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Multiplayer finally comes to the epic open world RPGs of Bethesda Game Studios. Create your character with the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system and forge your own path in a new and untamed wasteland with hundreds of locations. Whether you journey alone or with friends, a new and unique Fallout adventure awaits.

Multiplayer is a feature in Fallout 76.

General information[]

Vault Boy multiplayer

Each server in Fallout 76 can have up to 24 player characters or more. The 24 character limit is expandable to allow characters to join the same servers as their friends. Each container in Appalachia is instanced per player character, meaning characters do not compete for their contents and may see different items in the same container or corpse. Certain items in the world space such as junk or loose weapons, however, are not instanced per character and will become unavailable once taken by any character until they eventually respawn.


FO76 Game Guide sharing perks

Player teams

Multiple players can work together in building workshops, attacking wild monsters, or exploring Appalachia. A player can team up with up to three other players. Each team member can select a perk card to share with their teammates. Many events and quests are designed for teams, although each is completable playing solo as well (though only possibly at higher levels). Many perks will require being a member of a team to activate, while Lone Wanderer only works while playing solo.


FO76 icon perk share

Perk share icon

  • Sharing perk cards (3 base Charisma per perk card rank)
    • Note: Points added by apparel or aid items do not count toward perk card sharing
    • Note: Points added by perks do not count toward perk card sharing
    • Note: Points added by Roleplay public team do not count toward perk card sharing
    • Note: Points added by Legendary Perk Legendary Charisma do not count toward perk card sharing[1]
  • You may fast travel to any teammate, as well as their C.A.M.P. or Survival tent for free.
  • Teammates are identified on-screen and their C.A.M.P.s and Survival tents are revealed on the map.
  • caps earned through PvP will be divided amongst your team, even with members who did not contribute.[2]
  • Shared instanced locations, such as Daily Ops and quests.
  • Your spot on a team is held for you if you ALT-F4 or happen to crash the game.

Private teams[]

Private teams are formed by invitation via the Social menu. Private team members may build objects in one another's C.A.M.P., Shelter or Workshop. Locked doors and resource collectors in team member's C.A.M.P. are unlocked for all members of that team.

Public teams[]

FO76 icon publicteam bond

Public team bond icon

Public teams are formed or joined through the Social menu. Anyone can join a public team so long as there is an available spot. Each public team has its own passive bonus that scales with each additional team member. These bonuses only activate once each player has "bonded", or has been on the team for 5 minutes. The different public teams are as follows:

Public Teams
Icon Team Bonus
FO76 ui casual team Casual Team +1/2/3/4 INT
FO76 ui dailyops team Daily Ops Team +25/50/75/100% XP for Completing Daily Ops
FO76 ui exploration team Exploration Team +1/2/3/4 END
FO76 ui roleplay team Roleplay Team +1/2/3/4 CHR
FO76 ui huntingteam Hunting Team +25/50/75/100% XP for Legendary Kills
FO76 icon map event Events Team +25/50/75/100% XP for Completing Events
Cut content Cut Teams
FO76 ui workshop team Fallout 76 removed content Building Team +1/2/3/4 INT
FO76 ui workshopraid team Cut content Workshop Raid Team Cut content
FO76 ui trading team Cut content Trading Team Cut content
FO76 icon map public event Cut content Special Events Team Cut content
FO76 ui icon quest Cut content Quests Team Cut content
FO76 ui extra team Cut content Extra Team Cut content


FO76 ui pvp3

PvP handshake

After reaching level 5, players may invite other players to player-versus-player (PvP) by attacking, though these "handshake" attacks do not deal any damage. If the player being attacked fires back, PvP will be flagged for both players. PVP combat is on a character-to-character basis only, so initiating PvP does not automatically drag either player's teammates into combat unless they too are attacked and attack back.

FO76 ui pvp2

PvP initiation

Damage dealt is capped at 110 per hit marker in all PvP interactions. Players who are close to the same level inflict full damage. Player characters who are severely different in level have their damage placed on a curve with the higher level player doing less damage than they normally would at their level, while the lower level player deals more.

FO76 ui pvp1

PvP death

Winners automatically receive a sum of caps from the loser. Caps lost are dependent on the player level and the number held. Winners may also collect any junk their target drops, but receive no instanced loot or XP. If a player dies in PvP combat, they can choose to seek revenge, respawning immediately nearby with PvP enabled. If they succeed, they receive double the rewards.

The achievement Good Grief! is unlocked after killing 20 players in PvP combat.

Pacifist mode[]

Players can opt-out of PVP combat by enabling a Pacifist Mode in the options menu. Pacifists will not do damage to any other player character and therefore cannot accept invitations to fight. This option prevents other player characters from intentionally entering crossfire so as to trigger a duel. This does not apply during PvP-focused events or at workshops.


FO76 icon bounty

Bounty icon

See also: Wanted

Bounties, or wanted status, are a consequence for lockpicking doors, resources, and containers belonging to other players or by destroying objects in their C.A.M.P. Each transgression will add toward the overall sum of the bounty. A wanted player and their bounty are visible to all other players from the map, indicated by a red banner.

A wanted player will not see the locations of any players or C.A.M.P.s on the map, except for teammates. Wanted players are considered flagging for PvP with any player, even teammates or temporary event teammates. Another player may automatically begin PvP by attacking the wanted player. Killing the marked player subtracts the sum of the bounty from their caps and transfers it to their killer. Once the wanted player is killed, their bounty is removed and they are allowed to see other players and C.A.M.P.s on the map again until they commit their next infraction to earn a wanted status again.

PvP quests/events
Survival mode


  • PvP combat does not become available until the player character is level 5.
  • Before patch 7.5, weapons dealt unrestricted damage in PvP interactions.
  • Before patch 7.5, the PVP initiation attacks dealt low damage. Killing a player placed a bounty on the killer's head.
  • Fast traveling will clear PvP flags.
  • Pacifist mode will prevent the player from initiating PvP.[3]
  • Camp objects may be destroyed when flagged for PvP with the nearby owner.
  • PvP is enabled in Shelters.


PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 VATS is disabled on most weapons for PvP interactions. The shots will connect and consume AP, but they will deal 0 damage. This was corrected in update [patched]

Fallout Worlds[]

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  1. Points added by Legendary Charisma do not count toward perk card sharing
  2. Does not include Bounties
  3. They may still PvP in dedicated PvP zones