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Mappalachia bobbleheads mags

Magazine locations (highlighted pink)

Magazines are aid items in Fallout 76. The unique bonuses which they provide wear off after 30 minutes.

There are a total of 12 publications and 104 collective issues that spawn randomly from a select group of predetermined locations. Multiple issues of each magazine can be collected, but reading duplicate magazines will not stack effects. Using a skill magazine consumes it, and another copy will need to be obtained to gain the benefit once it has expired.

As an exception, the RobCo Fun magazines instead grant a re-usable holotape game. Certain issues may provide a temporary buff upon being looted.


  • Pannapictagraphist - magazines will emit directional audio to nearby player.
  • Curator - doubles the duration of magazines to 60 minutes.


Perk magazines[]

Astoundingly Awesome Tales
#1 Attack of the Fishmen +15% damage against mirelurks
#2 Drive-In Love Interrupted... Rise of the Mutants! +15% damage against super mutants
#3 Deep Sea Terror! Breathe underwater
#4 Invasion of the Zetans +25% damage with the alien blaster
#5 When Apes Go Bananas!!! "A Gorilla Ate My Patrol Car!" +25% damage with the Cryolator
#6 My Brain and I +0.20% health regeneration
#7 The Man Who Could Stop Time +5 maximum AP
#8 Attack of the Metal Men 25% less damage from robots
#9 Have Dog, Will Travel! +15 Poison Resistance
#10 The Starlet Sniper +15 damage with scoped weapons
#11 Curse of the Burned! +15 damage to ghouls
#12 Giant Insects Invade Disease chance -30%
#13 Rise of the Radiated +30% RadAway effectiveness
#1 Get off my Lawn Extra meat when searching animals
#2 Down Home Cookin' +25% tomahawk damage
#3 Homesteading Horror Crafting weapons cost fewer materials
#4 Hardy as a Sasquatch +50% chance to gain double the yield from plants
#5 Carnivorous rabbits of Appalachia +15% damage to animals
#6 The Appalachia Squirrel Massacre +50% effects from cooked food
#7 Art of the Tomahawk -50% food/drink disease chance
#8 The Gunsmith of Harper's Ferry +30% satisfaction by eating and drinking
#9 The Ohio River Hermit -50% workshop repair cost
#10 Nightmare in the Garden +50% workshop turret damage
Grognak the Barbarian
#1 Blood on the Harp +15% melee damage
#2 Cometh the Trickster 20% harder to detect while sneaking
#3 Jungle of the Bat-Babies +15 Poison Resistance
#4 In the Bosom of the Corsair Queen +100 critical damage with melee weapons
#5 Demon Slaves, Demon Sands +15% damage to Scorched creatures
#6 Enter Maula: War Maiden of Mars -75% weight of melee weapons
#7 Fatherless Cur! Melee weapons lose condition 50% slower
#8 Lost in the Snows of Lust Damage Resistance +2
#9 The Lair of the Virgin Eaters +10 Carry Weight
#10 What Sorcery This? +15 Energy Resistance
Guns and Bullets
#1 The Future of Hunting? +15% damage against robots
#2 Lasers & Hunting: Acceptable Overkill +100% critical damage with laser weapons
#3 Little guns for little ladies +100% critical damage with ballistic guns
#4 Street Guns of Detroit +6% AP regeneration
#5 Avoid Those Pesky Gun Laws! More components when scrapping weapons
#6 The Moon: A Communist Doomsday Device?! +10 Damage Resistance at night
#7 Take Aim, Army Style +10% damage with guns without scopes
#8 Bear Proofing Your Campsite: Don't Get Caught +15% damage against yao guai
#9 Plasma: The Weapon of Tomorrow +100% critical damage with plasma weapons
#10 Guide to Hunting Commies! +15% damage against Liberators
Live & Love
#1 Life Long Best Friends! +10 maximum health when in a team
#2 Nuke-the-Man! +5% damage when in a team
#3 Trim the Fat! Heal 50% more from eating vegetables and fruits
#4 The Secretary Charmer +10% AP regeneration when in a team
#5 Talk Yourself Sober +2 Luck under the influence of alcohol
#6 Advice From Married Men +10 Damage Resistance when in a team
#7 Beware the Man Handler +10 maximum AP when in a team
#8 An Experience to Remember +5% more XP when in a team
#9 I Married a Robot Take 25% less damage from robots
Scouts' Life
#1 Purifying the Wilderness 30% less radiation from eating and drinking
#2 Natural Mosquito Repellants 25% less damage from insects
#3 Packing for the Trail +10 carry capacity
#4 Hang in there! Twice the normal bleedout time before dying
#5 Identifying Rabies and Other Diseases 80% less likely to catch diseases from combat
#6 Healthy Hiking: Endurance Become hungry and thirsty 30% more slowly
#7 The Animal Whisperer 25% less damage from animals
#8 Long Haul Sprinter Sprint AP costs -20%
#9 Campfire: Special Edition Placing a camp costs 80% fewer caps
#10 Maintaining Your Gear -30% item condition loss
Tales from the West Virginia Hills
(Astonishing Tales)
#1 Curse of the Wendigo +15% damage against Wendigos
#2 The Mothman Cometh! +15% damage against Mothmen
#3 The Beast of Grafton +15% damage against Grafton Monster
#4 Sideshow Snallygaster +15% damage against Snallygaster
#5 Who goes there? The strange encounter in Flatwoods +15% damage against Flatwoods Monster
Tesla Science Magazine
#1 Will robots rule the world? -25% damage from robots
#2 What Is Plasma, Anyway? -25% plasma damage taken
#3 Rocket Science for Toddlers Explode Radius +30
#4 Blast Off to Adventure! +15% fusion core duration
#5 Giant Super Weapons -20% heavy weapon ammo consumption
#6 Geckos and Gamma Radiation: The Key to Prolonged Life? +15 Rad Resist
#7 U.S. Army Goes to Space +100% energy gun critical damage
#8 10 Number 1 Hits!!! +50% critical damage
#9 Future of Warfare? Heavy gun critical damage +100%
Tumblers Today
#1 Bobby Pins - More Effective Than Lockpicks? Lockpicking "sweet spot" +20%
#2 Confessions of a Housebreaker Find extra bobby pins in bobby pin boxes
#3 Open Any Lock in 5 Seconds Flat Pick locks of 1 higher tier
#4 Locksmith Certification Special - Pass with Flying Colors Bobby pins are unbreakable
#5 Mysteries of the Master Key Exposed! Lock picking "sweet spot" +20%
U.S. Covert Operations Manual
#1 Whistling in the dark +10 Damage Resistance while sneaking
#2 Urban camouflage Hide 50% better in full light
#3 Facepaint Fundamentals -10% damage from players
#4 Not the Soldiers You're Looking For Damage vs. players +10%
#5 Who Goes There? Perception +1
#6 Squeaky floorboard, sudden death Make 50% less noise while sneaking
#7 Getting the drop on the Communists -50% enemy player VATS accuracy
#8 Bushes, Boxes, and Beehives: Camouflage special +25% unarmed and knife damage
#9 Look Better in Black Stealth Boy duration +50%
#10 Tiptoe through the tulips Agility +1
#1 De-Capitalists +5% chance to avoid damage
#2 Who Can Stop The Unstoppable Grog-Na-Rok?! +20% chance to avoid damage from Scorched
#3 Commie-Kazi vs. Manta Man +30% chance to avoid damage from explosions
#4 Trapped in the Dimension of the Pterror-dactyls! +30% chance to avoid melee damage
#5 Visit the Ux-Ron Galaxy! +30% chance to avoid energy damage

Holotape games[]

Holotape games
RobCo Fun
Atomic Command Automatron Nuka Tapper
Pipfall Red Menace Wastelad
Zeta Invaders
Grognak the Barbarian
Grognak & the Ruby Ruins Note: +1 Strength for 1 hour

Potential spawn locations[]

Magazines are susceptible to physics, so they may fall off platforms and may not be in the exact location listed below. Additionally, other players may loot magazines, preventing them from appearing.

Ash Heap
Location Location description
AMS testing site Behind the metal worker cabinet counter, by the trunk in the west alcove of the large curve-roofed maintenance warehouse and garage.
  1. On the north-east side of the gas station, in the women's bathroom, behind a locked door (Picklock 0), on top of a toilet by a skeleton.
  2. On the north end of town near the water tower, on the roof of the building with the Nuka-Cherry sign on the brickwork (accessed via debris) among the planks and rubble near a sofa and small metal blue cooler.
Belching Betty
  1. In the area containing the first enemies. Take the first stairs on the left side that lead to the upper floor of the shack. Take a right, past the petrified corpse reaching for the toolbox. The magazine can be found on top of the turquoise computer, right above the red numbers that read -07958:16.
  2. In the northwest corner of the second metal maintenance office above the interior mine tracks, near the mainframe computer with the orange tool case on it.
  3. In the main cavern just after the shaft stairway descent, in blue metal maintenance hut with the trunk and the Garrahan Mining logo on it, near the wastebasket and two filing cabinets.
  4. In the room with the fusion core generator after the shaft and stairwell descent, in the mesh walled area, behind the giant boiler machine. Near the west end of the main generator cabin.
  5. Near the mine entrance, inside the concrete building with the fire marshal.
Big Bend Tunnel In the main tunnel, among the stilted cabins above the train tracks with catwalks, in a room accessed through a locked double door, on a metal desk across from an orange tool case.
The Burning Mine
  1. In the tiered, large cavern, across from the yellow-and-blue sloping mine conveyor belt and below the tinker's workbench, on the passenger seat of the yellow mine buggy half-buried in molten slag.
  2. In the chamber with the gantry and stairs down the middle, on the right side of the small wooden deck along the eastern rock wall of the trio of blue piston conveyor belts, in the sink.
  3. In the large cavern with the metal steps to the south, just west of two half-buried white metal generators, against a rock wall by several wooden crates and a coal buggy, on a wooden table.
  4. At the bottom of the tiered cavern where the coal conveyor belt ends, near a yellow forklift, at the corner of two large metal cargo containers, on the stack of wooden crates.
Camden Park
  1. North of the "Sugar Heaps" trading post, under the boarded-up ice cream stall, on the deck by the fallen magazine display, near the ice cream sign. Vendor bot Chad is nearby.
  2. In the middle of the Widowmaker ride, on the north side of the raider camp, inside the green plastic outhouse.
  3. On the Widowmaker ride, in the next to last cart of the stalled roller coaster train (the horizontal train, not the vertical one near the hut), on the seat next to the checker tie Mr. Fuzzy.
Garrahan Mining Headquarters
  1. In the "Testing Control and Assessment" area, with the terminals, laboratory equipment, and ceiling wiring, on the counter between the two power armor stations.
  2. On the small green card table to the right of the green trunk, inside the storage attic of the visitor center, accessed via the rooftop garden (near the small greenhouse, southeast corner).
  1. On the rubble-filled diner counter, near the crushed skeleton, inside the restaurant (interior).
  2. On the small green card table to the right of the green trunk, inside the storage attic of the visitor center, accessed via the rooftop garden (near the small greenhouse, southeast corner).
Mount Blair
  1. On the clean, modern toilet, in the wrecked trailer northwest of the main excavator (workshop), near the three rusting trucks and the fire truck (exterior).
  2. In the basement (ID card needed) of one of the bulldozer garages, through the barred door, above the alarm clock on the wall shelf of the work counter (east wall of the storage room).
  3. Easternmost warehouses, in the eastern warehouse.
  4. Westernmost trailers.
Mount Blair Trainyard
  1. On the south side of the eastern concrete yard structure (with the yellow fan clamped to the south wall outside, near the flagpole), on the west wall of the office up the initial gantry steps, placed vertically between the two filing cabinets.
  2. On west side of the trainyard, in the large metal storage warehouse, in the northwestern corner of the upstairs balcony area, placed vertically behind the tall green work cabinet with the two blue tray containers, near a mini nuke.
  3. On the roof of the eastern concrete yard structures, on the wood sheet platform in the southwest corner, on the small green chair.
Nicholson's End On or around the toilet inside the northwest trailer (the one with the roof platform attached to it that reaches the trailer to the south, with the Super Mutant cauldron hanging from the platform).
Pleasant Hills Cemetery In, around, or behind the large, completely burned safe housing, with the smaller, regular-sized locked safe (3) within it, inside the tiny mausoleum.
Red Rocket filling station On the raised concrete portion of the metal maintenance garage, in the narrow gap between two green cabinets, near the stash box.
Relay tower HG-B7-09 Inside the main building, in the lockers on the north wall.
Rollins labor camp At the very back, on the roof of the huge bucket excavator, accessed via the rust-red gantry.
The Rusty Pick
  1. Inside the women's bathroom, in the middle bathroom stall, to the right of a toilet.
  2. Inside the interior cavern, southwest wall of the dead-end with the pallet and barrel table, at the end of the tunnel, tucked halfway under the metal and yellow machine with the levers.
Sal's Grinders On the first floor, in the southern corner of the men's bathroom, on the metal shelf to the right of the sink.
The Sludge Works On top of a table, southeast of a steamer trunk, inside the bar.
Striker Row
  1. Below the sealed mine entrance, on the small wood stage, near the amplifier and microphone, on the speaker with the "danger" sign on it.
  2. On the western side of the location, on a table next to the cooking station.
Uncanny Caverns
  1. On the magazine carousel, west corner of the gift shop, just left of the massive hole in the exterior wall.
  2. In the right display case, under the "Uncanny Caverns" poster, northwest wall behind the curved reception and transaction desk of the main entrance structure (across the bridge).
  3. By the sleeping bag, corpse, and duffle bag, near the cooking station, in the small cave with the moonshine still and traps, audio tour #4.
  4. Between the two sleeping bags near the radio, in the cavern with the cooking station, green trunk, and audio tour #8.
Van Lowe Taxidermy On the top floor bedroom to the left, on a dresser.
Widow's Perch Near a cinder block on the floor below the workbenches.
Cranberry Bog
Location Location description
AMS corporate headquarters In CEO Kilson's office on the upper executive level, in the restroom, by the toilet and newspaper.
Appalachian Antiques
  1. On the first floor, behind the counter with the cash register.
  2. In the destroyed shack behind the store, next to a sleeping bag.
Bootlegger's shack
  1. Along the west interior wall of the shack, on a metal desk with the typewriter on it, to the left of the filing cabinet.
  2. On the roof, on the small table next to the deck chair, on the north side, overlooking the Creekside Sundew Grove.
Cranberry Glades In the southeast corner of the glade, at the eastern end of one of the walkways, on a thin wooden bench.
Crimson Prospect In the northeast lookout tower, on a small metal table, on the second row.
Drop Site C2 Inside the flooded concrete bunker, just through the security gate on the metal counter.
Drop Site G3 Inside the flooded concrete bunker, just through the open security gate, behind the front counter, next to a wooden crate.
Firebase LT Inside the large tent to the northeast of the gun emplacement, on top of the rear bed.
Flooded trainyard On the railroad to the south, inside the green USA carriage near the metal garage and black-and-white parasol, on a sheet of wood and cinder block table, next to a small lamp.
Fort Defiance In the top floor Brotherhood base of operations, in the game room with the pool table to the right of the laser grid, on the ornate side cabinet.
Forward Station Alpha Inside the gray tent, south of the cooking station, on the mattress of the rear bed.
Forward Station Delta
  1. Inside the orange-and-white metal caravan hut, opposite the Power Armor Station and gantry steps, on the table.
  2. On the gantry balcony with the skeleton, at the base of the BoS flagpole.
The General's Steakhouse
  1. In the office to the northeast, near the Goodbye holotape and three possible caps stashes, behind a filing cabinet near the floor safe.
  2. In the basement laundry room, left of the chained double doors, on the washing machine and sink.
Kerwood Mine
  1. In the junction cavern with the "Eye Protection" poster, near a Nuka-Cola bottle and a large central metal and rock shaft column, on the ground by the toppled metal shelving and a toolbox.
  2. In the waterlogged chamber linking the underwater area to the destroyed mine tracks, on the northeast side of the slag heap, near an explosive canister.
  3. In the junction cavern, by the explosive canisters, left of the red trunk, on the metal table with a lantern.
  4. On the blue mainframe computer bank along the wall of the monitoring room with the locked double doors (key) accessed when leaving the mine, close to the fusion core generator (on the other side of the door).
Lost home
  1. Inside the northeast shack with the bear trap on the table, in the northwest corner of the shack, under a dark red sofa.
  2. Inside the lone shack on the southern part of the settlement, by the dining table, on the green chair.
Mac's farm Inside the house on a makeshift table, on top of the left barrel supporting the wooden plank.
Old Mold Quarry On the bed of the rusting pickup truck, northwest of the main concrete and metal maintenance pump building, on the road ramp.
Pylon V-13
  1. In the connecting part of the suspended monorail carriage, half a carriage north of the top of the exterior pylon steps, on the left side (heading north), on top of the mattress.
  2. In the northern car of the suspended monorail carriage, near the TV and small satellite dish, on the plank with the sleeping bag across from the skeleton, draped on the seat.
Quarry X3 Southwest corner of the curve-roofed warehouse, on the middle metal shelf, left of the orange tool box, left of the Nuka-Cola machine.
Ranger district office In the eastern end of the lodge office, on the coffee table in front of the stone fireplace.
RobCo Research Center
  1. On the fancy table with the dead plant, right (southeast) side of the locked (3) double door office room with the two skeletons on chairs, northeast area of the center (interior).
  2. On the screen of the microfilm unit, on the floor next to the locked safe (3), north corner of the filing office, only accessible by dropping down from the office directly above it (the one on the balcony with the Protectron pod to the right of it, while facing west) (interior).
  3. On the metal desk, in the west corner to the left of the trunk, in the upper laboratory area (interior).
Sunrise Field Inside the main sagging farmhouse, at the top of the stairs, across the landing through two doors, in the small bedroom with the hole in the wall, on the ornate dresser.
Survey camp Alpha Near the northwest tent, on a small green table.
The Thorn On top of the gray defense barrier with the Brotherhood of Steel insignia and the missile launcher spawn to the side of it, by a wooden crate and near the wood spikes.
  1. Northeast of Watoga High School, inside the transit bus (not any of the nearby school buses), on the seat just to the right of the entrance.
  2. On the suspended monorail tram in the southeast corner of the city, just west of Watoga High School. At the front left side of the carriage, near the driver's controls.
Watoga Civic Center
  1. In the lower cafeteria area, in the southeast corner, to the left of the double-door exit to Appalachia, on the table of the corner booth.
  2. In the upstairs cafeteria area, across from the "B4" sign, near the southeast corner, on the third booth back from the corner.
  3. In the upper kitchen area, north of the "B5" sign, on the corner countertop.
Watoga Emergency Services
  1. In the report office at the top of the stairs, first room on the left; on the second desk from the left, by the emergency report terminal.
  2. In the upper floor waiting room near the helipad elevator and across from the reception desk, by the red bench seating, on the magazine rack.
Watoga Estates
  1. On the roof.
  2. On a table on the third floor of Watoga Estates.
  3. On a seat on the eastern half of the monorail by the estates.
  4. On the small circular white metal table with the black-and-white parasol, by the two circular red chairs, near an overturned pram, by the "condemned" door and exterior staircase; lower balcony area (exterior).
Watoga High School
  1. On the northeast corner of the roof, above the entrance to the auditorium, next to a toilet near a teddy bear and garden gnome.
  2. On the lower level of the library, on the low shelf of the long curved wood book check-out desk.
  3. In the northwest corner of the cafeteria, on the wooden dining table with the black-and-orange place settings.
  4. On the upper level, in the southwest corner of the history classroom, on a wooden school desk.
  5. In the auditorium, on the balcony to the south with the stool and stage lights, on the small gray speaker.
Watoga Municipal Center
  1. On the upper level, in the office with the complaints archive terminal, on the short wooden bookshelf under the window and near the wall safe.
  2. In the southwest side of the upper level, in an office, accessed via the corridor with the lockers, on the metal desk with the microphone and broken terminal.
Watoga Shopping Plaza
  1. Inside Slocum's Joe, on the table with a yellow plate. Sometimes spawns below the table.
  2. Inside Slocum's Joe, on a yellow magazine shelf behind the front counter, on the top righthand row.
Watoga Transit Hub
  1. On the first floor, behind the reception desks and lockers in the broken elevator shaft, next to a skeleton.
  2. Inside one of the buses, opposite the baby carriage.
Skyline Valley
Location Location description
Camp Liberty
  1. On a table, on top of the watch tower, overlooking the theatre and camp.
  2. At the outside tents, in the tent next to the cooking station, in the left open locker.
Dark Hollow Manor

Inside the lower atrium of the vault, on the middle of a shelf around the corner in the same room of the tinkers workbench

Hawksbill weather station

Behind the first blue grid door upon entry inside, on the metal shelf to the right.

Rapidan Camp

Inside The Brown House, upstairs in the room with the presidential rug on a coffee table.

Shenandoah Visitor Center

West of the visitor center, in the men's restroom, next to the toilet in a blue bin.

Slumber Mill Motel

North of the motel, inside the Red Rocket gas station, on a magazine stand by the door.

The Trading Post

Inside the yellow camper, underneath the mattress by the blood smear.

The Forest

Location Location description
Aaronholt homestead
  1. In the two story, faded blue farmhouse with the red star on the porch wall, in the upstairs bedroom, on the top shelf of the tall bookcase.
  2. Inside a small metal shed next to the three silos to the south, near the weapon workbench and red wheelbarrow, in an enamel bucket.
Alpine River Cabins
  1. In the treehouse to the south with the "spooky" effects terminal, on the round table by the sleeping bag.
  2. In the southern cabin with the bear rug, on the lower bunk of a bunk bed.
Arktos Pharma
  1. In the control room, on the same desk as the cargobot control terminal.
  2. In the loading bay, near the fallen concrete ceiling, on the large container shelf, on a wooden crate.
Arktos Pharma biome lab On the first floor at the entrance of the biome lab, on a bench inside the men's bathroom underneath the dining area.
AVR Medical Center
  1. Through the south reception area, in the ruined office with the hole in the wall adjacent to the two booths, on the coffee table.
  2. On the north side of the second level, overlooking the main entrance lobby, inside the office with the red sofa and two large mushroom lamps, on the desk by the door.
  3. On the east side of the upper level, in the office with the hole in the floor with three dumped microfilm machines and a standing lamp on the balcony outside the office, on the desk with the ruined terminal farthest away from the door.
Big Al's Tattoo Parlor
  1. In a magazine rack next to the front door.
Bolton Greens
  1. In the entryway by the stroller and bicycle, on the main reception counter, near the telephone.
  2. In the golf course reception near the kitchen access, under the window, on the shelf of the last counter by the light blue waste bin.
  3. In the upstairs bedroom, on the lower bunk bed, closest to the sofa, cabinet, and fireplace along the west wall.
Camp Adams
  1. Located on a bench around the central campfire.
  2. On the floor in the shower block.
  3. On the ground behind the knowledge exam cabin.
Camp McClintock On the metalwork counter, to the right of the overseer's cache, below the "Support Our Troops!" poster, on the north wall, ground level inside the main military building.
Charleston Capitol Building In the basement, in the large filing and archive office through the double doors adjacent to the food court, in the northwest corner on the metal desk by the terminal.
Charleston Trainyard In an open locker in the catwalk areas of the lower areas, near a terminal.
Clancy Manor On the west side of the upper living area, in the room where part of the walls are makeshift wood, by the locked safe (1) on the narrow shelf of the low cabinet.
The Crosshair
  1. In the southeast section of the raider camp, under the taller lookout tower, on the floor near the weapons workbench and a sleeping bag.
  2. On the small lookout tower next to the camp entrance, beside a chem box.
Darling sister's lab In the cabin with a weather vane on top, behind an empty picture frame on the ground near a mattress.
Deathclaw Island Near a possible caps stash, on the muddy deathclaw burrow hole, in the middle of the island. It may be stuck within the ground but can be still interacted with.
Eta Psi House On the shelf next to the shower inside the bathroom in the basement.
Fujiniya Intelligence Base
  1. Inside the dormitory, to the southwest, on the lower bunk with the skeleton on it.
  2. In the southern section of the large laboratory (where a red steamer trunk is), on the raised area near the dead potted plant, on the shelf of the metal shelving trolley.
  3. Along the south wall of the infirmary room, between two stretchers, on top of the metal shelf trolley.
  4. In the kitchen, along the window shutter wall, on the square lab table.
Gauley Mine
  1. On the roof of the interior entrance area, on the work surface with drawers by a locked safe.
  2. In the main generator and gantry chamber, in the upper western corner, on the open locker just left of the gantry steps.
The Giant Teapot Inside the Giant Teapot, east of the refrigerator on an overturned wooden box.
Greg's Mine Supply Across the street from the store to the northwest, in a house with a rusting van parked outside, in the living room, on a coffee table.
Groves family cabin Outside the northwest cabin, near the soil sensor and exterior bunk bed, on the bottom bunk.
Horizon's Rest
  1. Inside the cockpit section of the fuselage, on a TV stand.
  2. On the north side of the electrical pylon platforms, near a covered fuselage walkway onto the rock outcrop, on the metal shelf near the single airplane seat.
  3. On the kitchen platform attached to the electrical pylons, behind the three dark red plane seats on the side cabinet with the open chem box.
Hornwright Industrial Headquarters
  1. On floor 5, behind the inaccessible door, in the room accessed via the hole in the conference room wall via the duct ramp, on the wood desk (no terminal) with the red wastebasket.
  2. On the executive level, in the office with the CEO's terminal, on the curved desk.
  3. In the north corner of the sub-level's lower balcony, near a green metal desk and mainframe terminal, on a seat.
Hornwright summer villa
  1. In the living area above garage, between the fridge and the wall.
  2. In the basement, along the northwest wall, underneath the stacked wine barrels, beside a wooden shelf.
Hunter's Ridge Under a couch in the westernmost treehouse by the living tree trunk.
Kanawha County Cemetery In the church on a pew.
Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant
  1. In the production section of the plant, on the gantry above a yellow forklift, near the large interior doorway, on a small wood crate next to a tool chest. The gantry can only be accessed by climbing on the yellow forklift machine in the middle of the sunken loading dock.
  2. Inside the security corridor near the ladder to the roof, half-hidden behind the white mainframe computer bank.
  3. In a locked cage room in the basement near the fusion core generator room, on a cabinet next to a yellow sink and a duffle bag.
The Kill Box (formerly Burdette Manor)
  1. In the north corner of the kitchen, beneath the Nuka-Cola wooden crate. May not be visible until the crates are moved.
  2. In the attic of the mansion, in the eastern corner behind the cardboard box, on the low shelf of the small table. Near a moving dolly and across from the red trunk.
  3. On the second floor, inside the armory, on the lowest section of shelving to the left of the entrance.
Lady Janet's Soft Serve In the northwest corner of the ice cream trailer, sticking out from behind the safe.
Landview Lighthouse
  1. Directly north of the lighthouse, on a picnic table in one of the covered areas.
  2. Inside the nearby house, on the dining table.
Lewis & Sons Farming Supply
  1. In the red broken open shed, immediately east of the barn. On the left side of the cabinet near three sealed glass jars.
  2. Inside the greenhouse, on the L-shaped counter with the saloon doors, next to the cash register.
Marigold Pavilion On the second floor, to the left of the red dirty bed.
Morgantown Airport
  1. At the top of the air traffic control tower, on the left side of the desk near a hot plate and coffee pot.
  2. Inside the destroyed airliner, on a small table.
Morgantown Airport terminal
  1. On the second floor, in a cubicle office, on the desk.
  2. On the second floor, near an exit doorway, on a small desk in-between airplane seats.
Morgantown High School
  1. At the far end of the girls' restroom, under the wall clock near the chained door, in the last locker on the left (with the door propped next to it).
  2. In the southeast corner of the library with the checkered floor, between the two broken terminals on the table.
  3. Upstairs, in the office with the red door and "Happy Halloween" decoration above it, on the metal desk with the locked terminal.
Morgantown Trainyard
  1. In the tower above the warehouse door, on a wooden box near the black mainframe.
  2. On the second floor, opposite of a mattress leaning against the wall, on a wooden box.

New River Gorge Bridge

In the small shack accessed by a support beam.
The Nukashine In the brew room where Biv is, next to the entry door and the first brewing station past the stairs, on a barrel.
Ohio River Adventures In the bait shop, under the counter which the cash register sits on.
Overlook cabin
  1. On the second floor, near the door which leads out to the balcony, behind the radiator.
  2. In the basement, on a table near the armor workbench.
Pi House 1. On the kitchen counter.

2. In the basement, in a broken shelf near the entry stairs.

The Pigsty On the fourth floor of the shack, on top of the cabinet to the left of the armor workbench.
Portside Pub On the second floor, behind a slab of wood leaning against the northeast wall.
Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06
  1. On the northeastern gantry platforms and stairs facing the cooling towers, inside the small blue maintenance hut, on the small filing cabinet near the metal desk with the broken terminal.
  2. On the northwestern edge of the main plant roof's highest level, behind the smokestacks, propped up against the radio by the teddy bears' picnic scene.
  3. On the main plant roof just above the front entrance, on the yellow diagnostic cart.
  4. In the center of cooling tower #1, inside the maintenance room, between the consoles and the machinery.
  5. In the locker room near the reactor room, behind some boxes.
  6. In the basement locker room, on the lowest shelf of the metal shelves near the overturned cart.
  7. In the plant manager's office, near the windows overlooking the turbine hall, on the desk.
  8. In the reactor room, on the top-most gantry platform, on the table.
Putnam residence
  1. On the upper part of the Putnam residence, near the bed in the northwest corner.
  2. On the upper part of the Putnam residence, on the metal counter on the balcony in the southeast corner.
Red Rocket (Giant Teapot) In a blue box sitting on the bottom of a shelving unit.
Relay tower HN-B1-12 Inside the building, on top of the mainframe computer terminal attached to the central pillar, facing southwest (if looking at the middle pillar).
Riverside Manor
  1. In the small laundry room close to the south exit onto the back porch, placed vertically between the washing machine and suitcase (interior).
  2. In the northeast corner of the library, next to the dark red leather sofa, with an upturned coffee table in front of it, on the lowest bookcase shelf (interior).
  3. On the second floor, in the corner bedroom, in the open green footlocker at the foot of the bed (interior).
  4. In the upstairs guest bedroom, on a wooden desk next to the guest bedroom terminal, in the northwest corner of the upstairs dormitory (interior).
Settler's Ridge
  1. In the two-story house on the top floor, located on top of a dresser near the bed on first walking in from the door.
  2. In the westernmost house west of the two-story house. It can appear on the dresser between the bed and the wall clock to the right after walking through the door.
Silva homestead
  1. Inside the gray farmhouse, in the dining room, on a shelf.
  2. Inside the curve-roofed storage barn, on the bottom shelf of the metal shelf between the armor workbench and weapons workbench.
Summersville Docks
  1. Inside the overturned white boat setting half-buried under the southwestern docks, on a shelf.
  2. Inside the shack on the southernmost dock, on a metal shelf in the southeast corner.
  3. To the southwest, in the small red storage shed with the rusty pickup outside, on the bottom shelf of a broken bookcase.
  4. On the bottom of the metal shelf, end of the right side railing of the southeast boat dock, above the dry lake.
  5. Inside the broken opening of the white overturned boat, by the wooden block also under the boat, half-buried at the side of the southeast boathouse, near a rusting red buoy.
  1. Due north of the church, on the roof of the pharmacy building with the tree-trunk bridge, under the faded blue-and-white-striped tent tarp, on the console.
  2. On the north side of town, inside the overseer's childhood home, in the basement, wedged halfway under the baseboard between the sink and toilet.
Torrance House
  1. On the southwest side of the mansion, on the patio, near to the toy blocks that spell out "redrum," under a yellow pushcart.
  2. On top of the roof, very close to the scaffolding.
  3. In the octagonal room with the ornate furniture and the large desk in the middle, behind three large paintings propped against the east wall.
Transmission station 1AT-U03 Inside the tower, on the floor between two cardboard boxes near the industrial trunk.
Twin Pine Cabins Vertical, between two metal barrels, at the entrance corner of the lower western cabin with the green trunk inside it.
Tygart water treatment In the northeast corner of the fenced structure atop the water tanks, on a table, next to a radio.
Tyler County Fairgrounds
  1. In the long metal barn near the large slide, on top of one of the two wooden barrels.
  2. Inside the prize booth with the green and white top, sitting on a shelf with a toy rocketship.
  3. On the east side of the arcade, near the "Apples, Hotdogs" stall, inside a portable toilet.
Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center
  1. On the second floor, in the same room as MacFadden's terminal. It is sitting on a cardboard box next to the sleeping bag.
  2. On the second floor, inside the office room, next to the broken terminal in the northeast corner of the room, which is near a blue atomic painting leaning against the wall.
  3. On the second floor, in the side room with metal shelves, on a lower metal shelf near an open footlocker underneath.
  4. On the second floor, on the shelf in the northwest corner of the small storage room (blue wallpaper), between the ruined conference room (hole in the wall) and the filing room (across the hallway), on a lower metal shelf near an open footlocker underneath.
  5. Inside the basement, in the northwest corner, within a side room with metal shelves, sitting on the right corner of a planter table.
Vault-Tec University
  1. In room 204, on the circular wood table with the white leather chairs, by a reclining skeleton, in the blue wallpaper lounge (interior).
  2. In the simulated Vault classroom, on the teacher's desk with the globe on it (interior).
  3. In the simulated Vault cafeteria, on the square table by the counter (interior).
Wixon homestead On the second floor of the farmhouse, by the east wall of the bedroom, on the small ornate table.
WV Lumber Co.
  1. To the east, in the metal warehouse with a chemistry station, on a metal desk.
  2. To the east of the main building, on top of a single metal barrel next to a large light green container with a ladder.
  3. In the main mill building, on the middle floor with the large table saw, on a dining table near the stairwell.
  4. In the guard tower of the building to the left of the blue and white camper, on a table. There's a turret on the stairs.
The Mire
Location Location description
Berkeley Springs
  1. At the Beauty and Spa Salon building, on the second floor, on the side table between the two comfy dark red chairs (one with a skeleton on it), across from the elevator (access via the hole in the roof or by entering the spa).
  2. In the brick mansion (one of a pair) in the middle of town, in the southwest corner of the upper-level office (same floor as Lucy Harwick's note), on the metal office desk. The mansion has two large yellow fans on the side of the structure, near a traffic light post.
Big B's Rest Stop Inside the Super-Duper Mart, against the red striped northeastern wall, on the ground, beside the serving counter, close to a stepladder.
Braxson's Quality Medical Supplies Dropped vertically between the right side of the armor workbench and the two lockers, by the exit door, under the gantry corner and stairs, in the southeast part of the premises (interior).
The Burrows On a red barrel near the riverway of lights.
Camp Venture
  1. In the middle of the command center, inside the top row of a metal cart, near the central steel support beam and by the "star" trunk and the overseer's cache.
  2. In the weapons storage room, below the shelf trolley, jutting out from the southwest wall (under the green metalwork cabinet), left of the weapons workbench inside the locked security gate area.
  3. Inside the northeastern cabin, in a room behind a security gate, underneath the left surgical cart, on the right.
Crevasse Dam
  1. In the eastern building, near the door entrance, by the blue machinery on the first floor of the pump chamber (southwest corner), on the second metal shelf.
  2. On the second floor of the maintenance building, in the corner of the concrete balcony on the north side of the upper area, close to the supervisor workstation, in a waste paper basket.
Dolly Sods Wilderness
  1. Inside the western residential cabin, in the northwest bathroom, on the first floor, sitting on the toilet.
  2. In the camp office building, on the magazine rack, by the deep red sofa, in the room with the grand piano.
Dyer Chemical
  1. Inside the open middle locker along the wall of lockers, in the metal maintenance hut corridor (with the small mainframe computer at one end), on the western side of the facility, above the large sewer pipes with the hatch, on the exterior's second floor, near the picnic tables.
  2. On the upper level of the easternmost building (sewer maintenance), by the blue machinery and vertical pipe cluster, on the small wood crate near an ammo crate.
  3. Inside one of the two yellow trolley carts by the explosive canister, on the concrete bridge spanning both sides of the facility, above the road (exterior).
Haven Church On the front-left (northeast) school desk in the classroom.

  1. On the east side of the shantytown, close to the Cappy Nuka boat, next to the red trunk and locked safe, on a magazine rack.
  2. On the northwest side of town, inside the "Drugs" shack, by the green plastic outhouses, on the low coffee table between the gray and dark red couches.
  3. On the north side of town, inside the "Barber & Dentist" shack, on the corner wooden cabinet with the mirror and scissors on it, near the red chair.
Moth-Home In a bureau on the south side of the location.
The Retreat
  1. In a treehouse near the connecting junction, opposite the two shopping carts, near an orange tool box, sitting on a black car seat.
  2. On a treehouse balcony near the dining platform shack, on the floor next to a mannequin and a steel barrel.
  3. On the outside balcony attached to the eastern edge of the living room platform, close to a small inaccessible distillery, near the dark red couch.
Southhampton Estate
  1. On the kitchen counter to the right of the sink, ground level of the tendril-filled faded blue farmhouse.
  2. On the ruined metal shelf, on the lean-to entrance into the red barn.
Sunday Brothers' Cabin Inside the main lodge cabin, in the red-wallpapered bedroom at the south end of the upstairs balcony, in the northwest corner, underneath the bunk bed in the cabin.
Tanagra Town
  1. In the completely open-air and mostly demolished schoolhouse at the top of the tendril tower, on a student's desk that has slid across to the north (lower) side of the schoolhouse floor.
  2. In the completely open-air and mostly demolished schoolhouse at the top of the tendril tower, by the steel support, one of the only bits of the schoolhouse still standing, on the teacher's desk.
  3. At the summit of the tendril tower, in the collapsed dark gray house with the moonshine still in the bathtub and the Giddyup Buttercup on the main floor, on the shelf of the headboard of the master bedroom bed.
Thunder Mountain Power Plant
  1. Upstairs and northeast of the entrance lobby, with stairs outside the room, on the large conference table with the office desk fan on it.
  2. Along the southwest wall of a connecting corridor to the main plant, right of the window, with the double door marked "Turbine Hall" at the northeast end, on the small computer bank, to the left side of the filing cabinets.
  3. In the small connecting room (with three exits) between the gantry stairwell and door marked "Pipe Interchange, Cooling Tower #1" and the smaller Fuel Storage chamber with gantries and the flooded floor, in the south corner adjacent to the metal door and wall clock, on the shelf of the green metal wall cabinet.
  4. Along the northwest wall in the corridor connecting the turbine hall to cooling tower #2, on the white table with the orange tool box.
  5. In the reactor room, along the gantry with two sets of large wall extractor fans on either side, on the second-to-bottom shelf of the green metalwork shelf, pointed at the southwest wall.
  6. In the master control chamber, on the south upper section of the tiered-floor, in the wastebasket to the right of a small black computer bank.
Treetops On the second to the top level of the treehouse platform ascent, on an end table next to a birdhouse, above the two mattresses.
Valley Galleria
  1. On the ground level, on the east side of the food court, near the support pillar and green trash can, below the plastic pumpkin on the booth diner table.
  2. Upstairs on the south side of the Galleria, in the housewares furniture store, on the formal dining table.

Savage Divide

Location Location description
98 NAR Regional Inside the overturned military train car lying on top of two other train cars (accessed via the underside), on a spotted couch.

Autumn Acre cabin On a side table near the large stone fireplace, by the antique globe.
Bailey family cabin Inside the cabin, near the sofa and TV, on the coffee table.
Bastion Park
  1. Between the playground and the fountain, in the back of a parked school bus, on the floor of the right-side seating.
  2. In the eastern section of the park, near the second school bus parked along with several other vehicles, on the passenger seat of a nearby rusting car.
Big Bend Tunnel West Inside the main wooden structure above the tunnel's entrance, on a chaise to the right.
Blackwater Mine
  1. In Dr. Cotton's tiny cave laboratory, near three radioactive barrels and a safe (Picklock 3), below metal shelving near a pipe.
  2. In the tiny, locked (Picklock 1) security closet, off the narrow tunnels connecting the main mine tunnel to the vertical waterlogged cavern, close to some red steel tunnel buttressing.
  3. In the concrete storeroom off the drilling chambers, on the east wall, behind the low metal counter to the right of the weapons workbench.
  4. In the fan extraction and machine room with the large circular pipe hole in the floor, opposite the chemistry station, under a mattress bed, on the sleeping bag.
The Bounty In the middle of the base, next to the archery target, underneath the coffee table.
Cliffwatch On the south side of the camp, near the safe and decapitated head, on a makeshift table.
Emmett Mountain disposal site
  1. Inside the barrel storage garage with the parked orange forklift and more barrels outside, on the radioactive yellow barrel.
  2. Inside the disposal site, southeast of the double doors from the large generator room, in the storage room with the hole in the eastern corner wall, on the metal desk next to the disposal terminal.
  3. In an exterior work shack, next to the orange forklift with radioactive barrels, on a desk inside a work shack.
Fort Atlas In the mine section during The Best Defense, on a shelf near the top part of a conveyor belt in the medium-sized room with the catwalk and office niche.


On the east side of Foundation, at a small guard house near a gate, on a desk.
Foundation Outpost On the southeast side of Foundation Outpost, on a folding/lawn chair near the power armor station.
Hopewell Cave Inside the cave, by the burned-out campfire and sleeping bag, on the overturned small blue tray container (can be submerged in the ground).
  1. Inside the hardware store, on the curved counter to the left of the blue cash register.
  2. Inside the ruined home across the street from the hardware store with the green propane tank visible next to the blown-out kitchen, under the bed hanging off the edge of the upper floor.
Ingram Mansion
  1. In the living room with the two green couches and wicker rug, on the low side coffee table.
  2. In the eastern end of the mansion, upstairs in the balcony hallway, on the small painted side dresser.
Johnson's Acre
  1. Inside the cabin by the fireplace.
  2. South of the cabin's, on the picnic table by the tire and barrel.
Lake Eloise In the far northeast part of the wilderness area (northeast of the Fissure Site), inside the gaming enthusiasts' camp, on the TV behind the woodblocks spelling "CHEATER", on the rocks.
Lucky Hole Mine In the dead-end tunnel at the end of the mine, at the main cultist altar with the pews, on the lectern.
Middle Mountain Cabins
  1. Inside the outhouse, between the left and middle cabins (if facing southeast).
  2. Inside the toolshed on the eastern edge of the location, on top of a cabinet.
Monongah On the northern edge of town, beyond the gray cottage on the lookout deck, on the upturned wooden Nuka-Cola crate.
Mountainside Bed & Breakfast
  1. In the upstairs living room with the board games, green carpet, and dark red furniture; sitting on top of the coffee table.
  2. In the locked (2) foyer area of the house, on the reception desk with the comment terminal, under the desk fan.
  3. In the locked (2) foyer area of the house, across from the reception desk, on the coffee table by the staircase.
  4. In the office connected to the west side of the kitchen, on a desk with a broken terminal.
National Isolated Radio Array
  1. Inside the office building, in the upstairs office to the northwest with a red trailer protruding through the outer wall, on the metal desk with the bottlecap sunglasses and teal rounded vase.
  2. Inside the office building, in the southwest corner of the upstairs office with the dead potted tree outside the door, on the ornate bureau.
  3. At the foot of the dish with the flagpole outside, inside the dish array control room, on a desk with a destroyed terminal in the eastern corner.
National Radio Astronomy Research Center
  1. In the basement of the building, near the armor workbench, on the green counter near a yellow alarm clock.
  2. In the communications room, on top of the L-shaped mainframe computer near the large hole in the wall and floor.
New Appalachian Central Trainyard
  1. North of the trainyard and bank buildings, in the railway switch operators tower, on a desk.
  2. In the partially destroyed bank building, on a table in the vault.
  3. East of the main trainyard warehouse, in the signal tower by the red water tower, on the small metal desk with the ham radio.
North Cutthroat camp
  1. To the side of the billboard lookout tower, on a table with two severed heads, near a red steamer trunk.
  2. South end of the camp, by the North Highway 63 sign, on top of a toilet with the cymbal playing monkey sitting atop it.
Palace of the Winding Path On the top floor balcony directly above the north entrance, below an ornate red couch.
Pleasant Valley cabins
  1. In the eastern ruined lodge structure near the bus stop and with wood planks onto the roof of the bus, on the headboard of the double-mattress bed.
  2. On southwest end of the upper lodge area, on the stone patio, on the lectern flanked by two red ornate chairs.
  3. Inside the lodge attached to the raider arena, accessed via the exterior deck, near the room with three terminals and green carpet, on the mattress in the room with the rug.
  4. On the deck of the southwestern, faded blue shiplap mansion, between two red bar stools on a low side table.
  5. Inside the cabin with yellow door and curtains, by the blue couch under the brahmin wall mount heads, n the coffee table with the two cafeteria trays.
  6. In the northwest cabin with the red front door, next to the rusty yellow pickup, on the metal table below the raider corpse.
Pleasant Valley Ski Resort
  1. On a balcony of the north lodge, sitting on a table by a cooler (the floor above vendor bot Resin).
  2. On the building to the immediate south of the northern ski resort building, on a small round table on the balcony. (marsupial mutation or a jet pack makes it easier to reach the spot, but it can be reached without by jumping onto the hedge where it is low and from there to the ladder.)
  3. On the building neighboring the resort building, on top of a barrel on the balcony. (marsupial mutation or a jet pack is makes it easier to reach the spot, but it can be reached without them by jumping from the balcony of the north lodge where the first magazine is found.)
R&G Processing Services
  1. Inside the upper concrete structure with the giant vat inside it, near the open security mesh wall with the green work cabinets, in the yellow container trolley.
  2. Inside the main storage and machine warehouse, close to the elevator down into Site Charlie, underneath a cardboard box to the left of the overseer's cache.
Relay tower EL-B1-02 Inside the relay station, against the western wall, on top of a blue console.
Relay tower LW-B1-22 On the top of the mainframe computer bank (right side), near the lamp, on the computer attached to the large concrete central pillar; northwest if looking at the middle pillar (southeast side of the room).
Ripper Alley Near the road, in a small lookout tower on the southeast approach to alley, by a cinder block.
Safe 'n Clean Disposal In the middle of the small red barn, on the metal shelving by the sleeping bag.
Seneca Gang camp On the south side of the camp, on the red seat with corpse on it by the red steamer trunk.
Site Alpha
  1. In the reactor area, on the far west wall of the main room, on a desk with a broken terminal.
  2. In the operations center, in the lower area in the center of the main room, on a desk with a broken terminal.
  3. In the operations center, in a small room with three fabricator pods, on a desk.
Site Bravo
  1. In the reactor area, on the far west wall of the main room, on a desk with a broken terminal.
  2. In the operations center, in the lower area in the center of the main room, on a desk with a broken terminal.
  3. In the operations center, in a small room with three fabricator pods, on a desk.
Site Charlie
  1. In the reactor area, on the far west wall of the main room, on a desk with a broken terminal.
  2. In the operations center, in the lower area in the center of the main room, on a desk with a broken terminal.
  3. In the operations center, in a small room with three fabricator pods, on a desk.
Skullbone Vantage To the side of the lookout tower, next to the "car sofa" with two sprawled raider corpses on it, on the tiny, distressed side table.
Solomon's pond On the southeast side of the red barn with the canoe resting on it, in the shed between the two doorways, behind three large stacked wooden crates.
Sons of Dane compound
  1. In the cellar of the faded blue farmhouse, on a table with a microscope.
  2. In the southwest corner of Buck's Den, on a table near the entrance.
  3. At the northwest gate, on the ground below the watchtower.
  4. At the northwest gate, on the top of the watchtower, next to a skeleton.
South Cutthroat camp
  1. On the northeast side of camp, on a makeshift table.
  2. On the south end of camp near the guard tower, on a cinder block in front of a couch.

Spruce Knob Lake In the open plastic green outhouse (one of two), on the backside of the small dockside hut, the northeast shore of the lake.
Sugar Grove
  1. In the upper office with a window overlooking the mission control room, with the archive dispenser vending machine in the southwest corner, on the half-buried curio cabinet beside the Project Director's Terminal.
  2. Inside the security mesh walled area of the advanced research laboratory, on the upper floor with the window, near the collection of blank holotapes, on the yellow machinery.
  3. On the north stepped side of the mission control room, near the Nuka-Cola machine, on the small round table with the lunch pail on it.
  4. In the mission control room, at the foot of the huge map screen, in the center of the shelves of boxes, placed vertically between two cardboard boxes.
  5. In the middle of the archives, at the central mainframe computer, below the red wrist rest shelf.
  6. In the secret facility basement, in the green wallpapered cognitive programming room with the three televisions, on a small side table shelf.
Sunnytop Ski Lanes
  1. In the reception area with the large fireplace, under the hand of a raider corpse in an upturned chair near the desk.
  2. On the back veranda, on a patio table beside the curved stone wall with a view to the east.
  3. In the basement, next to a raider corpse between an armor workbench and weapons workbench.
  4. On the upstairs balcony, next to a broken deck chair with a raider corpse on it.
Sunnytop Ski Lanes Base Lodge
  1. On the east side of the lodge exterior, on the green tin roof deck, behind the small stacked wood crates, blue barrel, and pallet.
  2. Under the wooden upstairs balcony mezzanine, beside the large stone fireplace with the mounted Yao Guai head above it, on the red table.
Sylvie & Sons logging camp
  1. Across from the chopped wood pile, on a pallet of four wooden crates with a blue motorcycle leaned against it.
  2. Inside the tent with a gramophone, sitting on top of a storage crate near the radio.
Top of the World
  1. On the mezzanine level, west of the elevator column, at the storefront with a gramophone, on the shop counter by the cash register.
  2. On the mezzanine level, at the market stall with three stools and a pink cash register, on the small coffee table.
  3. On the mezzanine level, at the stall with the lighthouse painting and a Raider skull board under its tarp, on the magazine carousel by the fallen stool.
  4. On the top level, along the curved wall of the control room perimeter near Hank Madigan's corpse, on a small curved side table to the left of the white leather sofa.
Toxic Larry's Meat 'n Go
  1. On the second floor, in the upstairs bedroom with the Mothman poster on the wall, on headboard self of the bed with the red trunk on it.
  2. On the rocks roughly north of the main shack structure, inside the outhouse.
Twin Lakes On a ledge next to a deflated boat.
Uncanny Caverns
  1. At the tickets building in front, inside a display case.
  2. Inside the gift shop, in a magazine rack in the southwestern corner of the shop.
  3. Inside the small room with audio tour station 4 and the Curse of the Wendigo - Part 2 holotape, by the sleeping bag.
  4. Inside the dead end section for audio tour station 8, between two sleeping bags near a cooking station.
US-13C Bivouac
  1. In the southwest tent with two beds, beneath the bed with the skeleton on it, on the floor.
  2. In the northwest tent with three sleeping bags, on the floor in the corner near the three blue barrels.
The Vantage Balanced on the steel girder, just below and outside the wood fence at the top of the lookout tower, in the corner where the ammo box and duffle bag are (exterior).
Vault 79 On the right table in the barracks.
Wendigo cave
  1. Above the river, in the upper section of the main cavern, by the skeleton with the cooler.
  2. Near a small pond of dirty water and an ammo box, near the northwest wall, by a skull separated from a skeleton.
  3. Southeast of the main cavern junction with the large rock column, in a pile of bloody human bones.
  4. On the southeast side of the narrow tunnel with bone chimes (runs east-west), in with the cave near the orange toolbox and wicker basket, by the headless skeleton with the first aid kit and Rad-X.
West Tek research center In the Greenhouse Initiative labs on the large laboratory table with the dark work surface and two microscopes with display cases attached to them, off the larger lab room with the hole in the wall, the eastern side of the upstairs balcony level.
The Whitespring Golf Club
  1. North of the main resort, just east of the club entrance road and security hut, in the white mansion house, on the upstairs front deck, on the circular metal table.
  2. In the clubhouse, on the upper level, in the men's room near the can chimes, between the wastebasket and the sink cabinet.
  3. In the clubhouse, on the lower level, on the cardboard boxes in the "employees only" closet containing a robot pod, near the shoe-shine counter.
  4. In the clubhouse, on the lower level, in the lounge in the men's locker room, on the bottom shelf of the northeast bookshelves.
The Whitespring Resort On a table on the upstairs porch of a dilapidated building north of the main resort (has one of the holotapes for a quest).
Yellow Sandy's still Inside the east rusty caravan trailer with the Nuka-Cola machine inside it, on the small green card table with the TV dinner tray.
Toxic Valley
Location Location description
Becker Farm On the ground level of the roofless white farmhouse, between the two ornate dressers, on the old writing desk.
Black Bear Lodge In the ruined attic section of the lodge, with the long tree trunk lying up against it. In an alcove close to the sleeping bag and duffle bag, by the wooden crate.
Cobbleton farm On, behind, or near the tall tool cabinet (1), in the middle of the interior northwest wall, to the right of the wooden steps (interior).
The Crosshair
  1. In the southeast section of the raider camp, under the taller lookout tower, on the floor near the weapons workbench and a sleeping bag.
  2. On the small lookout tower next to the camp entrance, beside a chem box.
Eastern Regional Penitentiary
  1. In the center section of the penitentiary, in the intake room near cell block D, on the L-shaped counter.
  2. In the Cell Block B security office, on the desk.
  3. Inside the penitentiary, on the north side of the laundry room, opposite the stacks of washing machines, slipped down between the dryer and the concrete pillar.
  4. On the second floor of the penitentiary's main building, near the warden's mainframe, in Warden Brennan's bedroom, on the bedside table.
  5. In the prison yard, in the remains of the chapel, on the lectern shelf.
  6. In the prison yard, in the visitation trailer with the grill in front of it, on a low shelf with a broken lamp.
  7. In the prison yard, in the booby-trapped outhouse with the door, behind the chapel.
Grafton Dam Located below the upper walkway within the main facility, in a metal pipe on the south side of the facility.
Kiddie Corner Cabins
  1. On the dresser in the small green bunk bedroom, inside the cabin with the green door (interior).
  2. In the outhouse.
Knife Edge On the green card table with the gas mask and ammo box, on the top platform of the central tower.

Makeshift vault

On the small stand next to the bed, to the left after passing the vault door.
Philippi Battlefield Cemetery Upstairs in the museum, in the southwest corner, on the floor by the display cases.
Pioneer Scout Camp
  1. Next to the outhouse at the archery range. Sometimes the magazine cannot be seen. However it still can be picked up. While watching at the entrance of the outhouse walk around the right corner and aim at the bottom. One should now be able to pick it up now.
  2. Inside cabin A02 with bunk beds, on the right side, in an open footlocker.
Wavy Willard's Water Park
  1. Inside the mouth of Crocolossus Mountain, on a table.
  2. In the flooded underground maintenance area, near a fusion generator and a steamer trunk, on a small metal table with foldable ends.
Willard Corporate Housing In the middle of the trailer park, on the park logo roundabout, on the half-buried green golf cart.


  • They function similarly to skill magazines in Fallout: New Vegas, which also provide temporary benefits.
  • Most of the Fallout 76 magazines share identical titles and cover art from Fallout 4 magazines, but the bonuses they provide are frequently slightly different and temporary.
Fallout 76 magazines