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In Fallout 76, Legendary weapons, Legendary armor and Legendary power armor, collectively known as Legendary items, are items with special, permanent modifiers applied.


Legendary items have one or more randomly determined special modifications, affecting combat or character stats. Legendary items may be earned as quest or Daily Ops rewards, looted from legendary enemies, bought from Purveyor Murmrgh or crafted with Legendary modules.

Content directory

For detailed information on the Legendary effects applicable to each type of item, see the portal below:

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Power armor

Legendary enemies

Occasionally, encountered enemies may spawn as legendary enemies. These enemies will be briefly cloaked with a green fog and will be identifiable by a Legendary star and the word "Legendary" in their nameplate. When killed, legendary enemies will drop a randomly generated legendary item with at least one effect. For each legendary "star" (Legendary) an enemy has, a dropped legendary item may have up to that amount of effects.

Legendary enemy drops
# Stars Legendary drop
Legendary Legendary (100%)
LegendaryLegendary Legendary (50%)
LegendaryLegendary (50%)
LegendaryLegendaryLegendary Legendary (33.33%)
LegendaryLegendary (33.33%)
LegendaryLegendaryLegendary (33.33%)

There are certain restrictions on how, when and which enemies may spawn in as Legendary enemies:

The following enemies will always spawn as a Legendary enemy.

Always Legendary
Scorchbeast queen Sheepsquatch Wendigo colossus

The following enemies have a chance to randomly become a Legendary enemy.

Randomly Legendary
Angler Ant Assaultron
Attack dog Bloatfly Bloodbug
Cave cricket Chicken[verification needed] Deathclaw
Feral ghoul Floater Fog crawler
Ghoul Glowing one Gulper
Hermit crab Human Mr. Gutsy
Mr. Handy[verification needed] Mirelurk Mirelurk hunter
Mirelurk king Mirelurk queen Mirelurk spawn[verification needed]
Mole rat Mongrel Mutant hound
Protectron Rabbit[verification needed] Radrat
Radroach[verification needed] Radscorpion Robobrain
Scorchbeast Sentry bot Stingwing
Super mutant Super mutant behemoth Wolf
Yao guai

The following enemies may only spawn Legendary when controlled by a script (quest or event).

Scripted Legendary
Grafton Monster Liberator Mole miner
Scorched Wendigo

The following enemies will never become a Legendary enemy.

Never Legendary
Alien Upcoming content ASAM turret Beaver
Bee swarm Brahmin Cargobot
Cat Eyebot Firefly
Flatwoods monster Fox Frog
Honey beast Mega sloth Mothman
Ms. Nanny Opossum Owlet
Radstag Radtoad Snallygaster
Squirrel Tick Turret


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Three tiers of legendary modifiers exist for both weapons and armor. A Tier 1 modifier appears on all legendary items, taking up the first "star." The modifier will be added to legendary weapon's dynamic naming as a prefix. Tier 2 modifiers comprise the second star of a legendary item and Tier 3 modifiers comprise the third. In general, Tier 2 and Tier 3 modifiers don't affect a legendary item's name. Legendary weapons and armor use different sets of modifiers and cannot use modifiers from the other's item type.

Although additional legendary modifier slots exist (Tier 4 and Tier 5 modifiers, respectively), 4 and 5-star legendary items are disabled. However, the Tier 4 and Tier 5 legendary effects are used in many of the quest-specific unique legendary weapons and armors, such as Perfect Storm or All Rise.

Legendary items can have a maximum of one modifier per category, based on the number of stars:

  • A 1-star legendary will have a Tier 1 modifier.
  • A 2-star legendary will have a Tier 1 modifier and a Tier 2 modifier.
  • A 3-star legendary will have a Tier 1 modifier, a Tier 2 modifier, and a Tier 3 modifier.
Legendary item chance
Category Chance
Melee weapon 25%
Ranged weapon 25%
Armor 25%
Power armor 25%
  • The number and type of effects generated are not affected by any SPECIAL stats, such as Luck.
  • Legendary effects are randomly generated upon crafting or dropping. They cannot be found as loose mods.
  • Legendary items cannot be scrapped at a workbench, but they may be placed in a legendary exchange machine for Legendary scrip (Legendary Scrip).
  • Aside from their provided effects, Legendary items otherwise have the same statistics as non-Legendary items. They may be equipped with the same mods as non-Legendary variants.
  • Almost every Legendary item may be dropped, traded to other players or sold to vendors for caps.


Legendary crafting

Main article: Legendary crafting


A majority of the weapons in Fallout 76 can be obtained as legendary items, however, there are a great many restrictions on what can and cannot appear as a Legendary item.

Plans required

Some items cannot be obtained as legendary versions without knowing the relevant plan. These items cannot drop from legendary enemies, but can still be obtained via crafting, Purveyor, Daily Ops rewards or rewarded by Scorched Earth and season events, such as Fasnacht. The following lists contain items that may only appear as legendary items after learning the prerequisite plan.

Plan-required weapons
Bear Arm Bow Cattleprod
Crusader pistol Compound bow The Fixer
Gauntlet Gauss minigun Gauss pistol
Gauss shotgun Hellstorm missile launcher Pepper Shaker
Plasma caster Plasma cutter Sheepsquatch club
Sheepsquatch staff Shepherd's crook The Tenderizer
War glaive
Plan-required armor
Brotherhood recon armor chest Brotherhood recon armor left arm Brotherhood recon armor left leg
Brotherhood recon armor right arm Brotherhood recon armor right leg Covert scout armor chest
Covert scout armor left arm Covert scout armor left leg Covert scout armor right arm
Covert scout armor right leg Secret Service chest Secret Service left arm
Secret Service left leg Secret Service right arm Secret Service right leg
Solar armor chest Solar armor left arm Solar armor left leg
Solar armor right arm Solar armor right leg Thorn armor chest
Thorn armor left arm Thorn armor left leg Thorn armor right arm
Thorn armor right leg
Cannot drop from Legendary enemies

Any item that was added since the initial release of Fallout 76 is bugged to never drop from Legendary enemies.

Cannot drop from enemies
Excavator power armor T-51b power armor T-60 power armor
T-65 power armor Ultracite power armor X-01 power armor
Hellcat power armor Brotherhood recon armor Covert scout armor
Secret Service armor Bear Arm Bow
Cattleprod Compound bow Crusader pistol
Fixer Gauntlet Gauss minigun
Gauss pistol Gauss shotgun Hellstorm missile launcher
Pepper Shaker Plasma caster Plasma cutter
Sheepsquatch club Sheepsquatch staff Shepherd's crook
Tenderizer War glaive
Crafting only

Some items cannot spawn as Legendary items, but may be made Legendary by players using the Legendary crafting system or crafted as Legendary items from scratch.

Alien blaster Anti-Scorched training pistol[bug 1] Black powder blunderbuss
Brotherhood recon rifle Cultist blade The Dragon
Enclave plasma gun Imposter Assaultron head The Invader
Solar armor Strangler heart power armor Thorn armor
SMART choice machine

The following items may only drop as 1-star Legendaries from the SMART choice machine within Watoga High School, purchased for 5000 halloween candy.

Cultist blade The Dragon Ripper
Fully excluded

The following weapons and armor cannot exist as Legendary items.

Fully excluded
Anti-Scorched training pistol[bug 1] Binoculars Blade of Bastet
Camden Whacker Cave diving suit Chainsaw
Commie Whacker Drill Father Winter helmet
Flare gun Garb of Mysteries Hooded rags
Hazmat suit Damaged hazmat suit Prototype hazmat suit
Emmett Mountain hazmat suit Swamp camo hazmat suit Paddle ball
Pearly Peepers ProSnap Deluxe camera Protest sign
Syringer Voice of Set

Unique items

Unique items come with predetermined Legendary effects. They may be obtained as quest, event or challenge rewards. Others may be crafted.

Unique weapons
Item Effects
Acceptable Overkill Hunter's · Lucky · Perception
The Action Hero Two-Shot · Rapid · Rapid
All Rise Lightweight · Healthy
Bunker Buster Dangerous
Civil Unrest Active
Commander's Charge Furious · Melee Speed · Agility
Crushing Blow Instigating · Crippling
Disorderly Conduct Suppressor's · Crippling · Endurance
The Fact Finder Two-Shot · Explosive · VATS Enhanced
Fancy pump action shotgun Anti-Armor · Crippling · Steadfast
Fancy single action revolver Randomly-determined 1-star effect
The Farmhand Ghoul-Slayer's · Melee Speed · Endurance
Final Word Anti-Armor · Rapid · Resilient
The Fixer (Hidden) Dangerous
The Guarantee Instigating · Crippling · Rapid
The Gutter Vampire's · (Hidden) Dangerous
Kingfisher Exterminator's · Lucky · Lucky
Mechanic's Best Friend Troubleshooter's · Power Attack Damage · Strength
Medical Malpractice Medic's · VATS Enhanced · VATS Enhanced
Meteoritic sword (Hidden) Assassin's · (Hidden) Weightless · (Hidden) Durable
Mind Over Matter Ghoul-Slayer's · Hitman's · Steadfast
Nailer Bloodied
Night Light Nocturnal · Rapid · Perception
Oathbreaker Suppressor's · Power Attack Damage · Cavalier's
Old Guard's 10mm SMG Anti-Armor
Perfect Storm Incendiery
Pyrolyzer Suppressor's
The Quick Fix Junkie's · Swing Speed · Endurance
Resolute Veteran Suppressor's · Hitman's · Steadfast
Salt of the Earth Two-Shot · Hitman's · Rapid
Slug Buster Anti-Armor · Lucky · Lightweight
Sole Survivor Assassin's · Hitman's · Steadfast
Somerset Special Anti-Armor
Unstoppable Monster Bloodied · Power Attack Damage · Cavalier's
The V.A.T.S. Unknown Medic's · Lucky · Lucky
Whistle in the Dark Nocturnal · VATS Enhanced · Perception
Unique armor
Item Effects
Chinese stealth armor Chameleon
Last Bastion Gun Accuracy
Silver Lining Endurance
Trail Warden Perception



  • Explosive: reduced the damage bonus from +100% to +20% of base weapon damage, with explosive radius damage.
  • Two Shot: reduced the damage bonus from +100% to +25% of base weapon damage.
  • Assassin: reduced the chance of the legendary effect applying in combat from 100% to 75%.
  • Cavalier: reduced the chance of the legendary effect applying in combat from 100% to 75%.
  • Sentinel: reduced the chance of the legendary effect applying in combat from 100% to 75%.
  • Assassin: applied the legendary effect to human NPCs. This change set the Assassin's effect to apply against the HumanRace "Human" [RACE:00013746], which includes Player [NPC_: 00000007] and Human NPCs.
Steel Dawn


  1. 1.0 1.1 Bugged to not be upgradeable. Missing Legendary Slots 1-5.
  • Icon pc.png Icon xboxone.png Icon ps4.png Many enemies are unable to become Legendary enemies, while some may only be promoted during specific events. The following lootable enemies have a 0% chance to randomly spawn as a Legendary in the overworld:[verified]
Never Legendary
Alien Beaver Brahmin
Cat Eyebot Firefly
Fox Frog Grafton Monster
Honey beast Liberator Mega sloth
Mole miner Mothman Ms. Nanny
Opossum Owlet Radtoad
Scorched Snallygaster Squirrel
Tick Turret Wendigo