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Legendary enemies are enemies which possess special abilities and drop legendary items upon death in Fallout 76.


Occasionally, certain foes with powerful buffs will appear. These legendary enemies will be identifiable by a star (★) and the nameplate prefix  "Legendary". They have 60% more health than their base variant (until patch they'd regenerate all health when reaching 50% instead).

When killed, legendary enemies will drop a randomly generated legendary item with as many stars as the enemy had. (Prior to a patch, the amount of stars would be random, but never more than the number of legendary stars; a 3-star legendary only had a 1/3 chance to drop a 3-star item.)

When legendary enemies spawn, there is a brief window before they gain their stars. This process is initiated when the enemy becomes veiled with a temporary green fog. If the enemy is killed before the stars appear on its nameplate, it will not yield any legendary items.

# Stars Legendary drop
★ (100%)
★ ★ ★ ★ (100%)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (100%)


Legendary enemies have enhanced stats based upon their rank (represented by the number of stars).

Rank Damage HP Min level
110% 200% 0
★ ★ 115% 240% 20
★ ★ ★ 120% 320% 30
★ ★ ★ ★ Fallout 76 unused content 125% 400% 40
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Fallout 76 unused content 130% 480% 50
Legendary abilities

Depending on what type of enemy they are, legendary enemies possess bonus abilities:

Rage Heal (removed content) - When their HP is reduced to below half, the actor will regen 99,999 HP (or until they reach their max HP).

  • All enemies

Epic Accuracy - The actor will fire with perfect accuracy.[1]

  • Super mutants
  • Humans
  • Robots

Epic Damage - All of the actor's outgoing damage is doubled.

  • Creatures[2]
  • Animals

Epic Explode - 10 seconds after dying, the actor will explode for Attack 500 physical damage[3] and creates a weak radiation hazard.[4]

Epic Poison - Applies a damage-over-time spell which deals Acid 4-10 poison damage per second over 10 seconds. This does not damage actors which are immune to poison and is resisted with Poison Resistance.

  • Bugs
  • Radscorpions
  • Mirelurks (including kings and queens)
  • Mole rats
  • Fog crawlers
Enemy level Acid Damage Duration
1-10 4 per second 10 seconds
11-15 5 per second 10 seconds
16-20 6 per second 10 seconds
21-30 7 per second 10 seconds
31-40 8 per second 10 seconds
41-50 9 per second 10 seconds
51+ 10 per second 10 seconds

Epic Radioactive - All outgoing radiation exposure damage is multiplied by 10 and gains immunity to all radiation damage.

  • Glowing enemies
  • Deathclaws
  • Feral ghouls
  • Bee swarm Fallout 76 unused content


There are certain restrictions on how, when and which enemies may spawn in as Legendary enemies:

Legendary enemy allowed
Cultist high elder Fallout 76 seasonal content Festive/Spooky scorched Fallout 76 seasonal content Scorchbeast queen[6]
Sheepsquatch[7][quest 1] Treasure hunter Fallout 76 seasonal content Wendigo colossus[6]
Angler Ant Assaultron
Attack dog Bloatfly Blood Eagle
Bloodbug Cave cricket Cultist
Deathclaw Feral ghoul Floater
Fog crawler Ghoul Glowing one
Gulper Hermit crab Mr. Gutsy
Mirelurk Mirelurk hunter Mirelurk king
Mirelurk queen Mole rat Mongrel
Mutant hound Protectron Radrat
Radscorpion Raider Robobrain
Scorchbeast Sentry bot Stingwing
Super mutant Super mutant behemoth Wolf
Yao guai
Legendary enemy disallowed
Event or quest only
Flatwoods monster[quest 2] Grafton Monster[quest 1] Honey beast
Liberator[quest 3] Mega sloth[quest 4] Mole miner[quest 5]
Mothman[quest 6] Scorched[quest 7] Snallygaster[quest 8]
Wendigo[quest 9]
Alien ASAM turret Beaver
Bee swarm Brahmin Brotherhood
Cannibals Cargobot Cat
Chicken Communist Eyebot
Firefly Fox Free Radicals
Frog Hellcat Mirelurk spawn
Ms. Nanny Mr. Handy Opossum
Owlet Rabbit Radroach
Radstag Radtoad Rust Eagle
Scavenger Settler Squirrel
Tick Turret Vertibot


Cannot spawn as legendary enemies
The Forest region is excluded from random legendary spawns in exteriors. Only quest/event and interior spawns are allowed:
Most humans cannot spawn as Legendary enemies


  • If an armor, power armor or weapon is only obtainable after learning its respective plan, then Legendary enemies cannot drop that item, regardless of whether the plan is learned or not.
  • Any Legendary enemy has a 25% chance to drop a Legendary T-45 power armor or Raider power armor part.


  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 While some enemies may only be spawn as legendary during specific events, a number of enemy types are unable to become legendary at all. The following enemies have a 0% chance to randomly spawn as a legendary outside of a specific quest:[8][verified]
Bugged to never be legendary
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Legendary enemies are occasionally marked with their green cloud before the star is added to their nameplate. Legendary enemies killed before the stars are added to their nameplate will never yield a legendary item.[verified]
  • Rarely, the sound effect associated with Rage Heal may be heard by the player with only non-legendary enemies being damaged nearby.

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For a full list of characters and enemies which cannot become Legendary enemies, check the references tab for these keywords:


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