminder S16_Adelaide_Note01 0074F553
Text Adelaide's autograph S16_Adelaide_Note_Autograph 007521DC
Text Big, dumb nuisance AC_SQ03_Custodial_BigDumbNuisance_Note 00744F52
Text Change of plans‎ Regent of the Dead AC_SQ05_PianoNote 006FCFBC
Text Craig's bag XPD_AC03_CraigsBagNote 006CDC2F
Text Curtain call AC_SQ03_Custodial_CurtainCall_Note 00744F53
Text Happy coincidence AC_SQ05_Note_HappyCoincidence 0076973A
Text In the details Regent of the Dead AC_SQ05_Code 00726DD6
Text Job posting Regent of the Dead AC_SQ05_Flyer 006FCFBA
Text Journal: Hot Pursuit AC_SQ01_HellsEagles_HotPursuit_Journal 0075C8B8
Text Journal: Lion's Den AC_SQ01_HellsEagles_LionsDen_Journal 0075C8B9
Text Just my luck! XPD_AC03_DevilsBloodNote01 006D1DC6
Text Last confession AC_MQ04_LastConfession 00727C9A
Text Losing my grip AC_MQ04_Losing 00727C9B
Text Medical 'donations' XPD_AC03_Note_Donations 006EB437
Text Method acting mandate Custodial Compulsions AC_SQ03_Custodial_MethodActingMandate_Note 00744F51
Text Moving to a safer home‎ XPD_AC03_AbandonedHomeNote 0076BCAD
Text My own room AC_MQ04_ToAntonio 00727C9E
Text No place like home XPD_AC03_Note_Home 006EB436
Text Note to Dimples AC_MQ02_Stage_NoteToDimples 00729C0D
Text Nothing to see here XPD_AC03_Note_Nothing 006EB42F
Text Perimeter breach XPD_AC03_Note_Perimeter 006EB430
Text Physician's note Regent of the Dead XPD_AC_SQ05_Note_PhysiciansNote 0074F520
Text Q XPD_AC03_Note_Q 006EB432
Text Quentino's note Cut content AC_SQ05_QuentinoNote 00726DD5
Text Respectfully, no XPD_AC03_Note_RespectfullyNo 006EB435
Text Reminder Regent of the Dead AC_SQ05_ExtraHint 0075DF89
Text Rot XPD_AC03_Note_Ro 006EB431
Text Supply request AC_SQ05_Note_SupplyRequest 0074F521
Text The Rose Room Review AC_MQ04_Review 00727C9D
Text Surly's note AC_SQ01_HellsEagles_SurlysNote 0073BE79
Text To Evelyn AC_MQ04_EvelynLetter 00727C9C
Text To Oscar Hells Eagles AC_SQ01_HellsEagles_ToOscarNote 0075C8BA
Text To the arbiter Regent of the Dead AC_SQ05_Note_ToArbiter 00769739
Text To Tony Regent of the Dead XPD_AC_SQ05_Note_ToTony 0074F51F
Text To Vin AC_MQ04_GoodbyeSon 00727C99
Text Unnecessary questions XPD_AC03_Note_UnnecessaryQuestions 006EB434
Text Urgent message for R. Dunwich and C. Blackhall XPD_AC03_Note_FloodedCityDunwichandNate 00732740
Text Vin's to-do list AC_MQ_VinsToDoList 006EC5F7
Text Wild child XPD_AC03_Note_WildChild 006EB433

Skyline Valley[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text A father's lament Storm_AFathersLament_Bus 0076DCA1
Text A long day Storm_Atrium_LongDayAtWork 00726E6E
Text A warning Storm_MQ04_Optional5 0072EE21
Text Accident Storm_WeatherNote_notToPlan 00768EDB
Text Accusation Storm_SkyboundTower_Accusations 006E8F60
Text Alfie's journal Storm_MQ07_AlfiesJournal 0076FFB2
Text All dead Storm_BlueRidgeCamp_FinalNote 007454ED
Text Anniversary letter Storm_MQ04_AnniversaryLetter 0075DE1C
Text Art lessons Storm_MQ04_ArtLessons 0075DE19
Text Audrey's diary page Storm_WeatherLab_AudreyConcernsAboutOberlin_Note 0076C9AC
Text Bee's diary pages Storm_SteelJackNote_01 00746233
Text Bee's final note Storm_Bees_finalNote 00746238
Text Being watched Storm_BlueRidgeCamp_Note2 007454F0
Text Ben's diary entries Storm_Scout_Diary_Bus 006DF052
Text Betty's diner Storm_BettysDiner_RedRocket 006E2D6A
Text Birthday letter from dad Storm_BirthdayLetterFromDad_Bus 006DF051
Text Birthday letter from mom Storm_BirthdayLetterFromMom_Bus 006DF050
Text Blaire's notes Storm_MQ06_BlairsNote 00786C90
Text Braille note Storm_MQ04_HugoPt1_BrailleNote 0075DE1D
Text Camp fire tale Storm_GhostStory01_Camp 0075379D
Text Camp recruitment drive Storm_Notice01_Camp 0075379E
Text Camp rules Storm_SkyboundTower_Peace 006E8F5F
Text Cassidy's journal Storm_MQ04_CassidyJournal 0072EE24
Text Charleston Herald: Mystery Disappearance Storm_MQ04_Optional2 0072EE23
Text Chef's memo Storm_MQ09_RaiderNote 0076C9AE
Text Concerned about Victor Storm_V63Organics_ConcernedVictor 0076DD04
Text Construction delays Storm_HCave_note 006CADBA
Text Convoy driver's diary entry Storm_Note_ManorGroundsCarPark 0074E68F
Text Cultists sermon notes Storm_MQ05_CultistsSermonNotes 0077152B
Text Current orders Storm_Manor_GuardsNote 0077F050
Text Date night Storm_MakeoutPoint_FatherlyLove 006F7A2E
Text Dead subject Storm_V63Organics_DeadAnimal 0075E5C2
Text Dead woman's note Storm_TradingPost_JewelsNote02 00713F94
Text Dear Audrey Cut content Storm_WeatherNote_DearAudrey 00768EDD
Text Dear diary Storm_SkyboundTower_DiaryEntry 006E8F61
Text Debt collection Storm_DebtCollection_Motel 006E2D6C
Text Disturbing Moe notes Cut content Storm_Moe_RandomEncounter_Note01
0078DCC7 (Note 01)
0078DCC6 (Note 02)
0078DCC8 (Note 03)
Text Easy read stress test Cut content Storm_Test_EasyReadStressTest 007299FA
Text EYES OPEN Storm_WoodstockTower_Supermutant 007464E4
Text Fasnacht mask donation basket Fasnacht_Mask_Donation_Basket_Note 00786DF2

Text Final words Storm_FinalWords_Camp 0076DD03
Text Freezing rules Storm_V63Organics_Freezer 006EDEDC
Text Getting worse Storm_BlueRidgeCamp_Note3 007454EE
Text Handle with care Storm_V63Organics_Traincart 006EDEDB
Text Harvester risks Storm_E01_Harvester_Concerns 0074E692
Text Hiding out Storm_HiddenMoney_Motel 007677B9
Text Hugo must pay Storm_CultistTunnels_Note_AlexJournal01 006F9B9E
Text Hunger strike Storm_WeatherNote_Snacks 00768EDF
Text I miss her Storm_CultistTunnels_Note_AlexJournal02 00787A91
Text Instructions for hitman Storm_MQ04_HugoPt1_InstructionsForHitman 0075DE18
Text James' last words Storm_TradingPost_JamesNote02 00713F93
Text James' note Storm_TradingPost_JamesNote01 006F8E4A
Text Jewel's note Storm_TradingPost_JewelsNote01 006F8E4B
Text Johnny's note Storm_MQ04_JohnnysNote 0076FFB1
Text Leader's journal Storm_MQ09_Leader_Journal 0076C9AF
Text Leave a mark Storm_HighKnobFireTowerInterior_Painting 0072FA49
Text Love letter Storm_MQ04_HugoPt1_LetterFromAlexToAudrey 0075DE1B
Text Love, mother Storm_CultistTunnels_Note_OldMiner 00745C69
Text Mad ramblings Storm_V63Organics_MadRamblings01 0076DCFF
Text Manor gardener's diary entry Storm_Note_ManorGroundsGardens 00754D17
Text Mary's diary Storm_MQ04_Optional4 0072EE22
Text Memo Storm_SkylineDriveEntrance_Note01 006E6ED9
Text Mother's last note Storm_LostChild_POI 0073E787
Text Mothman sermon Storm_CultistTunnels_Note_Sermon 0076D9EF
Text Nash Hope's set list Storm_Music_Motel 007468D3
Text New decoration Storm_MQ09_TheNote 0072A142
Text New family, new army Storm_CultistTunnels_Note_AlexJournal03 00787A92
Text Note for Tim Storm_NaturalGas_TerminalRepairNote 006FB2B2
Text Note from Jim Storm_Ransom 0074F999
Text Notes on lightning harvesters Storm_E01_Harvester_Breakdown 0074E691
Text Notice Storm_WoodstockTower_Note01 006F03A6
Text Oberlin's report Double-Crossed Wires Storm_MQ09_OberlinsReport 0077E726
Text Operation "Sleeping Giant" Storm_SleepingGiant_Camp 006F5791
Text Operations Storm_WeatherNote_NearlyReady 0076AEDE
Text Orders (Big Meadows gas well) Storm_NaturalGas_AssassinNote 007504DD
Text Orders (Stony Man Lookout) Storm_WoodstockTower_Orders 007464E3
Text Ozymandias verse Storm_OzymandiasVerse_Manor 0076DCA2
Text Password sheet Storm_MQ06_CultistTunnelsPassword 0073E8BE
Text Pioneer treasure hunt end Storm_TreasureHunt_Camp_End 007589ED
Text Pioneer treasure hunt start Storm_TreasureHunt_Camp_Start 007589EF
Text President test note Cut content Storm_PresidentalNote 006E31B9
Text Prison incident report Storm_PrisonReport_Camp 007539D2
Text Prisoner's note Storm_CultistTunnels_Note_Prisoner 00744CCD
Text Propaganda leaflet Storm_MakeoutPoint_CommunistPropaganda 006F7A2C
Text Proposal Storm_WeddingProposal03 0075D5C5
Text Public shaming Storm_Toilet_Motel 006FA2E1
Text Quiz Night invitation! Storm_Garden_QuizNight 00726FA0
Text Ransom note Storm_RansomNote 0074F997
Text Rob's journal Storm_MQ02_PersonalEffects02 0076DAA2
Text Ruben's fantasy Storm_MQ04_Optional1 0072EE20
Text Secretary of Interior visit Storm_RapidanGrounds_SecretaryVisit 00769611
Text Security guard's final goodbye Storm_Note_ManorGroundsSecurity 00726E5A
Text Security Incident 382 Storm_Atrium_SecurityIncidentWriteup 00726E5A
Text Shenandoah Halloween Spooktacular Storm_RapidanGrounds_HalloweenSpooktacular 00769613
Text Shenandoah New Year's Eve party 2077 Storm_RapidanGrounds_NewYears 00769612
Text Slumber Mill Motel poker tournament Storm_PokerTournament_Motel 006E2D6B
Text Smash and grab Storm_RadioactiveWasteDump_Loot 0076DA82
Text Snack cake rations Storm_MQ04_Optional3 0072EE1F
Text Southern route Storm_BlueRidgeCamp_Note1 007454EF
Text Special visit itinerary Storm_RapidanGrounds_StateVisitItinerary 00769BB0
Text Stocklist Storm_HKFT_ChefsNote 006DDBF7
Text Stony Man Lookout assault Storm_Notice02_Camp 0075379F
Text Supply run Storm_SupplyRun_Motel 0076DD05
Text Thank you Storm_MQ04_ThankYouLetter 0075DE1A
Text The Poultry Enthusiasts Guide to Shenandoah Storm_Landmark_Birdwatcher 0076A83B
Text Torn note Storm_WeddingProposal01 0075D5C3
Text Vault-Tech supply order Storm_SupplyOrder_VaultTechConvoy 00754B27
Text Vault 63 terminal note Storm_HugoNote 007902FD
Text Welcome to the Rapidan Camp Storm_RapidanGrounds_StateVisitWelcome 00769BB1
Text Wesley's note Storm_TradingPost_WesleyNote 006FC221

Milepost Zero[]

Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text Milepost Zero contract MILE_Note_Contract 0079BAE3
Text Note to Theodore MILE_Note_Theo 0079BAE4
Text Special order MILE_Note_Windy_Ineke_Hanbok 0079C607
Text Surveying report MILE_Note_Axel 0079BAE5