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Miscellaneous world objects are constructs found in Fallout 76.


This page lists both static and movable static miscellaneous world objects in Fallout 76 that cannot be interacted with. Some objects can also be built at one's C.A.M.P. or at public workshops.


Image Name Form ID World object Workshop object
FO76 Aerosolizer nif.png Aerosolizer 002A2B0A Yes No
FO76 acunit01 nifskope.png Air condenser 001932CA Yes No
Airplane-seat-single.png Airplane seat 00149E92 Yes Yes
FO76 Workshop collector.png Ammunition plant 003B2547 Yes No
FO76 Ammunition vending machine.png Ammunition vending machine 001752AD Yes No
FO76 Anchor render.png Anchor 00247927 Yes No
FO76 Teleph Helv 1.png Antique telephone 0020C2CA Yes No
FO76 Pinball machine render.png Arcade game Varies Yes No
FO76 ASS AM render.png Automated surface to air missile 0010D850 Yes No
FO76 High tech ashtray.png Ashtray 002381AC Yes Yes
FO76 Baby carriage 2.png Baby carriage 001ED7AA Yes No
FO76 BarnQuiltSwap07.png Barn quilt 0001402A Yes No
FO76 Bathtub nif.png Bathtub 001A03A9 Yes Yes
BearStatue-NukaWorld.png Bear statue 00112FAE Yes No
FO76 Bear proof trash can.png Bear-proof trashcan 000304AA Yes Yes
Fo4-Bed.png Bed 0018C56F Yes Yes
FO76 Busy bee hive.png Beehive 003195F0 Yes No
FO76 Birdcage render.png Birdcage 003F6C2B Yes No
FO76 Birdhouse01.png Birdhouse 00006B0C Yes No
FO76 Boat model.png Boat model 001BCFA8 Yes No
FO76 Flora poster.png Botanical plants poster 0042E727 Yes Yes
FO76 Train car NAR.png Boxcar 0005CA0B Yes No
Fo76 brewing station.png
Brewing station 0046A370 Yes Yes
FO76 Smiling bumper car.png Bumper car 00112CE6 Yes No
FO76 Bungalow green 2.png Bungalow 00078A88 Yes Yes
FO76 Bus stop green line.png Bus stop 00176430 Yes No
FO76 Caged bulb lights.png Cage bulb lights 005CC15A Yes Yes
FO76 Cage bulb light render.png Cage wall light 004E0288 Yes Yes
FO76 White cube cage things.png Caged IBC tote 0038AB9C Yes No
FO76 Campfire 1.png Camp fire 0010FEA7 Yes Yes
Campmaster 2000 side.png Campmaster 2000 0029BF72 Yes No
Fo76 Cannon render.png Cannon 000E7AC5 Yes Yes
FO76 Cash register 1.png Cash register 00180A15 Yes No
FO76 Chalkboard 2.png Chalkboard 000625D9 Yes Yes
FO76 Sludge lung vending 1.png Cigarette machine 00017C0D Yes Yes
FO76 Claim terminal render.png Claim token exchange terminal 0004C6E5 Yes No
FO76 Construction light render.png Construction light 000D38D4 Yes Yes}
FO76 Barrels gone wild.png Containment barrel 002BA689 Yes No
FO76 Crane nif.png Crane 0011248E Yes No
FO76 Cuckoo clock render.png Cuckoo clock 00030256 Yes No
FO76 Assembly platform.png Custom robotic assembly platform 0034BD0B Yes No
FO76 Handcart nif.png Dolly 001A7DA3 Yes No
FO76 Dryer.png Dryer 000913F7 Yes No
FO76 Nuclear Winter duffle bag.png
Duffle bag Nuclear Winter 003C3E17 Yes No
FO76 Eatotronic nif.png Eat-o-tronic 0019C936 Yes Yes
FO76 Farm wagon 2.png Farm wagon 002C8C8A Yes No
Fo76 fermenter.png
Fermenter 003F7544 Yes Yes
FO4 Fish weight scale.png Fish scale 0011121D Yes No
FO76 Floor jack nif.png Floor jack 0004D20A Yes No
FO76 Food paste machine.png Food paste machine 0017A761 Yes No
FO76 Diagn cart.png Garage diagnostic cart 0004D208 Yes No
FO76WL Foundation gold press machine.png Gold press machine 005A5433 Yes No
FO76 Grill 3.png Grill 0037BE48 Yes Yes
FO76 Grill 6.png Grill 00083905 Yes Yes
FO76 Grill 2.png Grill 00110C4F Yes Yes
FO76 Ham radio render.png Ham radio 001BA3A0 Yes No
FO76 Hay bale 1.png Hay bale 000187C1 Yes No
FO76 heating oil tank nif.png Heating oil tank 0035E6DB Yes No
FO76 Stump 6.png Hollow stump 0001405F Yes No
FO76 Hoop Shot.png Hoop Shot 0011302E Yes No
FO76 Horse trailer.png Horse trailer 003195EA Yes No
FO76 Hot tub uncovered 01.png Hot tub 0000D198 Yes No
FO76 Ice machine 1.png Ice machine 001B881A Yes Yes
FO76 Jukebox nif.png Jukebox 0023B47E Yes Yes
FO76 Large supply crate.png
Large supply crate Nuclear Winter 003C4115 Yes No
Fo4 Lawn Flamingo.png Lawn flamingo 001E46C1 Yes Yes
FO76 Legendary exchange machine.png
Legendary exchange machine 0059C89F Yes No
FO76 Mannq 5.png Mannequin 0003B163 Yes Yes
FO76 Medium supply crate.png
Medium supply crate Nuclear Winter 003C3E17 Yes No
FO76 Metal barrel 01.png Metal barrel 00048280 Yes No
FO76 Microp 1.png Microphone 00115CE9
Yes No
FO76 Milk was a bad choice nif.png Milk vending machine 001B8817 Yes Yes
FO76 indvehicle minecart01.png Mine cart 00063BEE Yes No
FO76 NC machine nif.png Nuka-Cola machine 001B8816 Yes Yes
FO76 Nuclear msl nif.png Nuclear missile 00017A0F Yes No
FO76 Nuclear Winter loot terminal.png
Nuclear Winter loot terminal Nuclear Winter 003CAEBA Yes No
FO76 Atomic Shop - Party poster.png
Party poster 0040444B Yes Yes
FO76 Atomic Shop Pioneer scouts poster.png
Pioneer Scouts recruiting poster 0040444D Yes Yes
FO76 Possum vending machine.png
Possum vending machine 004265A8 Yes No
FO76 radio nif.png Radio 000B9807 Yes Yes
FO76 Rollercoaster car.png Rollercoaster car 0010BB37
Yes No
FO76 Sheepsquatch Ate My Brother.png
Sheepsquatch ate my brother! 00402FFB Yes Yes
SkeletonBareBody01.png Skeleton 0008B675 Yes No
FO76 Ski lift.png Ski lift car 0037A2B3 Yes No
FO76 Small supply crate.png
Small supply crate Nuclear Winter 003C3E17 Yes No
FO76 Soccer ball.png Soccer ball 003C3638
Yes No
FO76 Spindle.png Spinning wheel 000182AB Yes Yes
FO76 Stop sign render.png Stop sign 0003AA64 Yes No
FO76 Stove 2.png Stove 004F6EC2
Yes Yes
FO76 Canaan 4450 survey marker.png Survey marker 0010A7CE Yes No
FO76 Tadpole vending machine.png
Tadpole vending machine 003F7F87 Yes No
FO76 Television 2.png Television 004F6EC4
Yes Yes
FO76 Tiller 1.png Tiller 001F1204 Yes No
FO76 Timeclock nif render.png Timeclock 0020E877 Yes No
FO76 Tire swing magic.png
Tire 00247927 No No
FO76 Terlit nif.png Toilet 001A03AA Yes Yes
FO76 Tractor till 1.png Tractor tiller 00051CA5 Yes No
FO76 Traffic cone.png Traffic cone 00024843 Yes No
FO76 Boat trailer.png Trailer 0002C145 Yes No
FO76 Tricycle 1.png Tricycle 000F7B32 Yes No
FO76 Vendor cart mat swap 2.png Vendor cart 001136D1 Yes No
FO76 Washer.png Washer 00091403 Yes No
FO76 Water tower Beck.png Water tower 001932C9 Yes No
FO76 Whitespring Bicentennial tablet.png Whitespring tablet 003266E0 Yes No
FO76 Windmill nif.png Windmill 00094BCD No No