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The Fallout 76 intro is the opening cutscene in Fallout 76, with Ron Perlman reprising his role as narrator.


After the title card, the camera pulls out from a close up of a TV screen. The TV flickers to life from a "please stand by" screen to a recording of the Vault 76 opening ceremony speech. As the camera pans out, it is revealed that this is in a living space of a Vault 76 room. The camera then zooms towards the TV and fades into black and white footage of American soldiers covering ground alongside heavy tanks, vertibirds flying close the ground and a soldier in T-51b power armor. And then cuts mid narration to the actual opening ceremony, vault dwellers entering Vault 76 for the first time, engineers being photographed maintaining Vault 76's fusion reactors. A flash cut to a nuclear explosion, and pre-War citizens enjoying a barbeque and fades out.

Now in color, Vault 76 dwellers are watching a slide show on radiation and the operation of the Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VI. One vault dweller shows another on the operation of the C.A.M.P. device. Other vault dwellers have gathered in the cafeteria to celebrate Reclamation Day, their last day in Vault 76. A shot of the Vault-Tec promotional tricentennial poster is shown before cutting to vault dwellers preparing to exit into the wasteland. Some move happily towards the vault door, while others are overwhelmed and begin to vomit over the side of the door bridge. Others still are worried about their loved ones, but the vault door opens regardless for the first time in 25 years. Sunlight fills Vault 76 and saturates frame until only white is seen.


When the Fallout 76 logo disappears from the screen, Ron Perlman's narration begins:

War. War never changes.

In 1776, this great nation accepted that armed conflict was the only way to preserve our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If our founding fathers could only see us now...

From Antietam to Amiens, Okinawa to Anchorage, we have fought. And now, the Red Menace is at our doorstep. Democracy itself is under threat of annihilation. That is why today, July 4th 2076, 300 years after our great nation began, we gather together to honor the completion of Vault 76.

This sprawling underground shelter may have been engineered by Vault-Tec, but it was built by you, the good people of America. So that if the bombs do come, if the end does come, our way of life will endure. But not everyone will be saved. Those chosen to enter this Vault must be our best and our brightest. For when the fighting has stopped, and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild. Not just walls, not just buildings, but hearts and minds. And ultimately America itself.

So as we stand here today, we pray that the world will know peace. But, if that is not our destiny, if war must come, we stand together knowing that here in Vault 76, our future begins.
Ron Perlman, Fallout 76


The Vault 76 individuals seen in the intro have names in their editor IDs: Violet, Kathy, Ron, Carol, Biscuit, Louise, Barney, Alice, Will, Cody, Phyllis, Markie, Margaret, and Sandy.



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